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Vanessa Bryant, widow of basketball player Kobe Bryant, has sued the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for photos taken by law enforcement officers at the crash site, People magazine said.

According to the magazine, eight police officers took pictures showing fragments of a helicopter and the bodies of the dead. These photos were distributed by the police privately.

The documents that were sent to the court noted that the police did not have an official need for these photographs.

Recall, January 26, a helicopter with Kobe Bryant on board crashed near Los Angeles. As a result, the pilot and eight passengers were killed, among them was the 13-year-old daughter of Bryant Gianna.

Bryant is a five-time NBA champion at the Los Angeles Lakers. As part of the American team, Bryant won the Olympic Games twice. Basketball player is on the fourth line in the ranking of the most successful players in the history of the NBA.

Earlier it was reported that a towel from the farewell match of Kobe Bryant was auctioned for 33 thousand dollars.


Homelessness in California is getting out of control

San Francisco, Los Angeles It is one of those many sleepless nights again – not because of a long, celebrated party with friends or one of the many festivals for which San Francisco is so famous. It is the everyday noise of despair that does not let you sleep.

My apartment building in the heart of San Francisco is almost 100 years old, the windows are leaking. It doesn’t really matter whether they are closed or open. Every night on the street in front of the window the losers of the digital society scream their anger and frustration from rough throats of the soul. Often for hours. There are drunks, homeless people, drug addicts, uprooted people who never find rest, barefoot and who are wrapped in holey felt blankets.

Her screams are only drowned out occasionally by the sirens of the police vehicles racing across Union Street to O’Farrell Street. Because of the roaring, no patrol has been going on for a long time. Someone has probably been beaten up. Perhaps worse has happened, that’s where the police hunt.

In the morning my San Francisco shows itself from behind the kitchen window with the chipped white paint from the forgiving side. The sky is bright blue, opposite I see historical buildings with richly decorated facades. Next to it is a sparkling white apartment tower from the 1940s, on the top of which an American flag is waving in the summer wind.

I am privileged. My little apartment is on the top floor, and the view from the window shows a bit of heaven and the picturesque side of the west coast metropolis with morning coffee. To see the street below, I would have to lean out of the window. But I don’t do that.

Many homeless people are drawn to California

“California is a shame for the United States,” US President Donald Trump called cheering fans at a campaign event in Ohio. San Francisco and Los Angeles in particular, with their “tent cities and terrible conditions”, are a disaster. Half of all homeless people in the United States lived in California, the president claimed. Officials do not deny that many homeless people move to the south of the states. If you don’t have a roof over your head, of course you go to California, not Alaska.

Jennifer Friedenbach of the citizens’ initiative “Coalition on Homelessness” criticizes a president who only speaks and does nothing against homelessness. “The crisis was triggered in the 80s by another Republican who cut the funds for social housing by 80 percent,” says Friedenbach. It is reminiscent of President Ronald Reagan at the time.

In addition, many people on the street have to deal with psychological problems. And the psychiatric hospitals were closed at the time. The patients just wandered around the street. Many health insurance companies were unable to get treatment for mental illnesses at all before Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama’s health care reform. It just wasn’t paid.

Trump is now blaming the California ruling liberal democrats for the chaos and degrading conditions. They would only be wasting money, the president claims.

California has arrived at the center of the presidential election campaign 2020.

Tents from the homeless

The giant trucks of Hollywood film productions are right next to the tents.

(Photo: Reuters)

California Governor Gavin Newsom is inviting “the whole world”, including illegal immigrants, to live at California’s expense. Was it the week before in Baltimore in democratic Maryland that Trump accused of inhumane conditions (“rat-infested, nobody wants to live there”) or Chicago, the Clinton’s hometown, is San Francisco – again.

Gates prevent homeless people from sleeping in the entrance area

Trump wants to bad-mouth America’s flagship state. At the 2016 election, 66 percent of voters in California voted for democratic competitor Hillary Clinton, compared to more than 90 percent in Silicon Valley.

On the one hand, California is home to the Silicon Valley, home to the film metropolis Hollywood and large parts of the armaments and electronics industry. On the other hand, there is the greatest child poverty in the USA. Homelessness is rising steadily due to rapidly rising rents and property prices.

The street catches up with me when I leave the house through the cast iron front grille that was installed at some point in front of the front door. It prevents homeless people from rolling out their sleeping bags in the entrance area at night, relieving themselves or entering the house through the video-monitored lobby.

Every house here has such grids installed. Here, that’s the limit to the tenderloin. This district was the cultural heart of San Francisco in the 20s and 30s. In a rectangle of seven by seven blocks between Market and Geary Street, and Mason and Van Ness Street, the city council estimates the number of homeless at just under 4,000.

My way to the Moscone event center also takes me past the imposing Glide Church at the intersection of Ellis and Taylor streets. The Glide Memorial United Methodist Church opened in 1931 and is now one of the most liberal churches in the United States and an anchor point for the lost from Tenderloin. When the food distribution is due, the snake is often several hundred meters long, extends around the whole block and sometimes even beyond.

Every evening the tent cities are set up on the sidewalks here and in the surrounding streets. Tattered night dwellings marked by daily assembly and dismantling crowd on house facades and offer their residents a last remnant of deceptive protection, which they sometimes know from a previous life.

At least something can close behind it – even if it’s just a broken zipper.


The majority of the homeless have lost their homes because of the ever increasing rents.

(Photo: Reuters)

In the largest department store in the city center, near Target, the camping tents have been enclosed in large mesh boxes since 2017. If you want to buy one, you have to contact a seller. The theft rate was too high without this security measure, it is said. Toothpaste, hygiene products for women and shaving supplies are also excluded.

Completely disturbed tourist families make their way through the partially half or not clothed people who are lying apathetically on the sidewalks with or without a sleeping bag. Shocked children cling to the hands of mothers and fathers who are still pulling their suitcases behind them on the way to the hotel. It smells pungent of urine.

The hotels of these tourists are centrally located and bargain prices typically range from $ 200 to $ 500 a night. But it quickly becomes clear that there is a reason for the cheap tariff in the tenderloin.


New allegations against Harvey Weinstein in Los Angeles

GAgainst former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein (68), further allegations of a sexual crime have been made in California. A woman, who was not named, allegedly allegedly sexually assaulted a Beverly Hills hotel in May 2010, the Los Angeles prosecutor said on Friday. The additional charge of sexual assault is to be included in the ongoing proceedings since the beginning of the year.

In January, Los Angeles prosecutors filed two rape and sexual assault charges against Weinstein. These allegations come from two women who were allegedly victims of assaults in hotels in Beverly Hills in 2013. In the event of a conviction, up to 28 years in prison.

In New York, Weinstein was found guilty of rape and sexual assault at the end of February and sentenced to 23 years in prison in March. He is currently serving this sentence in a New York state prison. The sensational process involved two allegations: Weinstein is said to have forced production assistant Mimi Haleyi to have oral sex in 2006 and raped today’s hairdresser Jessica Mann in 2013.

For the trial in Los Angeles, the local authorities have taken steps to deliver Weinstein to California. An appointment for his appearance in court on the American west coast has not yet been fixed.


After being contaminated by the coronavirus, Pink questions the inertia of the American authorities

So what Pink wonders tirelessly hearing the measures taken by Donald Trump in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. The singer wanted to make herself a point on the situation by talking about her commitment, her anger towards the administration of Washington, but also her state of health on social networks.

Pink first evokes his contamination and that of his son to reassure his fans. “Two weeks ago, my three-year-old son Jameson and I were experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Fortunately, our primary care physician had access to tests and I tested positive, she says. My family was already homebound and we have continued to do so for the past two weeks following our doctor’s instructions. Just a few days ago, we were retested and luckily we were negative.

In the rest of his message, Pink protests against the management of tests by the federal government. In the Los Angeles area, health officials are worried about their more than limited means. On April 4, Los Angeles County director of public health Barbara Ferrer said the goal was to test 10,000 residents a day by the end of the week. But on the ground, the reality is quite different and so far only a little more than 20,000 people have been tested in total. “It is an absolute travesty and a failure of our government not to make the tests more accessible», Revolts the singer.

Pink is still alerting to the urgency of the situation and the need to be aware of the dangerousness of the virus, which can affect children as well as the elderly, whether they are in poor health or no. “We must make testing free and more widely available to protect our children, families, friends and communitiesShe asks.

Aware of the insufficient material and human resources of the medical profession, Pink announced that she had made two donations of $ 500,000 to support funds. On the one hand for the Temple University Hospital Emergency in Philadelphia in tribute to his mother, Judy Moore, who worked there for eighteen years. And for the city of Los Angeles emergency fund on the other hand. “I love your hospital and I love Philly. I will pray for you every dayShe explains to the medical chief of the Temple University Hospital Emergency who thanked him publicly.

The United States has recorded more than 337,000 cases of Covid-19 and has deplored more than 1,200 deaths in the past 24 hours, one of the largest daily increases. The total number of victims is now approaching the 10,000 mark.


Young Gun Silver Fox, FM band

What a funny guy, this Shawn Lee. Hyperactive musician, jumping from one style to another, with a manifestly pronounced taste for records from the 70s, especially soul, funk, pop or jazz. Hands-on discography as plethoric as labyrinthine (we talk about forty albums in twenty years), multiplying projects, from his Ping Pong Orchestra to the Young Gun Silver Fox which occupies us today.

Shawn Lee is a talented melodist as well as a studio and stage musician who has worked with Jeff Buckley, Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse or Alicia Keys. A guy able to participate in an album tribute to Georges Brassens and then resume Toxic by Britney Spears in a very personal psychedelic version. With a similar CV, we are surprised that this 56-year-old American with (very) long ash-colored hair that gives him an air of hippie debonair (and who also composed for cinema and video games) is not better known .

Fortunately, in addition to his “virtuoso zikos” side which can seem off-putting, Shawn Lee is distinguished by his humor and his taste for covers and pastiches. Since 2015, he has launched a duet with Andy Platts, singer of the London neosoul group Mamas Gun, in a strange project: to magnify FM pop from the 70s and 80s. The “Californian” soft rock sound, which does not always have a good reputation, of Hall & Oates, Steely Dan and other Fleetwood Mac, which they gladly tint with soul in Mowton style.

Canyons is already Young Gun Silver Fox’s third album. Its title is a reference to the Los Angeles district of Laurel Canyon where all the American folk intelligentsia of the 70s lived. As the genre wants, the songs of Canyons are as sunny as discreetly melancholy, syrupy as divinely written and arranged. A pastiche perhaps, but of an original quality. Great art.

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Alexis Bernier

Young Gun Silver Fox Canyons (Slight Recordings / BigWax)