Wu Kong – The Monkey King charms with a 13-minute gameplay [WIDEO] / CD-Action

We rarely have the opportunity to associate with large Chinese productions, but with the ever-increasing importance of this market and thousands of studies created there, it is only a matter of time before the worldwide hit AAA created in this country appears. A game by Game Science from Hangzhou may not work yet, but the developers seem to be on the right track.

Black Myth: Wu Kong is an adaptation of “Wandering to the West”, a 16th-century novel by Wu Cheng’en, one of the main characters of which is Wu Kong, the brave but also unruly Monkey King. This work is extremely important for the Chinese (it is part of the canon of four classic Chinese novels, next to the well-known “Tales of the Three Kingdoms” by Total War fans), and the authors have the ambition to present this story to foreign audiences as well. The game itself will be a single player action game.

It is not known when Black Myth: Wu Kong will have its premiere. The studio wants to release it on PCs and other major platforms.


LADA Granta new generation: independent Published renders

“State employee” may obtain the body frame and the platform from the Renault Logan.

Probable appearance of LADA Granta new generation. Photo: “Lada.Online”

Portal “Lada.Online” has published a new LADA Granta, the independent renderings of the new generation. According to the author of the images, the model can obtain two versions — with the usual LADA Vesta the “x” on the doors without them.

According to the author of the render, the LADA Granta in the new generation will get the platform B0 from Renault Logan, as well as the body shell from the French “state employees”. This version is quite plausible, after all, the Renault Group is the parent company for AVTOVAZ and LADA many models use technologies French.

The transition to the base of the “Logan” will LADA Granta become larger in size, which is a definite plus for cheap cars — budget cars often can not boast of spaciousness in the cabin.

Body length actual Renault Logan is 4346 mm, and “Grants” — 4250 mm.

The version with the doors of the LADA Vesta. Photo: “Lada.Online”

In terms of appearance, the novelty will differ by more acute and aggressive, “x-features” on the front end that will allow the model to become more youth.

Motors new “Grant” can get from “Logan”, because of the line upgrade for VAZ engines no information.
It is expected that the LADA Granta will debut a new generation in 2021, but the official information about the premiere was also not announced.


NYT: the EU may temporarily prohibit the entry of the United States, Brazil and Russia

The European Union after the opening of the external borders considering the possibility of a temporary refusal of entry for residents of the USA, Brazil and Russia because of the unfavorable situation with the pandemic coronavirus, writes The New York Times, citing a draft document. Lists compiled on the basis of the data about the cases COVID-19 in the last 14 days per 100 thousand people. In the EU, according to the newspaper, this figure is an average of 16 cases in Russia — 80, US — 107, and in Brazil — 190.

According to the document, there are two lists of “potential countries”, which can allow entry to EU countries. One of them included 47 countries, where the rate of infection is lower than the EU average, in the second there are 54 countries where the score was worse, but not more than 20. In both lists there are, for example, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Uruguay, and Uganda.

Recall that the external borders of the European Union will gradually open from 1 July. Earlier it was reported that the EU decided to act in a coordinated manner, developing a common list of countries which will enter the state with a stable epidemiological situation. The list can include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro. At this statement the European Commission noted that even if a citizen came from relatively safe countries, but is “a danger to the health of the population,” the country may be closed. Similarly, if the epidemiological situation in a third country is deteriorating, it can be re-introduced restrictions.

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