13 cases of dengue reported in a week in Reunion: let’s stay mobilized!

In their last weekly bulletin, the Prefecture of Reunion and the ARS announce 13 cases of dengue for the period from September 7 to 13.

During the past two weeks, 12 municipalities were still affected by the circulation of the virus. The prefecture and the ARS remind the population of the importance of preventive measures to curb the circulation of the virus during this southern winter: eliminate the breeding sites by emptying anything that may contain water around their home, consult a doctor in the event of symptoms, protect yourself and those around you against mosquito bites.

Epidemiological situation on September 15, 2020
(data from the French Regional Public Health Unit)

Over the past 2 weeks, 12 municipalities have reported cases: Saint Paul, Le Port, Saint Leu, Trois Bassins, Etang Salé, Sainte Marie, Saint Joseph, Saint André, Saint Louis, Saint Pierre, Bras Panon and Sainte Rose.

Over the past 4 weeks, only the municipalities of Saint-Philippe, Salazie and Plaine des Palmistes have not reported a case.

Since the beginning of the year :
• Almost 15,900 confirmed indigenous cases
• 675 hospitalizations
• 1,747 emergency room visits
• 19 deaths (including 9 directly related to dengue)

The main groupings of cases are:

West region
• Saint Leu (Bois de Nèfles Piton, Piton Saint-Leu)
• Trois Bassins (Downtown)
• The Port (EDF factory)
• Saint Paul (Les Chocas)

South region
• Saint Joseph (Butor, Matuta)
• Saint Peter (Holy Land)

Eastern region
• Saint André (Cambuston)

North region
• Sainte Denis (Montgaillard)

The ARS vector control teams continue their day and night mosquito control interventions, by applying barrier measures against the spread of Covid-19.

These treatments against the proliferation of mosquitoes are essential to fight against dengue fever and must be accompanied by preventive measures implemented by the population of Reunion.

Mosquito control operations in Villèle

As part of the fight against dengue, the Reunion Regional Health Agency (ARS) will carry out mosquito control in Villèle.

ARS agents will carry out night spraying from Wednesday 16 to Thursday 17 September 2020.

If the circulation of the dengue virus slows down in the island – 13 cases were identified last week – vigilance must remain constant in Saint-Paul where the epidemic is still present.

898 addresses are affected in the Villèle sector.

Note that in the event of unforeseen events (unfavorable weather: rain, winds, or equipment breakdown), these treatments will be postponed until the next day.

Recommendations to fight against dengue

• Eliminate the breeding grounds: empty anything that may contain water all around your home.
• Consult a doctor in case of symptoms: fever, headache, pain
muscles / joints, nausea, vomiting, fatigue …
• Protect yourself and those around you against mosquito bites
These protective measures also apply to people who have already contracted dengue.


[Société] A non-Covid follow-up care unit at the Sainte-Clotilde clinic

At the end of May, a follow-up care and rehabilitation unit (SSR), dedicated to Covid patients, opened at the Saint-Vincent clinic in Saint-Denis. These 25 beds take care of patients previously hospitalized for coronavirus, in intensive care or in conventional service. But that’s just as many beds less for the follow-up and rehabilitation care of non-Covid patients.

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This is why the Clinifutur health group and the CHU worked together with the ARS to increase capacity in the north of the island. Hence the installation of a 20-bed follow-up and rehabilitation service for non-Covid patients, in a vacant unit at the Sainte-Clotilde clinic. The unit will be operated by teams from the SSR department of the Saint-Vincent clinic. This unit will be located on the 3rd floor of building G of the Sainte-Clotilde clinic.

“Equipped with double and single rooms, an adapted technical platform and trained nursing and medico-technical staff, it will allow the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of adult patients with multiple pathologies whose admissions will be made at the request of upstream health establishments (MCO) by the software “Via trajectoire” either by fax or email for general practitioners, according to the usual contact details of the secretariat of the SSR of the Saint-Vincent Clinic “, specifies Clinifutur.

The health group continues: “The SSR establishments and services play the role of downstream beds for the services of the medical or surgical establishments and participate in streamlining the care pathways in the medicine, surgery or intensive care unit. . It is within this framework of regional cooperation that all the establishments of the Clinifutur Health Group are organized in order to be able to support the public hospital “.

For the time being, the development operations are still finishing, and the opening of this non-Covid SSR unit is scheduled for next Monday, September 14.


“The number of people admitted to intensive care is falling”

Since its placement in the red zone last Sunday, Reunion continues to see the epidemic spreading over its territory. This week alone, our island has recorded 598 cases.

A disturbing figure that shows a “active circulation of the virus in the island” first launched Martine Ladoucette. For the director of the ARS, the concern still remains with indicators that converge “and which show that the situation is deteriorating”. “We have very clearly crossed the alert threshold” she hammered.

As a reminder, while the incidence rate (which represents the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants over a week) was 50 last week, it is now 76 per 100,000 inhabitants. The positivity rate went from 3% to 4% this week.

Martine Ladoucette also provided an update on clusters. Reunion has 25 active workers spread over 8 municipalities this Friday. “We have closed 14 since the appearance of the first” added the director of the ARS, recalling that nearly 2,500 people are currently exposed to the risks of these clusters. “However, the virus is circulating all over the island”, Martine Ladoucette insists, before resuming: “the active circulation of the virus on the island is not only the result of these clusters but of isolated cases”.

Another cause of concern for the ARS: the increase in the number of admissions to conventional hospitalization. On the good news, however, the drop in the number of people admitted to intensive care compared to the previous week. “The minute we talk to each other, we rather observe a relaxation in the occupation of hospital beds”.

On the health response provided by the authorities, the response “is not to be in the rupture or in the deep change” but on the contrary to continue to deepen the measures, she assures as “the continuation of communication campaigns for the general public, this time centered on respect for isolation” or a video campaign for the general public on the need for barrier gestures “in all the circumstances of everyday life”.

Martine Ladoucette also expressed the wish that the sending of weekly statistics of an epidemiological nature to the mayors of the island be accompanied by recommendations from the ARS and Public Health France, “in particular on targeted screening campaigns”.

“From next week we will be proposing and implementing screening campaigns in certain municipalities. In terms of targeted screening precisely, access and accessibility of diagnostic tests should be improved for people with symptoms. C This is why each covid center that will open will allow the backing of a diagnostic sampling center for people with symptoms “.

The opening of covid centers, these dedicated outpatient centers, “are still relevant” and even better: the ARS, in partnership with the municipalities and at the initiative of liberal professionals (doctors and nurses), will open 8 as of next week, “some having an inter-municipal vocation from the outset”, she specifies. It will be possible in these centers to do both consultations and diagnostic samples for people with symptoms.

Finally, Martine Ladoucette praised the inter-hospital cooperation between public and private establishments (in particular the Sainte-Clotilde clinic. “We will be able to open 20 additional follow-up care beds which will help all medical patients to be hospitalized even though the number of beds for covid patients will have to be increased”.


First phase of international flights will be on September 21

The return of the international flights will be next September 21, as confirmed this Thursday by the Minister of Transportation, Ángela María Orozco, within the framework of the beginning of a new cycle of air connectivity that also involves the start-up of air terminals in intermediate cities.

Even if biosecurity protocols to capitalize on return flights are not definedOrozco pointed out that the Ministry of Health would be publishing them soon. In this sense, the minister announced that the Government will demand as a requirement to enter the country the presentation of a negative PCR test for Covid-19, although the times of its taking are not yet specified.

This requirement is only in force at this time to travel to the island of San Andrés.

It should be noted that PCR tests (polymerase chain reaction) They are those that allow to detect a fragment of genetic material of a pathogen. This test is being used to confirm or rule out cases of patients with Covid-19, but it has also been used to detect other types of infectious diseases.

Additionally, the minister indicated that Additional adjustments are being evaluated in relation to the lines and procedures in Migración Colombia.

Routes. As revealed by the minister, the institution has classified possible countries with air connection into four groups, according to the disposition to materialize the route based on the requirements of the pandemic. In this way, among the countries with the possibility of immediate connection are United States, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Turkey.

In the next category, the countries with the possibility of connection this month oen October, there are Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Spain, France, the Netherlands, Cuba, Canada, Argentina and Germany are in the third group of countries whose air connectivity is linked to special conditions, while the possibilities with Costa Rica or Paraguay are ruled out, for the moment.

First flight. Even if the first gradual phase would begin on September 21e, the first commercial international flights will leave Cartagena on Friday the 19th to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, “Understanding that this is a city that depends on tourist activity,” said the minister. The low-cost airlines, the American Spirit and the Colombian Viva Air, will be in charge of the operation.

On the other hand, the director of Migration Colombia, Juan Francisco Espinosa, in a meeting with the Montería authorities, he confirmed the interest of the national government in establishing an international air route that connects the capital of the department of Córdoba with Panama City.


Dog who was left ‘dressed and upset’ has already found a new home – People – Culture

Vicente, the puppy who was planted on the day of his first adoption, He found a family after his story went viral on social networks.

On September 9, Fundación Rescátame published the story of a puppy that was never picked up on the day of its adoption.

Vicente was left ‘dressed and flustered’ and is still available for adoption. Vicente’s supposed adopter never came for him. Already when he was ready for a home, bathing, he canceled his adoption“read the description of a photo on Instagram.

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Given the situation, Internet users were moved by Vicente’s photograph and expressed rejection of the decision of the adopter. However, luckily for the puppy, a family took the decision to adopt it and the Foundation announced the success of the process on its social networks.

“Thanks to all the interested people, we never thought that his story would go so far. We want to tell you that Vicente has already been adopted by a beautiful family. We still have more than 40 furry at the Foundation waiting for a home”

On Instagram, Vicente’s publication exceeded 50,000 ‘likes’ and on Twitter it was shared more than 1,000 times.

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(If you visit us from the app see the publication here).

The Foundation announced that Vicente was up for adoption on September 1. In their social networks, the photos of five puppies were disseminated, which like the protagonist of this story were ready to find a home.

“Federica, Eugenia, Vicente, Arnoldo and Ramón, up for adoption. These fat boys are 5 cubs of almost two months that recently arrived at the Foundation. (…) We believe that they will be medium, but as we do not know their parents we cannot secure a size “.

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According to a study by the University of La Salle, carried out in 2019, it is estimated that in Colombia there are at least one million stray dogs and that only in Bogotá the figure is around 150,000. That is, for every 100 dogs that have a home, there are 38 that live on the streets.



[Société] Martine Ladoucette: “The situation is not improving and even is getting worse”

Martine Ladoucette, director general of ARS, as every week takes stock of the health situation in Reunion. “The situation is not improving and even is getting worse,” she warns.

-> “The active circulation of the virus is necessarily a source of concern for all of us, with indicators that show that the situation is not improving and even is getting worse.“. 598 weekly cases were seen this week. The alert threshold has been crossed concerning the incidence rate, now 76 per 100,000 inhabitants.

-> 4% positivity rate, but below the national average, and the alert threshold. It was around 3% last week.

-> 25 active clusters, 14 have therefore been closed since the appearance of the first. Around 200 cases are attached to these clusters. They are spread over 8 municipalities. “But that means that more than 2,500 people have been exposed to risk in these clusters“(contact persons).

-> “The virus continues to circulate on the island, and this circulation is not only the result of clusters, it is largely the result of isolated cases

-> Hospitalizations are increasing in conventional hospitalization, but the number of admissions in intensive care has decreased, we observe “a decrease in the occupancy of beds in hospitalization”.

-> “The objective is to be in the continuation and the deepening of the measures”, in terms of health response.

-> The ARS wishes to take some “flagship measures” to deal with:

  • Continuation of communication campaigns for the general public, including a campaign focused on respect for isolation when you are positive

  • Video sequences to apply barrier gestures in all circumstances of daily life

  • Sending weekly data to mayors accompanied by recommendations from the ARS

  • Population screening campaigns targeted at certain municipalities

  • Improve access to diagnostic testing for symptomatic people: each Covid center will have a diagnostic sampling center for symptomatic people

  • Contact tracing will benefit from more resources: Health Insurance and ARS will see their numbers increase to cope with the number of cases. Other premises will also allow the organization of this contact-tracing to evolve, and unify the teams.

  • Strengthening of resources to cope with the evolution of the epidemic: “continuous increase in the number of armed resuscitation beds”

  • Covid centers: “we will be able to open, in partnership with the municipalities, and at the initiative of private doctors and nurses, 8 Covid centers, some with inter-municipal vocation. These will be consultation centers but also sampling centers for patients who present with symptoms of Covid.

  • To develop resuscitation capacity, the national health crisis center has been warned that more medical and paramedical personnel are needed.

  • ARS has given authorization for the opening of 20 follow-up care and rehabilitation beds at the Sainte-Clotilde clinic, so that all patients can be taken care of despite a greater mobilization of beds for Covid patients.

  • Strengthen medical regulation at SAMU by liberal physicians, in addition to SAMU hospital physicians, and answer calls from people who need medical advice and guidance 24 hours a day.

  • Particular attention to fragile people, with a new communication campaign “protect yourself, protect them”, aimed at seniors and juniors.


The Saint-Vincent clinic will support the CHU

The press release:


September 11, 2020

On May 25, the Saint-Vincent Clinic opened its 25-bed Post Covid-19 Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation (SSR) unit, in close collaboration with the Regional Health Agency of Reunion Island and the North University Hospital, for a in charge of Covid-19 patients in post-medicine or intensive care at the CHU Nord.

To compensate for the allocation of these SSR beds dedicated to Post Covid-19 patients, and in order to increase the downstream capacity in SSR beds for Non-Covid19 patients, the Clinifutur Health Group and the Reunion University Hospital have come together under the aegis of the Regional Health Agency of Reunion, in order to consider all the possibilities in the North.

The SSR establishments and services play the role of downstream beds for the services of the medical or surgical establishments and participate in streamlining the care pathways in the medicine, surgery or resuscitation service.

It is within this framework of regional cooperation that all the establishments of the Clinifutur Health Group are organized in order to be able to support the public hospital.

Thus, it was agreed, to install a service of 20 SSR Non Covid-19 beds in a vacant unit on the site of the Clinique Sainte-Clotilde which will be operated by the teams of the Clinique Saint-Vincent whose status is Current SSR Post Covid-19 does not allow use of its own premises.

In fact, this new service, entirely managed by Clinique Saint-Vincent, will be located on the 3rd floor of building G of Clinique Sainte-Clotilde. Equipped with double and single rooms, an adapted technical platform and trained nursing and medico-technical staff, it will allow the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of adult patients with multiple pathologies whose admissions will be made at the request of upstream health establishments ( MCO) by the software “Via trajectoire” either by fax or email for general practitioners, according to the usual contact details of the SSR secretariat of the Saint-Vincent Clinic.

The development operations are finalized for an upcoming opening scheduled for Monday, September 14, 2020.


Javier Ordóñez has 9 skull fractures: Legal Medicine

He Secretary of Security of Bogotá, Hugo Acero, revealed this Friday that lawyer Javier Ordóñez, victim of the case of police brutality that has shocked the country and the world, died as a result of the blows that were inflicted on him, apparently, the policemen who took him to CAI last Tuesday night.

“There is a report from Legal Medicine that talks about a possible blunt weapon in the death of Javier Ordóñez. (…) From the point of view of forensic medicine, there are different causes of death. A blunt weapon can be a closed fist, ”the official told the public radio station Radio Nacional.

In the preliminary opinion of the forensic entity Specifically, nine fractures are evidenced in the victim’s skull, as well as other serious injuries apparently caused by blows to different parts of his body.

Likewise, it was known that There are videos in the possession of the authorities in which the severe beating of Ordóñez could be evidenced in the CAI to which he was taken in the town of Engativá.

Old quarrels

It was also aired that the researchers have found alleged old quarrels between the uniformed men and the victim, which could well become the motives for crime.

The death of Ordóñez, which has unleashed a day of protests that left 13 people killed by firearms in three days in Bogotá and Soacha, occurred at dawn last Wednesday, after being taken by several policemen to a CAI in Engativá.

Prior to his arrest, a video in which two agents discharge electric shocks from a ‘taser’ gun on repeated occasions against Ordóñez, whom they allegedly sued for consuming liquor on public roads.

“They massacred him.” Vadith Gómez, defender of the Ordóñez family, told the press that the policemen “massacred him inside the CAI”, So those responsible should be charged, he said, the crimes of aggravated homicide, torture and abuse of authority.

The lawyer also advocated because the case remains in the ordinary justice and do not go to the military criminal justice system, since, he warns, the excessive use of force cannot be considered an act of service.


Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo, He asked for forgiveness on behalf of the Police and announced that in the middle of the investigations another five uniformed men were suspended, who join the two who had been temporarily removed from their positions last Wednesday.

This case, Trujillo said, “it hurts and outrages us, and generates solidarity ”.

For this reason, he stated: “The Police apologizes for any violation of the law or ignorance of the regulations incurred by any of the members of the institution.”

He reported in this regard that “A hearing has been summoned for abuse of authority and murder” and that “the police have been suspended so that the investigation is not obstructed.”

Likewise, it pointed out that the investigations are progressing with respect to “other police officers who may have been responsible for the death of Javier Ordóñez by act or omission.

So it finally resolves, “suspend five more police officers to subject them to the investigation process”.

In turn, the director in charge of the Police, General Gustavo Moreno, also asked for forgiveness: “On behalf of all the police officers in Colombia I want to ask the family of Mr. Javier Humberto Ordóñez Bermúdez for forgiveness. (…) Sorry to your family, sorry to your friends, sorry to all citizens, sorry to all Colombians, because we know that this type of situation seriously damages that faith that citizens should have in their Police ”.

They ask for the removal of Trujillo

Fourteen human rights organizations filed a disciplinary complaint with the Attorney General’s Office against the Minister of Defense, in which they request the dismissal of the senior official and the police officers of Bogotá and Soacha. This before the 13 people killed by firearms that left the protests of recent days as a balance. “In addition to the dismissal and disqualification after a process in the Office of the Attorney General, the immediate suspension must be given to prevent the events of September 9 from happening again. (…) The patterns under which the Police acted in Bogotá are striking, which suggests that acted under specific orders or influenced by doctrine and training processes”The statement read.

Training in Human Rights

After a meeting between the Defense Minister and the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, the Ministerial Chief announced how the process of transformation and modernization of the institution will be carried out.

One of the fundamental axes of this meeting was training the police force on Human Rights. “We will have the support of the UN and the Ombudsman’s Office on the issue of protection of Human Rights. We will reference the best international practices and improve the internal process, For this, the Ombudsman will accompany us and a review of the protocols will be made”Trujillo detailed.

In this sense, the defender stated: “The Ombudsman will accompany the review and evaluation of procedures of police operations in the light of international rights and protocols. It will also accompany the human rights training process for Police units ”.


Magangué doctor is “detained” in Caracas

The doctor Antonio José Amell Cantillo, who had been reported by his family as missing, would be detained in Caracas, after he was captured at dawn last Sunday in the municipality of San Diego, a town near the city of Valencia, Carabobo state. , in the central area of ​​the neighboring country.

Members of the organization Foro Penal told EL HERALDO that after a meeting with officials of the Valencia judicial circuit, they told them that “he was not in the Judicial Palace.”

“Our team informs us that he would be in Caracas and they would present him before a special judge,” the NGO’s lawyers told this medium.

The coordinator of the NGO in Carabobo, Luis Betancourt, visited the main detention centers in Carabobo state yesterday and they answered that they did not have the 27-year-old doctor.

Marisol Cantillo, who is in Medellín, told EL HERALDO that several lawyers told her that her son was transferred to Caracas on Monday night in a helicopter.

“I only know that. I have not been able to talk to him, nor do I know the reasons for his possible arrest. The lawyers give me no more reason. They don’t know much either. These days have been an ordeal for me, ”Cantillo said.

According to neighbors, around 1:00 am on Sunday the doctor was forcibly taken from his home by officials with clothing and identification from the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebín), who also took documents and a computer from the site.

Friends of the resident doctor of the Ciudad Hospitalaria Enrique Tejera (CHET), in Valencia, rule out that his arrest and subsequent disappearance is due “to political reasons.”

“As far as we know, he was never linked to some kind of organization or anything like that. There are no videos or any publication of him making any kind of political statement, “the doctor’s friends told this medium.

A request

Congressmen Fernando Araújo, Gabriel Velasco, Emeterio Montes, Jorge Benedetti, Jennifer Arias, Alejandro Corrales, Yamil Arana, Nadia Blel, Karen Cure and Silvio Carrasquilla signed a letter requesting the Red Cross and the Foreign Ministry to mediate to achieve the release of the doctor.

“In Venezuela there is a tyranny that violates Human Rights. We request that this communication be forwarded to international organizations in order to carry out the pertinent actions to guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of the victim of this gross act, ”the letter states.


Athletics: Mihambo and Vetter live up to favorite roles in Dessau

As announced, Mihambo started with 16 instead of 20 steps – but still cheered loudly. With her 7.03 meter sentence, she put a big exclamation mark. “I have no idea, I think I’ll be able to be fast from the short run up. 7.03 meters – wow! I’m really excited,” said Mihambo with a smile. The World Cup second Marina Bech-Romantschuk from Ukraine came to 6.85 meters. Third was Belarusian Nastassija Mirontschyk-Iwanowa, who was at the top of the international corona season with 6.94 meters to date.

After a strong final sprint, Yupun Abeykoon Mudiyanselag from Sri Lanka surprisingly won the 100 meters in 10.16 seconds ahead of the German champions Deniz Almas from VfL Wolfsburg (10.18). Rebekka Haase from Wetzlar prevailed in the women in 11.26 seconds.