a young man between life and death

According to the first elements, a man aged 29 – born in 1991 – received several stab wounds, probably two. These were worn on her back. Heavily injured, the victim – who resides in Liège territory – was taken care of by the emergency services and taken to a hospital where she was taken care of. This Thursday evening, his days were considered in danger.

The suspect was arrested by the Liège police who intervened on the spot. This is a man also residing in the Ardent City and, too, born in 1991. He was arrested and taken to the post where the judicial duties were to take place this Thursday evening.

The exact circumstances of the events are not yet known. The upcoming investigation will have to determine them.


Jesus Christ: They arrest the Jesus of Siberia, a man who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth – People – Culture

The policeman Russian detained in the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk (Russia) the leaders of the religious sect ‘Church of the Last Testament’.

These religious men, it seems, have cheated and psychologically abused their followers, according to the Investigations Committee of that country.

According to ‘EFE’, Sergei Torop, Vadim Redkin and Vladimir Vedérikov, leaders of the sect, They will be accused of creating a religious organization responsible for violent acts that, the entity said, caused serious damage to the health of two or more people.

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Sergei Torop, one of the detainees, He called himself ‘Son of God’ or ‘Christ, as he identified himself as a new messiah who, this time, unlike Jesus of Nazareth, arrived on Earth under the name of Vissarion.

As reported by the Investigations Committee, a special operation was carried out to put an end to the activities of this group religious.

The operation was carried out in conjunction with agents of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Ministry of the Interior of that country.

The research established that, in addition to using persuasive techniques that affected the mental health of his followers, the organizers of the sect appropriated his money.

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The ‘AFP’ reported that Vissarión had gathered his thousands of faithful in an isolated area of Siberia to make a kind of ‘Noah’s Ark’ in order to save humanity from a supposed cataclysm that man is causing.

The sect, which in 1994 was declared heretic by the Russian Orthodox Church, was created by Torop himself, in 1991, and it was registered four years later with the Russian Ministry of Justice.

Vissarion’s creed, summarized in his book ‘The Last Testament’, is a mixture of Abrahamic religions, Hinduism, UFOlogy, the mystical work ‘Rose of the World’, by the Russian poet Daniil Andréev, and the treatise ‘Secret Doctrine’, by the Russian theologian Elena Blavátskaya, among other diverse influences.

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The ‘Church of the Last Testament’ did not live completely isolated from the world, unlike other sects, for their leaders regularly accepted interviews and gave lectures.

The faithful, who aspire to self-reliance after the arrest of their leader, say they live in communion with nature, rejecting in particular meat, alcohol and tobacco.

* With information from EFE and AFP


Free Market Mexico. User buys laptops; receives salt (VIDEO)

Mexico City /

Do you remember the recent case where a young man ordered an iPhone SE online and only received a guava boing? It turns out that this painful episode keeps repeating itself in other online purchases. In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, covid-19, more and more people are turning to buying on the internet. Some manage to purchase their products without any problem. However, there are those who do not run with the same luck. This was the case with a man who reported on social media that after buying two laptops in Free market, only received two kilos of salt.

It was through Twitter, where the user @ VAnSau82 uploaded the complaint together with a video test of what you received from the company Fedex.

@fedexteayuda, they changed the content of two packages that would contain 2 laptops per salt in Cd. Obregon, Sonora, Mexico, one package comes from Chiapas, another from CDMX and what a coincidence that it is salt whose brand is only marketed in Sonora”The user wrote.

In the video –which also uploaded to YouTube– the man explains that when his order arrived he felt it very light, but he did not give it so much importance, because currently computers are usually light.

When opening the first package, He discovered that inside it was not a laptop but a bag of salt, a kilo for accuracy. The same thing happened with the other package.

The common point of both is that they have the same type of cinnamon ribbon and they have the same salt, the same presentation, the same brand and it seems incongruous to me, that if one comes from Tuxtla, Chiapas, and another from Mexico City, they contain the same salt”He denounced in the video.

He also assured that outside the boxes, there was a crack. Before him sorry fact, asked for help to find those responsible.

I would like this Fedex company to try to do an investigation to find those responsible and punish them”, He indicated.

He order of his two laptops came from different states of the RepublicOne came from Mexico City and another from Chiapas. These had to reach Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

Coat of arms


Why has the MAN TGX tractor been renamed the Volkswagen Meteor in Brazil? – Auto review

Here is a novelty on the Brazilian market – a tractor named Meteor. And, in fact, this is the fruit of conventional badge engineering. Indeed, with the exception of emblems and some exterior details, this tractor is a well-known serial MAN TGX all over the world, including Russia.

Once upon a time, the Manovites relied on local production of TGX

In Brazil, the German concern found itself in the role of catch-up. Competitors from Mercedes, Volvo and Scania have had factories here for more than half a century, and MAN opened its own only in 2010, after entering the Volkswagen concern.

I remember that during the grand opening, I asked the local managers how they plan to push competitors out, if the brand is almost unknown, and the trucks of the parent company Volkswagen, although smaller and simpler, are very popular in the country.

In response, it sounded that the Bavarians decided to collect and sell here only the flagship model TGX, and its image will become premium, like Audi in the passenger world. But it didn’t seem to work out very well.

Probably, it should have done the opposite: to produce a special, budget model for a poor local market. At one time, the Brazilian Mercedes went exactly this way – and doubled sales, creating a cross between a heavy chassis and an engine with a small, but cheap cab. Later, this machine became known worldwide under the name Axor.

Instead, Brazilian managers decided to increase sales by simply changing the name of the truck. Changes in the exterior are, frankly, scanty – a grille with a VW bird on it and a steering wheel and the Meteor inscription on the cockpit and seat backs.

The novelty has an older brother with the same ideology – the Chinese Howo Sitrak, which also claimed the “premium”

Otherwise, this is a regular TGX in two versions: 6×2 with 460 hp. and 6×4 with a capacity of 520 hp. The engine is the same, the 13-liter D26, the gearbox is a ZF TraXon. Customers have a choice of three wheelbases, 640 or 960 liters of fuel, and leaf spring or pneumatic rear suspension. The main difference is in the total weight of the road train: with the first tractor it is 53 tons, with the second – an impressive 74. Meteor costs at least a quarter more than a similar Mercedes Axor: a 6×2 tractor is estimated in terms of our money at 7,370,000 rubles, 6×4 – in 7,900,000 rubles.


Men, from workout to running: the outfit for those who play sports even on vacation

BENEFITS AND ATTENTIONS – Sports in general, but especially at the sea or in the mountains, not only help burn calories and give muscle tone but also strengthen psychophysical balance. Always pay attention to maintaining a balanced diet and, last but non least, to adequately protect the skin from sunburn and hair (also to prevent hair loss).


Christian Brueckner’s ex-girlfriend makes chilling revelations about man, “he abused my daughter”

The young woman recounts having lived a real hell with the German for nine months. The ex-companion of Christian Brueckner confided in the British press. She dated the prime suspect in Maddie McCann’s disappearance in 2013. She claims the man sexually abused his daughter. “He abused my daughter three times, but the police did not indict him for one fact, because she only had photos for this assault”, she confides to our colleagues from the Daily Mail.

Christian Brueckner would indeed have attacked the girl in a park, and immortalized her misdeed. The images of the touching had been found on the German’s camera and had allowed him to be sentenced to fifteen months in prison. The young woman claims to have lodged a complaint for the abuse and ensures that she herself was a victim of the individual. “There was nothing I could do, and he had complete control over me. When he came home drunk, he hit me for no reason. He was very aggressive, ”she continues.


Ardène launches its first collection for men

Canadian retailer Ardene, which until now sold clothing and accessories specifically aimed at young women, is launching its first collection for men.

The new Ardene MAN range consists mostly of basic clothing such as classic t-shirts, joggers, denim and hooded and uncovered sweaters.


Clothing is meant to be as affordable as women’s items, retailed from $ 14.99 to $ 44.99.

Note that the men’s collection is now available online at ardene.com and in some stores.


her Golden retriever comes to her rescue (video)

Unusual scene in the city of Harbin, China. A cat knocked down from a ceiling knocked out an old man who was walking quietly in the street accompanied by his dog. The Golden Retriever then hurried to show his displeasure to the feline when he saw his master on the ground.

According to East Eclair, a passer-by decided to call the police after the incident. The old man was taken to hospital and suffers from a spinal cord injury in the area of ​​the cervical cords.

The man is said to have recovered today but is seeking to sue the owner of the cat in order to obtain compensation.


he discovers a young man of 20 years dead in a hallway

It’s a dark new affair that is shaking Lille this Saturday. Around 4 a.m., as reported the voice of the North, help was called for a person with gunshot wounds.

Unfortunately, when they arrived, it was a young man of 20, lying in the hallway of a building and with a bullet in the head, that they found. Despite attempts at resuscitation on the part of the Samu doctors, the victim died on the spot. An investigation was opened, entrusted to the PJ of Lille.

This new gunshot death comes two weeks after the execution of a 50-year-old man in Lille-Sud.


Video on TikTok evidence against man accused of sexual abuse of minors in Chile – Latin America – International

On August 19, a 61-year-old man was arrested, accused of alleged sexual abuse, “reiterated in time and long-standing”, against a minor, 11, who is her partner’s granddaughter.

The events, which occurred in the city of Santiago (capital of Chile), They were known after the girl’s 7-year-old sister recorded the accused and uploaded the video to the application TikTok.

“The man is accused of the crime of sexual abuse against a minor under 14 years of age for a video that is currently viralized on social networks,” Chilean authorities explained.

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The record in question was posted on social media in mid-July. In knowledge of this, the authorities added, the father of the victim reported the incident on the 17th of that month. However, the order to investigate came only on August 18.

“The family found out about the video and made the complaint (…) The clip appeared on social networks immediately after it was recorded,” said the Chilean authorities.

Moment in which the 61-year-old man was arrested for this case of abuse.

In preliminary inquiries, it was confirmed that the attacks would come from a long time before.

“It is a chronic sexual abuse, repeated over time and has a long history,” they said.

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“It is possible to indicate that there is chronicity in time, an abuse that has been maintained and of course was normalized within the family”, closed.

The defendant’s partner, who is the grandmother of the minors, spoke with the Chilean media ’24 Horas’ and said that “he puts his hands on fire for him.”

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“My nerves don’t give me anymore (…) This could have been discussed, the Prosecutor’s Office could have arrived, but the video could not have been uploaded (to social networks), “said the woman, who requested that her identity be reserved.

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