GreedFall: 1 million copies sold for the game of Spiders

Last September, Focus Home Interactive and Spiders launched on home computers and consoles GreedFall, a role-playing game immersing us in a fantastic version of 17th century Europe. Like the present titles of the Parisian studio (Mars: War Logs, Bound by Flame, The Technomancer), the feedback from the specialized press was mixed, but the game has strengths, and it has managed to convince the players.

During a financial report last October, editor Focus Home Interactive cited GreedFall as one of his games that performed well, without giving any figures at the time. It’s done this week, Spiders and Focus Home Interactive just announced that GreedFall has sold over a million copies sur PC, PlayStation 4 et Xbox One.

Spiders not idle, he recently presented Steelrising, an action game set during the French Revolution, but with automata, and it will be edited by Nacon. To go back to Greedfall, it is currently sold off at € 42.99 at Gamesplanet.

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Kadyrov’s income in 2019 increased almost 20 times

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, earned 147.99 million rubles in 2019, which is almost 20 times more than in 2018, when his income was about 7.58 million rubles. should from the income tax return.

According to the document, Kadyrov still owns a residential building with an area of ​​2,344.3 square meters. m and a plot of 3668 sq. m. In 2019, the head of Chechnya owns a new land plot with an area of ​​28,361 sq. m. In addition, the Kadyrov family owns a residential building with an area of ​​300 square meters. m.

Kadyrov’s wife earned 2.45 million rubles last year. She owns an apartment of 209.8 sq. m. In 2018, her income was 60,000 rubles.


Work: Melons, numbers certify idiocy navigator – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 29 – “New episode of the waste of public money branded M5S. Not only billions thrown away to give the citizenship income to fake people in need, but also hundreds of millions of euros thrown away for the useless” navigators “invented by Di Maio. 3000 people without specific skills hired at 27,000 euros a year with a fixed-term contract that should find permanent employment for the income earners of citizenship. We had said immediately that it was an idiocy, now the numbers certify the failure”. This was stated by the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni.

“The app (paid millions) does not yet exist; almost zero the jobs obtained thanks to the navigators, who today are actually paid for doing nothing (like the recipients of RdC, their colleagues), but some have also had the Don’t hesitate to ask (and get) the € 600 coronavirus bonus. How long should this scandal last? Is it possible that nobody will doubt that all this could constitute a tax damage for the state? “, he concludes. (HANDLE).