FORUM. Drug use : “Mr. Prime minister, support, do not punish “

“Mr. Prime minister,

On June 26, devoted to the international Day against the abuse and trafficking of drugs. Some countries still support the paradigm according to which a drug free world would be possible, and the idea that the prohibited criminal would remain the best bulwark against the dangers of the drug.

That same day, the supporters of risk reduction related to drug use participate in the international mobilisation campaign Support. Do not punish ! promoting an approach to drugs based on human rights and public health, in the line that defended Kofi Annan, Nobel peace Prize, former United Nations Secretary general, member of Global Commission of drug policy. The latter, convinced of the urgent need to evolve policies in the field of drugs, was expressed in his speech at the 68th world assembly of health, in Geneva, on may 19, 2015 :

I’ve said it before, and I repeat it tonight : I think that drugs have destroyed many lives, but wrong governmental policies in the field of drugs have destroyed more.

In a context of health crises and the overall economic, so this is the same approach that we advocate in France to break the stalemate of the war on drugs and improve the lives of people who use drugs.

The war on drugs a war against the people

The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the law on narcotics of 1970, and then it should be a year of reflection and evaluation of the law, your government is launching a campaign of criminalisation of huge numbers of people who of drugs through the introduction of the fixed penalty relating to tort, delict for drug use and the launch of his experimentation in this month of June in the cities of Rennes, Reims, Créteil and Boissy-Saint-Léger, then in Marseille and Lille.

We had already announced the failure of this type of systematic repression in a white paper association released in November 2018. However, the introduction of the fixed penalty relating to tort, delict is accompanied by the creation of a file of automated control that is sharing the data of sentences without due respect for the privacy of individuals, including with countries using the death penalty for drug-related offenses.

Once more, consumers are the least exposed in the public space, because with economic stability, housing and social capital will be relatively protected from these provisions. By estimating set the problem of the ban, the contraventionnalisation will increase inequality and the distrust vis-à-vis the impartiality of the public forces.

The war on drugs is mostly a war against the people, in particular those that may be vulnerable due to socially, and economically. Police activity against drugs is time-consuming and costly (2.4 billion euros each year, representing 0.1% of GDP). The situation in the poorest districts continues to deteriorate, with the stigma and discrimination of people who consume them, especially those racialized, which add to the marginalisation and the precarious socio-economic actors involved in the low levels of trafficking, unequal access to health care and prevention tools and risk reduction purposes.

Persist in the criminal prevents any constructive thought

Mr. Prime minister, to improve the health and safety of the public it is necessary to apprehend the drug issue in all its complexity. It is time that the State thinks this way and modern way recipes hackneyed that have shown their ineffectiveness, or their deleterious effects on the social, moral and economic. A renewed approach, based on evidence, is essential and must register in the objectives of protection of human rights, health and well-being of public, social justice and the effectiveness of public action.

Persist in the path of any repressive prevents constructive thinking and the search for pragmatic solutions based on evidence. Once again, our organisations urge the abandonment of the repression of the users through the fixed penalty relating to tort, delict and the opening of the states-general to regulate drug markets, depending on the dangerousness of products, in order to better control and protect the population. The need to think of a regulation that is clear, efficient and protective of the people remains one of the major challenges of our Twenty-first century. “

Signatories :

AID, Aurélien Beaucamp, president

ASUD, Jean-Maxence Granier, president

Collective police against prohibition, Bénédicte Desforges

Cannabis without Borders, Farid Ghehiouèche, spokesperson

Federation Addiction, Jean-Michel Delile, president

League of Human Rights, Malik Salemkour, president

L630, Yann Bisiou, president

Doctors of the World, Dr. Philippe de Botton, president

Norml France, Olivier Bertrand, president

Active principles, Fabienne Lopez, president

Union of the Magistrates, Katia Dubreuil, president

Techno More, Maxime Laglasse, president


Died the former minister of justice Alfredo Biondi – Policy

He died in Genoa, at the age of 92 years, Alfredo Biondi. The announcement of the death of the dean of the liberal italians, and several times minister, has been given by sources of Forza Italy. Parliamentary from 1968 to 1972 and then from 1979 to 2008, he held the position of minister for community Policies, then the Environment and, in the first Berlusconi government (1994-95) to the minister of Justice.
Vice president of the Chamber from 1996 to 2001.
The secretary of the liberal party from 1986 until its dissolution in 1994 , and then join Forza Italia and the Pdl.
In 2011 returns to the mother house, the liberal Party.

“Today I mourn the death of the great friend, before the political and Alfredo Biondi. A true liberal, who, after a brilliant path to the top of the Liberal Party, he has adhered since its birth, Forza Italia, sharing in the spirit, and bringing its baggage of ideas, values, and the authoritativeness that has always distinguished”. Thus, the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, on Facebook. “I wanted the guidance of the ministry of Justice, where he served in courageous battles of matrix a safeguard; over the years, I never stopped to confront him on topical issues and, in particular, on the anomalies of the judicial system the Italian. In the light of the recent news, its ideas of rights and justice still appear to be up to date. Fail a lot to me and to the whole community of Forza Italia, which he himself helped to create. Hello Alfredo”.

“I would like to express deepest condolences for the passing of Alfredo Biondi, historical exponent of the liberal of our Country. Lawyer, several times minister, vice-president of the Chamber, a Senator and a Deputy, he spent the greater part of his life to the service of the Country, contributing to its social and economic growth. To the family I express my closeness.” He said the President of the Senate Elizabeth Casellati.