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Guaidó talks about a ‘feasible solution’ in Venezuela

The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, said this Thursday that the elections scheduled for December 6 in the country could constitute a “feasible solution” to the “terrible” situation the country is going through if international rights are respected and has an important international observation.

In a series of statements made during an event organized by the Atlantic Council, the opposition leader specified that five conditions are necessary for this: “the right to choose and be elected, the establishment of an election schedule, the election of the referee, the National Electoral Council (CNE), which guarantees the non-persecution and the inclusion of an international observation ”of weight.

Thus, it has indicated that this must also proceed to the release of “all political prisoners in the country, who should not be used as exchange tokens”, and return the parties to their “legitimate leaders, today kidnapped by the dictatorship”. “The inclusion of all the Venezuelan people must be guaranteed,” he insisted before stressing the importance of both the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union (EU) sending observation missions.

“They are fundamental elements,” said Guaidó, who underlined that it is also important that the CNE is elected by the National Assembly and that audits be established before and after the elections. It has also asked to address the use of the Armed Forces in the framework of the electoral process.

In this sense, he recalled that the Venezuelan people continue to demonstrate against the “dictatorship” despite the strong political, economic, health and humanitarian crisis that the Caribbean country is going through, especially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which has left 30 percent mortality among health workers.

Thus, it has once again accused the president, Nicolás Maduro, of obtaining financing through illicit activities, such as drug trafficking, “blood gold” and the destruction of the Amazon, through the “ethnocide of indigenous populations and ancestral communities.” .

Guaidó’s words coincide with the announcement by the European Union (EU) about the sending of a diplomatic mission to Caracas to discuss with the Government and the Venezuelan opposition the postponement of the legislative elections in order that they have the requisites minimal electoral numbers, including international observers.

Rafael Garanzo, director general of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Latin America and the Caribbean, has reiterated that the Government is in contact with the Venezuelan opposition and has clarified that the purpose of the EU to send a “technical mission” to Venezuela is to see if it is possible to “reach an agreement to achieve an improvement in electoral conditions.” Garanzo has explained in turn that the mission in question will meet with the parties waiting to obtain a “positive” result.


For his part, Guaidó has once again pointed out the importance of establishing a national emergency government that “guarantees the institutions and guarantees of a process that leads to a solution to the conflict in Venezuela.”

“This is a fight against the dictatorship, against the xenophobia of the regime against its own citizens,” he said, although he stressed that we must act “prudently.” “We must talk about the mechanisms of the international community in the face of crimes against humanity, of protecting the Venezuelan people while the people themselves organize,” he added.

Guaidó, who has affirmed that the population continues to fight “always from non-violence” and “the Constitution” and has stressed that the humanitarian emergency must be addressed as soon as possible. “We must not wait for the transition to serve the 7 million Venezuelans who are outside the country,” he said.


Regarding the report presented by United Nations investigators that denounces crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Government of Venezuela, the opposition leader has insisted that the important thing is that justice be done, that it be “prosecuted for violating Human Rights,” guarantee “non-repetition”, that “compensation to the victims is achieved and the emergency is addressed, that these crimes stop.”

“The report on Human Rights collects heartbreaking testimony, which includes torture of pregnant women in cells. It is important that justice is done, it is not just to make visible ”, she said.

As he has stated, this is the first time in Latin America that “an acting dictator who usurps functions is accused of committing crimes against humanity.” “This should lead us to reflection because it has a chair in the UN Human Rights Council,” he said.


For his part, the Venezuelan opposition leader Julio Borges has once again accused the Government of assassinating the opposition Fernando Albán, who according to the official version rushed from the window of the tenth floor of Helicoide, SEBIN headquarters in Caracas, just when it was going to be transferred to the court, in which he would have pointed to a suicide.

“(Fernando) was with us at the UN and at the end of the sessions of the National Assembly, he returned to Venezuela, was arrested at the airport and disappeared. Then he was found dead at the headquarters of the political police because he had committed suicide ”, he lamented.

However, he has denounced that he was “brutally tortured to incriminate the other crimes of terrorism.” “It is not an exception, there are thousands of Venezuelans who suffer any type of persecution,” he warned.

On this issue, he clarified that the problem is not a “dictatorship that affects a small population of the country, (…) but a totalitarian regime that has destroyed 100 percent of the country.” “That is why we have so many refugees and a systematically generalized program of human rights violations, which is increasing day by day,” he added.

Thus, he pointed out that “the worst that can happen in Venezuela is that nothing happens, that the people get used to death, torture and poverty in one of the richest countries in America.” Finally, he has demanded free elections and has urged not to validate Maduro’s “fraud” on December 6.

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