Hedgehog and Miss Casual: An Overview of Lucie Vondráčková’s Most Bizarre Hairstyles

Lucie Vondráčková has been singing since childhood. It took her a while to find herself and decide on one image. During her career, she changed countless hairstyles and some of them are really worth it.

The singer had short hair for a while and was not afraid to experiment with it. In 2005, she was strikingly reminiscent of a hedgehog as she tucked her hair up. Two years later, she was making one casual wave out of them, which she elegantly glued to her forehead.

As a child, she was not afraid of braided braids. When she turned into a woman, she began wearing more modest hairstyles. She still wears gently wavy hair of the most ordinary cut to this day. She knows that shoulder length is best for her. She wore it when she met Plekance.

She also chose a very simple hairstyle for the wedding. Although the ceremony was very romantic, their relationship did not work out. Vondráčková has two sons with Plekance – Matyáš and Adam. They both see their father, but otherwise live with Vondráčková in a newly acquired house in Libuš, Prague. So she bought two houses, but only has one in one of them.

She ended up with crazy hairstyles before the wedding

She could afford to buy them for one simple reason. After the divorce, Vondráčková stayed in a luxury apartment in Kavčí hory. She subsequently sold it and collected 28 and a half million crowns for it. She later bought two houses for 24 million.

Obviously, the money is flowing from the pocket of her ex-husband, who has more than enough money. In the past, the hockey player has partially subsidized the film The perfect kiss, where Vondráčková plays. The desperately unsuccessful film was supposed to resemble an American comedy. It takes place in Canada and the singer plays the lead role there.

Plekanec lent 3.4 million crowns to director Adamcová. So it has a huge part to play in the fact that this failed romance has seen the light of day. It can be assumed that Vondráčková earns more with music, which is probably closer to her heart than acting. Recently, however, she received two offers for series, from which she could really have a lot of money.

She bought houses for tens of millions

“About half a year ago, Lucce made an offer, but she refused with thanks,” he told the portal eXtra source from the Sunny series. It was the same on Nova. “We wanted her in the surgery, but they say she doesn’t have time for such a demanding project because of the children,” said a Nova employee.

Lucie simply wants to focus mainly on her sons. “I have two sons to take care of. I’m with them at every school event every night, every morning. I’m such an addict mom. And that is enough for me now, “Lucie told the website expres.cz.

At present, in addition to children, she is mainly employed in shooting clips. The latest to come out is the song Růže. “Thanks to everyone at the castle in Mikulov. The shooting of the video clip Roses, the Dress is by Dominika Sedláčková, “she wrote about the film where the shooting took place. It is interesting that he marries in it. Does he want to tell someone sweet again?


Lucio Battisti Rarities, comes out box with 16 gems – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, 24 SEPT – Friday 25 September Lucio Battisti – Rarities will be released, a collection of small great pearls by the extraordinary artist, distributed over the years in various media: singles, alternative versions, rarities and B sides.

Rarities will be available in two versions, CD and LP (exclusively for Record Store Day on Saturday 26 September), both accompanied by track-by-track commentary. Also from Friday it will also be possible to buy Rarities in CD format on newsstands, attached to TV Sorrisi e Canzoni and Donna Moderna.

Lucio Battisti, a musician of absolute genius, unknowingly proves to be once again a precursor of the times, because in a historical moment where the concept of single track is back in fashion, thanks to the streaming of music and is once again characterizing the record market. Italian and international, he would certainly have guessed it in advance, shortening the times and burning up the competition. After more than 50 years from the debut of this extraordinary artist, we can still today appreciate the whole range of his productions, which go beyond the most famous pieces. This collection contains songs such as the rare Extended Version of “Pensieri e Parole”, “Le aniche” which was written for Wilma Goich, “The crazy butterfly” brought to the 1968 Sanremo Festival by the unusual couple formed by Johnny Dorelli and Paul Anka and foreign language passages.

This is the complete tracklist of Rarieties: Thoughts and words (Extended Version), For a lira, I sell a house, The ants, The sword in the heart, The mad race, Why should I, The crazy butterfly, My baby, Les jardines de Septembre, Toujours plus belle, Ma Chanson de liberté, La Colina de las Cerezas, Una Muchacha por Amigo, To Feel in Love, Only. (HANDLE).