Covid-19. Illegal parties in London and Paris lead to several arrests

In Paris, five people were arrested and nine policemen were wounded during a clash Saturday night to Sunday in Praça dos Invalides, where young people participated in a party called on social networks under the name ProjetX, in reference to the American film with the same designation .

In small groups, some young people already visibly drunk, celebrating the end of the school or university year, fled the police several times, according to an AFP journalist.

“After hostile shouts and bottles being thrown at the police, the authorities had to use their collective defense weapons,” said local officials, who counted about 2,000 participants at the party.

These incidents take place seven days after the music festival that gave rise to controversial mass meetings of young people, despite the still active circulation of the new coronavirus.

Several people were also arrested in London when the police dispersed young people who were taking part in illegal parties from the street, in a week that was marked by events of the same kind, all over the London region.

The London Metropolitan Police (MET) reported that it imposed “dispersal zones”, perimeters in which police officers have special powers, at Clapham and Tooting Bec parks.


15 years in prison for a teenager who intentionally …

The British teenager who threw a 6-year-old French boy down from the viewing platform of the Tate Modern museum in London last year has been sentenced to at least 15 years’ imprisonment. The victim landed 30 meters lower on the roof of the fifth floor of the building and was seriously injured.

Jonty Bravery, who was 17 years old at the time of the incident, stated that he had committed the act of getting on television. He was guilty of attempted murder in December. Bravery had deliberately planned the attack, according to the prosecution.

Strictly secured

Psychological research has shown that the teenager is autistic and has a personality disorder. He was treated in a highly secured hospital and had previously told rescuers he wanted to kill someone.

A British judge ordered Bravery to grumble. He stated that the teenager had gone to the viewing platform, looked around and deliberately chose the French boy as the victim.

According to the judge, the boy sustained permanent injuries that changed his life. The child’s parents stated on Friday that the child is in a wheelchair, is weak and talks little. “The fear that the boy must have felt and the misery for him and his parents are unimaginable,” said the judge during the ruling.


Grocery store in London was evacuated due to a CO2 leak

The Albert Heijn supermarket on the Mesdaglaan in London on Saturday night, was evacuated due to a CO2 leakage. The cause of the leak has originated in the warehouse of the store. A leakage of CO2, it is toxic and can be harmful to humans if they are ingested.

The fire department was at the grocery store come up and the CO2 is measured. Because of this, they had all the customers and staff to leave the shop. As a specialized company of the leakage, correct the problem. In the fire you’ll be good to vent.

In the grocery store), with the remainder of the evening will be closed.


Vysotskaya showed what was chubby in my youth. Photo

As noted by the actress, the Agency advised her to lose seven pounds.

Vysotskaya shared archival frame/

Actress Julia Vysotskaya in Instagram shared a picture from his youth. The frame was made 23 years ago – back in 1997. Then the star lived in the capital of England London.

“In less than three months, as the hands reached the old photos. This was made in 1997. I lived and studied in London, wanted to earn, a friend persuaded her to go to a modeling Agency. Took pictures, went, and then I said we have seven pounds to lose. Not developed a career model”.

Julia Vysotskaya

Comments noted that the star does not spoil these seven extra pounds. Noted under recording, and a composer Igor Krutoy.

“With seven kilograms, or without them – Julia is still a beauty,” he said.

Recall that about a year after those events Vysotsky was married to film Director Andrei Konchalovsky. He is older than her 36 years. In marriage they had two children, Mary and Peter.


three people killed in an attack with a knife in a park in Reading

Three people were killed and three others injured seriously in an attack with a knife Saturday evening, June 20, in a park in Reading, west of London. However, the police does not currently track terrorist. A man of 25-year-old from the town was arrested on the scene for murder and placed in police custody, according to police of the Thames valley.

Police and rescue responded after receiving calls reporting that several people had been stabbed to Forbury Gardens, approximately 60 kilometres from the centre of the british capital. “The facts are not currently considered to be of a terrorist nature “nevertheless, the investigators “keep an open mind as to their motivation “ and work with the reinforcement of the anti-terrorist police, said in a press release the chief commissioner Ian Hunter.

Park filled out after an event ” Black lives matter “

Witnesses said a man had attacked several groups gathered in the park in the evening sun. “The park was full, a lot of people were sitting for a drink with friends when someone came in, suddenly shouted words, unintelligible and went towards a group of a dozen people, trying to attack them with a knife “told Lawrence Wort, a witness to the scene. “He stabbed three of them, severely in the neck and under the arms, and then he turned around and started running towards me, it turned and started to run “, explained what sports coach for 20 years. “When he realized that he could not catch up with us, he was able to reach a person at the back of the neck, and when he saw that everyone began to run, it is party in the park “, he told. The police called on internet users not to share images of the scene that circulated on social networks, but rather to communicate to the investigators.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of the place where earlier in the day had held a demonstration of the anti-racism movement “Black lives matter “but the organizers as well as the police believed that there was no link. The incident occurred three hours after the end of the event. And none of the people who took part in the event has not been affected, said an organizer, Nieema Hassan in a video on the social networks. “We were gone when it happened. “

The incident occurred in the vicinity of the place where earlier in the day had held a demonstration of the anti-racism movement “Black lives matter “but the organizers as well as the police believed that there was no link. The incident occurred three hours after the end of the event, according to police. None of the people who took part in the event has not been affected, said an organizer, Nieema Hassan in a video on the social networks. “We were gone when it happened. “

Political emotion after this third attack in a few months

Prime minister Boris Johnson has sent his “thoughts to all those who have been affected by the terrible events of Reading “ in a tweet thanking the emergency services.

While the interior minister Priti Patel said it was “deeply concerned “, also on Twitter. It is that the United Kingdom has already experienced two attacks called terrorists in recent months. At the end of November, a jihadist on parole killed two people in the heart of London. The assailant, who was wearing an explosive vest fake, was shot dead by the police on the bridge from London Bridge. On 2 February, three people were injured with a knife during an attack “nature of islamic “ according to the police in a shopping street in south London. The assailant, already convicted of terrorist crimes, had been killed by the police.


Charles de Gaulle, a London unknown to the British

A dozen people were arrested in front of the 4 Curzon Square, a building without charm, located on the edge of Hyde Park, in London. All listen carefully to Hubert Rault, a banker of 40 years a history buff. ” On 17 June, the minister Charles de Gaulle, which is for ten days a member of the government, landed in London thanks to a plane that gave him a few days earlier the british prime minister, Winston Churchill “says Hubert Rault, which was created in June of 2015 a scenic tour around the theme of Charles de Gaulle in London. ” He will immediately see Churchill, that allows to talk on the radio, and then goes to one of his friends, at 4 Curzon Square : it was here, that he will write the famous appeal of 18 June.

“De Gaulle was in London during the second world war ? “

This speech appeals to the resistance, recorded from the studios of the BBC, is now regarded as one of the founding acts of contemporary France. However, since London, the perception of the event is quite different. ” The appeal of 18 June 1940 ? I’ve never heard of “says Chris, who spends every day in front of the statue of general de Gaulle installed in front of the 4 Carlton Gardens, home to the headquarters of free France. ” De Gaulle was in London during the Second world War ? First new ! “marvelled Mark, another local.

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Richard Vinen, professor of history specializing in France at the university of King’s College, London, is not surprised by these responses. ” I would be very surprised that the very existence of this discourse is taught in the school. Very few Brits have heard of, but not much more know that Churchill gave in the House of commons, on the same day, the speech”Their finest hour”. “A speech major, though, which assigns to the United Kingdom the role of a last bulwark against nazism and announces the imminence of the battle of britain.

De Gaulle will not be taken seriously

To understand this lack of knowledge, still need to remember that on his arrival in London in 1940,” de Gaulle is a minor figure, and the british government has long hoped that a personality better known and more charismatic vienna to replace itcontinues professor Richard Vinen. The uk government wants even less to engage with him as he negotiates secretly with the Vichy regime and hope to find a common ground with marshal Pétain “.

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De Gaulle will not be taken seriously. The king’s private secretary, Alan Lascelles, wrote in his book :” Every time I see G, I am more and more certain that the free French or the French fighters did not snap ever their wagon to this star hardly inspiring. You’ve bought a bad horse.

For many Britons, this is not, therefore, for his role during the Second world War that Charles de Gaulle is known. ” Here, he is seen foremost as the one who has said no to English “stresses Hubert Rault. Became president of the Republic, de Gaulle has, in effect, placed twice veto the entry of the Uk into the european economic Community. An intervention that has surprisingly not garnered the opprobrium of the political class british :” This double veto is proof that it took the Uk seriously, provides Richard Kinan, unlike many of his successors.


Famous street cat Bob, the stray dog is dead

Together on the red carpet: James Bowen and his cat Bob in 2016, a meeting at the world premiere of “A Street Cat named Bob”.
Image: dpa

The friendship of the red-and-splash the cat with the scarf and its owner, a formerly drug-addicted street musician from London, was to become a book world famous. Bob was 14 years old.

Eit was a friendship that touched millions of people. Now, the street cat Bob died, like its owner, James Bowen announced. The street musicians of London owed the cat according to their own statements of his life. Bob had him “given direction and meaning,” says Bowen.

In 2007, the then against his drug addiction fighting Bowen had found the cat injured and nursed him back to health. The animal dodged him self in his performances as a street musician, not more of the page. A book about this extraordinary friendship (“the sheltering sky”) had become a best-seller and was even made into a movie, with Bob himself in the main role. Further books followed. A total of eight million books have been sold in 40 different languages on Bob.

According to the publisher Hodder and Stoughton, the red tabby cat died on Monday. With over 14 years of age, he had already achieved a stately cats age.

“I have the feeling, the light in my life is to be expected,” was Bowen cited on the website of the industry magazine “Bookseller”. There has never been a cat like Bob, and it will never be again such. The common success to him seemed like a miracle. With book signings and traveling around the world, Bob had led an “incredible life,” said the publisher.


Relations post-Brexit : in London, the fog persists

The leaders of the european institutions must make the point with Boris Johnson, on Monday, 15 June, about the negotiations to the point of death on the relations post-Brexit. London spreads formally, any extension of the talks after the end of December, but conjures up customs controls are introduced step-by-step by July 2021.


The court in London halved the salaries of the former co-owner “Trust” :: Business :: RBC

The Bank representative demanded to reduce the amount from £17 thousand to £6 thousand, indicating that Sergey Belyaev leads too “luxurious lifestyle”. The banker asked not to lower it below £10 million In the result the court chose the middle option

Photo: Maxim Stulov / Vedomosti / TASS

London’s high court decided twice to cut the amount that one of the former owners of the Bank “trust” Sergei Belyaev will be able to spend on the life and legal services. This was reported on the judicial portal Law360, writes Forbes.

The court considered that the current amount of spending Belyaeva £17 thousand per month is too large, reducing it to £8 thousand, the Representative of “Trust” and demanded that the amount was reduced to £6 million, arguing that the fact that Belyaev should not be able to continue to lead a “lavish lifestyle”, but have to get a job or reduce costs. In turn Belyaev, who defended themselves in court, said he in connection with the lack of work you need to spend monthly from the accounts of at least £10 thousand

The Central Bank will have the right to prohibit bankers from leaving the country at the revocation of licenses

Photo: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

Belyaev, along with two other former co-owners “of the Trust” Ilya Yurov and Nikolai Fetisov lost the case by $900 million in the High court of London in January of this year. The court after four years of litigation has ordered them to pay this amount for the collapse of the Bank in 2014. Five and a half years ago, “trust” became the property “Open”, which was engaged in its sanitation. In 2017, after the reorganization of “Opening” both banks were owned by the Central Bank.

In February the London court has banned Fetisov Yurov and spend money with the arrested accounts of the Russian, British, Swiss and Cypriot banks. According to the court, they may have assets, which are not reported, therefore the contents of the bankers shifted to their wives. However, Belyaeva, the court made an exception, believing that the availability of alternative sources of income is not obvious.


Through Switzerland with Charles Dickens

Eactually he just wants to get back to London as quickly as possible. But when Charles Dickens took a horse-drawn carriage over the Simplon Pass on a return trip from Genoa on a November night in 1844, the writer was deeply impressed. He has never experienced the Swiss mountains. Well, on this frosty, starry night, the rugged rocks, the black firs, the sleepy villages in the light of the moon charm him.

With every meter of altitude, the roar of the streams and waterfalls becomes louder. Sometimes the pass road squeezes between mighty rock faces. When the new day begins, the first snow crunches under the wheels of the carriage. Dickens strengthens himself with breakfast in an alpine hut. Two days later he reached the Zähringer town of Friborg and wrote down his first impressions. Years later he will immortalize them in the novel “Klein Dorrit”. The Swiss mountains will remain a yearning landscape for Dickens – and today, where we can only dream of a trip to Switzerland for a long time, his stories are at least a nice replacement.

A classic climber

As early as November 1844, the celebrated author decided to return to Switzerland soon. Probably also because this country is in such a stark contrast to its homeland: Plagues raged in London in the mid-nineteenth century. The average life expectancy is 27 years. The smoke from factory chimneys, the stench from open sewage ditches and latrines pollute the air.

Dickens himself is a classic climber. Born on February 7, 1812, he grew up as the oldest of eight children in the English port city of Chatham, 50 kilometers east of London. His father was a paymaster in a shipyard. He often rested with him on Gad’s Hill on hikes, and they looked longingly at the mansion on this hill. If he worked hard, the father said, maybe one day he would live there.

When Charles is nine, the family has to move to London. His father ends up in the debtor’s prison. In a dilapidated shoe polish factory where rats frolic, Charles had to stick up labels as a twelve-year-old for starvation wages. “Words cannot express the secret torment of my soul,” he notes later. Writing will soon become a drug for him to endure life’s adversities. He was a court reporter at 17 and a reporter at 19. When he suddenly saw his first literary text printed in the Monthly Magazine in December 1833, at the age of 21, he rushed into Westminster Hall to hide his tears of joy from the passers-by.

Dickens married in April 1836, but he still lives mainly in his ideas and stories. At the beginning of the 1840s, he made his international breakthrough with the sequel novel “The Rarity Shop”. The brave little Nell – the granddaughter of the shop owner from the novel – becomes a cult figure like today Harry Potter. In the spring of 1841, American dockers are said to have greeted the cargo ship that brought the last episode of the sequel overseas with the worried call “Is Nell still alive?”

He is recovering very well

Success goes to Dickens’ head. In the circle of acquaintances, he now calls himself “the inimitable”. At work, he shares the dialogues of his characters, acts like them and constantly looks at himself in the mirror. Full of euphoria, he constantly concludes new author contracts, but often quarrels with the clients. Dickens is looking more and more nervous.

Switzerland is not out of his head. “Oh God, what a wonderful country!” He enthuses in the summer of 1845 in a letter to a friend. But he doesn’t take time to relax in the Alps. Instead, he writes obsessively, appears as an actor, publishes magazines. His health is suffering. Headaches plague him, dizziness, muscle cramps. Finally, he considers ending his career as an author and taking a quiet post in administration.