In the streets of Madrid déconfinée, the threat of coronavirus is still present

On the square Malasana, in the centre of the city, the people of Madrid have reinvested the terraces and back to their happy habits. Sandra, quarantine, is on the verge of share some tapas with two friends : “We have found our social life, sharing a glass with friends, family. From Madrid to the southern tip of the country, where the climate allows it, we live in the street, it is essential. “

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This need to descend into the street remains so vital here that, for Sandra, the great change is not so much the end of the alarm condition since last Sunday, and the possibility to move around freely in Spain, that “walk in the street and sit at a terrace “. The new freedom of movement will not change large-thing to this young woman. “I will wait for you even to go see my grandma in Navarre, I’m afraid of the contamination “it is feared she.

A mixture of relief and caution

The word is finally dropped. Behind the return to life of the people of Madrid, behind the ” Qué tal ? “(how’s it going ?) daily, hides not a burst of liberating joy, but a subtle mixture of relief mingled with a great deal of caution.

Maria del Polar, 76 years old, is pacing up and down the chic streets of the neighborhood of Salamanca with a friend. This year, there was no question of moving to Madrid for the holidays : “I understand that for many people, confinement was tough because the apartments are small, but now, you really need to be careful, especially as the government harps on all the time that in September we start again with this virus. “

Just look around Maria del Polar to understand what it’s like “the new normal “an expression a little barbaric for the government to explain life after the Covid-19, and that sometimes causes a smile mocking or grimace in Spanish.

Wearing a mask mandatory

The new normal since the end of the” state of alarm ” on Sunday, it is first to wear a mask almost all the time. “It’s like the keys or the glasses, it must never be forgotten “slips Maria del Polar in a smile that we guess behind his mask FFP2.

Mandatory in all enclosed areas and in the open air when the distance of 1.50 meter can not be respected, the mask is entered in the habits, of as much as a omission can result in a fine of £ 100.

Browse the streets of the capital filled with people masked reminds us constantly that the virus lurks, as the hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance and at the exit of all the shops, some even take the temperature of clients. Suffice to say that it is difficult to escape an atmosphere that is oppressive.

A country still in the health alert

Paloma, able to travel, trying to escape into Andalusia, at the beach, “to disconnect a little bit “. Feeling more tranquil, finding that “we can finally do things “it is said that “better move now, before the fall, where it may be more complicated “. “But now I see that this is not an explosion of joy, my circle remains cautious, my friends are not in a hurry to go for a drink on the terrace “, she says.

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The people of Madrid are going to have to live for months even under this bell Covid-19, because the region will not allow that 75 % of occupation in the places of commercial and cultural until the health alert is lifted, i.e. until a cure is found.

Caution and respect, so, in the face of the pandemic : we can better understand the Spanish when we look at the excess mortality between march and may compared to the same period in 2019, up from 56% in the country, and 161 % in the Madrid region. The epidemic here looks like the sword of Damocles.


Test run for German tourists on the Balearic Islands

Die vanguard comes from Germany. From next Monday, the first German tourists are allowed to return to Mallorca. Even before the Balearic regional government, on Tuesday afternoon presented the details of the pilot project, were traveling at German providers available – including direct flights from several German airports.

15. June starts for 6000 German tourists the “new normal” to which most of the 47 million Spaniards until the end of the month will have to wait. In the days following the end of the alarm condition, you can move back to your country free. Week-long Hoteliers, travel providers and the Balearic regional government of Madrid to the test run, wrestled, was designed to test whether the Balearic Islands Corona-are sure to be had. That means no freedom of travel for German. By the end of June, only 4,000 tourists to Mallorca, 1000 to Menorca as well as 1000 can travel to Ibiza and Formentera – in the year 2019, with 4.6 million Germans came to the overall.

The tourists from Germany are privileged. For the 14-day home quarantine is lifted, which is valid until the beginning of July, for all other visitors. First of all, a “flash-quarantine was provided in the pilot project” a few hours in the hotel room until the result of the PCR is available for testing. But now the German comers will have to fill in a questionnaire with your contacts. They are then called randomly by the Spanish health authorities, and to be interviewed.

A third of the Infected had no symptoms at all

This regulation does not consider the Canary Islands for sure enough. Also, the Canarian regional government is negotiating with Madrid via a “safe corridor” and a similar pilot project with more than 9000 tourists. The Canarian health Minister, Yaiza, Castilla warned in a letter to the Ministry of health in Madrid last week to jeopardise the successes in the fight against Corona by “inadequate” security arrangements. Other countries, such as Portugal, Italy and Greece, with Spain competes, went much further, while remaining in Madrid in Spain until recently, more careful.

The Figures are encouraging and significantly better than, for example, in Italy, which has opened for foreign tourists. In the course of the national study, with the help of Spain has been testing it for over a month, the spread of the Coronavirus, are new results. Accordingly, were found in 5.2 percent of the more than 60,000 across the country tested Spaniard antibody. The are only 0.2 percent more than in the first of a total of three test series.

According to experts, the power of intermediate result clearly shows that the youngest do not have loose led to an increase in infections. At the same time, the study showed, however, how big is the Corona remains a risk, because many of the infectious are kept in hidden: A third of the Spanish Infected had no symptoms. In Spain so far, more than 240,000 infections were detected; more than 27,000 people died as a result of the Coronavirus, but in reality, the share of the deceased to the 47 million Spaniards is probably much higher.

The first visitors to return

According to a survey of the newspaper “El País”, Spain is the country with the second highest excess mortality: from the beginning Of March until the end of may, there were 47,000 more deaths than normal, an Excess of 45 percent, the only Peru (54 percent) exceeds that recorded. Spain has the highest number in Europe, ahead of Britain (40) and Italy (36); Germany, according to these figures, at four per cent. The Corona-the shock sits in Spain is low, but the government believes that the spread of the Virus in Spain is now largely under control. However, there is growing concern that “imported” cases may have a new increase in the effect. It is important to organize the immigration controls “as well as possible,” warns the Spanish emergency coordinator Fernando Simon.

The “new normal” at the end of June does not mean that everything will be as before the start of the pandemic. Similar to in Germany, the Federal länder and the 17 Autonomous regions, will now take on the Director in the fight against the Virus. On Tuesday, the Central government in Madrid adopted a final decree, the mask of duty, a distance requirement and a contingency plan should there be a second wave of Infection. But also for the Spaniards, the everyday life slowly returns.

Since this week, you can re-open the bullfighting arenas, albeit with significantly less visitors. Up to the first Bullfights of the year, it will take a little longer. To Madrid’s Prado Museum are returned, however, already the first visitors. Most of the rooms remain closed, 250 masterpieces has been hung in the Central gallery.


Five percent of those tested have antibodies

I.n According to a study, five percent of the population or 2.3 million people have been infected with the new corona virus to date. That would be ten times as many people as officially known. This resulted in the first round of a series of tests for antibodies started in late April in 36,000 households with around 90,000 residents, as the Ministry of Health in Madrid announced on Wednesday evening. The tests are designed to help assess the true extent of the corona outbreak in the country.

Officially, the number of Spaniards infected with the virus was just under 229,000 on Wednesday. However, the number is not considered representative because most of the tests were performed on people with severe symptoms or healthcare workers.

Large regional differences

The study continues to achieve more accurate results: All participants are subjected to two different tests, which are carried out three times at three-week intervals.

So far there have been very different results in the different autonomous communities of the country: While in the particularly badly affected region of Madrid more than ten percent of the population has apparently developed antibodies, the number in less affected areas such as the Canaries or Mallorca is only about two percent .

With such tests, experts can find out whether a person has already been infected with Sars-CoV-2 and has raised antibodies in the blood against it – even if they had little or no symptoms of the disease and often knew nothing about their infection.

However, the tests have so far not worked absolutely reliably and often also work with other corona viruses. Several of these pathogens cause colds in humans. A positive result therefore does not have to mean that the person concerned was actually infected with the novel pathogen.


Corona crisis in Portugal: life is returning

AAt the weekend, the Portuguese Minister of Health, Marta Temido Fatima, gave some hope to pilgrims. On May 13, the Portuguese sanctuary commemorates the first apparition of Mary. Because of the corona pandemic, it has so far been held without believers. But she still sees a “possibility” for celebrations if the organizers comply with the relevant hygiene regulations, the minister now told the TV station RPT.

The Portuguese were not allowed to leave their district until the weekend, but from this Monday Portugal will loosen the first strict restrictions with which the country had fought the spread of the corona virus more successfully than other countries. On Sunday, the previous state of emergency was downgraded to a “public emergency”. However, the population is still called upon to comply with their “civic duty” and to limit mobility and social contacts to a minimum.

The freedom for the ten million Portuguese is now increasing in three phases until the beginning of June. Shops with an area of ​​up to 200 square meters are allowed to reopen. This also includes book, hairdressing and shoe stores as well as car dealerships. Meetings of up to ten people are allowed again, as is outdoor sports. “But this does not mean that the pandemic is over, that there are no longer any risks and that we will return to the normality that existed before the crisis,” warned Socialist Prime Minister António Costa. Portugal does not want to jeopardize the successes that it has achieved by responding quickly and efficiently to the virus, which has tied the government and opposition from the start.

What you are proud of in Lisbon

A comparison with Spain shows what Lisbon is proud of. In the Alentejo region of Portugal, which has a population of just under 760,000, only an 87-year-old man has died as a result of the Corona virus. In the neighboring Spanish Extremadura, almost 500 Corona deaths were registered among a good one million inhabitants. According to the Johns Hopkins University, Portugal records 9.64 deaths per 100,000 population, Spain almost 52. In Portugal, the number of infections (25190) has been found to be as high as that in Corona deaths in Spain. In Portugal there were 1023 deaths until Sunday.

The starting conditions were not easy. The proportion of Portuguese over 80 years old is similar to that in Italy; the health care system was overwhelmed before Corona and is still suffering from the consequences of the cuts made during the financial crisis a decade ago. Only 4.2 intensive care beds are available per 100,000 citizens. The Portuguese government therefore lost no time in March: the schools were closed when only 245 infections were detected; the state of emergency was declared in 448 cases; in Italy this only happened at 9000. At the same time, the Portuguese were disciplined and reasonable.

From next week on, life is slowly returning to the beaches. Surfers are allowed into the water again. Bathers still have to be prepared for access restrictions to the beaches. It will still take a while before foreign tourists return. Portugal would like to regain their confidence with the low infection rates – the economy depends on them: More than 27 million foreigners visited the country last year.


Girl Cristiano Naked Appetizing Buttocks

Although someone suspects Cristiano Ronaldo that he is not interested in women, but looking at the appetizing figure of his girlfriend, it immediately becomes clear what she hooked the footballer with. Georgina posted on Instagram a photo that did not leave indifferent any of her subscribers. In the picture, the 26-year-old model demonstrates luxurious forms, turning her back to the camera. Ronaldo’s girlfriend bared the lush buttocks, which Kim Kardashian herself would probably envy.

Actually, Georgina just hung up her clothes when someone (maybe Krish himself) took a picture of her. At that moment, she was wearing a baseball cap, sweatshirt and thong. The frame turned out so spectacular that the girl decided to post it on Instagram. Judging by the caption for the photo, she did yoga in the fresh air, and after class decided to hang leggings for drying. And lit up with a bare booty.

In just a few hours, the picture gained 2.5 million likes. Fans in the comments write how lucky Ronaldo is and call Georgina’s mouth-watering rear “football player’s favorite balls”.

Pa os al aire @aloyoga

Ronaldo and his girlfriend self-isolated in Portuguese Madeira – the native island of Cristiano. The mansion is located right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, from its terrace a gorgeous view of the sea surface opens. Everyone would be quarantined in such beauty – fans probably think, looking at the athlete’s everyday life, which Georgina willingly shares on her Instagram. During self-isolation couple it doesn’t go anywhere, so the athlete’s girlfriend even cuts it herself: in the video she showed how cleverly she wields a machine, putting Krish’s head in order.

By the way, the millionaire footballer made a significant contribution to the fight against coronavirus. Cristiano gave his hotels to hospitals where patients with Covid-19 are accommodated for free. At the same time, Ronaldo himself pays the salary to the doctors and staff of these hospitals. Cristiano became the owner of hotels in 2016. While its network includes three hotels under the guise of Pestana CR7 in MadridMadeira and Lisbon.

Buenos am rosos d as

Italian StarJuventus“And his model girlfriend raise four children. The youngest daughter Alana Cristiano was presented by Georgina. The other three children were born from surrogate mothers. It was this fact that at one time made fans suspect that the athlete is indifferent to the weaker sex. But the appearance in his life of Georgina put an end to these gossip. With the former saleswoman of the Madrid Gucci boutique, the athlete began to appear in public in the fall of 2016. Prior to this, from 2010 to 2015, Cristiano met with the Russian model Irina Sheik.


Ten years from the day José Tomás, the man who defeated his destiny, died

Exactly a decade ago, the bullfighter from Galapagar bled out on the Aguascalientes arena, on a weekend like this last April. Five years later he reappeared in the same arena Leer.

Penlope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Pedro Almodvar and Alejandro Sanz donate 152,000 masks

They will be distributed in the Gregorio Maran hospital in Madrid and in various nursing homes and care centers for dependent people

Health workers applaud at the Gregorio Maran Hospital in Madrid.

Penlope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Pedro Almodvar and Alejandro Sanz152,000 masks will be donated, according to a note released by Cruz’s press officer.

These masks will be FFP2 and surgical, although the note does not explain how they were purchased.

These masks will be distributed in theGregorio Maran hospitalMadrid, which has become one of the main centers in Spain for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. In addition, according to said note, this sanitary material will be distributed in several nursing homes and care centers for dependent people, although what they are is not specified.

Some of this medical material will be distributed in Catalonia, and in that case the filmmakers and the musician specify that they will be distributed with the help of the NGO Open Arms.

A month ago, Penlope Cruz and Javier Bardem donated 100,000 gloves and 20,000 masks to theLa Paz HospitalMadrid to improve the safety conditions of toilets during the pandemic. The actor couple added that they hoped to “be able to donate other materials” in the coming days.

Alejandro Sanz assured in a recent interview with EL MUNDO that the thousands of old people killed in residences was the event that had most moved him from the pandemic.

“That topic hurts me a lot. How could that not have been taken care of a little more? A generation that fought so hard for this society and died without respirators,” he said.

The Madrid musician was very critical. That so many old people have died “should embarrass us for the rest of our lives,” he said. “And measures should be taken in the residences so that such a thing does not happen again. It was seen long ago, many news was coming out about the neglect of the residences, about how they were managed, it was predicting that catastrophe, and has exploited with this situation. All that was getting under the carpet has come out. A reconversion is needed in everything that has to do with residences and care for the elderly, who are people who have worked all their lives and who deserve to live the end of his days with dignity. “

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‘Real Madrid or nothing’, the reason why Mané wants to leave Liverpool – Ten

Sadio Mané (28 years old) would have decided to play in the Real Madrid if I were to get out of Liverpool, club with which he raised the Champions League from 2019.

In France point out that the attacker of the Liverpool He does not lose hope of being a meringue after his name is related to the Real Madrid and although it is not something new, the magazine France Football revealed that the Senegalese attacker wants the meringues or nothing.

Although in 2018, according to the same magazine Sadio Mané was going to be the first signing of Zidane for that season. It wasn’t, nor was it last summer.

It seems the situation could change with respect to Senegalese, since according to the information handled by the aforementioned media, Sadio Mané He is not going through his best time as a ‘network’ and it would be good to go to Bernabéu.


“For Sadio Mané is he Real Madrid or nothing “, that’s how resounding it is France Football information involving the striker of the Liverpool with the white set.

The African striker, whose contract expires in 2023 with LiverpoolHe seems to feel valued by his club. I hoped to win the Golden Ball, but was finally fourth, after Messi, the winner, Van dijk, your partner, and Cristiano Ronaldo.


Victoriano de la Serna, the revolution of ‘intransitive bullfighting’

His bullfighting had no transfer or teaching possible. To fight like La Serna you had to be La Serna, said Alameda. Its release was a cataclysm like that of Juan Belmonte.

A unique character in the history of bullfighting. A brilliant artist. A self-taught man who felt the call of bullfighting while studying Medicine. His creative concerns had led him to take an interest in the bull and that is why he participated in a festival that supported the initiative of King Alfonso XIII to build the University City in 1928.Victoriano de la Serna(Seplveda, 1908) he found himself when he threw all the cape in front to fight the vernica to that young bull that changed his life. A way of understanding layering bullfighting that revolutionized its time and that still impacts today. All the flight of the cape and the whole chest of the bullfighter facing, the figure erect and bulky. Low hands in the deep cast. The maximum purity of the Silver Age of Bullfighting.

He left his studies in Medicine in his fourth career, although he practiced during the Civil War as a military doctor in Pamplona, ​​to focus on the bull. On August 27, 1931 he appeared at Las Ventas. It was a shock. His personal capotero style and his unique muletera personality showed him as a complete artist in that Madrid hatching. With 13 novilladas and empowered by the Black Pope, he took the alternative in October of the same year in Madrid from the hands ofFlix Rodrguezand in the presence of Pepe Bienvenida.

The late vocation of Victoriano de la Serna was not the fruit of necessity as he explained: I did not get to bullfight for money or hunger or even desire for glory. Bullfighting has been for me a mystique, the expression of my personality. With that philosophy I interpreted an improvised bullfighting.Martial LalandaHe said that Victoriano fought like the rest of us used to bullfight.

Her veronica was unlike any other.Robert RyanI wrote in your bookThe bullfighting of capa: There are milestones in bullfighting for vernicas, sets that last withforce of mythLiterally counted: the four that in Madrid, in the spring of 1932, consecrated Victoriano de la Serna; four that, as far as the astonishment that they caused, have as paragon the five without amendment of Belmonte in 1913.

“She wears silver, which accentuated the verticality of her figure almost facing the bull with her light (…) Victoriano had the extraordinary virtue of eliminating all superfluous movement from vernica,” wrote Pepe Ortiz.

Pepe Ortiz, the great Mexican creator, goldsmith of capoteras luck, remembered them five years later: Vesta de plata, which accentuated with the light the verticality of his figure almost faced with the bull (…) Victoriano had the extraordinary virtue of eliminating the vernica all superfluous movement. He performed the cast far ahead, moving only his arms and then neither they; in the last time of the cast only with the waist. That miracle atmosphere on the sand was the revolution. Or whatPepe Alamedabaptized as intransitive bullfighting. Because it has no transfer or teaching possible, since in order to carry it out, knowledge of a mechanism is worthless, you need personal genius, the prodigious, non-transferable measure that allows you to stay there, without modifying the terrain. To fight like La Serna you had to be La Serna, Alameda said in his essential workThe heterodox of bullfighting.

His career was marked by his strong character. In 1936, in full conflict with the Spanish-Mexican agreement, he decided to confront the Madrid public who reproached the Spaniards for not fighting with Mexicans. To defend the honor of ours, Victoriano de la Serna confronted the fans, nailed to his knees in front of the bull of Clairac and summoned to let himself be caught by the cry ofLong live Spain!. Domingo Ortega and Manolo Bienvenida stupefiedly attended the scene.

In Villagarca de Arosa he lived one of the most exciting episodes of his life. Surrounded by his gang after the bullfight, Victoriano de la Serna smoked quietly in the hotel hall. As if attracted by a magnetic force, he was magnetized by a look reflected in a large mirror and said: Gentlemen, I just saw the woman in my life for the first time. A young woman of Turkish origin and daughter of a diplomat who was spending the summer with her family in Galicia:Virginia Ernst. And married her. Some time later Victoriano managed to buy that mirror in which love was forged. Garca Mrquez was inspired by this true story to talk about Fermina Daza’s mirror inLove in times of the clergy. The mirror was indeed Virginia’s.

Ruano Llopis was inspired by the task that she gave her on July 25, 1934 in Valencia. In her was born the painting and the passing of flowers. Or vice versa. Llopis immortalized the muletazo from behind with some flowers falling from the line. And the bouquet gave name to the creation of La Serna. In thatSan Jaime FairI tore four of the five runs that make up the serial.

Like so many figures, the Civil War broke his career. He retired in 1944. AVicente Zabala, his son-in-law, confessed to him in the book The Old Colossi of Bullfighting Speak: I did not need to teach the braces to be able to deal with the bulls. That unbridled bull from the 1930s. Marcial also recognized that he pruned more than he said when he was wrong, in the low peaks of his volcanic irregularity.

On May 22, 1981 he ended his existence by his own hand.I followed the path of Belmonte. His precepts in the ring and his farewell in life.

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Buhos will publish the new album ‘El victria day’ in the fall, and announce presentation concerts in Madrid and Barcelona

Owls will release the new album in the fall, ‘On Victory Day‘, which will become the fifth record project. After a year removed from the stage, the band from Calafell (Baix Penedès) announced the dates for the first two concerts, the first at the Riviera Hall in Madrid on March 6, and the second at Sant Jordi Club of Barcelona on March 13. Tickets go on sale this Sunday. In an interview with ACN, the lead singer of the group, Guillem Soler, has told ACN that part of the project songs are already made and dyed from the group’s usual “optimism, social criticism and national demand,” but others will end up during confinement and nesting. “from the current context”.

For the group, publishing a new record is always a “sign of victory”, especially for the success of the last two, an idea that is already reflected in the same title. Now, however, a year away from the stage they have been “missed” by the audience and playing live, but at the same time it has allowed them to calmly compose, polish each song and “choose a lot”. “So far, the rest of the albums have been released and the dynamics have been very different,” they say at ACN.

The band maintains the joy, the hope, the national demand, the social criticism, the defense of the minorities and the public as themes present in ‘The Day of Victory’, very similar to that of the last works. “It is what we are when we come together, it is what we breathe and dye in our songs,” says Soler.

In fact, their way of looking at the world is already clear in the first of their progressive songs, ‘Near the Gods’, written over a year ago and which is grateful for the unconditional support of the audience. “We have infinite gratitude for them,” he says.

However, he acknowledges that the coronavirus confinement period will be present on the songs they were still working on, but he maintains a positive look: “There will be a rebirth soon and we will look forward to concerts.”

First concert in Madrid

The group from Calafell have decided to announce the first concert of presentation of ‘The Day of Victory’ in Madrid, where they played on the last tour and sold out the tickets. “We thought we would come back and we did,” says Soler.

Although the band has much of the repertoire in Catalan, always included in the records three or four pieces in Spanish, a fact that “the public likes.” However, the success outside the Catalan Countries believes that most people are “open-minded” and have “respect” for other languages, “much more than the media teach us”.

“In the end, we don’t give concerts for PP youths, but for open-minded people,” he jokes. In that sense, the Buhos singer believes that “language problems” are not “as great as politicians are trying to make themselves see.”

Stay Homas, a project “compatible” with Buhos

Amid the confinement, three of the band members living together have pushed for a joint project with Buhos, this is Stay Homas, who has become a prominent figure in the Catalan music scene. “I hope it continues, we will do our best,” says Soler, who is not a member.

He, who is not part of the project, was not surprised by the success of the new group because he understands that this is the logical consequence when you put under the same roof “three types like them locked in the same house”, which end up becoming be in a “clock bomb”. “We are in front of an incredible monster that must be compatible with Buhos. We are friends and we will assemble ourselves in the best way,” he says.