The choice between “Asians” used car

Both models are popular among Russians, especially among taxi drivers.

Photo: Toyota Corolla, source: Toyota

The main advantage of the Toyota Corolla has become a reliable technical part, and the advantage of the KIA Cerato is considered a functional interior and a comfortable fit. Edition understand the nuances of the choice between the two “Asians” with mileage.

Exterior features

Japanese sedan has lost a lot of “sores”, but some problems remained. Toyota Corolla XI has a stylish body design and the low land, which, according to the owners, had a positive impact on the aerodynamics of the car. The disadvantages of this model are the weak layer of LCP, which on the front bumper and hood there are chips.

This problem is not lost and KIA Cerato. Motorists are recommended time to touch up scratches or glue the front part of the protective film. The rest of the body “Asians” are not subject to corrosion even after 100 thousand kilometers. The presence of “Ryzhikov” can only talk about the damage to the car.

Photo: KIA Cerato, source: KIA

The “battle” motors

Under the hood Toyota Corolla for choice there are three power units. Basic 99-horsepower engine capacity of 1.3 liters reliable and able to serve more than 300 thousand kilometers. For those who like a more spirited drive available engines: 1.6 and 1.8 litre 122 and 140 “horses”, respectively. “Younger” the engine is paired with a manual transmission to a 6-speed and the other two involve the “mechanics” or variator.

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As for KIA Cerato, he received two units of 1.6 and 2.0 liters capacity of 130 and 150 BHP Transmission are 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. The problem of “older” units are considered “bullies” that occur at a constant spirited driving. The rest of the “atmosfernyi” serve more than 200 thousand kilometers, and preference for “Korean” taxi drivers.

The salon and equipment

“Japanese” has always been famous for their reliability, but the quality of materials and functionality Toyota Corolla inferior “Korean”. Thus, the basic trim levels for passengers, no facilities in the form of USB connectors, armrest and heated seats. But thanks to the flat floor in the back row can comfortably accommodate three adults.

Photo: interior of the Toyota Corolla source: Toyota

The KIA Cerato has been with the initial versions of happy outlets for 12V, USB port, heated rear and front seats, soft-touch plastic inserts.

Photo: interior KIA Cerato, source: KIA

Concerning the preferences, the opinions of motorists on specialized forums differ: some choose the “Corolla” for the diversity and vitality of the power units, others choose “Serato” for the availability of, a wide list of options and cheap maintenance. Price “Japanese” with mileage ranging from 700 thousand to 1.1 million rubles, while the “Korean” will cost from 650 thousand to 900 thousand rubles.


Oil backed by dividends – Kommersant newspaper No. 81 (6802) dated 05/12/2020

Over the past week, funds from developed countries lost about $ 12 billion of investments, emerging markets funds lost almost $ 4.5 billion. International investors are withdrawing from their restored value in anticipation of a global economic downturn. Enviable stability is demonstrated by Russian funds, interest in which is supported by positive dynamics in oil prices and upcoming dividend payments.

International investors have stepped out of stocks, according to Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR). According to Kommersant’s estimates, based on Bank of America data (taking into account EPFR data), for the week ending May 6, customers of all equity funds took away $ 16.3 billion. This result is 2.5 times more than the week-ago indicator and the maximum since the end Martha. At the same time, the main outflow of funds fell on the funds of developed countries. According to EPFR, it exceeded $ 11.7 billion, which is 3.5 times more than a week ago. Most actively, investors withdrew money from US funds – according to EPFR, about $ 9.3 billion was taken from US funds, almost six times more than a week earlier. The outflow from European funds slowed from $ 2.7 billion to $ 1.8 billion.

In less than two months, thanks to massive financial support from the central banks of leading countries, stock indices have recovered a significant part of their losses. So, the S&P 500 index won back 60% of the March fall, and the MSCI EM index – over 40%. According to Valery Vaysberg, Director of the Analytical Department of the Region Group of Companies, global stock markets have achieved the goals of corrective movement and now investors are taking profit.

At the same time, concern about weak macroeconomic data published in various countries is only growing.

In particular, unemployment in the US in April rose to a record 14.7%, that is, 20.5 million people lost their jobs in a month. According to Ravil Yusipov, Deputy General Director of the TFG Management Company, after a quick rebound, many investment houses made statements that the stock market is in the largest discrepancy with the forecasted profit levels and its multiples look unreasonably high. “There is growth in quantitative terms, but the quality of growth is low,” notes Mr. Yusipov.

Prospects for reducing demand from developed economies lead to the withdrawal of investors from the markets of developing countries. According to EPFR, in the reporting week, funds whose investment policy is focused on emerging markets lost almost $ 4.5 billion against $ 3.4 billion a week earlier. The largest outflow of funds in the BRIC countries came from the funds of China ($ 1.5 billion) and Brazil ($ 328 million).

Russian funds stood out from the overall picture, the net inflow of which amounted to $ 16 million per week (a week earlier, $ 5 million was withdrawn from them).

Analysts attribute the interest shown to the recovery in oil prices. According to Reuters, quotes for the nearest Brent oil futures have been holding at $ 30 per barrel for a week already. The cost of Russian Urals oil is around $ 25 per barrel. In addition, investors expect dividend payments for the year for Russian issuers. “The Russian market pretty well experienced the April fall in oil prices, not least due to the expected payment of high dividends for 2019 and the activity of local investors. Forecasts on the profits of the largest issuers, although they suggest a significant decrease, remain positive, which allows counting on dividends for 2020, unlike many foreign companies, ”says Valery Vaysberg.

Further development of the market situation will be determined by the generosity of leading financial regulators. In particular, market participants do not exclude that the US Federal Reserve, following the example of the ECB, may for the first time in history lower its key rate below zero by December this year. This is evidenced by futures on the federal funds rate. “The money wall from global regulators is able to give confidence to investors. Russian stocks remain attractive – oil prices have moved away from the lows, and the securities themselves look cheap as a result of the weakening ruble, ”said Ravil Yusipov. However, according to him, so far “the current inflow into Russian funds looks more like a niche than a long-term trend.”

Vitaliy Gaidaev


The network remembered the Taigah Cabrio project based on UAZ Hunter

Such a sports car would be appreciated by many in Russia.

The Ulyanovsk plant is known for producing practical and passable cars, but such cars may not always stand out from the general flow on the road. Therefore, to make these cars look more beautiful, you have to resort to tuning. It is interesting that cars are subjected to refinement both in a row by ordinary people, and specialized companies.

One of these projects can be considered in passing by the German company Baijah Automotive to convert the popular UAZ Hunter into a convertible, which was recently remembered on the network.

It is worth saying that in the early 2000s, Germany launched the small-scale production of Hunter. But later the Germans decided to create a new project called Taigah Cabrio, which was endowed with a power steering from ZF and a redesigned suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers.

In addition, the cabriolet based on the Russian SUV got new body panels, and as a rule lost its roof, as well as got a power bumper, awning and safety cage. Recaro seats were installed in the interior of the newly opened open car, which testify to the luxury and beauty of the resulting project.

Thus, the Taigah Cabrio project on the basis of the UAZ Hunter is a promising project that, in the event of mass production in Russia, would gain popularity and diverge as “hot cakes”. Why UAZ is capable of this – it only remains to be regretted.


In Latvia, the state agency lost control of a drone weighing 26 kg :: Society :: RBC


The Latvian Civil Aviation Agency has lost control of the drone due to a technical malfunction. This is reported by the agency itself.

We are talking about a drone, whose dimensions are 3.5×5.5 m, and weight – 26 kg, the report said. It moves at a speed of about 70 km / h, according to a state agency.

According to the agency, the drone control system was disconnected for technical reasons on the eve of May 2. “The drone’s flight altitude may be higher than 200 m,” the state agency said. Its fuel should last about 90 hours.

All residents of the republic who notice a flying drone were asked to immediately report to the focal point.

CivilasAviacijasAgentura’s facebook post


Work more… in search of lost growth?

“We will have to ask ourselves (…) the question of working time, public holidays and paid vacation to accompany the recovery and facilitate, by working a little more, the creation of additional growth” : Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, patron of Medef, explained April 11 in Le Figaro the means according to him of “Try to erase, from 2021, the growth losses of 2020” due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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Work harder to make up for lost growth… “It’s totally indecent”, reacted Sunday April 12 the general secretary of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, joined by the left as by Xavier Bertrand (ex LR), boss of Hauts-de-France.

Distribute efforts

Could this be possible, while Secretary of State Agnès Pannier-Runacher also warned that it would be necessary “Probably work more than we have done before” ? For Denis Ferrand, at COE-Rexecode, “We are in a phase where the quantity of work is massively limited, in a compulsory way, by the authorities. In terms of strict macroeconomic logic, the massive reintroduction of work in the country, after this episode, may be a way out. “

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Putting it into practice is tricky, he admits, however. “This would require arbitrating the distribution of efforts, because the professions currently on the front line will need rest. “

Far from one “General decision applied uniformly, any additional margin in terms of working hours, in particular, should be decided in each company, with the unions, he emphasizes. This is what happens in those who are already organizing a recovery, after having defined hygiene conditions together … “ No question, therefore, of calling into question the 35 hours during this crisis.

Order books

Patrick Martin, the deputy chairman of Medef, made it clear that any acceleration of pace could only be envisaged if the company and employment were ” threat “, “For a time, respecting the law” and “In agreement with the trade unions”.

→ THE FACTS. Coronavirus: PSA, management and unions agree to anticipate recovery

But for Christopher Dembik, at Saxo Bank, “Everything will depend on the order books. It is hard to imagine the automobile and aeronautics resuming at full speed while vehicle sales are collapsing and aviation is in the midst of a crisis. “ Tourism professionals, they would rather have the French take leave as soon as possible …

Everything will depend on the duration of confinement

Christopher Dembik points to two areas where producing more could be relevant: “The metal trades because they export to Asia, which is rebounding, and the construction industry, in particular, because the post-crisis recovery will go partly through public orders. “

It will also depend on the duration of confinement and the strength of the recovery, while some fear several waves of epidemic … and therefore recession. Without forgetting the forever lost growth (meals not served in restaurants …) but also the debate that is already looming: who will pay the bill in the end? A question already raised by Laurent Berger: “Today workers, like everyone else, are paying the cost of this crisis. It’s not up to them to pay next. “


The tourist sector loses 18,000 million at Easter due to the coronavirus crisis

Easter, the moment that marks the opening of the great tourist season in Spain, comes this year without travelers or open hotels. The sector estimates that confinement and mobility restrictions to deal with the coronavirus will cost 18,000 million euros these days.

A deserted beach yesterday, as a consequence of mobility restrictions due to the coronavirus.

Spanish tourist companies registerlosses of $ 18 billion in revenuein Easter before the restrictions decreed by the Government to stop the expansion of the coronavirus, according to data from the Business Federation of Territorial Associations of Spanish Travel Agencies (Fetave).

The figures for Easter offer a “terrifying balance”, according to the Federation, with losses that will affect2.5 million workers of the 400,000 Spanish tourist companies.

Fetave argues that more than 70,000 flights have been canceled, representing the loss of 10 million airline tickets (more than 95% of the forecasts for Easter). Furthermore, in the hotel environment, more than 15 million hotel nights have been canceled, and in the bars, restaurants and nightlife sectors alone, the losses are between 8,000 and 10 billion euros.

Fetave has recalled, by way of example, thatGermanyhas granted a credit of 1,800 million euros to TUI to rescue that tour operator, theUnited KingdomIt is providing 700 million to easyJet, and France and the Netherlands will provide 6 billion to the Air France – KLM consortium.

As for Spain, the Federation considers “positive” the announcement of an expansion of another 20,000 million euros for SMEs and the self-employed within the line of 100,000 million approved.

However, it has warned that the “catastrophic” losses caused by the cancellation of Easter can lead to the loss of liquidity and the bankruptcy of tens of thousands of tourist companies if the line of the Official Credit Institute (ICO) does not work quickly, “something that does not seem possible if the government does not undertake an in-depth reform of the conditions of access to ICO credits,” according to the Federation.

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Teaching medicine away from patients: the chair that did not miss a single class

Teaching medicine away from patients: the chair that did not miss a single class

Doctor Eduardo Mansilla began his course in a timely manner

Semiology is the chapter of medicine that deals with the study of the symptoms and signs of diseases, using semi-technology, which is the set of procedures and methods that the doctor uses to obtain it.

The academic definition makes it very clear that this discipline must be taught and learned with patients. The student, together with their teacher, must feel, listen, check how the person breathes. “And, above all, sitting next to the bed, looking the patient in the eye, asking and listening; listen carefully ”, described the head professor of the Chair of Internal Medicine A of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of La Plata, Eduardo Mansilla.

With the same chair, students study Semiology in 3rd year, 4th Internal Medicine I and 5th Internal Medicine II.

“It is the clinical cycle, which is taught and learned in hospitals, with patients, yes or yes,” stressed the professional. However, under the slogans of ‘staying still, never’ and ‘turning crises into opportunities’, Mansilla drew on an important experience that he developed during the H1N1 virus (swine flu) epidemic and days ago he started the 2020 school year at through a YouTube channel. It was an absolute success.

“More than 400 people followed the inaugural class,” he said, in a chair that for this academic year had about 380 enrolled.

“I thought it was an excellent initiative,” student Pilar Degregorio (22), who lives in Villa Elisa, told this newspaper.

He added that it caught his attention that “such practical matter has solved the problem so quickly and in such an organized way; We practically started on the date set in the school calendar ”.

Later, Pilar explained that “this does not replace the practical part, that is impossible. But in this subject we have to read a lot, and through this path we are advancing the theory. They also made other tools available to us, such as clinical simulations using graphic art, which we found on the Educational Environment site. And they also gave us a lot of bibliography to read on, ”he described.

An example? “It is something that we created with Dr. Cecilia Dacunto in 2017, at the Rossi Hospital. We designed Graphic Art and Semiology, a tool that through the format of the cartoon presents different doctor-patient scenes that students must solve ”, narrated Mansilla.

His student, Pilar Degregorio, explained: “In one scene, an elderly person arrives with a series of symptoms, such as vomiting and diarrhea. The doctor decides to hospitalize her. Based on the elements that they provide us, we have to answer the question, why was it defined as internment? The answer is that the patient was dehydrated. “

Returning to the inaugural class of Semiology 2020 in the midst of a strict quarantine and with 100 percent use by students, the teacher highlighted the large number of interventions that students made in the YouTube chat.

The class was very entertaining, even for the general public. The doctor made relationships between semiology and literature, sculpture and painting over time, while showing photos and drawings. And, of course, there was no shortage of references to moments of pandemics or epidemics of remote times, including the “misnamed Spanish flu of 1918”.

Strong antecedent

In the midst of the H1N1 influenza epidemic, better known as the swine flu, Dr. Mansilla had prepared a presentation in the amphitheated classroom of the Integrated University Hospital of the faculty of 60 and 120, with thirty experts from around the world invited; among them, many from the United States. The year was 2009. And the academic unit had to close its doors.

“YouTube was not then a massive tool. Shall we suspend? No. We hired the only one who could do a live international broadcast in the country – at that time. And, in effect, we broadcast live for three days for three hundred guests who followed, each from their computer, the entire exhibition, ”said the head of the chair.

“Also, the exchange was permanent. An extraordinary experience that immersed us fully in the universe of new technologies. Such an event has never been held in the country, ”he said.

Thus, Semiology, even without patients, does not suspend classes in La Plata.


Lost fragments of ancient continent found on Canadian island




Does 335 million years the supercontinent emerged Pangea, a single huge piece of land that emerged from the waters. 160 million years later, that platform began to break to pieces because of the Tectonic plates, until becoming what our continents are today. On those first broken pieces, called craters, sediment accumulated as occurs, for example, with the foam layer when a soup is boiled. They are something like pieces of the puzzle of our past and that geologists are busy discovering. They are usually found in the center of the platesAlthough some smaller pieces have “drifted” for millions of years, on a much more complicated and uncertain path that places them in unsuspected places. And now one of these lost pieces” has been discovered in the Baffin Island, Canada, which supposes a substantial change in the general image that we thought we had of the puzzle of the primitive Earth.

As published by the geologists of the University of British Columbia (Canada) -and responsible for the finding- in the magazine « Journal of Petrology“, It would be a piece of North Atlantic craton, a protocontinent that extended from the northern scotland, through the southern part of Greenland and continues to the southwest, until Labrador, Canada’s easternmost province. But how did that place get there?

A “rocket” called a kimberlite

“With these samples we can reconstruct the shapes of the ancient continents based on deeper mantle rocks “, explains Maya Kopylova, main author of the research, in a release. The team took chance with a rare sample of kimberlite, a rock that is formed at depths between 150 and 400 kilometers and that sometimes tends to “transport” diamonds from the interior of the Earth to the exterior, which coincided with the North Atlantic craton. “For researchers, kimberlites are like underground rockets that ‘pick up passengers’ on his way to the surface, ”continues Kopylova. “Passengers are remnants of rocks in the wall that contain a lot of detail about the conditions at great depth and long ago.”

The discovery was made specifically in samples collected at a diamond mine in the De Beers province, in the south of Baffin Island. “The mineral composition of other parts of the North Atlantic craton is so unique that cannot be confused», Affirms the geologist. “It was easy to put the pieces together. The adjacent ancient cratons in northern Canada —In Northern Quebec, Northern Ontario and Nunavut — they have completely different mineralogies». In other words, this part was different from the closest areas and could only be compared with that of the North Atlantic craton, which effectively made it a missing piece of the puzzle of this protocontinent.

The puzzle of our old Earth

“Finding these ‘lost’ pieces is like find a missing piece of a puzzle. And the scientific puzzle of ancient Earth cannot be complete without all its pieces, “says Kopylova. This new piece indicates that the North Atlantic craton was 10% larger than previously thought. Who knows what other mysteries await before the “simple” rocks that enclose the bowels of our old Earth.


The Huawei P40 Pro and P40 specifications and the rendering of leaks have a zoom of up to 50x

Huawei P40

Later this week, Huawei will hold an online-only launch event of its 2020 flagship smartphone range, the P40. Ruining Huawei’s party, P40 Pro and P40 renderings leaked online along with their specs.

The Huawei P40 5G will feature a 6.1-inch dual display with a 32 MP selfie camera, 3800 mAh battery and Kirin 990 5G chipset. It will sport a triple camera configuration on the back that will include a 50 MP main camera with 16 MP and 8 MP Leica Ultra Vision sensors. The setting will offer a 30x digital zoom and will use the XD Fusion Engine for Huawei images.

As for Huawei P40 Pro, the leaked specifications indicate that the device is equipped with a double 6.58-inch display, a larger 4200 mAh battery with 40 W wired and 27 W or 40 W wireless charging, front camera from 32 MP with depth sensor and Leica’s Ultra Vision Quad Camera composed of 50MP + 40MP + 12MP + ToF and with 50x digital zoom. The renders make it clear that the P40 Pro and P40 will have the same design language, although the P40 Pro will have a display that is curved from all its edges, including the top and bottom. Both devices will also be equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Like all other Huawei devices released in recent months, the P40 and P40 Pro will also start up without access to Google apps and services since the company has been included in a list of entities by the United States government. The devices will probably be launched with Huawei’s mobile services and AppGallery in which the company has invested billions of dollars to build as a valid alternative to the Play Store.


Premier League: English footballer Peter Whittingham dies at 35, after one in a pub | Premier League 2019

FILE PHOTO: Cardiff City & apos; s Peter lt; HIT gt; Whittingham lt; / HIT gt; ...

Archive image of Whittingham, with Cardiff City.
“Reuters Staff”REUTERS

Peter Whittingham wasa Cardiff City legendThe unforgettable hit with his left foot was unforgettable, with which in a decade and 459 games with the club he achieved 98 goals and, among other milestones, the promotion to the Premier League. This Thursday he died at the age of 35 due to head injuries resulting from a death he suffered last week in a pub in Barry (Wales).

The English footballer, born in Nuneaton, also wore the Aston Villa jersey (until 2007) and theBlackburn Rovers, the last one I played in, until 2018.

“With immense pain we report that Peter Whittingham has passed away at the age of 35. We are heartbroken. The city, fans, and everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting him will painfully feel Peter’s loss. We love you, Pete, and your memory remain with us forever, “Cardiff City said in a statement.

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