Chinese journalist called the shortcomings of Russian women

The Chinese spoke about the reasons why foreigners do not seek to marry Russian women, despite their illustrious beauty

Chinese journalist called the shortcomings of Russian womenPhoto: Andrey KOPALOV

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Chinese journalist Portal Sohu listed several reasons why foreigners do not seek to marry Russian girls, despite their beauty.

According to the author of the article, many stereotypes have developed around the Russians, among them the tradition of making domestic bears or a love of vodka. However, he called the most mysterious phenomenon of Russian women, attracting foreign visitors with their appearance.

“Many of them dream of marrying a Russian beauty, and there are many Chinese men among them,” the journalist says, but immediately notes that such marriages are not frequent.

The Chinese gives three reasons that can explain such statistics. The author declares that the “cheeky character” of Russian women, as well as their love for booze and sloppiness in trifles, are not suitable for Chinese grooms. In addition, he reports the unwillingness of Russians to “put their soul into truly important matters.”

“They like to drink, believing that in this way they release their“ I ”and show a true character. In addition, they do everything through their sleeves, are not too accurate in the details, and do not put their soul into truly important matters, ”the journalist believes.

In concluding his article, he notes that the desire to marry should not be based on appearance, but rather on the basis of her character and understanding.

Recall that earlier, a Chinese blogger confessed his love for Russian cuisine and called Russian dishes, the taste of which is “impossible to forget.” So, he called goulash “a reflection of the soul of the Russian people”



The performer of the hit “My Boy” Svetlana Vladimirskaya has changed beyond recognition

The name of Svetlana Vladimirskaya in the early 90s was booming throughout the country, and her hit “My Boy” was played on all radio stations. However, at the peak of fame, the artist left show business and began to live a recluse. Some said she left for USAand others complained that the celebrity was in a sect.

Svetlana Vladimirskaya has been living in a remote village for 20 years Petropavlovka in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. She moved there when she married producer Mark Bolshoi. He worked with Lube and Vladimir Kuzmin. The latter, by the way, introduced Svetlana to her future husband.

From Mark Vladimirskaya gave birth to three daughters. However, marriage with him did not work out. After the divorce, the singer married the artist, having given birth to his son. And recently I became a grandmother.

Svetlana admits that she rarely gets out of her favorite places, but for Andrey Malakhova made an exception. “There were doubts, maybe we should stay in show business. But after many years I realized that I did everything right. There is no regret that I moved from Moscow and I live here, ”the vocalist said on the show“ Hello, Andrey! ”

On the set of the program, Svetlana Vladimirskaya appeared in a new image. Photo: Russia 1Photo: print screen video.

On the set of the program, she appeared in a new image – with long black hair and bright makeup. At first, Angelina Vovk, who was present in the studio, did not even recognize the singer: “Have you been in the video?” So changed during this time“.

Svetlana recalls the filming of the clip “My Boy” with love. Work on the video took a day, and when the video came out, it instantly became a hit.

“Such a lively and young voice, it’s very unfortunate that you left. Now I would be a very sought-after artist,” complained Arkady Ukupnik.

However Vladimirskaya regrets nothing. “Apparently so destined to all the will of God. She built herself a cedar, two-story house,” she summed up.

Svetlana Vladimirskaya “My Boy”.The first video for one of the best songs of Svetlana Vladimirskaya “My Boy” from the 1993 album of the same name


Composed of the TOP 3 tuning Toyota Land Cruiser

Craftsmen finalize how modern “dvuhsotki” and the classic Land Cruiser 70.

Stock Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Photo: Toyota

Russian drivers love to tune their “swallows”, and they love “Kruzak” — national recognition to the SUV does not dry out with age. The editors of the portal “let’s Roll!” made the TOP 3 tuning Toyota Land Cruiser.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with air suspension

Classic “Kruzak”, which was issued in 1984, has a fairly simple suspension — front and back, and solid axles on leaf springs. This technology is already somewhat outdated, but because the tuners showed Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with air suspension.

Classic Toyota Land Cruiser 70 is “pneuma”. Photo: Instagram, suv.4×4

This decision will make “Kruzak” more aimed at off-road, that will have to pay more careful care, which requires “pneuma”. Suspension vulnerable to contamination, and if damaged repair nodes can not be.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 “for the rally”

The following “Kruzak”, is the modern Land Cruiser 200, also fine-tuned for conquering harsh off-road conditions. On cars fitted with a huge bumper for off-road, which are hidden in itself by the winch.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 refers to the segment of premium SUVs, but because the damage to the body panels on the off-road is fraught with expensive repairs. That is why the owner of this “Kruzak” decided to install the massive panels that act as protection of the body.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 off-road body kit. Photo: Instagram,


In hastahah for a photo in Instagram provided that this SUV-oriented rallies, but these cars require a protective frame, which in the car is not visible.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 “simple and tasteful”

Often to create a stylish image of the car is not necessary to give light weight spoilers and LED elements — only a couple of impressive details. A vivid example of this Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with special wheels. Photo: VKontakte

The owner of “Kruzak” set of custom 19-inch aluminum wheels, and extended wheel arches inconspicuous panels. Complements the image of customized bumper another form, equipped with led “foglights”.


“He is really in love of us “

Celebrated sixty days after Easter, corpus domini is generally the occasion of the great processions of the Holy Sacrament, in many countries, and Rome is no exception. Until 2018, the successive popes presided at a long peregrination in the streets of Rome, from the basilica of Saint John Lateran – the cathedral of the city – and leading to the basilica Sainte-Marie-Majeure. Pope Francis had put an end to this tradition by making the choice to go to preside over the ceremony and the procession through neighborhoods more disadvantaged of the diocese of which he is bishop.

Recovery of the mass : the pope calls for “prudence ” and” obedience ” to the measures

This year, pandemic is forcing, the Holy Sacrament could not be carried in procession through the roman streets, and it is, therefore, the interior of St. Peter’s basilica, Francis celebrated mass this Sunday, June 14. As for the feast of Pentecost two weeks ago, fifty of the faithful has only been allowed to participate in the celebration held at the altar of the chair.

Evil and sins are not our identity “

Christ, the pope emphasized in his homily, he did not leave “in memory of [Lui] ” only words or signs, but a Bread in which he is there, living and true “ by which he heals our memory injured “. While “many have the memory marked by the lack of affection and disappointment burning “God put in our memory a greater love : his “.

Through the eucharist, has continued François, God comes “do intimate to us, and every time that we receive it, it reminds us that we are precious. He is really in love of we, he insisted, he sees, and Ito me, the beautiful and the good as we are, the Lord knows that the evil and sins are not our identity. “For pope Francis, the eucharist transforms us into bearers of God “ and heals at the root of the fear and releases closures that trap “.

Of “ true chain of solidarity

Thus, assured the pope, “the Eucharist off to us, and hunger for things and ignites the desire to serve “. It lifts us up from our comfortable physical inactivity “ and grows take care of those who hunger for food and dignity, of those who do not work and hardly able to move forward “. And the pope to urge him to a “actual proximity “composed of “the real chains of solidarity.”

At the end of mass, pope Francis and the faithful remained for ten minutes in adoration before the blessed Sacrament, housed in a monstrance placed on the altar. Then, the pope has made the object of liturgical order to give the blessing with the Holy Sacrament. He then found faithful more many gathered on the place Saint-Pierre – observing the safety distances – by presiding over the Angelus prayer from his window of the apostolic Palace.


Daughter Pugacheva undressed for candid shooting

Grandson Of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov for three years happily married. His wife Alena Krasnov is a rare beauty, what I am always convinced its followers of Instagram. Alena – model, often removed in photo shoots. Footage from the last shooting she decided to share on his page. The pictures were unexpectedly spicy: the 23-year-old wife Presnyakov posing in her panties, covering her Breasts a wide-brimmed hat.

– I am not given to display such pictures, but do not go for the sake of art, especially when on the scale of 6 kg during the quarantine – coyly said Alena.

Subscribers, however, no extra pounds in the pictures could not see: she looks slim, toned and very sexy. Beautiful photos of the couple appreciated and Nikita Presnyakov.

I nesoi directly to display such pictures, but do not go for the sake of art, especially when the scales -6 kg during the quarantine Thanks MoEI lubimoi @nastyaafed for such frames Which picture do you like best?

– Missed wife, of course – he wrote in the comments.

It is unknown whether saw Frank shooting the grandmother Nikita Alla, and what she said about spicy photo shoot Alena. “Alla is in shock,” just kidding followers. In the comments they throw a young wife Presnyakov compliments and I assure you that the photos look beautiful and brand does not matter.

– Life is a moment! While you are young and you have from God such beauty, let everyone look and envy! – said one of podeschi.

Alena posing Topless. Photo: Instagram.

Alena posing Topless. Photo: Instagram.

During the quarantine, Nikita and Alena lived in the suburban house, owned by Pugacheva. However, no matter Presnyakov Jr. sat In may he released the video for new single “Shadow” (Nikita, recall, lead singer of the Multiverse). The Prime Minister was supported by his famous grandmother, boasting talents grandson in social networks.

Last year Nikita Presnyakov became the hero of the program Lera Kudryavtseva “The secret to a million” the musician told the presenter about his family life quite intimate things – for example, about the first sex with his future wife. Nikita was the first love of Alena, which ended legal marriage. Pair got married after four years of relationship.

Fans pelted the wife of the grandson Pugacheva compliments. Photo: Instagram.

Fans pelted the wife of the grandson Pugacheva compliments. Photo: Instagram.

Nikita started Dating Alena Krasnova, when she was only 17 years old, she was still in school. Presnyakov waited two years for the moment when his girlfriend is ready for an intimate relationship. For a young lover Nikita, who is older than Alena for six years, voluntarily refused to have sex – he believed that they all must happen at the moment when the girl herself is ready for it.

– In terms of sex I waited until she said ready. Two years we suffered, – told the grandson Pugacheva. – I have a very big will power and if I put some goal, I achieve it, – said Nikita. – We with Alena for the first time it happened-planned, carefully and romantic. Alena was very nervous!

We are already a month in the country in isolation And this is definitely something there

Alain initially doubted his feelings for Nikita. It seemed to her that they all happen too fast. Besides her troubled six-year age difference. Grandson of Alla Pugacheva and his future wife met, that is, neighborly: villas their families are located nearby, Alena from a wealthy family. Like Nikita, his beloved was a creative soul: I was fond of gymnastics, dancing in the Studio Alla Brass “Todes” and studied at a music school.

Nikita also explained why he was in no hurry to do Dolly parton’s great grandmother: according to the musician, they Alena in no hurry to have children, because while I want to stand up and live for yourself.


“It was a time in the East, Loves Russian and universal

It was a time in the East

Larissa Sadilova

Russian film, 1: 30 p.m.

At the exit of a village, a truck stops to take a self-stoppeuse. Far from being fortuitous, this meeting was intended by its two protagonists. Better : it repeats itself regularly. Neighbours, the driver of the truck and his passenger, both married, have a loving relationship clandestine. Deliveries of the heavy weight in Bryansk or Rostov offer opportunities for breakaways beautiful in head-to-head.

To leave her family home, Anna pretext, the sale to Moscow of the clothes she knits and embroiders with great care in the style of traditional Russian. Her husband bought her bus tickets for the capital, but she asked the driver to get out always in the same place. Her lover to find him again and takes him on his journey of a few days in which it sells its production from fashion stores. Everything is well-oiled machine, but a grain of sand could jam the arena of lovebirds.

From autumn to summer

A realization of the libertine captures the seasons the vicissitudes of the couple for a whole year. Each jump of a narrative, it leaves room for a little flutter, a slight suspense : where are Anna and her beloved ? All the snags caused by their lies, there is the shadow of a routine that threatens to overlap with the boredom that they have fled to their respective homes.

If the humor tendre is never far away, the film does not waive the depth by attaching also to Tamara and Ioura, the spouses of the two lovers. Cherish despite the infidelity and objects of torment, they remind us that, in love it is seldom good to be more than two.

It is love of Trubchevsk, a small town 500 km south-west of Moscow, and the surrounding Larissa Sadilova film It was a time in the East (whose original title is It was a time Trubchevsk). Far representations claims of Russia by his peers, it captures so bright the calm of bucolic landscapes, modest isbas and small churches are crowned by domes.

In addition to the four lead actors, the director rotates with the inhabitants of the neighborhood who are playing their own partition, as a very small and very old peasant woman telling with earthiness the history of his house, or teenagers engaged in a feast of local games of seduction not feigned. By doing this, it is life itself that feeds this tragicomedy accents universal.


On France 2, a love that defies time


Series, by Hervé Hadmar

France 2, on 10 June at 21: 05

Employee to the radius of the disks in a shopping centre, hosted by his sister, which he keeps regularly the two children, Jeremy (Pierre Deladonchamps) is a boy solitaire. “Evil” in his time “this thirty-year-old paris spends his time listening to, looping old standards of rock and jazz, or re-read classic literature romantic. A night of new year’s eve, it ends up being, however by follow colleagues in a night club retro, Wonderland, where he falls under the spell of a photograph : that of a beautiful unknown, taken on a beach of Biarritz, close to sixty years earlier.

An enchantment (or spell ?) will soon allow Jeremy to join the happy chosen : transported on the basque coast in the 1960s, he made the acquaintance of Alice (Olga Kurylenko), betrothed to the son of a notable of the region. Admitted into their circle of friends, it will taste the lightness of the Thirty Glorious years, between the birth of the surf and insouciance of the golden youth, but the young woman, melancholy, and fierce, carrying a heavy secret that Jeremy is going to try to pierce.

A thriller romantic

After a series of very dark, done in collaboration with Marc Herpoux (The Forgotten, Signature, The Witnesses, Beyond the walls…), Hervé Hadmar exchange register with Romancesaga to the tone of the summer, both fiction and fantastic. Multiplying the winks (of Full sun to Vertigo, passing through Lewis Carroll), the director filmed with an undeniable elegance, the dolce vita basque, and many of the scenes in the jazz club testify to its taste very safe for the music of the sixties.

Carried by a strong distribution (Barbara Schulz, Simon Abkarian…) and beautiful scenery (in hotels, art deco, villas, wild landscapes), this story is very glamorous, is a little thriller over the six episodes. Despite a few lengths, this melodrama is to be relished like a novel summer, between relaxation and escape.


Potap talked about what he understood by the age of 39

On May 8, Alexey Potapenko, a Ukrainian producer and singer, better known under the pseudonym Potap, celebrates his birthday. His creative genius gave the public such groups as Time and Glass, MOZGI, and, of course, his own duet with Nastya Kamensky. A year and a half ago, a musician married his stage partner, and since then they have been demonstrating a happy marriage, continuing to unwind their stellar career.

This year, Potap turned 39 years old. The artist celebrated his holiday at home with his beloved woman. Kamensky prepared him a morning surprise: a yellow inscription appeared on the lawn in front of the house: “Happy bday Oleksii.” And right in the morning, the man decided to turn to his fans with a speech from an adult sharing experience.

“If you ask me what I understood in 39 years, for thousands of concerts, millions of spectators, and hundreds of megahits, then I will answer – love! To live and be in love with life, with your woman, family, children, in your business, in your homeland! Surround yourself with the people you want to hug! ” – wrote Potap on Instagram.

In this regard, it is worth recalling the words of singer Nikolai Baskov. A few months ago, he took part in the YouTube show “Musicality”, where he argued with a young rapper about the meaning of life. The 43-year-old “golden voice of Russia” then spoke out that living is for the sake of love – for the people around you and for your work. It seems that all successful and self-confident men come to such an understanding by the age of forty.

“I love you, my little frog”: Potap confessed Kamensky’s feelings before a chintz weddingAs the musician noted, the wife is a muse and makes him happy.

Do you agree that the main thing in life is love?


Anastasia Volochkova took to the street in lingerie

Anastasia Volochkova knows how to shock the audience like no other. During self-isolation, the ballerina had a lot of free time, so she began to communicate more with fans. This time, the artist appeared in public underwear.

Anastasia Volochkova posted a video on the blog with words of gratitude to her longtime friend. For a more spectacular shot, the ballerina went into the courtyard of her estate. True, she did not dress. Fortunately, the street is warm enough, although it was raining.

In lingerie Volochkova posed at the glass tableon which stood a fruit bouquet. On top of the black lace bodysuit, the star threw a transparent handkerchief. In the hands of Anastasia held a pet – cat Lucky.

Flowers and pleasant surprises are always a joy!

“In any weather, flowers and pleasant surprises are always joy!”, The artist signed the video. And a few hours before that, she decided to have an impromptu New Year. She dressed up a Christmas tree in the yard and began to fry kebab.

It’s time to get out of schizophrenia… Remaining in love and romance, “said the ballerina. And noted that she would definitely eat a piece of chicken.

It’s time to get out of schizophrenia …

“Anastasia Volochkova and barbecue – this is probably very funny. But without a sense of humor these days can not do. And in general, everything in our life must be perceived with a positive. All of you good and happiness! “, Added the celebrity.

Note Anastasia at the time of self-isolation secluded in a three-story mansion with her loverwho has been hiding from everyone for more than a year. It is known about the man that he is handsome and has never been married. Nola and Rustam help manage the household. By the way, Lola is also a personal dancer stylist, about which she herself has repeatedly said.


Took everything from life, or for what Anna Zavorotnyuk “despised” her mother?

It seems that the daughter still can not forgive Anastasia for a divorce from her father.

Anna Zavorotnyuk left her husband and father of their children, Dmitry Stryukov, because of an affair with Sergei Zhigunov. At that time, the family lived in America, but because of new love and filming in “My Fair Nanny,” Anastasia moved to Russia, leaving her 10-year-old daughter with her father. It seems that Anna still can not forgive her mother for betrayal …. Moreover, does Anna “despise” her mother?

This conclusion can be made based on the girl’s posts on Instagram.

“Take everything from life” is a bad motto. Do not take everything indiscriminately, learn to separate the important from the secondary and not to miss what you really do not need, ”Anna writes in her profile, hinting that she does not approve of people throwing themselves in the pool.

But her mother is one of such women, given her often-changing lovers. She took everything from life … for which she could pay. Anna, it seems, believes that Anastasia is paying for the fact that she once betrayed children and family.

Probably, sad thoughts appeared in Anna’s head after she found out that Sergey Zhigunov had broken up with his wife. It seems that the daughter of the “beautiful nanny” is afraid that after recovery she may again retort his sweet speeches and abandon Chernyshev for old love. However, there are positive aspects to this whole situation. The fact that Anna spends her energy reflecting on old grievances indicates that her mother is on the path to recovery, and all the girl’s thoughts are no longer occupied by her illness.

Polina Brownovskaya

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