Battle Video: Mike Perry – Mickey Gall (06/28/2020)

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Mike Perry aims today to break off a series of two defeats. In his last fight, Perry lost to Jeffrey Neal, having received a rather unpleasant nose fracture during the battle. In the co-main battle of UFC on ESPN 12, Mickey Gall will fight against him.

Fight Perry Gall video



Presented the “charged” Toyota Land Cruiser 200 body kit Warrior

The Japanese SUV began to look dynamic and modern.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Instagram afisha_irk_

Common tuning Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is the body color in gloss. It is the least expensive and will not take much time. But for those who want to stand out from the General flow and to collect the views of passers-by, the channel afisha_irk social network Instagram presented “charged” variation of the tuning of the car.

The main element that turns the SUV from the standard “aggressive adventurer”, was a massive Warrior body kit. The front part of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 has received a new sportier bumper, which, in addition to the fog lights, is the “point” daytime running lights. The rear bumper has got a diffuser under a bifurcated exhaust system.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Instagram afisha_irk_

In addition, the SUV received a medium-sized spoiler on the tailgate. It is not easy adds style but also protects the rear glass from dust and dirt due to the modified aerodynamics. The wheels were replaced by 20-inch with black color, the color of the body and low profile “rubber”. New bodykit has made the SUV more mundane and modern.

Gas is presented Skoda Octavia G-TEC 2020 with a power reserve of 500 km

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Gas is presented Skoda Octavia G-TEC 2020 with a power reserve of 500 km

2020-06-27 08:21:31

Hinged parts are installed in standard places and do not require improvements that can be considered a good solution because you don’t have to “saw” the body, as happens in most cases.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Instagram afisha_irk_

These improvements Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is not the first time meet on the Internet. Thanks to the popularity of “Japanese”, for it is available a wide variety of components for the needs of the driver and the operating environment — be it city trips or absolute “offroad”.


The impact of the Covid-19 under the gaze of the researchers

How should we think about a pandemic ? How to measure and qualify its impact on society, art, report to work or spirituality ? What are some of the questions dizzy which researchers from all disciplines will now endeavour to answer, so that France came out of the wave of the Covid-19. And this is the task that assigns an institute that has just been launched under the auspices of several universities and research institutes, called Covid-19 Ad Memoriam.

The new institute, which brings together actors as diverse as the university of Paris, the École normale supérieure (ENS), the Samu93 or artists or religious leaders, intends to take action in two areas : on the one hand, constitute a research platform, enabling actors of universe very different from the sharing of experiences and analyses of the pandemic ; the other, to formulate proposals to put to the point of “new practices commemorative “ on the Covid.

→ FORUM. “World after” and collective memory

Work of researchers such as the philosopher and co-director of the ENS, Frédéric Worms, the president of the High Council of public health Franck Chauvin, judge Antoine Garapon or even the anaesthetist and chairman of the advisory board to the Foundation of the islam of France Sadek Beloucif. The first work should be made in the fall.

“We are forced to think of walking “

“Experience without the pass, it is a kind of betrayal “, insist the anthropologist Laetitia Atlani, quoting Elie Wiesel. The researcher, who pilot the new institute is also a member of the team of scientists who advised the Government during the pandemic. It is estimated that such a reflection is indispensable. And you have to start now. “It is necessary to take the time – and the long time — thinking : it is a space to develop between the responses to warm and rapid oblivion. But it is necessary to take note now that there has already been a breakdown in our society, even if the story of the pandemic is not over : we are forced to think while walking. Half of the planet has been stopped for several weeks “, insists Laetitia Atlani.

If the researcher says that the institute will draw on the work that have been conducted around major moments of rupture, like the plague, the war of 1914, or, more recently, the attacks of 13-November. The effect of the Covid-19 on the company is it really comparable to that of a war ? “It is too early to tell “, replied the anthropologist.


POINT OF VIEW. The look of our statues

Do we look at our statues or our statues that we look at each other, projecting in front of our eyes the light of our history, frozen in the memory of peter and in that of the bronze ? The murder racist to the african-american George Floyd by a white policeman filmed may 25, 2020 by the smartphones of passers-by of the streets of Minneapolis in Minnesota State in the north and the Midwest of the United States, we were traumatized. His cry of agony, ” I can’t breathe “, “I can’t breathe” has triggered a tsunami of emotional planetary justified, movements of opinion and protest, movements of crowds, demonstrations, and urban riots until under the walls of the White House.

Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde

Everything that touches on racism, slavery, and colonization is entered rightly under the microscope of public opinion. Vocations snipers are born who would want to shoot him, rip down statues, street signs, change their fields of activities of schools, places or concert halls.

It all started with the bronze statue of Edward Colston, a benefactor of the british city of Bristol, but also a monstrous slave trader before the lord. And then it was the turn of Churchill in England, of Colbert in France and Leopold II in Belgium. The world of the rich rediscovers suddenly its colonial past : the paradoxes and the villainy of its history. Humanity seeks to erase the traces of his crime by throwing his idols of yesterday in the mud of its rivers and of its relevance.

Forgetting a basic principle : each character immortalized by human history often has a side of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. The story is never monochrome. It combines shadow and light, the mud and the sky.

Alzheimer’s history

Colbert has been both the greatest treasurer of a despot, a genius of economy and trade, and the designer of the infamous black Code which pourfendait both Jews and Blacks. Churchill was, with Charles de Gaulle, one of the saviors of the world, after having been the authorising officer of the monstrous colonial wars when the British empire invaded the continent of the Indies.

If we need to erase the traces of history, to deny the snags of our past on the carpet of the pool of memory, then discuss the characters always hate’em, like Ernest Renan and Jules Ferry, the two great apostles, the two great theorists of colonization, which contributed the a and the other to the conceptualization of the raciologie, differentiation qualitative between the races, the great promoters of civilization say “graduate” in charge of to shoot to the top of civilization so-called ” lower “.

Jules Ferry is therefore not only the man of the school for all to whom I owe everything and that I am a son of the Republic school. If he had to erase the traces of these two “people” of the story it would have to change their fields of activities 27 schools, colleges, and high schools, Ernest Renan and 642 schools bearing the name of Jules Ferry, which takes the gold medal in the field. Follow Jacques Prévert (472 institutions ) and Jean Moulin (434 schools).

It is necessary to situate the memory of the bronze and the stone in their context. By erasing our idols of yesterday, forgetting the context of their consecration, denying or exaggerating their possible units of shadow, we will activate an Alzheimer’s of history and memory.

(*) Writer and director of editions, including the author of Words of ordinary soldiers, words of peace.


Facebook changes, it looks back on computers – Internet and Social

Facebook changes its look on computers. The social network has in fact decided to progressively distribute its new desktop version to all users. The news had been announced last year during the developer conference, and was later made available to users, who could choose to adopt it and send feedback to the company.

“We did some research in the field, talking to users to understand how to improve the web experience, and today we are happy to introduce you to the new site, a new starting point for the next few years of”, explains the company of Mark Zuckerberg. In detail, the new Facebook allows you to set the “dark mode”, that is, the black background – already present on various apps and operating systems – which is less tiring and allows you to save a little battery. Among other changes, a new layout brings full-screen photos and videos.

The overall look is more orderly, with simplified page layout and larger texts. Navigation is also simplified. The home page loads faster, just as the passage from one page to the other is quicker. Lastly, with a view to simplification, the creation and management of Events, Pages, Groups and insertions is reviewed.