Gears 5 – A narrative DLC announced for the end of the year

It is only the… who do not change their mind.

While the Xbox Series X et S Navigate to the players’ cottages, Microsoft is struggling with exclusives capable of making Christmas trees smile. In fact, in order to highlight a big name from Xbox Game Studios, following the defection of Halo Infinite, the Xbox brand has decided to bet on The Coalition in order to bring a bit of content to Gears 5.

Released in September of last year, Gears 5 had blown a little wind of novelty on the license Gears of War with an open area and slightly modified architecture. And if that had not transcended for as much the habits, this opus had easily done its office, affirming itself as a convincing member of the string.

But while the latter now continues to roll his bump on his multiplayer addiction, we have just learned through Zoë Curnoe, main lead producer, that Gears 5 will finally opt for an extension of its adventure in the company of a Narrative DLC.

Because initially, it is good to remember that The Coalition was not interested in the idea of ​​offering an expansion to Gears 5 but that in view of the demand from the fans, the latter bent their position which was that for not having retained anything when delivering the story of Gears 5.

In fact, if there will be an extension, it will not be a question of pushing the adventure of Kait and his companions in misfortune further, but rather of going to the side of the Hivebusters which will give their name to this future DLC, Hivebusters, heroes of the comics of the same name as well as Escape mode.

Still very discreet on this subject, Zoë Curnoe indicates that its lifespan will oscillate around three / four hours and that it will be accessible on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One even if it is good to specify that, necessarily, this DLC will take advantage of the capabilities of the Series.

From now on, we have to wait until the beginning of December, when we will learn more.

[Source : IGN]


Minecraft will no longer be playable without a Microsoft account from 2021 | NOW

People coming next year Minecraft To continue playing, they need a Microsoft account, according to a message on the website of the game.

The change applies to players of the original Minecraft. Since 2011 there are two versions that have been developed separately. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition was made for game consoles and the Windows Store. A Microsoft account has always been required for this.

Now also the original Minecraft: Java Edition from 2009. Previously, people could log in with an account of developer Mojang, but from “early next year” a Microsoft account is required. People who do not transfer cannot play anymore.

According to Mojang, players can be better protected because of the switch. “The biggest advantage is the ability to use two-factor authentication to log in.” In addition to a password, this also requires a unique code, as an extra security layer.

Players switching accounts will not lose any information or progress. In the coming months, people will be informed by email about the switch. Although players will all have to log in with Microsoft accounts, it will not be possible to play online with people who have the other version of the game.


Watch Dogs Legion: the covers of the big Ubisoft games “hacked” on the Microsoft Store to promote the new episode

We are only a few days away from the release of Watch Dogs Legion, the game that will take pirates to London for new adventures where almost all characters can be controlled. Ubisoft decided to have a little fun promoting his title in the home stretch, going so far as to squat the product sheets of his other productions on the Microsoft Store.

The covers of titles like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Division 2, Steep or Rainbow Six Siege have been “Hacked” to make men in pig-headed costumes appear instead of characters. The pig figure will indeed be widely used by pirates in Watch Dogs Legion, a reminder of the name “pigs” often used to criticize the established order. The result is rather amusing, especially since it is rare that such things go so far as to land on download platforms. You can find an anthology of diverted illustrations on the next page.

Note that the initiative has not yet invaded Steam where the PlayStation Store, the latter being perhaps a little too busy managing your web transformation to take care of the fantasies ofUbisoft. The release date of Watch Dogs Legion, it’s for this October 29, 2020, and you can pre-order it for € 69.99 on

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Xbox Series X: Digital Foundry gives us its analysis on the heat released by the console

For the past few weeks, several journalists and influencers have been in possession of an Xbox Series X. Microsoft has indeed sent its console in advance to different people so that they can try the beast and give their impressions to their respective communities. The testers first communicated on the backwards compatibility of the console and, more recently, they received the green light from Microsoft to talk about the first games next-gen, but also other aspects of the console, including the heat it produces.

A rumor had started circulating on the Web about the heat given off by the console. We could read that the machine was borderline hot to the touch. The testers selected by Microsoft being under embargoes, no one could comment on these statements, also the speech of the latter was expected to shed light on this point. Now that the embargo has fallen, journalists and influencers have given their impressions and these are rather reassuring.

Among all the comments, we looked at analysis of Digital Foundry. First, the reference site looked at the power consumption when the console is running games. next-gen :

  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon : 140 to 160 W, some peaks at 170 W;
  • Dirt 5 : 160 W, some peaks beyond 170 W;
  • Gears 5 : 200 W, a peak observed at 211 W;

They also observed demanded consumption when the Xbox Series X was running Xbox One games:

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider : 151 W, contre 170 W sur Xbox One X ;
  • Dead or Alive 6 : 165 W, contre 177 W sur Xbox One X.

On the consumer side, Digital Foundry said he was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Xbox Series X. The surprise is even total on backward compatible games since the console manages to boost performance while consuming less than its big sister.

digital foundry xbox series x chaleur 03 digital foundry xbox series x chaleur 04

Regarding the temperature of the console, our colleagues have taken various measures. On the sides, they observed temperatures of 48 ° C to 49 ° C. To the touch, the walls are “hot”, but not “hot” as rumors indicated. The bottom of the console (on the plinth side) is described as quite cool.

The top of the Xbox Series X shows higher results, Digital Foundry indicates having measured up to 62 ° C. A higher temperature than on any other console, but which is explained by the power of the machine. As a reminder, it is on this side that the heat is evacuated, also Digital Foundry insists on the fact that it will be necessary to leave space above this outlet in order to let the hot air circulate (so avoid locking it in a partitioned space). Finally, the temperature of the storage medium Seagate was also taken. Result: 49 ° C, nothing to worry about.

Digital Foundry concludes its analysis with one observation: the Xbox Series X may be powerful, it is nonetheless well thought out. The power consumption observed on some titles is pleasantly low compared to the performance offered by the console. The heat raised is certainly more important on the Xbox One X or other consoles, but it is justified by the power of the Xbox Series X. As a reminder, the latter, as well as the Xbox Series S, will be released in France on November 10.


Microsoft and its cloud join forces with constellations of satellites – ICT actualité

Microsoft on Tuesday announced contracts with companies specializing in space and satellites to strengthen its cloud offer (remote computing) and make it accessible to more sectors, especially in regions poorly served by telecom networks.

“A thriving satellite ecosystem is needed to meet the world’s growing networking needs, and we are pleased to have partnered with industry leaders to bring these capabilities to our customers faster,” says the giant. American computer science in a press release.


The group notably signed an agreement with SpaceX. The company founded by Elon Musk in 2002 has put into orbit several hundred satellites to form the constellation dubbed “Starlink”, which is to provide high-speed internet from space. The contract with SpaceX is to “provide ultra-fast, ultra-low latency bandwidth” to Microsoft’s new data center, Azure Modular Datacenter.

The software giant comes in second in the cloud market, behind Amazon, thanks to Azure, its “smart cloud” platform for businesses.

“A thriving satellite ecosystem is needed to meet the world’s growing networking needs, and we are pleased to have partnered with industry leaders to bring these capabilities to our customers faster,” says the giant. US IT in a press release, notably signing an agreement with SpaceX. The company founded by Elon Musk in 2002 has put into orbit several hundred satellites to form the constellation called “Starlink”, which is to provide high-speed internet from space. The contract with SpaceX is to “provide ultra-fast, ultra-low latency bandwidth” to Microsoft’s new data center, Azure Modular Datacenter. The software giant comes in second in the cloud market, behind Amazon, thanks to Azure, its “intelligent cloud” platform for businesses.


Here you can download new Windows 10 right away

Microsoft only rolls out to some, but you can do it that way instead.

Microsoft has launched the October 10 rollout of Windows 10 to a select group of users.

Not everyone gets from Windows Update, but you can download manually here

Users who run the update from May last year, 1903, will also receive the new update now.

You can also install manually from here.


There are toolbar improvements, a better tablet experience, and greater control over alerts and other settings, as Microsoft explains.

The update also includes Edge, which cannot be uninstalled. Edge tabs are included in this update by alt-tab.

A nicer start menu:



Adobe launches Illustrator for iPad, plus major updates for Creative Cloud apps

Adobe Illustrator gets its official iPad release, while Fresco comes to iPhone, and apps including Photoshop and Premiere Pro have been given significant updates at the Adobe MAX 2020 event.

“When using Illustrator’s desktop and iPad apps,” said Adobe in a press release, “creators will find a smooth cross-device experience that allows them to create a wide range of graphics, from a logo to a t-shirt illustration.”

As with the initial release of Photoshop on the iPad, Adobe says that the “core toolkit” of Illustrator has been brought to the device. It also includes features that are simultaneously new to the macOS version of Illustrator, such as “radial, grid, and mirror repeat.”

At the same time, Adobe now bringing its more basic drawing and painting app, Fresco, to iPhones.

Adobe’s major app Photoshop has also been updated with greater use of the company’s Sensei service, an AI-based Machine Learning-like system. The new Photoshop uses this to power more Refine Edge selections and a Sky Replacement feature.

Video editing software Premiere Pro boasts performance improvements, plus what Adobe is referring to as a “preview” of another Sensei-feature. That’s Speech to Text, which promises to automate transcription from videos.

There are also improvements to After Effects, the video graphics editor, plus the photo management app Lightroom. That now includes an improved color grading feature, plus greater performance.

Adobe Photoshop gets performance improvements, plus a Sky Replacement feature

Alongside its existing major apps, and the new iOS versions, Adobe also opened a public beta for what it calls Aero on the desktop. This is a tool for creating Augmented Reality projects, and users have to enrol on the beta program.

New users can subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud solely to get the new Illustrator for iPad, which costs $9.99 per month. Existing Creative Cloud users who pay for more than one app, may have it included in their current subscription.

A version of Fresco for iPhone is free to use, but there is also a premium edition that comes in a bundle with Fresco on iPad and Photoshop on iPad, together for $9.99 per month. This bundle is also included in most Creative Cloud plans.

One of the benefits of Adobe Creative Cloud being a subscription service is that users automatically get all of the new features they’re eligible for. The major new updates also come less than six months since Adobe released new versions of its video apps, such as Premiere Pro and After Effects, with improved speed and performance.


Xbox CEO: – We do not need to sell The Elder Scrolls VI on other consoles to cover the ZeniMax acquisition

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda owner ZeniMax Media created some reactions, and possibly concerns. Now the Xbox boss has made some new comments about the acquisition, which does not necessarily help to allay concerns.

In an interview down the site Kotaku Microsoft’s Xbox CEO Phil Spencer suggests that there are no financial reasons to launch Bethesda games on competitors’ platforms, at least not in the short term.

Manages exclusivity

We do not yet know if Elder Scrolls VI will be coming to PlayStation. Foto: Bethesda

– Yes, Spencer answered a question about whether Microsoft will be able to cover the large investment sum of 7.5 billion dollars without to launch The Elder Scrolls VI on the PlayStation platform.

– […] I do not need to sell those games on any other platforms beyond the platforms we support to make the deal work for us, whatever that means, Spencer added. According to the Xbox boss, however, it was not an explicit goal of the acquisition to take games away from players.

The wording with others is still ambiguous, and it is not yet entirely clear whether it will actually be possible for anyone other than Microsoft’s own customers to access future Bethesda games.

Incidentally, the company has previously said that they will consider exclusivity on a case-by-case basis, and in late September, the upcoming Bethesda game became Starfield mentioned as a future Xbox and PC title, without giving up other platforms.

Also read: Microsoft is unlikely to complete acquisitions of major game developers »


Microsoft: ‘Bethesda games no longer need to be released on other systems’ | News

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8 multimedia must-haves for autumn

LG – incredible pictures with 8K OLED

Full 8K resolution, OLED panel, 120 Hz native refresh rate, Nvidia G-Sync for a perfect gaming experience, HDR10, Dolby Vision and much more are offered by LG’s top devices this year. However, if you want the best image quality, you need a well-filled wallet. The 88-inch model costs around 30,000 euros.