Lyon in the hands of environmentalists

After his little sister Grenoble, now Lyon. Ecologist Grégory Doucet followed by a fully assembled left arrived in the lead in the city of Gaul on Sunday, June 28 with 53.5% of the vote. Far ahead of Yann Cucherat (30.5%), former gymnast designated heir by the outgoing mayor Gérard Collomb, and supported by the right of the Republicans since the merger of the two lists at the end of the first round of these municipal elections.

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Cradle of the presidential adventure of Emmanuel Macron of which Gérard Collomb was one of the first supporters, the second city of France therefore falls into the hands of environmentalists. It must be said that the majority had embarked on the divided race, both at the town hall and at the metropolis, between on one side the troops of the outgoing mayor and on the other, those of his two deputies David Kimelfeld and George Képénékian, whom Gérard Collomb had seated on his seats during his visit to the Ministry of the Interior.

Collomb’s last failed bet

Faced with the breakthrough of environmentalists who came first in the first round of March 15 in the two entities, the former socialist mayor of Lyon for more than twenty years had attempted a last gamble. An anti-environmentalist dam tied with the Lyon right, under the leadership of Laurent Wauquiez. The former boss of the Republicans, at the head of the immense Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, had no interest in having environmentalists take a second big city on its territory.

→ FIND the results of the second round of the 2020 municipal elections, city by city

At a time when union lists from the left are already being prepared in Auvergne Rhône Alpes for regional in a year, their victory in Lyon puts them in good position. While the ecologist Éric Piolle was returned to Grenoble, like the socialist Olivier Bianchi in Clermont-Ferrand, the left and the environmentalists are now at the head of the three largest cities in the region.


Grégory Doucet, a tender green for Lyon

A giant leap. The end of the “small steps policy” promised in environmental matters by the Greens in Lyon also applies to the trajectory of their leader. For his first elective mandate, Grégory Doucet, 46, will lead a city of 515,000 inhabitants with a budget of 790 million euros.

→ ANALYSIS. Municipal 2020: green wave and abstentionist tidal wave

” I’m ready “, repeats this new face of political ecology, hitherto responsible for the programs in West Africa of the NGO Handicap international.

A daily environmentalist

Born in Paris, a graduate of the Rouen Business School, Grégory Doucet first traveled the world. Expatriate for four years in Manila (Philippines), then two years in Kathmandu (Nepal), engaged in the NGO Planète Enfants & Développement, of which he is still vice-president, he began to campaign for environmentalists in the Paris region in 2007, between two humanitarian missions. A man of commitment, in 1997 he chaired Genepi, a group of students working in prison.

Arriving on the banks of the Rhône in 2009, Grégory Doucet is representative of the sociological evolution that Lyon has experienced over the past twenty years.

→ LIVE. 2020 municipal results, analyzes, reactions… Follow the second round

Everyday environmentalist, he rides a bike, joins an Amap and compost his waste. Despite his professional responsibilities and his family life (he is a father separated from three boys), he still found the time to get involved in Europe Écologie-Les Verts (EELV). Candidate for testimony in the municipal elections of 2014, he became departmental secretary in 2017, with the stated objective of winning in Lyon in the local elections.

→ PORTRAIT. Municipales 2020: in Marseille, Michèle Rubirola, the unexpected environmentalist

He knew how to unite energies in his favor

Humanitarian workers say they did not dream of becoming mayor. Craftsman of the rise in Lyon of ecological concerns, with the success won locally by the climate marches, he ended up federating energies in his favor.

→ FIND the results of the second round of the 2020 municipal elections, city by city

Candidate in 27e Position on the list of Yannick Jadot in the European elections of May 2019, he was designated head of the list for the municipal elections last September, ahead of experienced local environmental personalities, who joined him. A good speaker, he ran a campaign with almost no mistakes.


Paris, Marseille, Lyon … The results of the second round in the main hot spots

A green wave sweeps across major cities. Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Strasbourg, Besançon, Strasbourg, Tours … Environmentalists came for the first time in the lead in many prominent town halls, Sunday, after the second round of municipal and inter-municipal elections.

The socialists keep Paris and Lille, the right remains the majority in Nice, Toulouse and Limoges, the Prime Minister wins in Le Havre, the RN wins Perpignan … Find out the results in the “hot spots” of the territory, at the end an election marked by the coronavirus epidemic and record abstention. No less than 16.5 million voters were called to the polls, in 4,820 communes – the poll was postponed in Guyana.

● 60% abstention, a record

The coronavirus epidemic will have disrupted the democratic process to the end. Some 60% of the voters affected by a second round did not go to the polls, according to estimates. A first, all municipal elections combined, while the mayor remains the preferred elected representative of the French. This Sunday’s abstention exceeds that of the first round (55.34%) of March 15, and that of the second round of 2014, when 37.87% of the electorate abstained – a record, already, at the ‘time.

● Paris: Hidalgo (PS) re-elected against Dati

At the head of the capital since 2001, the left retains Paris. The outgoing PS mayor, allied with the EELV environmentalists, comes out on top at the city level, where the ballot is held at the level of each arrondissement. Support lists (PS-EELV-PCF) Anne Hidalgo garner 47.9% of the votes, ahead of those of Rachida Dati (LR, 35.3%) and Agnes Buzyn (LREM, 14.5%), according to estimates. Then follow the candidacies of Danielle Simonnet (LFI, 1.2%), Cédric Villani (LREM dissident, 0.9%) and other lists (0.2%).

● Marseille: relative victory for the left

Governed by Jean-Claude Gaudin (LR) for twenty-five years, Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) has hoisted the left in the lead across the city. Ecologist lists Michèle Rubirola (PS, PCF, EELV, LFI) largely prevail (38.6%) according to estimates, far ahead of those of Martine Vassal (LR, 30.3%), president of the metropolis Aix-Marseille and the department of Bouches -du-Rhône, defeat in its sector.

Then follow the candidacies of Stéphane Ravier (RN, 20.4%), Bruno Gilles (ex-LR, 6.3%), Samia Ghali (various left, 2.8%) and Yvon Berland (LREM, 1.6%) . In terms of number of seats, neither the left union nor LR have enough municipal councilors to elect the future mayor alone. “I have not lost”, “there is no majority in Marseille”, defended the leader of the right in the evening. Victory is «relative» more “The right is no longer able to govern”, Michèle Rubirola replied.

● Lyon: the Greens delight the town hall and the metropolis

Thunderbolt in Lyon. After 20 years of Gérard Collomb’s reign, Lyon (Rhône) has largely chosen Grégory Doucet (EELV, 52%) to succeed the former Minister of the Interior, according to estimates. A victory “historical”, insisted the environmental leader. Follow the lists of support for Yann Cucherat (LREM, 30.5%), supported by the outgoing mayor, and those pro-Georges Képénékian (LREM dissident, 17.5%).

At the end of the other ballot, for the hyper-powerful metropolitan area of ​​Lyon, the Greens also led the way around Bruno Bernard, who claimed victory. Behind are the lists of François-Noël Buffet (LR) and outgoing president David Kimelfeld (dissident LREM). After an agreement with the right, the former minister Gérard Collomb had withdrawn in between the two towers.

● Bordeaux: Hurmic (EELV) dethrones the right in its stronghold

It is a political earthquake. Accustomed to choosing a right mayor from the first round since the Liberation, Bordeaux (Gironde) placed the list of Pierre Hurmic (EELV, 46.48%), before that of the outgoing LR mayor Nicolas Florian (44.12%) , successor to Alain Juppé, allied with Walker Thomas Cazenave (LREM). The anti-capitalist Philippe Poutou (far left), ex-presidential candidate, comes third (9.39%).

● Lille: Aubry narrowly re-elected

Led continuously by a socialist mayor for more than sixty years, Lille (Nord) is renewed on the wire Martine Aubry (PS, 40%). Follow his former environmental ally Stéphane Bally (EELV, 39.41%) and the Marcheuse Violette Spillebout (LREM, 20.58%).

● Le Havre: Édouard Philippe winner

He greeted “Net results” and one “Act of trust”. In Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), the list ofEdouard Philippe (58.83%) wins against that of Communist deputy Jean-Paul Lecoq (41.17%). The only prime minister candidate for municipal elections since Alain Juppé in Bordeaux, in 1995, the head of government intends to entrust the chair to the outgoing LR mayor, Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, until his departure from Matignon.

● Perpignan: Aliot gives RN its main victory

In Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales), Louis Aliot (53.09%) offered the Rassemblement national (RN) its main victory, against outgoing LR mayor Jean-Marc Pujol (46.91%). The “republican front” formed against the Penist, with the withdrawal of the ecologist Agnès Langevine and the Walker Romain Grau in between the two towers, did not bear fruit. The city of 120,000 inhabitants is the largest municipality conquered by the flame party since Toulon, in 1995.

● Montpellier: Delafosse (PS) succeeds Saurel

Theater of a triangular between three lists on the left, Montpellier (Hérault) placed the list of Michaël Delafosse (PS, 47.23%), ahead of that of the outgoing mayor Philippe Saurel (various left, 34.65%) and the billionaire entrepreneur Mohed Altrad (various, 18.12%).

● Nice: Estrosi (LR) widely re-elected

In Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), fifth city in France, the outgoing LR mayor Christian Estrosi was re-elected for a third term (59.30%). He is way ahead of Philippe Vardon (RN, 21.39%) and the ecologist Jean-Marc Governatori (19.30%).

● Nancy switches to the left with Klein (PS)

After six years in office, the radical Laurent Hénart (45.46%) sees Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) escape him for the benefit of the socialist Mathieu Klein (54.54%). The PS president of the departmental council, which had merged with the ecologist Laurent Watrin (EELV).

● Toulouse: Moudenc (LR) re-elected against the Greens

Mayor LR leaving Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) Jean-Luc Moudenc, supported by LREM, was re-elected (51.98%) for a second term against the environmentalist Antoine Maurice (48.02%).

● Strasbourg won by the Green Jeanne Barseghian

In Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), around Jeanne Barseghian (EELV, 41.71%), environmentalists succeed the majority of Roland Ries (ex-PS). The list of Walker Alain Fontanel (LREM, 34.96%), allied with LR Jean-Philippe Vetter, arrives behind, followed by the socialist Catherine Trautmann (23.33%), with whom the ecologists had not succeeded in s ‘hear.

● Metz switches from left to right with Grosdidier (LR)

Governed for twelve years by the socialist Dominique Gros, Metz (Moselle) passes from left to right. The senator François Grosdidier (LR, 45.13%) wins out over the environmentalist Xavier Bouvet (EELV, 44.24%) and the lepéniste Françoise Grolet (RN, 10.63%).

● Dijon still in the hands of Rebsamen (PS)

Mayor of Dijon (Côte-d’Or) since 2001, the socialist Fransois Rebsamen (43.52%) should start a fourth term. He beat the list (LR) of Emmanuel Bichot (34.85%) and the environmentalists gathered around Stéphanie Modde (EELV, 21.63%), who had made a common list with the outgoing mayor in 2014.

● Besançon: victory of the Green Anne Vignot

In Besançon (Doubs), the Verte Anne Vignot (43.84%) wins against Ludovic Fagaut (LR, 41.61%) and Éric Alauzet (LREM, 14.55%). She should succeed outgoing mayor Jean-Louis Fousseret (LREM, ex-PS) who, at 73, was not seeking a fourth term.

● Poitiers: the Greens beat the PS

Surprise in Poitiers (Vienne), where the list of Léonore Moncond’huy (EELV, 42.83%) is ahead of that of outgoing mayor Alain Claeys (PS, 35.60%) and that of macronist Anthony Brottier (LREM, 21.56%). The candidate puts an end to 43 years of social-communist management of the Poitevin capital.

● Tours: Denis (EELV) defeats the outgoing Bouchet (Radical movement)

Environmentalists tip Tours (Indre-et-Loire). The list ofEmmanuel Denis (EELV, 54.94%) is ahead of that of the outgoing mayor Christophe Bouchet (Radical movement, 45.06%), supported by LR and the UDI, and allied with LREM in the in-between turns.

● Pau: François Bayrou (MoDem) renewed

The president of MoDem François Bayrou should remain mayor of Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), where his list came first (55.47%) compared to that of the socialist Jérôme Marbot (44.53%), resulting from a merger with the ecologists of EELV and the rebellious.

● Clermont-Ferrand remains on the left

In Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), the socialist Olivier Blanchi (48.42%) retains the town hall. He comes before the list (LR-MoDem) of Jean-Pierre Brenas (36.50%), the fruit of an agreement with the Walker Éric Faidy (LREM). The Insubmissive Marienne Maximi comes third (15.08%).

● Bastia: Savelli (autonomist) remains at the head of the town hall

The nationalists remain at the head of Bastia (Haute-Corse). Supported by EELV and the PS, the list of outgoing (autonomist) mayor, Pierre Savelli, in which the president of the Executive Council of Corsica, Gilles Simeoni, came in first (49.37%). It is followed by the lists (various left) of Jean-Sébastien de Casalta (39.73%) and Julien Morganti (10.90%).

● Biarritz: the right succeeds the MoDem

In Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), the MoDem Michel Veunac leaves the town hall to Maider Arosteguy (LR, 50.22%), the list of which comes first at the end of a quadrangular.

● Arles: Patrick de Carolis (various centers) brings down the Communists

In the hands of the Communists since 2001, Arles (Bouches-du-Rhône) was won by the list (various centers, 57.22%) of Patrick de Carolis, former president and CEO of France Télévisions, opposite Nicolas Koukas (Left Union, 42.78%).


On the run since 2018, a drug trafficker finally arrested near Lyon

Photo illustration LyonMag

He had escaped on two occasions to the police.

A man aged 30 years old and a native of Orleans, was arrested Wednesday evening in Vaulx-en-Velin. The individual was wanted for the end of 2018 as part of an investigation into the importation of cocaine in the port of le Havre. The police had seized 200 kilograms of cocaine and placed under arrest the trafficker alleged.

The latter had made about him a few months later in November 2019. This is a new case of drug trafficking, more exactly a “go fast” from the Maghreb (via Spain for a scheduled arrival at Grenoble. An operation of the BRI de Lyon allows you to enter more than 500 kilos of cannabis and the arrest of six persons, but not of the suspect sought.

The man was eventually arrested this Wednesday in Vaulx-en-Velin after being spotted in Villeurbanne, report AFP. He was jailed pending its presentation to a judge from grenoble.

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in Lyon, the home Collomb in danger

Even before the second round of the municipal elections in lyon, the name of the defeated is known. To the helm of the city since 2001, Gérard Collomb, 73 years of age, will not be the first elected president of the metropolis of Lyon, the crown hoped for a long career in politics.

It was without counting on the power of the “green wave “. Arrived in the lead in eight districts out of nine, and the environmentalists and their new allies the socialists and dissenters are likely to delight the city. And they will defend their project to the scale of the metropolis of 1.4 million people, where the lists supporting Gérard Collomb arrived to a very disappointing fourth position.

The alliance right

Unable to find a common ground with David Kimelfeld, his runner-up party in solitaire, Gérard Collomb, has turned on its right to maintain its influence. On the 28th of may last, he withdrew from the race for the presidency of the metropolitan area, rubbing in front of the candidate of the Republicans (LR), François-Noël Buffet. In return, the candidate LR to the city hall of Lyon, Stephen White, has done the same for the benefit of the protégé of Gérard Collomb, the former gymnast Yann Cucherat, 40 years.

Pact faustian or relay switch faithful to the tradition of lyon ? “It is a choice that I do not understand, reacts Julien Ranc, the head of the list in the west riding, who has left Gerard Collomb for David Kimelfeld in the second round. There is a dimension freudian at work. The father refuses to be killed by the son. “ Like him, many elected officials stayed up until then, the faithful have refused to endorse the alliance with LR, which was decided in head-to-head with the president (LR) of the region Rhône-Alpes, Laurent Wauquiez, the enemy yesterday. “It is not possible to campaign with candidates who have agreed, in 1998, the votes of the national Front to hold on to the head of the region “, continues Julien Ranc, in reference to Stephen White.

Against the ” bloc of the extreme left “

The outgoing mayor deems itself to be the continuation. In 2001, he recalls, his predecessor, the centrist Raymond Barre, had not campaigned against the socialist opposition as he was then. Especially, pounds-t-he from the alliance to the right would be the only way to take it on the “bloc of the extreme left” that ambitionnerait of the ” undo “button what he has put “twenty years to build “. The terminology is the same from one side to the other. The two sides believe that the election boils down to the confrontation of two “blocks “ antagonists, and promise “the revelation “ in case of victory of the opponent.

The decision-decline of Gérard Collomb had been sown since his appointment to the ministry of the interior. Party boss undisputed the second city of France, he returned in October 2018, weakened by his departure churned up by the government, in a city that does the waiting. The men who have replaced him have tasted the power. And its image is damaged place Beauvau. Doubting still have the necessary majority, Gérard Collomb had then renounced to take over the chairmanship of the metropolis, abandoning him to David Kimelfeld.

Battle of the heads, and rout of the first round

The venom of the division was instilled. The battle of the chefs that followed resulted in the defeat of the first round, and the alliance to the right. Result : after to have withdrawn his nomination to Gérard Collomb, and to have refused to David Kimelfeld, The Republic in market (LREM) has no candidate in the second agglomeration of France. This is another defeat for Gérard Collomb, who was personally invested to bring the nomination of Emmanuel Macron to the presidency of the Republic.

So far, his opponents as his political friends are wary. Model of the’ hypermaire ” deciding everything, Gérard Collomb is still struggling to wear the costume number two, campaigning in tandem with François-Noël Buffet. The “third round” in which the elected metropolitan shall appoint their president might have some surprises in store.


Philip “happy” to return to its militant Haven

Special envoy in le Havre

It throne at the entrance of the room François Ierin the heart of the city of le Havre (Seine-Maritime). The campaign poster of Edward Philippe shows the prime minister posing in front of the fire-boat, one of the most emblematic places of the Harbour. The same decor was used for the municipal 2014, won by Édouard Philippe in the first round. For little, one would be a copied-pasted. Superstition? Want to record a resounding victory? The document has been designed these past few days in the greatest secrecy – very few of the faithful were in the confidence of the final decision of the prime minister.

See also – Municipal: “Yes, I am a candidate to the city hall of le Havre”, formalizes Philippe

Municipal: “Yes, I am a candidate to the city hall of le Havre”, formalizes Philippe – Watch on Figaro Live

On Friday evening, militants and pro-Philippe believe in any case, hard as iron. They’re chanting “Edward, Edward”when Philippe arrived on the scene. “I am happy to find you”begins the future leader. But, this last knows: the political situation in 2020 and bears little resemblance to that of the previous election. “This election will be politically difficult, admits the prime minister. Because some will try to extend the debate, or even to prevent it. We’ve heard all evening”.Outside, precisely, the protesters are “hear” loudly. Bombs agricultural, firecrackers, shouts: the challenge is to live by the hand of the opponents of the pension reform, in this port city where the dockers are legions.

Quoting Cyrano de Bergerac Edmond Rostand, Édouard Philippe, assumes his role of head of government and at the same time” candidate in the local elections: “No one abdicates not the honour of being a target”, loose-t-it. A little earlier, a driver room and urged hundreds of supporters to “make a noise” to cover the noise of the critics and the sirens of cars of CRS, which finished the quarter.

“The important thing is not to do everything well”

The thread of his speech of fifty minutes, Édouard Philippe explains to the Havrais what will be the distribution of roles with the outgoing mayor Jean-Baptiste Gastinne. If the prime minister wins, he will remain in the prime minister’s office and will leave his chair to Gastinne. About his duties in paris, Édouard Philippe displays low profile. “The important thing is not to do everything well, but doing the best we can“says Édouard Philippe. Above all, it promises to the voters of his fief that he will come back as soon as its CSD at Matignon will end and ensures that there will end his political career. “I’ve known prime ministers who had other political ambitions, quips he. Not me.”

At the time the Marseillaise sounds, marking the end of the meeting, the speaker has not unveiled, neither his program nor the composition of its list. He just praised the character transpartisan of its future list, supported in particular by parliamentarians havrais LR. Can we be opponents of the government on the national stage, but support at the local level? “The logical partisan in municipal action have no meaning“, argues the prime minister, anticipating the criticism. Indeed, on his campaign poster, no logo appears. Neither LR, nor LREM. As in 2014.


Tino Kadewere to the OL ‘ to grow the best possible”

Tino Kadewere alongside Jean-Michel Aulas, Juninho and Bruno Cheyrou –

Special atmosphere on this Wednesday afternoon in the auditorium of the Groupama Stadium where the mask-wearing was mandatory for the first press conference for several weeks.

Jean-Michel Aulas, accompanied by his new recruiting manager Bruno Cheyrou and Juninho, had invited the press to the official presentation of Tino Kadewere : “It is a very great pleasure to talk about football. The team was the first to return, there are deadlines that are important“said the president of the OL in the preamble.

And for this recovery, in fact, the group was complete. Because if Tino Kadewere was committed in the month of January with Lyon for 12 million euros plus two million of incentives, the attacker of le Havre remained in Normandy under the form of a loan. Now a part of the workforce, the Zimbabwean will be qualified to play the final games of the season, said Jean-Michel Aulas.

Kadewere was, in any case, the intention to run a quick place-holder : “It all depends on what I’m going to show to the workouts. But I’m here to play, even if I respect the players who were there before my arrival. Has me perform the exercises and it is up to the coach to make the decisions”.

The young striker hopes “develop and grow as a player” : “If you look at my choices, with my move to Sweden and le Havre, they respond to a strategy. I choose the teams where I will grow the best possible way, and Lyon is a team where very large players have been trained”explained in English the best goalscorer of Ligue 2.

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In Lyon, the creation of an association of “victims” of the coronavirus

A patient association of the Covid-19, carried by a candidate in the municipal elections, plans to build Wednesday, June 10, at Lyons to demand the creation of a compensation fund. “I think that we are the first in France to form an association of this kind, explained Me Hervé Banbanaste. Its aim : to advise and defend victims of the Covid-19 and obtain a damage compensation. “

→ THE FACTS. Covid-19 : the public prosecutor of Paris opened an extensive investigation on the management of the crisis

The Association of victims for assistance and compensation of the Covid-19 (Avaic19) will be born on Wednesday afternoon after a constituent general assembly. For the time being, the lawyers Hervé Bandanaste and Yves Hartemann prepare a twenty complaints and seek potential plaintiffs additional.

→ EXPLANATION. Coronavirus : who the justice is she going to investigate ?

Everything is party of a candidate in the local elections in Saint-Fons, in the Lyon suburbs. After having campaigned in and around polling stations in the first round, she learned that one in twenty people from her list or activists had been sick. And at least two of its militants are dead, ” says Chafia Zehmoul, which has itself contracted the virus.

“Some are in need of a administrative support “

“What I reproach to the authorities; the absence of masks, the maintenance of the first round… At the beginning, I felt responsible and it was very hard for me but, today, I tell myself that I’m not the only one to have experienced this and some have a need for administrative support “ that is going to propose this association, ” she explains.

On Tuesday, the prosecutor’s office in Paris announced the opening of an extensive preliminary investigation on the management criticized the crisis of the Covid-19 in France, aiming particularly at the heads of“involuntary homicide “ or “endangering the lives of others “. This survey is a first judicial response to a quarantine of complaints, more or less circumstantial, received by the prosecutor’s office in Paris, during the confinement. These complaints were filed by relatives of victims, professional organizations or even in a “approach, petitioner “via complaints-types published on the Internet site


In Italy, fifty complaints filed in Bergamo

Families and relatives of the victims of the new coronavirus have filed some fifty complaints Wednesday, June 10, the public prosecutor of Bergamo, in northern Italy. It is the first legal action of its kind in the peninsula, where the epidemic has caused nearly 34,000 deaths.

Accompanied by their lawyers, the members of the Committee “Truth and justice for the victims of the Covid-19 “born on Facebook and with 55,000 members, have submitted 50 complaints to the office of the prosecutor of Bergamo, martyr city of Lombardy and is the epicenter of the epidemic that has hit Italy, from early February to may.

“We don’t want revenge, we want justice “explained Stefano Fusco, 31 years old, whose grand-father passed away in march, one of the founders of this group on Facebook.


A person fatally struck by a TGV between Grenoble and Lyon

The drama took place this Thursday in the early evening in the town of Grenay in Isère. A TGV connecting Grenoble to Paris struck a person on foot. According to Le Dauphiné, the victim died instantly. An investigation was opened but the hypothesis of a desperate gesture was advanced.

The intervention required the mobilization of fifteen firefighters. The train, which was carrying about 150 passengers, was immobilized for almost three hours. Traffic on the high-speed line was also disrupted.


Lyon’s candidacy rejected, Grenoble finalist

Place des Terreaux –

Lyon will not be the European Green Capital 2022.

The candidacy of the Capital of Gaul was rejected by the jury, which selected four finalists.

Twelve indicators were scrutinized, in particular the local contribution to the fight against global climate change, transport, urban green spaces, noise or even waste management, nature and biodiversity.

And it was Grenoble who came out on top of the first round. The Capital of the Alps will compete with Dijon, Tallinn (Estonia) and Turin (Italy) to win the title of Green Capital, and thus succeed Lisbon.

It is a small snub for the City of Lyon, which had applied after launching a large citizen consultation on the climate. “We want to apply for this recognition because it qualifies you in Europe. The big cities which obtained this recognition, are now recognized as green cities (…) We consider you in Europe and in the world as a reference. La Confluence today has become an emblematic district, if the whole city could become an emblematic city that we come to visit because it is reputed to be the ecological city, that would be good for Lyonnais and the influence of Lyon“, said Gérard Collomb when the Lyon candidacy was announced.