New energy companies start from October 1

With two special acts that They will be held next Tuesday, September 29 in Barranquilla and Cartagena, President Ivan Duque will lead the launch of the companies that will assume the commercialization and distribution of the energy service in the Caribbean Coast: Afinia (Caribe Mar) and Aire (Caribe Sol).

The companies they begin to operate from October 1 in the region, in a fact that marks a new stage in the history of the electricity service of the Coast serving about 10 million people.

Afinia, de Public Companies of Medellín (EPM), will serve the Bolívar, Sucre, Córdoba and Cesar markets with 1.51 million clients.

Air, which is in the hands of Caribbean Energy Consortium (Enerpereira and Latin American Corp), will be in charge of the Atlántico, Magdalena and La Guajira markets with 1.21 million clients.

After the award of the two companies, which was made through an auction process in March this year, the joint began, which for the most part had to develop virtually in the middle of the quarantine.

Although it was thought that due to the pandemic and the impact of the Electricaribe indicators Delays could occur, the new operators, Electricaribe and Superservicios, managed to advance in the last month in such a way that the schedule that had been set was met. This is how this week the contracts will be closed with the signature of the company representatives.

The investment commitments of the two startups in the next 5 years add up to $ 5.7 trillion, of which $ 3.2 billion correspond to the Caribe Mar market and $ 2.6 billion to Caribe Sol.

Additionally, the 10-year projection is $ 5 trillion for Caribbean Sea and $ 3.7 billion for Caribbean Sun, for a total of $ 8.7 billion.

It should be remembered that Electricaribe will not disappear immediately, as it is in the liquidation process.

It is not the first time the energy market of the Caribbean Coast is served by two companiesSince Electricaribe and Electrocosta operated in the 2000s, but under the control of Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF), today Naturgy, which later joined due to operational issues.


Oil Alliance vs. Independiente Medellín Liga BetPlay: Five reasons for the defeat of DIM | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

The pandemic hit Deportivo Independiente Medellín hard, who on his return to the competition accumulated two consecutive defeats, complicating his outlook in the Colombian League and the Copa Libertadores.

Next, five reasons for a new red fall, this time in Barrancabermeja against Alianza Petrolera, something that had not happened since October 4, 2016, when he had lost 3-1, until this meeting, he accumulated six games without losing in the oil port

Little definition: This problem has become endemic in Medellín since the departure of Germán Cano, in the complementary stage Aldo Bobadilla tried to add more men in the attack, but they did not manage to make a single clear goal arrival on the goal of Ricardo Jerez. Leonardo Castro is slow, clumsy in movements and instead of dragging marks and positioning himself well, he ends up obstructing his teammates.

Formless players: Many players couldn’t keep up for more than 60 minutes, even though they hadn’t been in competition for six months. Other teams have shown intensity in the game. This Medellín shows long in its lines and where its players find it difficult to finish the games. Clearly, Alianza Petrolera’s goal came as a result of a lack of concentration in defense in the last minutes of the match.

Confusions: Although a large part of the team is ‘new’, neither in the match against Alianza Petrolera nor against Caracas in the Copa Libertadores they achieved a dynamic in the game that would serve to surprise the opposite. In many parts of the game they are reactive to what the opponent does. They do not coordinate the passes, the movements, in some moments it gave the impression that they did not speak and that made it difficult for the opponent to recover the ball easily.

Lack of ideas: Every game that passes, Medellín and his game scheme misses Andrés Ricaurte. Neither Javier Reina, nor José Estupiñán, nor Bayron Garcés have been able to solve this problem in the 180 minutes played without the Antioquia ’10’.

Surprise: Everything is linked to the same thing, a predictable, lukewarm team that does not know whether to attack, defend, wait for what the opponent does or play the ‘pitch’, in most of these games they have done a bit of everything, but nothing well. In the end the rivals are imposed on him with little and that is what should concern the coaching staff the most.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano

FUTBOLRED correspondent


En twitter: @juanchoserran8


In Cartagena they seize 50 thousand false medicines against COVID-19

Three containers from Asia, which contained counterfeit products to detect and combat COVID-19 and which belonged to a recognized brand worldwide, were seized by the Tax and Customs Police in Cartagena.

The operation was carried out Within the framework of the operationalization of the International Alert System, and thanks to information provided by the Police Community of America (AMERIPOL), the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), HSI and CBP.

In the containers there were 50 thousand medicines, which, according to the investigations carried out, were going to Venezuela.

According to the investigations carried out by international agencies and the Colombian authorities, they realize that in order to avoid the suspicion of the customs agencies of our country, the merchandise would have made a stopover in Cartagena to be distributed in smaller cargo units that would enter the neighboring country of Venezuela for its illegal commercialization.

“This activity constitutes a process of materialization of an investigation carried out against a criminal structure dedicated to money laundering through foreign trade activities, with criminal interference in the cities of Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellín and Bogotá ”, stated the POLFA.

It was also indicated that the Police and some Customs services of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, OIJ of Costa Rica and the National Police of Colombia will begin this week, the so-called “Operation ESLABÓN”, coordinated through DIAN-POLFA and AMERIPOL in the fight against smuggling and counterfeiting of products related to COVID-19.

During the course of 2020 and the period of the pandemic in Cartagena, 556 actions have been carried out to control and apprehend 4.7 million goods valued at 220 billion pesos, among which are: medicines, cigarettes, liquors, toys, footwear, electrical appliances, among others.


Magangué doctor is “detained” in Caracas

The doctor Antonio José Amell Cantillo, who had been reported by his family as missing, would be detained in Caracas, after he was captured at dawn last Sunday in the municipality of San Diego, a town near the city of Valencia, Carabobo state. , in the central area of ​​the neighboring country.

Members of the organization Foro Penal told EL HERALDO that after a meeting with officials of the Valencia judicial circuit, they told them that “he was not in the Judicial Palace.”

“Our team informs us that he would be in Caracas and they would present him before a special judge,” the NGO’s lawyers told this medium.

The coordinator of the NGO in Carabobo, Luis Betancourt, visited the main detention centers in Carabobo state yesterday and they answered that they did not have the 27-year-old doctor.

Marisol Cantillo, who is in Medellín, told EL HERALDO that several lawyers told her that her son was transferred to Caracas on Monday night in a helicopter.

“I only know that. I have not been able to talk to him, nor do I know the reasons for his possible arrest. The lawyers give me no more reason. They don’t know much either. These days have been an ordeal for me, ”Cantillo said.

According to neighbors, around 1:00 am on Sunday the doctor was forcibly taken from his home by officials with clothing and identification from the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebín), who also took documents and a computer from the site.

Friends of the resident doctor of the Ciudad Hospitalaria Enrique Tejera (CHET), in Valencia, rule out that his arrest and subsequent disappearance is due “to political reasons.”

“As far as we know, he was never linked to some kind of organization or anything like that. There are no videos or any publication of him making any kind of political statement, “the doctor’s friends told this medium.

A request

Congressmen Fernando Araújo, Gabriel Velasco, Emeterio Montes, Jorge Benedetti, Jennifer Arias, Alejandro Corrales, Yamil Arana, Nadia Blel, Karen Cure and Silvio Carrasquilla signed a letter requesting the Red Cross and the Foreign Ministry to mediate to achieve the release of the doctor.

“In Venezuela there is a tyranny that violates Human Rights. We request that this communication be forwarded to international organizations in order to carry out the pertinent actions to guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of the victim of this gross act, ”the letter states.


(Video) They murder a man in a barber shop in Medellín

A shocking homicide was recorded on video in a barber shop in the Girardot neighborhood, northwest of Medellin.

The 27-year-old man was in a barbershop, when an armed hitman arrives, who in seconds enters and shoots him several times until he assassinates him, to finally flee the place.

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Authorities attribute the crime to alleged territorial disputes between gangs.

“This person had been, according to the relatives, threatened by the criminal groups of the« Mondongueros »; we are conducting an investigation to capture these people, “said General Eliécer Camacho, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Valle de Aburrá.

Likewise, they analyze the images to find the identity and location of the person responsible for the homicide.


HUN joins clinical trial for vaccine against Covid-19

The Hospital Universidad del Norte, located in the municipality of Soledad, was endorsed by the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) to participate in the clinical trial for the third phase of the Covid-19 vaccine, which is developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

The health institution, which is located in the municipality of Soledad, is part of the list of six centers that already have the approval by the health authority to start the tests in the first weeks of September, after they are presented the results of the study in the previous phase.

Diego Castresana-Díaz, director of the Hospital Universidad del Norte, highlighted that participation in this trial is an endorsement of the scientific work carried out from his research center.

“We have participated in a large number of studies through the Research Center. Furthermore, these processes are always endorsed by a very strict ethics committee, which also monitors ”, he stated during a virtual press conference.

While Hugo Macareno, scientific director of the Hospital Universidad del Norte, said that this study seeks to determine the efficacy and safety of the vaccine to prevent the disease, which already leaves more than 23 million infected and 820 thousand deaths in the world.

“The inclusion criteria for this study are very rigorous. These studies will be with people between 18 and 68 years old, mainly those who are more exposed to the virus, “said Macareno.

The medical professional was emphatic in maintaining that among the exclusion criteria to participate in the clinical trial is having suffered the disease.

“The idea is that among the volunteers there are health workers, which is one of the populations that is most exposed to the virus. If a person is chosen to be part of this program, they must continue to use the precautionary measures ”, she indicated.

Silvia Aguilera, coordinator of scientific studies at Hospital Universidad del Norte, indicated that they are waiting for the sponsor of the study to determine the number of volunteers that are needed.

“Worldwide, 60 thousand people will take part in the test. The number that will be treated in each of the centers has not yet been defined and as soon as we have that data we will be able to define the strategies for their recruitment, ”said the medical professional.

Aguilera added that the main objective of phase three of the trial of this vaccine is “to validate the efficiency and safety in a representative group.”

“This test is very important to know how the virus behaves in the region. As a research center we are going to do everything possible so that this vaccine can be reliable and safe ”, he added.

In Barranquilla, the Cimedical clinical research center also received the endorsement to be part of this process.

Juan José Jaller, medical scientist at Cimedical, explained that the idea is that people over 18 years of age in good health and with a high risk of contagion participate. Each volunteer will have six face-to-face visits and weekly follow-ups to monitor if they are infected.

“This previous experience generates security, it also has the backing of the Johnson & Johnson group,” Jaller said in dialogue with EL HERALDO.

It should be noted that the people who will participate in the clinical trial will not receive any financial remuneration.

The invima speaks

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) indicated that the approval for the development of this clinical trial is done “exceptionally”, to advance in logistical aspects related to the importation of the vaccine, medical supplies and training of the research team in the institutions approved to participate in the process.

The entity said that, in this way, the country is expected to be ready to begin recruiting participants from the month of September. The estimated primary completion date is March 2023, although initial results are expected in January next year.

“Colombia’s participation in this clinical trial is thanks to the efforts made by the national government to control the effects of the pandemic and to improve response times in regulatory procedures related to emergency care,” said Julio César Aldana, CEO of Invima.

Likewise, the official stressed that “the measures adopted allowed the materialization of a public health policy, placing Colombia on the world stage of viable countries to start clinical trials with these vaccines.”

In addition to the Hospital Universidad del Norte and the Cimedical clinical research center, the country approved the start of the clinical trial at the Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia (Bucaramanga), Caimed (Bogotá), Fundación Oftalmológica de Santander (Floridablanca) and Solano & Terront Medical Services (Bogotá), Invima indicated in a press release sent to this medium on Tuesday.

9 centers await the endorsement

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) reported that nine research centers throughout the country are awaiting verification of compliance with the requirements to be part of the clinical trial.

The Clínica de la Costa de Barranquilla is part of this small group together with the Valle del Lili Foundation (Cali), Medplus Prepaid Medicine (Bogotá), Pediatric Infectious Disease Center (Cali), Santa Fe Foundation (Bogotá), Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital (Medellín), Fundación Centro de Investigación Clínica CIC (Medellín), Program for Studies and Control of Tropical Diseases (Medellín) and High Complexity Scientific Assistance (Bogotá).

These centers seek to join the six that have already received the endorsement to carry out this study.

Globally, the third phase will initially take place in five other countries: the United States, Chile, Mexico, Peru and South Africa.

The clinical trial is expected to take place with a total population of 60,000 participants, proportionally distributed among these countries.


Peak and ID today August 22, 2020: Bogota, Cali, Medellín and Barranquilla When can I leave 2020 | Outside of Soccer

This Saturday, August 22, in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla, the peak and ID measures continue for citizens who want to leave their homes to make purchases and basic procedures.

In BOGOTÁ YES People with an ODD number (1-3-5-7-9) may leave. It must be remembered that the towns of Usaquén, Chapinero, Teusaquillo, Puente Aranda, Antonio Nariño, Santa Fe and La Candelaria, are in strict quarantine until August 30.

In MEDELLÍN AND THE VALLEY OF ABURRÁ people with ID ending in 8 and 9 YES may leave, to do errands.

In CALI YES People with ID ending in PAR number (0-2-4-6-8) may leave. It must be remembered that the curfew will come into force from 10 at night until 5 in the morning and so on until August 31.

In BARRANQUILLA YES People with ID ending in PAR number (0-2-4-6-8) may leave.


Government clarifies Bloomberg figures on Covid

The controversy was ignited this Thursday with an article published by the magazine ‘Bloomberg’, which shows that Colombia currently has the fourth highest number of cases in Latin America and that on a per capita basis the death figures of the country in recent weeks they are the worst in the world, with 43.1 deaths per million people.

The note, based on data from Johns Hopkins University and calculations by Bloomberg, is published as the escalation of cases and deaths in recent weeks has led the country’s two main cities, Bogotá and Medellín, to reimpose targeted quarantines.

The magazine quotes the epidemiologist Carlos Trillos, a professor at the Universidad del Rosario, who points out that contributing to the increase is “the dynamics of virus transmission, given the growing number of people on the streets” and adds that also “there is fatigue after the long periods of restrictive measures ”.

It also notes that more cases are being diagnosed, and the tests amount to about 30,000 tests per day.

In Bogotá, the isolation by locality is scheduled to end this week, although some measures of social distancing will be maintained for the rest of the month. Mayor Claudia López said that the capital will not return to quarantines by zones and that she is analyzing a package of measures that will be adopted between September and December. Restrictions will be imposed on companies, but they will be more stable so that different sectors of the economy know what to expect, she told ‘Noticias Caracol’ last Monday.

Meanwhile, the second largest city in the country, Medellín, is on a “plateau” and will likely remain there for three more weeks before the number of infections begins to decline, Mayor Daniel Quintero told ‘Blu Radio’.

To date, Colombia has registered 433,805 infected, 14,145 deaths and 250,494 recovered, according to figures from the Ministry of Health.

In response, the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, said this Thursday in a debate in the Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives that it was “disinformation.”

“Here we are facing both the pandemic and misinformation, in the face of even false news that speak that Colombia’s level is one of the highest in the world but without considering the size of the Colombian population or those news that the RT (number of effective reproduction) of Colombia is the highest in the world, it is news that does not really contribute ”, criticized the official.

In turn, the infectologist Carlos Álvarez, advisor to the Executive, told EL HERALDO that the magazine’s report is not real.

“It seems to me that the ‘Bloomberg’ statement is not given in the light of reality, because one cannot evaluate mortality in a week and compare it with other countries depending on the historical moment. In other words, the moment of the peak of the pandemic is different from what is happening at this moment in Colombia, in Peru, in Mexico or Brazil itself, to what is happening in other parts of the world or what happened, such as the The deadliest week in Italy could have been the first of April or the last of March ”, explained the expert.

In summary, Álvarez added, “to be able to compare or make this approximation, the epidemic would have to be present at the same time throughout the world and that does not happen that way.”

In this sense, he concludes that to evaluate how the epidemic has been in the different countries “the best way is to evaluate the accumulated number of deaths per million inhabitants, because that is how it really shows how this behavior has been, and that, because some countries have not yet started the epidemic peak ”.

In other parts of Latin America, for example, after Brazil surpassed 3 million coronavirus infections last Friday, President Jair Bolsonaro took to social media to criticize how the crisis is covered in the media, while arguing against social distancing measures.

The president wrote on Twitter that “there is no shortage of resources, equipment and medicines for the states and municipalities.” And Argentina is considering postponing its population census by more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter.

Likewise, in Bolivia, anti-government protesters have built barricades to counter the delay in general elections and the response to the pandemic.

Finally, Mexico will release industrial production figures for June on Tuesday, which should add evidence that activity is recovering after a sharp drop in the previous months, but remains well below its pre-outbreak level.


Quarantine in Medellín Oriente and Urabá on the August bank holiday – Medellín – Colombia

As confirmed by Luis Fernando Suárez, this holiday weekend not only nine municipalities of the Aburrá valley will have quarantine, but also some from Oriente and Urabá.

This is how this strict quarantine will be fulfilled in the Aburrá and Oriente valley between Saturday, August 15 at 00:00 until Monday 17 at 24 hours, in which the public and private construction sector will be excepted.

The municipalities where it will apply They will be Rionegro, El Retiro, La Ceja, Guarne, Marinilla and El Santuario.

“Due to its own dynamics, This measure will not cover the municipalities of San Vicente Ferrer, La Unión and El Carmen de Viboral”, Explained the governor.

As for Urabá, the mayors of said subregion, affected by the high number of infections, agreed that the Quarantine for Life will be from Saturday 15 at 5:00 p.m. until Tuesday, August 18 at 3:30 a.m.

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Although Suárez had announced that if it reached 85 percent of the ICU occupancy (it is 81.61%), it would be declared quarantine for seven days, he affirmed that this measure has already been discarded.

The last weekend, 54,000 vehicles were mobilized on the roads of Antioquia, in many cases, without being within the exceptions of the decree of ‘State of total care’ and ‘Quarantine of life’.

“For this weekend we are going to have special support in the 25 prevention areas that the Sectional of Transit and Transportation, these are in all the exits of Medellín, we will have the support of the Meval, with security personnel and with five areas that will be coordinated with the Aburrá Valley Mobility Secretariats, “explained Lieutenant Colonel José Archila, head of the Antioquia Transit and Transportation section.

In the six road corridors of the department there will be checkpoints and 600 Traffic and Transportation police and 600 more surveillance police, from the Aburrá Valley and the Antioquia Police Department.

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It should be remembered that those who are caught on the roads, violating the sanitary measure, will be applied both the National Code of security and citizen coexistence, such as the Traffic Code.

In turn, the Traffic and Transportation Section confirmed to EL TIEMPO that operations will intensify on Friday, because although the strict quarantine begins on Saturday, many people will seek to take advantage of leaving this day.



Liga Betplay: Jackson Martínez prepares to return to Medellín, first love | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

This Tuesday, August 11, it became known through the Portuguese newspaper ‘O Jogo’, that Jackson Martínez had agreed to leave Portimonense, a team where he would have one more year of contract, to return to Deportivo Independiente Medellín.

The 33-year-old Chocoano finishes his second cycle in Portuguese football, where he played 54 games and scored 12 goals, of which three were in his last season.

“They were two seasons of dedication, a lot of sacrifice and some goals and good performances. Jackson Martínez put an end to his relationship with Portimonense, in this second Portuguese football adventure, very different, of course, from the first, in which, in the service of FC Porto, he positioned himself as one of the best strikers to act in Europe. At the age of 33, Cha Cha Cha decided to return to his country and to Independiente Medellín, curiously where it all began, to play one more season before ‘hanging up the glove’ ”, expressed ‘O Jogo’.

After the information known by the red team of Antioquia in which they would be waiting for the results of medical tests and waiting for a new communication next Thursday, August 13. Everything indicates that the process would accelerate and Medellín would have a reinforcement for its attack.

Despite the attempts by Portimonense to stay with the team as a player or as an ambassador for the club, if he wanted to stay in Portugal, the Chocoano revealed the desire to play in Colombia and that is why the Portuguese accepted the player’s request who played for Porto, Atlético de Madrid and Guangzhou de China.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
En twitter: @juanchoserran8