Co-owner of the manufacturer of mayonnaise “Ryaba” is investing in innovation in food

Co-owner of Nizhny Novgorod oil and fat company (nmgk, the manufacturer of mayonnaise “Ryaba” and margarine “hostess”) Ivan Sidorak and its partners has created a venture capital Fund Aintrigud. It will invest in new technologies in food production, told “Vedomosti” of Sidorak. The Fund is registered in Cyprus in June 2019, from the data of the Cypriot registry.

Sidorko, he said, owns 50% of the share capital Aintrigud, the rest of the partners, their names he did not disclose. 25% – the Cypriot Ph&re Holdings, its beneficiary – the President of a pharmaceutical company “Nanolek” Vladimir Khristenko. Khristenko confirmed that “statements” and specified the amount of their investments – $1.25 million Khristenko, son of the former Minister of industry and trade Viktor Khristenko, who is married to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.


How to lose weight and increase life expectancy with diet

When we consider the possibility of undergoing a process of weight loss, a wide range of possibilities opens up before us. If our idea is to search the internet we will find millions of tricks to lose weight what they promise great results in no time and with little effort, something that should lead us to doubt such diets.

But there are many other possibilities: nutrition experts agree that following a healthy and healthy diet and combine it with sports usual is the best solution for lose weight that we have left over. A combination that, beyond serving for a certain period of time, should become a daily habit to guarantee the figure in the long term.

But what if the secret was as simple as follow the most common diet in Spain? New studies reveal that the Mediterranean diet is the basis for achieving slim down, but also to achieve lengthening our life expectancies. And it makes perfect sense: Spain is, after Japan, the country with the highest life expectancy in the world.

Mediterranean diet to lose weight

Countries like France, Italy or Greece share the Mediterranean with Spain, but also the food they bring to their tables. Peoples that for years have shared a diet based on the fruits and vegetables, in eating fish and in olive oil, the best fat that we can ingest for the benefit of our body. Without forgetting legumes, cereals and natural products that have been established in our feeding.

Fruits, vegetables and healthy fats such as those from fish and olive oil are the basis of the Mediterranean diet

This Mediterranean diet is not only ideal for living for many years, but it is also very suitable for losing weight. The fact of replace butters and less healthy oils with olive oil, the use of aromatic herbs and spices instead of salt or not eating large amounts of red meat are factors that make this diet one of the most recommended by nutritionists.

In fact, the British public health service, the NHS, notes that “the Mediterranean diet has been linked to good health, including a healthier heart.” Therefore, many experts relate a diet rich in healthy fats such as those from olive oil, blue fish or fruits such as avocado in basic to take care of the heart.

Fruits, vegetables and fish, the basis of the Mediterranean diet (Photo: iStock)
Fruits, vegetables and fish, the basis of the Mediterranean diet (Photo: iStock)

People who follow the Mediterranean diet live, on average, more years and have lower risk of developing disease like diabetes, but also other conditions such as cholesterol or hypertension that can cause cardiovascular disease. Something that has even been confirmed by a recent study by the American College of Cardiology.

What to eat to lose weight

The food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet recommends eating many fruits and vegetables, lots of fish and nuts, and whole grains. In addition, it also allows the consumption of red wine, so it is not necessary to completely eliminate alcohol from our diet when we try to lose weight, as it happens with other processes of weight loss.

What the Mediterranean diet does is eliminate sugary drinks such as soft drinks and artificial juices, recommending tea and coffee instead. And if what we are looking for is to lose weight, the ultimate goal will be consume more calories than we consume daily; It is what is known as caloric deficit and to achieve it it will not be necessary to count calories, but to go outside.

The Mediterranean town is famous for being cheerful, fun, eager to go outside to live together with family, friends or neighbors. That’s one way to cut calories: playing sports, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Walk, stroll, lead a less sedentary life It is one of the formulas to lose weight half a kilo a week, a good mean to lose weight in the long term.

Spain shares with the Mediterranean countries its own culture in which food is a meeting point

Scientists consulted by the British newspaper Express agree that the Mediterranean diet helps not to overeat, one of the reasons that boycott the weight loss plans of many people. Eating healthy and healthy, eating in moderation and living a Mediterranean lifestyle, not very sedentary, is the basis for losing weight in the long term and, in addition, increasing life expectancy. What more could you want?


Brian May blames meat eaters for coronavirus spread



First it was Paul McCartney pointing to the “Chinese medieval markets” for the rise of COVID-19 and now the legendary guitarist for Queen, Brian May, goes much further by declaring that the blame for the spread of the coronavirus lies directly with those who consume meat.

Speaking to the music magazine NME, May commented: «We have to check if we want to continue eating animals. This is the crux of the matter, this pandemic seems to come from people who eat animalss and we are increasingly aware that eating animals is not the best for our health. “

Although the original source of the pandemic is still not known with certainty, for the musician «eating animals has brought us to our knees as a species»And considers that« it is time to reexamine our world so that we stop abusing other species ».

Recall that one of May’s New Year’s resolutions was to fully convert to veganism for at least a month, and then assess whether it would continue or not, thereby trying to reduce animal suffering and not contribute to perpetuating the negative impact of the industry. of meat in the environment.

Then, the musician and doctor in Astrophysics explained that «as an animal activist, it bothered me to still eat foods derived from animals that have caused unworthiness and much pain. So I will try to advance in this line. And I will not pressure anyone else to do the same, “he explained.


From calligrapher to shepherdess, a capital conversion

To change life. Who hasn’t dreamed of it. The act rarely follows the petted thought. Florence Robert became a calligrapher and became a shepherdess. And not anywhere: she dreamed from a very young age of living in these Corbières wedged between sea and plain. The meeting with a beekeeper near Lagrasse (Aude), Jean Poudou, convinced her of this place of election. The decision has become concrete to take a sharp turn, you have to relearn humility and start learning again. This is how the ex-calligrapher once checked the “Sheep-meat” box on the agricultural training registration form. Why this box? The images that we cultivate in ourselves sometimes push the act, and she wanted “Large expanses of solitude, a little harsh, but which confirm the gesture with animals and the wind”. She wanted to raise sheep in the Corbières to reopen the scrub scrub for the benefit of biodiversity.

We could have a slight moment of retreat. The recycling stories in perpendicular mode are like pleasant bluettes, built in a chronology without surprise. Their possible strength consists in tickling the empathy of the reader, who is inhabited by similar desires for retraining and moving happy ends. The shepherdess or shepherdess participates in addition to the iconic pastoral, the townspeople in reverse rural exodus from a militant and ecological return to the land. But there is no desire here to convince, nor self-aggrandizement. Beyond the progressive knowledge of the profession, a form of struggle against the elements, fatigue and discouragement, Florence Robert brings to her journey a reflection on space and time, on the poetry of these harsh landscapes and the exaltation of the senses (1).

Livestock. After eight weeks of training spread over eight months on the farm of Denis and Françoise Callamand, a few kilometers from Lagrasse, the time has come to take the plunge: that of finding a spot to anchor. It will be the small village of Albas, interested in a herd and his talent as a natural brushcutter. This terroir, renowned for its wines, olive oil and onions, had nearly a million sheep’s heads a hundred and fifty years ago. The animals disappeared in the 70s, in favor of the vine. They are a dozen breeders today in the dry Corbières, goats and sheep combined. It’s a “A little crazy adventure” than installing sheep “Where they disappeared forty years ago, in a viticultural landscape in the midst of a crisis, in one of the driest areas of France”. And there is no one left to ask questions about the secrets of the trade. Where to graze and when? How to promote the aphyllante, the small blue flower that promotes fattening of sheep?

We feel a little lonely, the apprentice shepherdess, in front of the magnitude of the task. Before the arrival of the woolly faces, it is necessary to consolidate the frame, find a source of water, bank guarantees, build an investment plan, recruit border collies dogs, then also patous … Fourteen months after having checked “Sheep -meat ”, on August 30, the bleating of lacaune, gregarious race accustomed to be kept every day, arrive at the Garrigues farm. “A hundred sheep to start with, it’s a small flock.” Small, but one should not lose a crumb in the wild and thorny nature, rich in lavender, thyme, rosemary, sarsaparilla, but also in poisonous essences (common ferrule, daphné garou, cameleon with red fruits). The herd is a wave to be channeled constantly, using dogs led by an inexperienced mistress whose attention is still not sharp enough to anticipate the speed of going to graze elsewhere.

Protrusion period. “Denis said to me once:” The most beautiful is the guard. It is for the guard that one is a shepherd. “” The maxims of the one who formed it punctuate his initiation like mantras. When the others are enjoying the holidays, you have to get up before dawn to move the herd at 6 am and not finish the day until 10 pm. Daily, imperatively, the sheep must eat and drink. The old needs, relaxation, leisure, consumption, then seem very secondary. It’s another mode, another way of looking at time, space, and another way of feeding those many inner chicks who keep crying out. The assignment is clear, deprivation goes without saying, what would we be burdened with? The shepherd is an elementary being. “ The question of time, again and again. That of the garrigue flows differently, without the tyranny of needles. In tune with animals and nature. “I learn to read the shape of the clouds, to read the time there. I learn that the hill is precise up to the blade of grass, and from far away I recognize the stone that serves as my seat, the frame where the hare was hiding the day before yesterday. “

The breeding cycle has its culminating events: the mating period in November (two rams are left five weeks with these ladies), the gestation of five months, births from the end of March. The first lambing (“What I do best”) will bring an additional 160 heads. “What is going on is neither sweet, beautiful, nor violent. It is inexpressible, it is beyond, quite close to the mystery without doubt. “ A kind of in-between, between life and death, between joy and urgency, patience and despair. Learn on the job to plaster a broken leg, to prick in the muscles of the neck, to leave the affective on the edge.

Ten years later, the voice has grown stronger. And she also took on a sober tone. The first faithful dogs are dead. He had to stop looking after his flock after three years and make up his mind to employ someone to do it, then switch to mountain pasture during the hot season. But isn’t that the best lesson of knowing how to welcome your own renunciations after having struggled? Shape her personality as a shepherdess. “By changing your life, you have to rebuild your head, and for months, the fatigue will have been that one, that of regularly reworking the arrangement of well-established beliefs, to cross out some of them, to weigh all the others to the yardstick of another inventory, of a new world, earthly, absolutely solid, horribly demanding. ”

(1) Also just published: He was a shepherdess by Yves Deloison and Stéphanie Maubé, ed. Rouergue, 256 pp., € 18.80 (ebook: € 13.99).

Frédérique Roussel

Florence Robert Shepherdess of the hills Corti “Biophilia”, 200 pp., € 18.


Gobble Up Life Against Covid-19: Guy Savoy’s Lentil Curry

In these times of generalized confinement, we have an old family legend about lentils, peddled from generation to generation. That of a grandfather lost somewhere between the Meuse and the Somme during the First World War. Imagine, survival in the mud and shit of the trenches. Another form of containment. We pulled the bayonet out of the barrel, under the machine gun, to expose ourselves to another kind of deadly virus. In the family story, our furry young grandfather had been stranded for days under a bus storm when a ladle of lentils was thrown into his bowl and he lapped up without paying attention to this ragougnasse. Up to the spoon too much, when a nasty piece of junk was stuck in one of his ratiches, causing him terrible pain that he had to endure for three days and three nights. “We were in the middle of a pipe breaker, he said. Me, it was nothing, my tooth, next to the comrades who had their holes drilled. But if you knew what I tasted … “


One day, he told us that he may have survived this steel storm because he had “The rage that you treat your tooth”. He had kept from this painful episode a holy scare of lentils, which made him say when he was served: “You trilled them well, didn’t you?” Are there more stones or scrap? ”

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Not only is the lentil today, most of the time, well sorted but it is above all a precious vegetable protein and a universal legume in all cuisines of the world. In France alone, there is a slew of varieties to delight all the simmerings: we think of green lentils from Puy, Berry but also the blonde from Saint-Flour and lentil from Champagne.

Multi-star chef

We borrowed its lentil curry from multi-star chef Guy Savoy in his amazing book Gourmet vegetables (1). You need 100 g of carrots; 100 g onions; 200 g lentils; a teaspoon of curry powder; 15 cl of fresh cream; a tomato; a knob of butter; salt and pepper.

Wash the lentils several times in plenty of water and soak them for 45 minutes, then drain them.

Peel onions and carrots and cut them into small dice four millimeters per side. Put these in a frying pan over a low heat with a knob of butter, just long enough to let them return their vegetable water. Then add the lentils and twice their volume of water. Put a lid and cook over low heat 45 minutes. In the meantime, check from time to time that there is enough liquid in the pan so that it does not stick and, if necessary, add a little water.

After 45 minutes of cooking, add 15 cl of fresh cream and a teaspoon of curry powder. The cream will first liquefy, then when the boiling begins, it will start to reduce.

Meanwhile, world a tomato. Start by cutting a cone around the tail with a small pointed knife in order to remove the slightly hard part of the flesh at the same time. To peel the tomato, cut a small cross at the base of the fruit then immerse it for twelve seconds in a saucepan of boiling water, and then fifteen seconds in cold water. The skin then withdraws on its own.

Cut the tomato crosswise and, using the knife, remove the seeds and the pulp to keep only the flesh. Then cut the tomato into small dice.

Pour the lentils into a baking dish. Add the diced tomatoes and place in the oven for three minutes, enough time to heat the tomato.

(1) Gourmet vegetables by Guy Savoy with Guy Langlois (ed. Plon, 1985)

Jacky durand


The obipos of the USA allow to eat meat this Lent because the coronavirus already supposes a sacrifice | Global World Blog

What greater sacrifice than spending weeks locked up at home because of the coronavirus? The bishops of several dioceses in the United States must have asked themselves, who in recent days have lifted part of the restrictions of Lent. A bishop of New Jersey, with 600,000 faithful in his diocese of Metuchen, has allowed meat to be eaten on Fridays, except that of April 10 because it is Good Friday. The numbers of the epidemic in the United States have grown exponentially in recent days.

“Given the difficulties in obtaining some types of food and the many other sacrifices that we are suddenly undergoing, I have granted a dispensation from abstaining from eating meat on Fridays for the remainder of Lent,” Bishop James F. Checchio has published. , on the Twitter account of his diocese. Abstaining from eating meat is one of the precepts of the liturgical season that precedes Holy Week.

As collected The Washington Post, Many other bishops have granted dispensations. A Louisiana state bishop, Shelton J. Fabre, believes that the coronavirus has put “most, if not all” of its faithful in a situation that complicates making food, “including alternatives to meat.” In a pastoral message, he also pointed out that “the rise in the price of fish and shellfish, and even the risk of going shopping without putting health at risk” clearly “make it difficult” to comply with the precept, and he has so stated in the Web page from the diocese of Houma Thibodaux. Of them, those who eat meat can compensate with charity or pious works, the religious recalled.

The American newspaper details other consequences in religious practice of the coronavirus crisis, such as the concern of many priests that, by imposing ash on the foreheads of his faithful as is customary on Ash Wednesday, could facilitate contagion. Since the beginning of March, and in line with what happened in other countries, numerous Catholic churches in the United States, more than 50 million people, they stopped allowing the wine consecrated during the Eucharist to be drunk from the chalice, a practice that, in the case of the Greek Orthodox Church it has continued to be practiced.


The New York State plastic bag ban goes into effect – NBC New York

What to know

  • The ban on plastic bags in New York has officially entered into force, but the state will wait until April 1 to penalize stores that violate it.
  • Disposable paper bags will still be allowed, but counties have the option of imposing a 5-cent fee
  • The New York ban exempts bags used for takeaway food from the restaurant, plastic bags used to wrap meat, and bags used for prepared food.

The ban on plastic bags in New York has officially entered into force, but the state will wait until April 1 to penalize stores that violate it.

The state began banning stores from distributing most thin plastic bags on Sunday. But State Environmental Conservation Department commissioner Basil Seggos said on Friday that New York had agreed to delay execution while fighting an Albany County court case filed by a plastic bag maker and convenience store owners who define the unconstitutional ban.

An association of 6,000 convenience store owners across the state opposes state efforts to allow stores to distribute only thick, reusable plastic bags that the industry claims cannot yet produce.

“Since the beginning of our awareness campaign we have consistently said that we will focus on education rather than application and today this does not change,” said Seggos.

The state planned to enforce the ban by issuing a notice to dealers who violate the law for the first time. Resellers could eventually face a $ 250 fine for a subsequent violation and a $ 500 fine for violations in the same calendar year.

The New York ban has also attracted criticism from environmental groups who don’t want New York to allow plastic bags at all.

The law passed last April prohibits many types of businesses from using the thin plastic bags that have clogged landfills, caught in trees and accumulated in lakes and seas. Disposable paper bags will still be allowed, but counties have the option of imposing a 5-cent fee.

The New York ban exempts bags used for takeaway food from the restaurant, plastic bags used to wrap meat, and bags used for prepared food.

Environmental state officials are encouraging New Yorkers to start using reusable bags often made of canvas or polyester. The state said it had purchased over a quarter of a million reusable bags to distribute pantries and food shelters.


Organic minced steaks, poor pupils in a ranking of 60 million consumers

The magazine studied and rated 29 different chopped steaks, fresh or frozen.

Through Le Figaro

29 steaks were therefore tested, divided into two categories according to their fat content: 5% or 15%
29 steaks were therefore tested, divided into two categories according to their fat content: 5% or 15% JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD / AFP

Fresh or frozen, more or less loaded with fat: minced steak remains a classic of three-color fridges. The offer is so plentiful on the shelves of our supermarkets that it is sometimes difficult to choose from the many brands and appellations. In its issue of Thursday, February 27, 2020, 60 million consumers has examined 29 references.

These were divided into two categories according to their fat content: 5% or 15%. All of them are obviously 100% pure beef, otherwise the name “chopped steakIs not usable. To classify them, the consumer magazine has scientifically measured their characteristics: salt, protein and even collagen levels. To precisely determine the quality of the products, a microbiological analysis was also carried out in order to detect the possible presence of pathogenic strains in the meat. Finally, the very quality of the meat – namely the presence of cartilage, bone or fat within it – was studied.

Frozen steaks safer than fresh

The results are rather surprising, most of the lowest rated steaks being stamped “organic“. Specifically, the lowest rated are “Beef ground beef“Of Ensemble (Biocoop brand), the”Butcher’s style steaksFrom Naturalia and Jean Rozé’s “Minced beef steaks” (Intermarché brand). They obtain respectively the scores of 12, 11.5 and 9.5 out of 20, far from the winner of the year, the “Chopped steak»Of the Casino brand.

The classification points to specific defects: Naturalia’s steaks are too loaded with collagen, those of Ensemble have large gaps at the microbiological level and Jean Rozé’s steaks accumulate the defects: too low protein content, bone fragments, etc. . This explains why the latter does not even get the average. Finally, be aware that in general, frozen ground steaks are of better microbiological quality than fresh steaks (which in fact often lack freshness).


Marcelo, accused of driving with excessive speed and with the card without points | sports

Marcelo Vieira, left side of Real Madrid, has been charged for driving without points on his license, as the newspaper has advanced The world and confirmed THE COUNTRY. The player was surprised on December 19 by a radar on the M-12 motorway, near the sports city of Valdebebas, when it was traveling at 134 kilometers per hour.

The player has given a statement this Monday as a defendant before the holder of the Court of Instruction number 3 of Alcobendas for the alleged commission of a crime against road safety (driving without points on the license and speeding). Judicial sources have specified that the player will be summoned for an appearance on “next dates of March”, so that the court decides whether the case follows the ordinary procedure or the current preliminary proceedings are transformed into a quick trial.

According to the known information of the appearance of this Monday, Marcelo alleged that he did not know that he had run out of points. The court of Alcobendas has cited the player, which is not the first time he falls for this infraction. In 2013 he was fined 6,000 euros also for driving with the points sold out.

Marcelo, 31, is completing his 14th white season. Although he has played 17 games, his role in the Zidane team has decreased compared to previous years. The arrival of the Frenchman Ferland Mendy is a great competition for the Brazilian side, second captain of the squad after Sergio Ramos and one of the icons of the last great winning cycle of Madrid.

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