Shufutinsky will become a father in 72 years? The bride is young, and life is crazy!

200 000 rubles for a congratulation in quarantine – Michael is seriously puzzled by providing a family.

While many stars barely kept afloat due to the lack of concerts, their colleagues thought up a fanciful way of earning money – a video with a congratulation from the artist for a round sum of money. He headed the TOP of expensive celebrities Mikhail Shufutinsky, whose price tag is 200,000 rubles. And this is at a time when a young bride is waiting for a chansonnier at home, and maybe not only she alone? Will Shufutinsky become a father in 72 years?

Not so long ago, the singer introduced the world to a new lover: Svetlana Urazova won the heart of Mikhail immediately after the death of his wife, providing support and care to the artist. The dancer is 30 years younger than Shufutinsky, but, as you know, all ages are submissive to love. In addition, for the sake of the bride, Michael radically changed: starting from lifestyle to external changes.

It is likely that at such a pace, Shufutinsky will decide to completely repeat the success of Yevgeny Petrosyan and Emanuel Vitorgan, having acquired an heir in old age. Mikhail has repeatedly stated his desire to have a daughter, even dedicated the “baby” songs and, apparently, the dream may come true in the near future.

Like it or not, the bride is young, and life is crazy, otherwise why would a wealthy artist even quarantine worry about the well-being of the family, at a time when the condition of Shufutinsky is “modestly” estimated at $ 10 million ?!


“The argument of the Americans is, of course, ridiculous.” – Kommersant

  1. “The argument of the Americans is, of course, ridiculous.” Kommersant
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Kobe Bryant could have a documentary similar to that of Michael Jordan

The late Kobe Bryant could be the protagonist of a documentary in the style of the successful ‘The Last Dance’ of the Chicago Bulls from Michael Jordan, when arranging that his last season in the NBA was filmed closely, reported the ESPN network.

According to ESPN information, the Los Angeles Lakers star caused a recording team to have privileged access to team locker rooms, training and travel during the 2015-2016 season, the last of his 20 years with the franchise. Six cameras came to cover Kobe Bryant’s last game, in which he scored 60 points against the Utah Jazz at the age of 37.

“They had a unprecedented access and much older than anyone before, ”John Black, who headed the Lakers’ public relations department for 27 years, told ESPN. “We allowed them to do as much as we could within the league’s scope, and sometimes, with a wink and looking the other way, we allowed them even more.”

According to sources consulted by ESPN, it is still unclear what will happen to this material. The images were in the editing period to prepare a possible documentary that would be released in a few years and Kobe Bryant himself would have seen them a few months before his death and made his comments. “It is unlikely that those plans have changed,” the sources told the network.

Kobe Bryant, winner of five NBA rings, died on January 26 with his daughter Gianna and seven other people in a helicopter crash. The loss of the ‘Black Mamba’ shocked the NBA world which, like other sports, is now paralyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A black campaign for the Lakers

With the season suspended, the premiere this week of the first episodes of ‘The Last Dance’ generated high expectations among the players and achieved an audience of more than six million viewers.

The documentary, which includes unpublished material for more than 20 years, is immersed in the successes and conflicts of the Bulls dynasty by Michael Jordan, focusing on the conquest of his sixth and final ring in 1998.

Some colleagues of Kobe Bryant in his last campaign, such as Larry Nance Jr., acknowledged that the recording came to put them in a difficult situation, since those Lakers had nothing to do with the global phenomenon that ‘The Last Dance’ narrates. «It was really great because it is the ‘Black Mamba’. But at the same time, that’s also the worst season in Lakers history. So while I am very proud to play in the NBA with that absolute legend, it is not something I am trying to revive, “said Nance, current player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.


“Reconnecting with circular time”

“I am very divided in the face of the current situation. I wake up every morning feeling the pain and the gravity of the situation, the fear, the danger, the loss of loved ones. Because of the restrictions put in place because of the coronavirus, a friend of mine cannot see her mother, who has been diagnosed with cancer. I am sad for people who lose their jobs. I am worried about the migrants who are in refugee camps, so vulnerable…

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At the same time, I am very busy. I have lots of things to store, repair, tinker with. I also have my creative work which does not stop. It’s a pretty good time for me because in the area where I live, in Muswell Hill, in north London, there is an atmosphere of solidarity and peace that I find stimulating and friendly. As when winter comes, families find themselves in the warmth of homes in a friendly atmosphere. That’s how I feel too, a little selfish. In my neighborhood, which is like a village and therefore privileged compared to others, the locals appreciate the brotherhood that the situation creates between friends and neighbors. It feels really good after having lived through the deep divisions born of Brexit.

For me, life does not change too much, apart from the fact that I had to postpone trips for master classes. I am used to working alone for months in my studio, installed in a wooden hut at the bottom of my garden. It is comfortable, with a table that I built myself, a perfect light, the books I need. It’s a very stimulating place to work, my little “sanctuary” isolated from the world.

Loneliness, essential to create

Isolation is an essential condition for me to create. Making an animated film is a collective work, but loneliness is essential when you have to think about a new story or draw illustrations for a book. One of my favorite subjects when doing a master class is creativity. However, I have noticed that many artists need to walk alone in nature, in a museum or a religious building, in order to find themselves.

There is a reason for this. Ideas don’t come out of the blue. Creativity is the collective unconscious. This set of universal symbols brings up, in my case, images that tell a story, like a landscape for example. To get ideas out, distractions should be avoided by being alone, or sometimes by listening to recorded or live music. The wandering mind, the mind calms down and something lights up in our thoughts. It is a very sensitive process, close to a spiritual exercise. Over time, I realized that spirituality is infinitely more important than creativity. Because even if creative sources run dry, spirituality is still there. It gets back to basics, to what matters most in life.

→ MAINTENANCE. Vincent Montagne: “A 9 billion euro recovery plan for the cultural industries”

I have heard artists say that their art is meditation. In my case, it’s different. The art of animation is complex. I try to visualize symbols, but also to solve problems, contradictions. This task is more about concentration, with sometimes a few meditative moments. It is true, however, that I consider that some of my films, such as the short film The aroma of tea, are a form of meditation.

In my life, I have meditated a lot. I did meditation exercises with different Zen Buddhist or Hindu teachers. Meditating does not necessarily consist of sitting in a particular position, but of yielding to the natural desire to abandon oneself to the void, to the silence which, incredibly, is the source of all sounds and all music. As if you were going home, in yourself, without worrying about your worries.

Reconnecting with circular time

The current period can lead us to meditate on linear time and circular time. In the first one, we can project ourselves into the future or the past, as on a timeline. In the second, we feel the present time more by having the impression of living the same cycles, the rituals of everyday life, the cycles of the seasons. Our ancestors lived according to circular time. Time began to be detached from everyday life with the writing of history. The two temporal concepts live simultaneously. With confinement, we are forced to stay at home and reconnect with circular time, the natural rhythm that is more in line with our biological clocks.

→ DOSSIER. Culture at the show: our selection by confinement time

I say this with caution because we are trying to plan things, to predict what will happen after the virus. However, there are still many uncertainties over this coming period. We still have to relearn how to live with the unknown, not to make a problem of it, to accept it calmly. I think it would do us a lot of good. But I am well aware that I have a privileged position because I live in a detached house, I lack nothing, not even toilet paper!

When we are in a situation like today, the deepest desire is to return to normal, to what we experienced before the crisis. This is not enough, in my opinion. In my film Red turtle, the main character, shipwrecked on a desert island, tries to leave it at all costs to find his former life. He ends up accepting his condition when he meets a woman and starts a family. But above all, he realizes that he is no stranger to this island and that he belongs to nature.

Current confinement is very different because we are locked in our homes, but it may be a good time to reflect on our condition. We have passed the point of no return and must change the way we understand the world, develop greater respect for human beings and nature. It is crucial to learn from this period. “


What I rediscover: “The silence and the sounds of nature”

“I rediscovered the silence. It helps me to concentrate better, even if it always takes a little background noise, the ticking of a pendulum for example, to promote it. In the same way, the soundtrack of a film must never contain absolute silence, otherwise the spectator believes that the sound has been cut!

I also rediscovered the song of birds, the sounds of nature and those of everyday life, like the steps of people walking on the street. These are noises that I appreciate more than ever, because they come to inhabit the silence that reigns with the decrease in traffic. Life has slowed down so I have more time to listen.

As a teenager, I saved to buy a coil recorder with microphone to record all the sounds of my environment. All the noises fascinated me. Later, animation cinema allowed me to combine the best of drawing and a sound and musical universe. I also recorded some sound effects by myself Red turtle, like the song of a bird heard in the Tropics. For this film, the absence of dialogues made the sound work, which I wanted very realistic, all the more sensitive. At this moment, it is the silence that highlights the most ordinary noises. “


Michael Dudok de Wit, a multi-print work

June 15, 1953. Born in Abcoude, the Netherlands.

1970s. Studies of art in Geneva then in Farnham, in the south of England.

1978. The Interview, graduation short film.

1992. Tom sweep, pilot of a series that will not see the light of day.

1994. The Monk and the Fish, made in residence at the Folimage studio, in Valence, César for best short film in 1996.

2000. Father and daughter, Oscar for the animated short film and grand prize at the Annecy Festival in 2001.

2006. The aroma of tea, short film.

2016. Red turtle, feature film co-produced by Ghibli studios, special prize “Un certain regard” at the Cannes Film Festival, nominated for the Oscars in 2017. First animated film to be entered in the French baccalaureate program in 2018.


Michael Robinson denies his death

Michael Robinson became a trending topic this Tuesday night. Alerts were triggered by a tweet giving condolences to the family of the former football player and presenter, mourning his sad death. Twitter was revolutionizing and Robinson himself was tweeting in his own hand, “For all of you who are asking to tell you I’m still in a fight,” commented the Englishman.

“Thank you so much for your interest and your affection. I see that I will never walk alone, I hear you in Anfield, ‘You’ll never walk alone.’ Thank you very much for the heart and for the encouragement in the confinement, “said the former Osasuna footballer.

The tweet disappeared shortly afterwards, without apology or anything like that, supposing that waiting for anyone or almost no one to read it. The author was sports journalist Pipi Estrada, a former Terelu Campos spouse who was likely to receive the wrong information. At the moment, the journalist has not made reference to this tweet that revolutionized the network.


Michael Robinson denies that he is dead

Michael RobinsonIt became a trending topic this Tuesday night. The situation was none other than the alerts that were triggered bya tweet in which condolences were given to the former player’s familyand soccer presenter, regretting his sad death. Twitter was revolutionized and Robinson himself quickly wrote a tweet of his own handwriting: “For all of you who are asking to tell you that I am still fighting,” commented the Englishman.

Thank you very much to all for your interestand your displays of affection. I see that I will never walk alone, I listen to you like in Anfield: ‘You’ll never walk alone’ “. Thank you from the heart and much encouragement in the confinement,” explained the former Osasuna footballer.

The original tweet disappeared shortly after, without apologizing or anything like that, we suppose hoping that nobody or almost nobody read it.The author was the sports journalist Pipi Estrada, -ex-boyfriend of Terelu Campos- who surely got the wrong information. For now, the journalist has not made any reference to that tweet that revolutionized the network.


Podcast: Michael Haller on Corona and the media

media Podcast

“Not knowing is the real problem of journalism”

| Reading time: 2 minutes

“Die Medien-Woche” is a podcast about the world of the media and their creators

Source: world

Communication scientist Michael Haller has been intensively concerned with reporting on Corona. In the podcast “Die Medien-Woche” Haller criticizes, especially the media’s early handling of the virus.

You can subscribe to this podcast at Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud. Or directly via RSS feed.

As long as journalists had to deal with verifiable knowledge, reproduce it and classify it, they were on safe ground. But when a journalist gets to grips with ignorance, “he starts speculating and is happy when he can construct controversy.” This is what the journalism professor Michael Haller says about part of the corona reporting.

In this episode of the podcast “Die Medien-Woche” we speak to Haller, who analyzed the reporting on the virus and divided it into individual phases. Haller criticizes the people as “overfeeding” with reports, but at the same time “undersupplied with reliable information”. In conversation we sit down with Haller and his criticism (which he also wrote down here) apart.

We also talk about public relations for science in this issue. Storymachine (“We power your message”) has documented a research project by Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck via Twitter and Facebook, the Looping Group agency is developing a communication concept for journalist Klaus Brinkbäumer for an American project called “Human Vaccines Project”. The question is: If the work of scientists needs more publicity, how can you best produce it?

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Over 90 percent of German households still have at least one old FM radio

Also in this episode of the “Media Week”: The American media brand Buzzfeed wants to get rid of its German branch and is now looking for a buyer, but what are the chances? And it is looking for a switch-off date for the good old FM radio.

The “Media Week” is a podcast about the world of the media and their creators. Christian Meier, editor at WELT, and Stefan Winterbauer, editor of the industry service Meedia, always talk about the most important topics of the week on Fridays. Subtle, analytical, entertaining.

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Further episodes of the media week


HIV incidence declines in Russia :: Society :: RBC

At the same time, the indicator increased significantly in Sevastopol – + 11%, an increase of 4% was recorded in the Kurgan region. RBC sent inquiries to the authorities of these regions.

Kemerovo region, despite the decline in mortality, remained in Russia the leader in deaths caused by HIV infection. In 2019, about 38 thousand people died there, 1552 of them from HIV-related diseases, this is one in 25 of the dead. In Kuzbass, as in some other regions of Siberia, immunodeficiency is still dying more often than as a result of suicides, murders, road accidents and alcohol poisoning combined.

According to the ministry of health in the region, more than 31.5 thousand people with HIV live in the Kemerovo region – more than 2% of the working population. 73% of patients receive antiretroviral therapy (ARVT) – the ministry said that it’s all who have indications for prescribing treatment. The Minister of Health of the region Mikhail Malin told RBC that in 2019 the region spent 288.7 million rubles. to combat HIV, in 2020 this amount will increase by 1.4 times, and most of it comes from the regional budget.

In the Novosibirsk Region, ART coverage is 75%, the region’s Minister of Health Konstantin Halzov told RBC. This allows you to increase the life expectancy of those infected, he said. In total, 31.3 thousand people living with HIV live in the region, which is 2% of the working population of the Novosibirsk Region. Therapy of them receive 61%. To combat the spread of infection in the region, an equal counseling program is in place, which, according to the minister, helps socialize people living with HIV and makes them want to be treated. Peer counselors are people living with the virus and trained to advise new patients.

30.1 thousand HIV patients live in the Irkutsk Region, Elena Golenetskaya, Deputy Minister of Health of the Irkutsk Region, told RBC. 58% of them receive ART. According to Golenetskaya, these are all patients who need therapy. The improvement in HIV mortality in the region is associated with an increase in the number of patients undergoing medical examination.

Drug trafficking and other causes of the epidemic

The regions in which the majority of the inhabitants were infected with HIV and died of AIDS overlap with the regions in which opium drugs are popular. It is in these regions how shows statistics from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2019, law enforcement authorities seized most of the opiates.

Other causes of HIV prevalence in the country include under-reporting among two major risk groups: homosexual men and drug users. “This year the HIV strategy ends [была утверждена правительством в 2016 году], a new strategy is needed that will take into account the mistakes of the previous one. First of all, it is necessary to strengthen preventive measures in order to reduce the appearance of new infections. The strategy will be effective if the number of new cases drops to several thousand, because now the bill goes to tens of thousands, ”says Vadim Pokrovsky, head of the AIDS prevention and control department of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.

Cautious optimism and the film Dude

In 2019, one in four Russians was tested for HIV, RBC was told in the press service of the Ministry of Health. 68.9% of patients receive antiretroviral therapy. These indicators are higher than the targets indicated in the State Strategy for Countering the Spread of HIV.

HIV-related mortality could become less due to the fact that the number of people on treatment has increased significantly, says Alexei Mikhailov, head of the monitoring unit of the Treatment Preparedness Coalition movement, which deals with HIV-related access to medicines. “After the film by Yuri Dudy (the film“ HIV in Russia is an epidemic not talked about came out on the YouTube channel of Yuri Dude on February 11, 2019, for a year he scored 17 million views. – RBC) More people began to turn to AIDS centers who knew that they had HIV but did not take pills. They began to receive treatment, some escaped death. That is, the level of self-awareness has increased, people have heard that they need to take therapy. But the state also increased the budget and purchases more treatment courses than several years ago, ”says Mikhailov.

Pharmacies have recorded an increase in demand for HIV tests after the film Dudya

The information that AIDS centers began to receive more patients is also confirmed by Vadim Pokrovsky. “The 7% figures are cautious, but the overall HIV situation continues to deteriorate. The factor that leads to a decrease is the people who are being treated. Patients began to turn to AIDS centers more often, and drug purchases for this year have increased, ”he says.

However, the drug supply system for HIV-infected people remains imperfect. Aleksei Mikhailov points out that reports of interruptions in supply continue to be received, and there are not fewer of them. “Patients write about changing treatment regimens, especially often this happens at the beginning of the year, when an expensive drug ends. The situation with medicines depends on the budget of the region: somewhere in the regions there are balances that are enough before the Ministry of Health supplies, or there is money to cover the need for drugs, but somewhere there is not. That is, the procurement system is still imperfect, ”the expert explained.

In addition, according to Vadim Pokrovsky, there is still practice in some regions when instead of the AIDS diagnosis they put the immediate cause of the patient’s death in order to improve reporting.


Miguel Jones, historical player of the Atlético de Madrid dies

The former Spanish soccer playerMiguel Jones CastilloHe has died at the age of 81, as confirmed on Wednesday theAtlético de Madrid, club where he became one of its most emblematic players with 129 official matches defending the mattress shirt.

“Today is a sad day for the rojiblanca family.Atlético de Madrid is mourning the death of our former player “, has indicated the mattress team about Jones, born on October 27, 1938 in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) and who played eight seasons at Atleti.

“He is one of the mythical figures of our club with129 official matches defending the red and white, being part of a team that will always remain in the memory of our fans, “continued the text of condolence.

Thus, Jones arrived at Atleti in 1959 from Indautxu and at the request of Fernando Daucik. He debuted on October 18 of that same year in a duel against Granada in the old Metropolitan stadium. “Jones stood out as a great striker who, thanks to his physical display and versatility, could be considered a wild card for coaches,” the note stressed.

“You could see him play as a striker, winger, midfielder and even center back”, He added about a footballer who scored one of the goals that won the Recopa title in 1962, defeating Fiorentina 3-0 in the tiebreaker of a final that was Atleti’s first European title.

During his time as a mattress maker, Jones scored 50 goals and won five titles: LaLiga from 1965/66, three Cups (1960, 1961 and 1965) and that historic Recopa to premiere the club’s record in the ‘Old Continene’.

“With Jones’ departure, the athletic family losesanother symbol that gave everything for this clubon and off the field of play. From the club, the president, CEO and our council show their sincere condolences to all their family and friends, “concluded the press release, implicitly referring to the recent death of Joaquín Peiró.