Bad day for Central Europe. The number of infected people also jumped in the countries around the Czech Republic

Countries neighboring the Czech Republic report a record increase in the number of coronavirus infections. Austria, Germany and Poland recorded the highest daily balances on Saturday. Slovakia then has the second highest daily increase since the beginning of the epidemic. However, none of these countries exceeded the limit of ten thousand new cases as the Czechia. This is despite the fact that Germany and Poland have several times more inhabitants.

In Slovakia, the latest daily balance decreased slightly compared to Friday’s record of more than two thousand new cases, to 1968 infected. Prime Minister Igor Matovic announced the intention to conduct a comprehensive test of all residents in the coming weeks. However, he did not specify whether it would be mandatory.

The Czech Minister of Health Roman Prymula spoke about a similar proposal this week. Comprehensive testing should be repeated once in Slovakia. Bratislava has already purchased 13 million so-called antigen tests. They are less demanding to process, but also less accurate.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, there have been 7830 more infections in Germany in the last day, which is the most since the beginning of the pandemic. A total of 356,387 people were infected with coronavirus in the 80 million countries. The deaths with covid-19 in Germany have increased by 33 in the last day, bringing the death toll since the beginning of the pandemic to 9767.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had to go to quarantine, according to a spokesman, one of his bodyguards had a positive test for coronavirus. At the same time, Germany stated that it was ready to take over coronavirus patients from other European Union countries, if capacity allows.

In Poland, 9622 people have been infected with the virus in the past 24 hours. At the same time, the country registers 84 deaths on this day. Poland, with a population of around 38 million, has so far been identified as 167,230 infected, of whom 3,524 have died.

A new daily maximum was also announced by the nine million Austria – 1747 infected. In Austria, 63,134 people have tested positive for coronavirus so far and 890 people have died. Among the newly infected is Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg. According to his spokesman, the minister could become infected during Monday’s meeting of foreign ministers of the European Union in Luxembourg, which was attended by, among others, the Czech foreign minister Tomáš Petříček. Covid-19 is also attended by another participant in the Luxembourg meeting – Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès.

High additions were also announced on Saturday by other European countries; Britain registered 16,171 new cases in the last day and Italy a record 10,925 infected. More than 400,000 coronavirus infections per day were added for the first time in the world on Friday, with the new epicenter Europe now showing higher daily gains than the world’s three most affected countries – the United States, India and Brazil – combined.

The number of patients is also increasing in Eastern Europe

Ukraine is also not well off, recording a new daily record in the last 24 hours as well – 6,410 positive cases. At the same time, 109 infected people died there on Friday, which is the most since the beginning of the pandemic. The country has a registered population of approximately 42 million since March, 293,641 cases and 5,517 deaths.

Russia also reports high numbers for the past day – almost 15,000 new outbreaks and 279 deaths. Russia is the fourth most affected country in the world. Coronavirus was detected there in 1,384,235 people, of whom 24,002 died.

Due to the growing spread of the disease, new restrictions have entered into force in some European countries today. A medical emergency came into force in France, and a night curfew came into force in Paris and several large cities. In Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia, gastronomic establishments will close no later than 11 pm. Some local restrictions have come into force in Britain.

One million people have already died of covid-19

The rapid growth of the disease is evident not only in Europe. Iran has reported that its deaths from covid-19 have exceeded 30,000 and the disease has been confirmed in more than 526,000 people. Iran, with a population of over 80 million, is the most affected country in the Middle East.

According to the American Johns Hopkins University (JHU), coronavirus has been detected in more than 39 million people worldwide and over 1.1 million people have died. Over the last thirty days, the number of new infections has increased by nine million. The United States (8.1 million people) holds the lead in infections, followed by India (7.4 million) and Brazil (5.2 million).


Turkey has begun testing the Russian S-400 missile system

According to Reuters, if Turkey officially confirms tests of Russian missiles, it will increase even more tensions in relations with the USA, which has long criticized the purchase of an air defense system. According to the Americans, Russian ground-to-air missiles are a threat to Western armies and are not compatible with the weapons systems of the North Atlantic Alliance, of which Turkey is a member.

Turkey is still silent

A $ 2.5 billion contract (about 55 billion CZK) closed Turkey in September 2017, Russia fulfilled it last year with the delivery of four S-400 systems, which together corresponds to the strength of the regiment. This year, the head of the Russian state armaments conglomerate Rostock said that next year Russia could sign an agreement with Turkey on another supply of S-400 systems.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense did not want to comment on the exercise at the Black Sea. However, according to Turkish analyst Turan Oguz, it can be deduced from the records with high probability that the army fired a missile from the S-400 system and that the target was probably not at high altitude.

Washington punished Ankara for purchasing the Russian system by removing Turkey from the program of F-35 fighters, in the production of which the country participated and which it wanted to buy. The US has also threatened possible sanctions, but has not yet enforced them.

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Coronavirus | The risk of contracting COVID-19 on an airplane is very low if a mask is used, study indicates

The risk of getting the coronavirus on a plane it is very low if passengers wear masks, revealed a study carried out on board Boeing aircraft by the US military and published this Thursday.

The researchers used fluorescent sensors and trackers to measure the volume of contagious matter in the air emitted by a mannequin that simulated the normal breathing of an infected person.

The most exposed passengers – those in front, behind or next to the doll – were represented with sensors.

They took place some 300 ground and flight tests over eight consecutive days in August in cooperation with United Airlines aboard Boeing 767 and 777 aircraft.

The study concluded that 99.7% of the particles contaminated with coronavirus they were eliminated by the aircraft’s sophisticated ventilation systems before reaching the passengers closest to the mannequin.

By expanding into the 40 seats closest to the infected “person,” the clearance rate was 99.99%, according to the study.

The results led military transportation officials to conclude that even with a full plane, the level of contagion in twelve hours of flight is negligible.

However, the tests only assessed a scenario involving a single infected passenger.

They also assumed that everyone on the plane they used a mask continuously and they did not consider the possibility of the infected passenger walking through the device.

“Although the tests had limitations, the results are encouraging,” said Commander Joe Pope, the Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) liaison for the study.

“For both the 777 and 767 devices, the calculations show that about 54 flight hours are required for a cumulative inhalation of an infectious dose“Pope said.

The study was conducted by USTRANSCOM and the Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency (DARPA).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the US military has suspended most of the movement of its troops and their families.

(With information from AFP)


Breaking news: Prison request for courier with the words of give me the agency’s number

Tuzladuring the inspections on September 19 in mask suspended for not wearing messenger Cihan Aksu had threatened the police, who wanted his identity, saying ‘use force, then we will see you’. Phones talk to that person is “Give me the organization’s number, send the uncle’s number ‘also sat on the agenda of Turkey. Were taken into custody after the emergence of the images and judicial control condition completed the investigation carried out on the Aksu released suspects.

In the indictment prepared by the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, he was assigned to the Tuzla Patrol Teams Authority on the date of the incident. police It was reported that the officers carried out a Covid-19 inspection on İstasyon Street in Tuzla Cami District.

He did not give his identity and resisted the police

It was stated that Cihan Aksu, a motorcycle, who did not wear a mask during the inspections, was stopped and he was asked for an identity card for administrative action because he did not wear a mask, but Aksu did not give his identity. It was noted that police officers HO, MA and Ö.A. said they would impose an administrative fine, warning that they would be used by force if they did not reveal their identity cards.

He asked for the number of the organization and its business

Thereupon, it was explained that the suspect threatened to prevent his duties to the police officers with words such as “Use force then we will see you, you cannot punish me”. It was emphasized that he resisted the police officers by threatening him with the words “Send the number of the organization, send me the number of my brother-in-law” in the phone call that came to his mind at that moment. In the defense of the suspect Cihan Aksu, it was stated that he meant his family and friends from the organization and said that he did not have a threat intent.



In the indictment, the suspect Aksu was demanded to be sentenced from 7 months and 15 days to 5 years and 3 months for the offense of “resisting a public officer in order not to do his duty”. The indictment was accepted by the Anatolian 46th Criminal Court of First Instance. The trial of the suspect will begin in the coming days.


No mask in Rome, 90 fined: they will have to pay between 400 and 1000 euros

About 90 people were identified yesterday, Saturday 10 October, in Rome, during the demonstrations which, for various reasons, opposed the health dictatorship that the government would have imposed to fight against Covid. The fines will range from 400 to 1000 euros, according to the new provisions decided by the executive last week. In the event of further violations of the regulations, a report will be made to the judicial authority. What follows the article with which Alessandro Trocino, in the Corriere, gave an account of the demonstrations on Sunday; who Beppe Severgnini’s comment.

There is an elderly man with cannulas in his nose and a portable oxygen cylinder pushing an agent away.

There is a young man who screams: Dead from Covid? Where am I? I want the addresses, names are not enough for me. And if there are, you killed them by intubating them. If I get sick, I have given orders not to be taken to hospital: I want to die as a man.

A woman unwittingly evokes Bibbiano: Whoever built this pandemic wants to take our children away. The organizers of the liberation march accuse the mainstream press of labeling them as deniers, no masks, fasces-sovereigns. From the stage they invite us to put on masks senn they break our balls, but on St. John’s wort they are almost all without and they are proud of it, they don’t care about the 36,000 dead or don’t believe it, perch just an invention to create a health dictatorship and patience if this is the next cluster.

There is an ideological fury that scares these rebels (only 2,000) e in that young man who challenges an agent, refuses to give his documents and almost forces the cops to drag him away. He screams help me, while dozens of possessed shout fools, sold, take us all away and breathe their anger on the helpless faces of the policemen, covered by thin surgical masks.

Inside this magma there is everything, there are the fascists of Forza Nuova, sovereignists, naturopaths, followers of the Di Bella method, no mask, no 5G, no vax, no euro, no cash. There are the enemies of multinationals, of Soros, of the scoundrel Mario Monti of the Trilateral, of neoliberalism, of liberalizations, there are the friends of the orange vests, of Julian Assange, of Giulietto Chiesa. There is the turbulent philosopher Diego Fusaro and the general Monicelliano Antonio Pappalardo. There is Fulvio Grimaldi, who in Rai did the services with the dachshund Nando and now warns that a cynical, ferocious dictatorship is looming, worse than in the past because it uses technopsychological means.

Among the supporters (not present) there is a piece of the 5 Star family album and many will ring their ears: Enrico Montesano, partner of Paola Taverna in the Night of honesty; Rosita Celentano, former host of Italy at 5 Stars; the former parliamentarian Sara cunial; Tiziana Alterio, M5S candidate at the European Championships 2019; Diego Fusaro, habitu of Grillo’s blog; the jurist Paolo Maddalena, already a candidate for the Quirinale; Marione, already a cartoonist for Virginia Raggi, Italexit Gianluigi Paragone.

A lump of resentments and conspiracies, skilfully exploited by aspiring parties such as the Italian sovereign front. They cite Sandro Pertini and call for resistance in a liberation committee and to occupy Parliament. It is not known whether to take them seriously while keeping at a safe distance and trying to understand the reasons for this allergy to rationality, this eternal tendency to challenge the single thought, in the name of a magical and primitive sovereignty which for now mainly folklore, who knows later.

11 October 2020 (change October 11, 2020 | 17:45)



Stop the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline due to the Navalny case? Germany is divided

German Social Democrat Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) do not agree that the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline should be stopped due to a case of poisoning by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

In an interview with foreign correspondents on Monday in Berlin, he justified this by saying that the construction of the gas pipeline is a private project, not a state project. According to Scholz, the whole of Europe, not just Germany, should react to Navalný’s poisoning.

“It’s a private project. It is estimated that about a hundred companies, not just German, are involved,” Scholz said. The minister considers the almost completed gas pipeline, through which Russian gas will flow to Germany, to be more of a European investment.

Scholz rejects an increase in Germany’s energy dependence, and thus in Europe, on Russia. “Germany takes gas from Russia in various routes, for example through Poland, it takes gas from Norway, the Netherlands and also from Britain,” the minister said.

As for the response when Russia does not explain the poisoning, Scholz asks for a common and reasonable response. “We must react like Europe,” he said. He then called Navalny’s poisoning a “murderous attack”.

German, French and Swedish experts have concluded that Navalny was poisoned by a substance from a group of novices developed by the former Soviet Union. Berlin called on Russia to investigate the attack that took place on its territory. But Russia says its own tests have not revealed traces of poison in Navalny’s body.

The position on the future of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is not unanimous among German politicians. For example, the East German countries and the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, who is running for the leadership of the Chancellor of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), but also industry, want to complete the project. On the contrary, after the end of the project, Friedrich Merz, the former head of the deputies of the government’s conservative union CDU / CSU, and Norbert Röttgen, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federal Assembly, who would also like to lead the CDU, call. Although Chancellor Angela Merkel does not rule out any answer in advance, she still considers it premature to discuss concrete steps.


Navalnyj is recovering quickly. Minister Scholz refuses to cancel the gas pipeline from Russia – ČT24 – Czech Television due to poisoning

“He’s much better, I’d say unexpectedly better,” Volkov said. “I think it’s recovering really faster than expected, and that’s good news, of course, and we’re happy,” he added.

A longtime critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin and many influential leaders of the regime is now being treated on an outpatient basis in a secret location and, according to Volkov, remains under strict protection: (…) He is quite heavily guarded. “

Navalny has previously said that he wants to return to Russia. According to Volkov, he understands well the risks associated with it. According to him, it will be necessary to “reduce the probability of a second attack”.

The fate of the gas pipeline

In Germany, in connection with the poisoning, a call was made for the completion of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Russia’s state budget is about a third to a half dependent on gas and oil revenues, and many politicians see restricting the purchase of the raw material as the only leverage that can force Vladimir Putin to do anything.

However, Social Democrat Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz disagree. In an interview with foreign correspondents, he justified this in Berlin by saying that it was a private project, not a state project. The whole of Europe, not just Germany, should respond to the poisoning.

As for the response when Russia does not explain the poisoning, Scholz asks for a common and reasonable response. “We must react like Europe,” he said. He then called Navalny’s poisoning a “murderous attack”.

Filming videos about corruption before poisoning

German, French and Swedish experts concluded that Navalny was poisoned by a substance from a group of novices, and Berlin called on Russia to investigate the attack that took place on its territory. Russia claims that its own tests did not reveal traces of poison in the Naval organism.

According to Volkov, the poisoning has many negative consequences for the Kremlin. He added that this alleged attempted murder could not have taken place without Putin’s consent.

On August 20, Navalnyj collapsed aboard an airplane he flew from Siberian Tomsk to Moscow. IN Tomsk and previously in Novosibirsk he made videos accusing local politicians of corruption and abuse of power, for example in the form of tunneling city services, including a funeral service.

After the poisoning, he was in a coma for almost three weeks, initially in a hospital in Omsk, where his plane made an emergency landing. The doctors did not want to let him go at first, despite the urging of his loved ones. They were then allowed to be transferred to the Charité clinic in Berlin. This week, German doctors released him from the hospital and did not even rule out that he would recover completely.


Mask Fashion Week; the accessory of the moment from Paris to Mexico


Covid-19 is also making fashion history. The largest and most sophisticated fashion event in the world, The Fashion Week Paris, where they parade in luxurious catwalks the most consecrated models, with glamorous trends and renowned masks such as: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Valentino, Hermés, among many others, this year dedicate more importance to “super fashion” masks, than to their timeless dresses, day and night outfits and amazing accessories.

The masks and masks they are the first and most conspicuous garment we display in times of pandemic.

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“Tell me what you wear, I’ll tell you who you are.” This accessory initially used as a practical measure of sanitary protection, today it becomes a guarantee of status and style.

It is not enough to wear a nice dress, an elegant suit or a brand bag, if the mask chosen is common because it will destroy your appearance.

It may interest you: Clinical trial begins in CDMX to see the effectiveness of medicine against covid

NOVIRSA PARIS, a pioneer in Mexico in the distribution of pandemic protection items, adapts to the new trend associated with fashion and style, offers all Mexicans to participate and buy directly from the Mask Fashion Week in Paris the masks, face masks and masks that are the consumer fever of the moment, through his page or by phone 800 230 1000, promising to make these incredible news arrive at the door of your house in less than 5 days.

Claudie Bourdeloup, representative of NOVIRSA PARÍS, affirms that during the event that begins on September 28, you will be able to protect yourself with the latest in fashion with prices at all budgets. According to her, luxury is not the opposite of poverty, it is the opposite of vulgarity. Very stylish.

In the following link you can find the news of Last Hora.


The Belarusians filled the streets again against Lukashenko. Hackers showed protests on the television website – ČT24 – Czech Television

The hackers interrupted a live broadcast on BT’s television website on Saturday night as its editors spoke to the Deputy Minister of Health about Covid-19. Instead, footage of anti-government protests by the Free Time TV channel operated by Free Europe and the Nexta, Onliner and channels on the Telegram social network appeared on the site.

At the same time, the message “If BT does not want to show people the truth, we will show it” appeared on the telegram channel of the group called Cyber-Guerrillas. Later, the television site stopped working.

Shortly after the election, some BT state media watch employees went on strike because television did not show the real situation in the country. After a few days, they were replaced by specialists from Russia.

Police officers without signs

Over the weekend, people took to the streets again to demand that Lukashenko’s resignation, call new fair elections, release political prisoners and investigate police violence in the first days after the August 9 elections, which the opposition, the Czechia and the EU do not recognize.

Police arrested dozens of people by early afternoon on Sunday. Journalists write that tens of thousands of peaceful protesters took to the streets. In addition to Minsk, large gatherings also took place in Mogileva and Gomel. There, police dispersed the protesters with tear gas and flash grenades, and according to the DPA, information also appeared about the deployment of water cannons.

On Saturday, mainly women took to the streets. According to the media, the security forces, who forcibly removed them and forced them into the vans, were in green uniforms but did not have any official markings.

Despite the intervention of Belarusian troops, according to the Echo server of Moscow, some women managed to group and walk along Independence Avenue, the main street in the center of Minsk. Other participants in the protest hid from unmarked men in balaclavas in the surrounding courtyards, but the intervention units chased them only there, surrounded them and arrested them.

Among those detained is also a journalist from the Belarusian newspaper Naša niva and the editor of the Belarusian radio station Euroradio. Around five o’clock local time, apparently none of the protesters remained on the spot, informed.