Risk increases sharply from middle age – Wel.nl

The chance that you will become seriously ill or die of the coronavirus increases sharply from middle age. This is evident from the first major study of Chinese corona patients. The research points also that the mortality rate is probably lower than expected. According to trade journal, 1.38 percent of all confirmed corona patients die […]

You are especially at risk of being infected by your family – Wel.nl

The risk of corona infection is now greater within the family than on the street, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns. In many countries, including the Netherlands, there are measures that minimize the risk of contamination outside. You hardly ever come out and then keep your distance from strangers. In a way, the transfer from […]

Hacking newspapers and magazines through social networks or WhatsApp is a crime

In recent days, the contents of newspapers and magazines have been hacked and disseminated through social networks or WhatsApp, which is a criminal offense that can be prosecuted and punished. In particular, this is a crime against intellectual and industrial property, according to legal sources, which carries associated sentences of between six months and four […]

“A meter and a half away is not enough” – Wel.nl

We have to keep a meter and a half away, but that is according to a new study by the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) actually too little. The researchers have discovered that the droplets released when we cough or sneeze are spread much further than one and a half meters. The virus droplets […]

The link between rabbits, Prozac and the female orgasm – Wel.nl

Why does the female orgasm exist? It is of no use biologically. It is fun, but nature is not about fun. Nature chooses functions that are useful for reproduction, not for the promotion of happiness. It is a mystery that science has long occupied. There now seems to be a possible answer found thanks to […]

especially man, elderly fat man – Wel.nl

Anyone can succumb to corona contamination. A few days ago, a 16-year-old Paris girl died average the victims are men, they are old and often too fat. How is that possible? Why does the virus hit one harder than the other? When it turned out in Wuhan that men were more often the fatalities than […]

Free e-books and magazines for entertaining

Home confinement due to coronavirus is enhancing the multiple possibilities for reading enjoyment. Publishers and authors are volunteering some of their books to help keep them at home, as Roca Editorial, Stonberg or Books of the Crime have done. Libraries across the country also smoke on social media, remembering the online document lending service, and […]

Twitter, Kardashians and the democratization of the clinical debate

One of the country’s leading doctors used an old-school editorial to evaluate Twitter’s potential and its ideal role in public discussion of medical research and to outline its influence on the influence that some users acquire – deservedly or not – from legions engaging “followers”. Twitter and other forms of social media have the potential […]