Grains fell as much as 3.5% due to higher risk aversion

Soybeans suffered a loss of more than 2%, their biggest daily decline since April 1. Thus, the November contract for the oilseed fell by $ 7.72 to u $ s375,70 la tonelada, while that of January fell 1.9% (US $ 7.26) to settle at US $ 377.54 per ton.

Traders ignored an announcement by the US Department of Agriculture that reported exports of 132,000 tons to China.

It should be remembered that the strong demand from the Asian giant took soy to its highest level in more than two years last week.

For its part, flour joined the trend with a drop of 1.2% (US $ 4.41) to US $ 367.50 per ton, while the oil it did so by 2.7% (US $ 21.16) to end the day at US $ 755.51 per ton.

In the meantime, Wheat decreased 3.5% (US $ 7.44) and closed at US $ 203.84 per ton, in what was its largest daily percentage drop since August 2019. The decline was also caused by renewed concerns about coronavirus outbreaks.

Finally, the corn It decreased 2.3% (US $ 3.44) and reached US $ 145.56 per ton.


Coronavirus resurfaces in Germany and the United Kingdom, with more cases in months

Germany had the highest daily number of new coronavirus cases from April 24, with 2,297 infections, according to the Robert Koch Epidemiological Surveillance Institute.

However, the country conducts approximately twice as many tests per week than in April, a million compared to 500 thousand five months ago.

In total, some 270,070 people have tested positive in Germany since the outbreak began. The dead number 9,384 and, of them, six in the last 24 hours. North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria are the two most affected states, where it was decided to cancel the celebration of carnivals.

For its part, UK authorities reported a second spike of new infections in two days in the UK with 4,422 cases in the last 24 hours.

It’s about 100 more than the day before. It is the record since May 8, according to the local press.

The total number of infected is more than 390 thousand. The new deaths total 27, 41,759 in total.


“The situation is extreme and tends to get worse,” said Mayor Gay

“We are in an extreme situation,” Mayor Héctor Gay said today at a press conference regarding the health situation in Bahía Blanca.

Sitting next to the hospital directors, he admitted that “there is a lot of concern about an increase in cases that is directly saturating the health system, since the number of beds is scarce (in some hospitals) and, in other cases, nil.”

The communal chief also highlighted the wear and tear of human resources in the hospital complex. “The degree of exhaustion of health workers is high, the curve is increasing and the entire health system is convinced that it will continue to increase.”

Then he offered a tip. He stated that the intensive care units are reaching their highest occupancy percentage and that the COVID-19 clinic rooms had 83% of beds occupied as of yesterday.

“Yesterday was a record day for positive cases, in Bahia and throughout the country. The situation is extreme and tends to worsen,” he said. “This pandemic has put us all to the test. We have come to confirm that we are on high alert, working together from day one.”

He also sent a message to the youth in the preview of the spring weekend.

“We need that every day avoid social gatherings, it is essential to avoid crowds of people. Next September 21 is not only Student’s Day and Spring but also Health Day. The best recognition is to take care of each other, not there is a recipe in the world that exceeds care, distancing and prophylaxis measures “.

The director of the Penna Hospital, Gabriel Peluffo, said that he personally asked the mayor to hold this conference and said that “we are close to collapse, although it is a word that many do not like.”

“At the Penna, with 9 beds assigned to therapy, we have all occupied and 7 with a respirator. That brings a significant inconvenience. In the COVID clinic there are 16 patients. We saw this coming, even in this last week the increase in the number of cases is alarming and that is why we are here. “


Depok Threatened to Enter the Black Zone, Mayor: Increasingly Out of Control, ICU Referral Hospital Is Even Filled

THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE – It’s getting out of hand, case Covid-19 in the city Depok continues to grow, even though the City Depok now has a red zone.

Mayor Depok Mohammad Idris, stating that 93 RWs have red zone status. Not only that, even all intensive care unit spaces (ICU) in 10 referral hospitals (RS) Covid-19 has been filled full.

The addition of cases continuously makes Idris worried about Kota Depok turned into black zone from now on has been a red zone.

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“Spread Covid-19 continues to increase uncontrollably and City Depok could have been from the red zone into black zone. Do not let this happen, for that we need the cooperation of all citizens to comply with health protocols, “said Idris, Tuesday, September 15, 2020.


Idris confirmed, that currently there are as many as 93 RWs out of 924 RWs in the City Depok into the red zone Covid-19. RWs that enter the red zone must carry out social restrictions for the standby village (PSKS).

“RW is in the red zone because there are two people who are independently isolated Covid-19, “said Idris.

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Idris said, based on the decision Mayor Depok Number 443/335 / Kpts / Dinkes / Huk / 2020, the most red zone RWs are in Sukmajaya, Pancoran Mas, and Cimanggis Districts. According to him, the spread Covid-19 in the city Depok continues to increase.

Idris also announced, the capacity of 10 patient referral hospitals Covid-19 almost full above 80 percent. An emergency even occurred in parts ICU.


They open a process to give the Metropolitan stadium a commercial name

The Barranquilla mayor’s office opened an application process to participate in the auction that will give the stadium a commercial name Metropolitan Roberto Meléndez, as is the style in many parts of the world with sports venues. For example, the BBVA Bancomer stadium (Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico), Mercedes Benz Stadium (Atlanta, USA) and Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany), Hard Rock Stadium (Miami, USA), Wanda Metropolitano (Madrid) or Movistar Arena (Bogotá), among others.

The idea of ​​getting a sponsor for the ‘Metro’ was announced by the mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo Heins, in a visit to EL HERALDO on March 4, 2020, but it will begin to become a reality this Thursday, from 9 am, in a hearing to socialize the details of the application process. Interested companies must register at the following link:

“The trade name rights It is a model under which a brand / company associates or puts its name to an event or place for a specified time in exchange for the payment of those rights. Under the protection of the advertising technique, the guardian of the sports venue allows a company to be associated with it by including its brand in the name of the venue ”, explained the mayor’s office through a statement.

“This public search marks the beginning of a major modernization project for the stadium, supported, now, with resources from a private investor”Added the official announcement.

The commercial naming rights of the Colombian soccer temple may have a national or international sponsor. The brands preselected in the application phase will be able to bid in the auction.

The District Secretary for Recreation and Sports appointed Puerta de Oro, Caribbean Development Company, to take charge of the process.

“The stadium, in this case, gains the possibility of obtaining additional income that allows its reinvestment, development and modernization, as well as expanding its recognition from the hand of a brand. The investing company, for its part, gains exposure in a place with wide media coverage, ”the statement said.

Interested companies and legal entities will find the application process here and They will have until Tuesday, September 29 at 10:00 am. to subscribe with the respective requirements.


District will offer exercise routines through social networks

Barranquilleros will have from this Monday the best fitness instructors a click away with the launch of the program #I am active, which will be offered through the social networks of the Secretariat of Recreation and Sports ddaily sessions of healthy routines.

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins presented the program this Saturday, which is an alliance with the Ministry of Sports. These are virtual routines designed to be done in confined spaces, including: aerobic gymnastics, muscle stimulation, aerobic rumba and mixed martial arts.

#SoyActiva has a team of certified instructors who have created healthy routines for beginners and experts, which users can see Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. through the Instagram account @SecDeportesBaq.

“During the pendemic, those who were most likely to get sick and have complications were those who did not have a healthy lifestyle, because that worsened their quality of life, so we started quickly a program so that people could go out to the patio or terrace of their house to do physical activities “said Mayor Pumarejo. “Now, with this initiative, we want to continue promoting those healthy lifestyles, that people break the routine even if they are at home, for the benefit of all Barranquilla residents,” he added.

For his part, the Secretary of Recreation and Sports, Gabriel Berdugo Peña, invited Barranquilleros to join healthy habits through exercise. “This is the best opportunity forthose who have always wanted to do physical activity and perhaps did not have the possibility to go to a gym. And those who have already been doing it, can join the expert mode. Here they will be able to exercise with real experts ”.

Another component of the program is the presence of instructors guiding physical activity sessions in the parks and public spaces of the city such as the Gran Malecón, with groups that do not exceed 8 participants. Likewise, physiotherapists will be present in the biosaludable gyms located in the parks with the aim of guiding users of machines on how to improve your performance and how to feel better after physical activity.


Influenza vaccination contraindications

Allergic reactions to chicken protein and other substances, if they are components of the vaccine, the presence of symptoms of a cold and exacerbation of chronic diseases are contraindications to the flu shot, according to the website of the mayor of Moscow.

The website notes that it is possible to get a flu shot after recovering from the coronavirus and ending self-isolation. The interval between flu and coronavirus shots should be at least a month. The message recalled that, according to the World Health Organization, this fall three new strains of the influenza virus will come to Russia, to which shepherd immunity has not yet been developed. Earlier, Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said that all regions of Russia received a flu vaccine. Additional vaccine shipments will come later.

Rospotrebnadzor assessed the effectiveness of influenza vaccinations. According to Alexander Gorelov, deputy director for research at the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, an actual vaccine is created annually for specific strains that are expected to circulate in the current season.


Usa: Trump, Ny a disaster – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, September 09 – “The state of New York is a disaster and the mayor of the Big Apple and the governor have no idea what to do”. Donald Trump states this by describing a reality made up of high taxes, crimes and citizens’ flight.

“On November 3 we can solve the problem”, adds the president. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t stand by and replies dryly: Trump is “trying to kill New York City”.