the victim received several stab wounds in the stomach

What happened last Friday, October 16 in Noisiel, in the Paris region? A 15-year-old teenager was found stabbed in an Airbnb apartment. According to Le Parisien, she used this rental for the purpose of prostituting herself. If the victim was seriously injured, his prognosis was not affected. However, she received multiple stab wounds in the stomach.

Our French colleagues report that two men in their twenties, who are said to be clients, have warned the police. They said a man entered the home before attacking the teenager.

The Airbnb tenant was arrested by investigators. The latter says he intends to place a second prostitute in the apartment. More than 3,000 euros and a dummy weapon were also found at his home. An investigation is currently underway.


Mixed results of the drug tocilizumab against Covid-19 in several studies

The results of three quality studies were published Tuesday in the American journal Jama Internal Medicine: a large one carried out in about sixty American hospitals, and two smaller ones in Italy and France, in relatively serious patients with Covid-19, but not in critical condition requiring intubation.

The conclusion, as summarized by Dr. Jonathan Parr, University of North Carolina, in an editorial: French and Italian studies “suggest a potential role for tocilizumab against Covid-19, but do not provide evidence clear efficacy ”, unlike the American study.

But the American study, known as “observation”, did not compare the drug, which is given intravenously, with a standard treatment, which would have made it possible to conclude on a possible cause and effect relationship.

Conversely, the French and Italian studies were “randomized”, that is to say that half of the patients received the drug, while the other half received the usual treatments, which made it possible to really verify the effectiveness of tocilizumab.

“These results do not justify the routine use of tocilizumab against Covid-19 in most centers”, continues Dr. Parr, who says he prefers to wait for the results of the five other randomized trials in progress, including the very large conducted in the United Kingdom, the Recovery trial.

Tocilizumab (a monoclonal antibody) is aimed at treating the second phase of the disease, when the coronavirus causes patients to over-react with an immune system with potentially disastrous consequences for the organs, especially the lungs. It is immunosuppressive, and is also used against rheumatoid arthritis.

Other types of synthetic antibodies, including those developed by the Regeneron company and injected into US President Donald Trump, intervene earlier in the disease and aim to prevent the virus from entering cells. These appear to be effective, according to preliminary results, and the US Medicines Agency is studying their possible authorization.

In detail, the American study indicates a decrease in mortality for patients who received the injection in the first two days after admission to intensive care, compared to those who did not, but the groups did not. were not entirely comparable in the severity of their symptoms.

The French study, on 131 patients, suggests a slight reduction in the risk of assisted ventilation (mechanical or high flow) or death at 14 days, but at 28 days, as many patients had died in the treated and untreated groups. .

Its manager, Professor Olivier Hermine of Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris, explains that it will be necessary to wait for results at 90 days to detect a possible effect on mortality.

“You also have to find the right timing: too early is not good, because it will prevent an immune response from mounting against the virus, and too late it is useless,” he told AFP. “It is really in the inflammatory phase, to prevent over-inflammation” and tissue destruction, that tocilizumab may prove useful.

As for the Italian study, on a similar number of patients, no significant effect was observed on the progression of symptoms.


when the obligation and sanctions are triggered

Winter is approaching and with the change of season comes the time to change tires for your own safety, but also for the safety of those carrying on board and for all road users. With autumn officially kicking off and with the arrival of the colder season, tire change – that is the transition from summer to winter tires – has a very specific and mandatory deadline for thousands of motorists. A date to be written in clear letters in your personal “priority notebook”.

The obligation to have thermal tires or chains on board generally starts from November 15th and ends April 15th 2021 (but each road authority can indicate different dates). You have one month, before and after the start and end of the prescription, to provide for the replacement. The thirty days to adapt will therefore start next October 15th; and there will be time until May 15 to refit the summer tires. Furthermore, it is necessary to know that winter tires allow you to transit where chains are required because according to the Highway Code (Article 122 of the Regulations) chains and winter tires are equivalent.

When to put on winter tires?

The time slot for replacing and fitting winter tires is therefore from 15 October to 14 November 2020. Drivers equipped with ‘All Season’ or four-season tires do not need to change tires. However, they must have the M + S marking on the side and a speed code equal to or greater than that indicated in the registration certificate.

Winter tires: how to recognize them

There are two peculiar characteristics of winter tires. The first is the tread compound, which unlike that of normal tires remains elastic even at low temperatures, thus guaranteeing better grip (hence the term “thermal” for winter tires); the second is the tread pattern, full of sipes that cling to the snow. These two factors mean that when the temperature drops below 7 ° C, winter tires perform better than summer tires not only on snow, but also in wet conditions.

How winter tires stand out

For the tires to be considered winter, it is sufficient that they are equipped with the M + S marking (Mud + Snow, mud and snow). By itself, however, it is not a guarantee of good winter performance, since it is self-certified by the manufacturer even on “all-rounder” tires. The presence of the “snowflake” or “snow flake” (or, more correctly, 3PMSF – Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake), the symbol of a snowflake enclosed in the profile of a mountain, certifies that the tire has passed specific winter tests. and can be placed on both “winter” and “four seasons” of a good level.

Beware of wear

The legislator (art.79 of the Highway Code) imposes a minimum depth of the tread which, in the case of motor vehicles, must not be less than 1.6 mm, but experts advise that this minimum threshold never falls below 3 mm: once this limit has been reached, it is advisable to change the tires. The analysis of the tread thickness can be carried out using a thickness gauge or – an empirical method, however correct – with a simple two-euro coin, in which the external “crown” measures 4 mm in width: if the relative inner edge is visible and it does not “disappear” in the grooves of the tread, it is good to think about replacing the tire that is too worn, together with the other acting on the same axle.

What are the penalties

If you are stopped at a police check at the wheel of a vehicle in the period between November 15 and April 15 and you are without chains on board or without thermal tires, the fine is triggered: the amount of the fine ranges from a minimum of € 85 to a maximum of € 338 (Article 6 paragraph 14 if the assessment took place outside a built-up area; Article 7 paragraph 13 within a built-up area), and there is a three-point deduction from the driving license. In the event that the violation is ascertained on municipal roads in which a local ordinance is in force, the penalty ranges from 41 euros to 169 euros.

On which roads in the province of Rimini the obligation is triggered

The obligation to carry chains or winter tires will start on state roads most exposed to the risk of snowfall or ice formation.

The A14 motorway crosses the province of Rimini from km 110 to km 144. These are the prescriptions of all sections of the motorway along the A14 where winter tires and chains are required on board from 15 November to 15 April:

  • from km 0 + 000 to km 144 + 247 in both directions
  • from km 144 + 247 to km 507 + 000 in both directions:
  • Branch to Ravenna from km 0 + 000 to km 29 + 800 both directions:
  • Casalecchio junction from km 0 + 000 to km 5 + 440 both directions;
  • Sasso Marconi supply branch from km 0 + 000 to km 2 + 700 both directions;
  • Bologna ring road from km 0 + 000 to km 22 + 231 both directions;
  • No overtaking of heavy vehicles from km 144 + 200 to km 743 + 402 both directions in case of snowfall

The provincial and suburban roads of the province of Rimini affected by the obligation of winter tires and chains on board are:

  • For the entire stretch: Carpegna, Montefeltrsca, Santagatese, Santagatese direction Perticare, Secchiano-Siepi, branch Poggio Berni, Torriana, Verucchio; Gualdicciolo, Leontina, Pennabillese, San Marino, Talamello, San Clemente, Montefiore, Pieggia, Rocca Pratiffi, Perticara, Ugrigno, Casteldelci, Mondaino-Tavoleto, Pedrosa, Valpiano-Miratoio, Ca ‘Romano, Montemaggio, Schigno, Soanne, Palazzo Ca’ Best, Vitali-Gesso-Gaiano-Santa Maria junction, Uso-San Vicino, Torriana-Pineta-Montebello, San Giuseppe, San Leo-Secchiano, Sapigno, Sapigno detour to Romagnano.
  • Marecchiese from km 33 + 520 (border of the Tuscany Region) to km 73 + 800 (roundabout via Ponte Verucchio)
  • Gemmano from km 1 + 050 (link road SP 84) to km 13 + 880 (end)
  • Albereto from km 0 + 150 (cemetery roundabout) to km 4 + 200 (end)
  • Rimini-San Marino from km 3 + 300 (intersection via Mirandola-Carpi) to km 13 + 875 (end)
  • Coriano-Misano from km 0 + 000 to km 11 + 060 (via Castellano)
  • Transversal Marecchifrom km 5 + 000 (Sant’Ermete) to km 8 + 000 (Centrale Enel)
  • Red Bridge from km 5 + 594 (link road SP 133) to km 7 + 850 (end)
  • Montescudo-Montecolombo from km 2 + 600 (via Casiccio) to km 8 + 690 (end)
  • Rimini-Montescudo from km 8 + 700 (end of Ca Pian delle Pieve) to km 15 + 980 (end)
  • Morciano-Montefiore from km 1 + 500 (Serbadone) to km 7 + 603 (end)
  • Flaminia Conca from km 6 + 600 (via Tavernelle) to km 7 + 700 (Case Cattani) and from km 15 + 000 (roundabout SP 42) to km 16 + 340 (end)
  • Basin from km6 + 500 (via Salgareto) to km 9 + 800 (end)
  • Greet yourself from km 11 + 000 (Ponte Ventena) to km 24 + 000 (Trebbio di Montegridolfo)

The Anas roads of Romagna

On the Apennine stretch of the E45, the provision will be in effect from November 1st between the Canili (km 162,698) and Sarsina Nord (km 195,000) junctions and will remain so until 30 April.

Until 15 April the obligation concerns the E45 from Sarsina to Ravenna (from kilometer 195 to kilometer 250 + 565), the 309 Romea Dir, from the industrial area of ​​Ravenna, roundabout in Bassette, at the junction A14 dir – Adriatica) and along state road 67 “Tosco Romagnola” from Osteria Nuova (border of Tuscany, kilometer 142 + 269) to Castrocaro Terme (kilometer 180) and from the junction of Classe to the junction of via Trieste (from kilometer 217.277 to kilometer 226 + 200).

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Obligation also in force on the Adriatic from the A14dir / SS16 direction junction to the Classe junction (from kilometer 147.860 to kilometer 157 + 860). Prohibitions also on the Romea to Venice. The obligation is signaled on the road by means of special vertical signs, is valid even outside the periods indicated in the event of weather conditions characterized by snowfall or ice formation and concerns all motor vehicles, with the exception of mopeds and motorcycles. The order is issued in compliance with current regulations governing road traffic (Highway Code).


he will be absent from the air for several weeks

He underwent an operation to unclog the coronary arteries, a preventive measure to “prevent any heart attack”.

Consequence: his return is postponed. Laurent Delahousse sent him a nice little note at the end of his JT this Sunday evening.

Delphine Ernotte, CEO of France Télévisions, told Le Parisien: “Fortunately, Michel’s surgery went well. He is combative and morale is good. His life is TV, he is at home. he at France Télévisions is his home. He will not be on the air for a few more weeks “


With “Facebook Watch Together”, it will soon be possible to watch a film with others, but from a distance

Users of “Facebook Watch”, the video service of the social network, will now be able to watch programs “together”, with the simultaneous display of a video and the faces of their friends on their smartphone screen.

Facebook announced Monday that the new feature, “Watch Together” will be rolled out wherever Messenger is available in the coming weeks. After months of pandemic and social distancing, the Californian group wants ” recreate the experience of watching a movie together », Explains Olivia Grace, product manager for Messenger.

During a video call, users will be able to choose to watch a comedy, fitness or other program available on Facebook Watch. The selected video will be displayed on the screen, next to the participants’ faces, allowing their reaction to be seen simultaneously. The option will be available for calls made via messaging (up to 8 people) as well as in “Messenger Rooms”, these “virtual rooms” where up to 50 people can meet.

Video uses exploded during the health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, and in particular videoconferencing calls, both for work and for social life. ” There are over 150 million video calls on Messenger and over 200 million videos sent through Messenger every day “, Facebook specifies in a press release.

The social media giant added many features in this area during lockdown, including Messenger Rooms. These virtual pieces are used in particular by artists and content creators to give lectures or give demonstrations, including paid. With this new option, they will be able to offer their fans to watch their videos and interact with them at the same time.



the perpetrator even tried to rip off his victim … twice

Several people have been victims of a counterfeit money scam in recent days in the Charleroi region. Complaints have been filed but it remains to be seen whether it is the wrongdoing of the same person. In any case, the description of the individual made by the victims leads to a teenager.

Getting handed a fake ticket is always a very unpleasant experience. And for several days, several counterfeit 20 euro bills have been circulating in Charleroi.

Several victims testified: “I found this suspicious behavior and that’s when I checked the ticket”

The Charleroi prosecutor’s office has confirmed that complaints had indeed been recorded by the fraud chief.


In several Brussels schools, students who have stayed in the orange zone asked to stay in quarantine

The rule concerns all children in municipal education in Jette.

Lhe commune of Jette not only requires teachers and pupils returning from an area classified as “red” to observe a quarantine of 14 days from their return to Belgium but also those returning from an area classified as “orange”, indicate Sunday several media as well as the website of the Brussels municipality. The rule concerns all children in municipal education (French and Dutch speaking) in Jette.

By imposing on teachers and other staff members, as well as students, who have been in an orange and / or red classified area for at least 48 hours, for a period of 14 days or less before the start of school, to remain in quarantine for 14 days from the date of their return to Belgium, the commune of Jette goes further than the authorities recommend and that which is done in other communes of the country.

The persons concerned are required to inform the school administration. In addition, if a student or staff member is awaiting the result of a covid test, he or she may not attend school until they have been confirmed that the test is negative and that they do not. must not remain in quarantine, we read on the website of the municipality.

“It’s a way of reassuring everyone. Both the teaching staff and the students. But especially the teaching staff in relation to the children. We know that they get little sick but can still transmit the virus, ”said the mayor of Jette, Hervé Doyen, to RTBF.

The mayor, however, does not expect the measure to affect many students because many people have already returned from vacation for several days.


several products contaminated by salmonella!

Eurokip asks its customers not to consume this product and to bring it back to the point of sale. The products were distributed through various points of sale including the Spar, Delhaize and Carrefour stores.

The products concerned are: Chipolata sausage / Chicken merguez / BBQ hamburger / Seasoned chicken mince / Cheeseburger / Italian burger steak, paprika chicken burger, chicken sausage.

Product description

– Brand: Kokorell – Small farmhouse

Use by date (DLC): 08/26/2020

– Batch number (s): 132834, / 132829, / 132833, / 132864, / 132870, / 132894, / 132878, / 132845, / 132830, / 132832, 132880, / 132881, 132893, 132869 & 132857

– Sales period: from 19/08/2020 to 256/08/2020

– Type of packaging: black or transparent plastic dish

– Weight: 200-500 gr.


Mikhail Mishustin explored the roots of accelerated economic growth

At the end of his working trip to the Far East, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin held on Tuesday, August 18, a meeting of the commission for the development of the macroregion in Blagoveshchensk, where he studied the results of an experiment on its accelerated development – many of the initiatives used there can be used by the government when working on national projects. The prime minister thanked the regional leaders for the economic breakthrough (the growth of industrial production in the Far East is 2.5 times ahead of the all-Russian one) and focused on solving the most problematic issues of the social sphere, which is somewhat lagging behind the economy.

Mikhail Mishustin ended his Far Eastern trip on Tuesday in Blagoveshchensk with a series of meetings and a meeting of the commission on the socio-economic development of the Far East. Before him, the head of government managed to meet with participants in the Far Eastern Hectare and Far Eastern Mortgage programs, Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov and Acting Heads of the Jewish Autonomous Region Rostislav Goldstein and Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev. The press service of the White House informed about the last meeting sparingly: they discussed “issues of budgetary provision, energy and equalization of tariffs, infrastructure projects, as well as social protection of the population”, the political situation in Khabarovsk, where the population has been actively protesting against the arrest of the former governor Sergei Furgal for more than a month, was not mentioned in the message.

At the meeting of the commission for the development of the Far East, the main Far Eastern official could not appear – the president’s plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, who fell ill with COVID-19. The meeting of the commission was opened by Mikhail Mishustin himself, with a statement that the government was finalizing the program for the socio-economic development of the Far East until 2035 and would approve it in the near future. The White House will soon have to bring the entire pool of national projects in line with reality – and the prime minister’s interest in the results of innovations implemented in the Far Eastern Federal District is understandable.

According to him, “the first result of the new state policy in the Far East was the growth of industrial production, which is more than two and a half times ahead of the national average,” and the investment climate has also revived.

Over the past five years, almost 2.5 thousand investment projects have been launched with a total investment of more than 4 trillion rubles, “more than 180 thousand jobs have been created,” said Mr. Mishustin, thanking the heads of the regions for this.

The main report on the results of Far Eastern development since 2013 was presented by the head of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, Alexander Kozlov. He also noted “non-standard solutions” that ensured the growth of the share of foreign direct investment in the macroregion to 26% and the cumulative growth of industrial production over five years by 32%. Separately, the minister noted federal support for the creation of energy facilities, railway infrastructure, gas pipelines and roads. “Investors are investing in the construction of an enterprise, creating jobs, and we, as a state, give subsidies for the construction of expensive infrastructure, which they themselves sometimes cannot afford. The amount of subsidies does not exceed the estimated cost of the object, and the investment project’s multiplier should be 1 to 10, ”the minister noted, adding that such support has already been received by 14 companies that have invested 265 billion rubles in projects. with government investments in infrastructure of 26 billion rubles.

However, the minister stated that demand is growing, but “the state program will not be able to cover everyone.”

The Ministry of the East proposed a separate law to introduce tax deductions for the creation of external infrastructure, but the Ministry of Finance opposed the creation of “new entities”, proposing to include such deductions in agreements on the protection and encouragement of capital investments (SZPK, the so-called investment code). “We are in the working version now, we will report to you how we will agree on this project and this document,” the head of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East promised.

Calling the economy “a wallet for the construction of hospitals, schools, roads,” the minister admitted that “this is not very good in the Far East, of course,” but the authorities started social development when money appeared: “First of all, we build in municipalities where new productions come ”. In two years, 363 social facilities were built in the Far East, 243 were repaired. The Far Eastern Mortgage program has already allowed 9 thousand people to buy housing since December 2019, the minister reported, but there are 47 thousand people in total, and the primary market can only offer 15 thousand . apartments.

«Housing will not be enough if emergency measures are not taken right now and construction is started, ”he said, promising to convey to the Ministry of Construction proposals on additional stimulation of construction.

In the meantime, the “interim” decision had to be made by the prime minister: at a meeting with program participants, he promised to extend the program to the “secondary housing” in the Magadan region and Chukotka, where there are no new houses at all, for two years. Mikhail Mishustin also supported the possibility of expanding the plots in the Far Eastern Hectare program (for those who successfully develop them) and lower the thresholds for access to farm grants.

Oleg Sapozhkov


horses race, several people fall and get injured

This Friday, around 8:40 p.m., horses got carried away and agitated during an outing in Aigues-Morte, in the Gard. As reported by France Bleu, the sudden movements of the horses caused the fall of ten people.

Several of them were injured, fortunately slightly. Five people were nevertheless transported to the Nîmes CHU.