Mexican risks his skin to help in Italy

MEXICO CITY. A video made by several members of the Mexican community living in Italy, narrates what the hours of confinement are like, and how the coronavirus took them distracted. They call Mexicans to become aware of the pandemic and they urge you to stay home. One of these Mexicans, moreover, crosses the city on […]

Sources – NBC New York

Investigators are focusing on the fact that a correctional officer at the Metropolitan Correctional Center helped smuggle a gun to a detainee, while a blockade at the facility enters its sixth day, legal sources tell News 4. Defense attorneys representing MCC detainees who have been questioned by the authorities say that the focus is on […]

MCC on the blockade between the search for a smuggled gun inside the prison – NBC New York

The Metropolitan Correctional Center was shut down after officials received information that a gun could have been smuggled in, NBC reported in New York City. Prison searches were conducted throughout the prison on Thursday evening, officials said. It was not immediately clear whether any weapon had been smuggled into an inmate, officials said. Spokesmen for […]

A reborn Monterrey conquers the Mexican League | sports

That of Monterrey is the story of a total reborn. Four months ago they were relegated, without a coach and with little chance of competing for the League. And, in addition, they had to make a trip to Doha to play the Club World Cup. The hustle and a bad streak made the possibilities of […]