If Belarus falls, Russia is next

MINSK, KOMPAS.com – President Belarus Alexander Lukashenko firmly said he would not step down from office despite weeks of mass demonstrations urging the leader to step down since last August’s re-election.

Launch Euronews, Wednesday (9/9/2020), President Lukashenko blamed the United States (US) for provoking mass protests.

Lukashenko also gave a warning to Russia in front of Russian media journalists, “All of this is very painful and even tragic for me, but that doesn’t mean I give up.”

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Lukashenko told the Russian media crew, Tuesday (8/9/2020), “Because I see this philosophically, one day [Tuhan] will call me home. But now, I have to protect what has been built with our efforts, protect those who fight for it and they are very many people. “

“If Belarus collapses today,” Lukashenko said, “Russia will be next.”

In an interview posted by Russian Today TV that, Lukashenko also said, “If you think that a rich country like Russia will [bisa] handle it, you are wrong. I have spoken with many presidents, including my senior friend, my brother, as I call him [Presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin], and I warned him, there is no way to escape, “Lukashenko said.

In other words, according to Lukashenko, Russia may also face it political tensions as is facing Belarus today.

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Launch TASS, when Lukashenko was asked what the most important thing in life is, he replied, “What keeps me awake in this situation, you know, that if Lukashenko falls the whole system will collapse and Belarus will also collapse.”

He added, “I will probably step down one day, but I will not let them destroy what we created together with the people, with this generation. This is what is important in my life and how the country has changed.”

Previously, Belarus had held a presidential re-election on August 9. According to data from the Central Election Commission, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko received 80.1 percent of the vote.

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Meanwhile, his opponent, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, garnered just 10.12 percent of the vote and refused to acknowledge the election results. The government’s opposition is now in Lithuania.

Protests erupted in the state capital Minsk and several other cities after the presidential election, over alleged fraud by Lukashenko.

The protests led to clashes between protesters and law enforcement officials.


Merkel, I can’t mediate, Lukashenko refuses interview – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BERLIN, AUGUST 19 – Angela Merkel explained that she tried to contact the Belarusian leader Lukashenko by telephone, “but unfortunately there was no phone call”.

Responding to a specific question, the chancellor said she did not see her role as mediator in the clash in Belarus possible: “To mediate, you need the availability of the two sides” and Lukashenko refused the interview, he explained. Merkel further stated that the EU “wants to support civil society”, “but for us it is clear that Belarus must find its own way” and there must be no interventions “from outside”, said Angela Merkel, after the European Council, at a press conference in Berlin. (HANDLE).