Italy still felt abandoned in the face of the coronavirus

It is in terms of health, the one who makes the images and builds the reputation, that the lack of solidarity has been most glaring. Through Valérie Segond According to Monitor Italia, 88% of Italians believe that Europe is not helping Italy in this crisis. MARCO BERTORELLO / AFP Rome Migration crisis, health crisis. Each […]

Faced with the coronavirus, timid and calculated solidarity between Europeans

After the temptation of “every man for himself”, the Member States are trying to coordinate themselves more under the leadership of the Commission. But the bitterness of the beginnings will not fade quickly. A priest blesses dozens of coffins in San Giuseppe Church on Saturday in Seriate, northern Italy. The remains were then taken away […]

Washington offers $ 15 million for Maduro’s head

During the coronavirus crisis, the standoff between the United States and the President of Venezuela redoubled. Nicolas Maduro, March 27. JHONN ZERPA / AFP The corona virus crisis did not extinguish the conflict between the United States and Venezuela. Quite the contrary. US Attorney General William Barr on Thursday accused President Nicolas Maduro of having […]

Mali’s elections despite security peril and coronavirus crisis

Malians were called to the polls on Sunday, despite the appearance of the first cases of Covid-19 and the kidnapping of the leader of the opposition, presumably at the hands of a branch of al-Qaida. A man cast his ballot in the ballot box of a polling station in Bamako on Sunday during the Malian […]

“Without solidarity, we will lose the battle against the coronavirus”

For the European Commissioner in charge of crisis management, solidarity must be exercised at all levels. Between Europeans of course but also globally. “The idea that a country or a continent could face this pandemic alone and take control of things alone is a complete illusion“, Estimates the Slovenian. LE FIGARO. – At the start […]

How a German couple experienced the return trip from Morocco

Berlin Carina Müller and her boyfriend Stefan * started their Morocco tour from Agadir to the Sahara at the end of February, the drama of the corona crisis was not yet foreseeable. But two weeks later the trip turned into a horror trip. Morocco, like many other countries at the time, canceled all international flights. […]

French, stranded in Cambodia, repatriated

Phnom Penh The billboard at Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh Airport indicated only five international flights on Thursday, two of which were canceled. One of the remaining three was destined for Doha, then Paris. This plane, chartered by the French government and the French Embassy in Cambodia, embarked 412 of the 800 French non-residents stranded in […]

Iran does not decree containment for fear of increasing popular discontent

With nearly 3,000 dead, the country, among the most affected in the world, does not know how to contain the epidemic. Members of the Iranian Red Crescent are conducting temperature tests while police set up a filter barrier on Thursday outside Tehran (left). STR / AFP In Iran also the medical personnel are the new […]

Coronavirus in Spain: Valentina, the heroine of the Cortes

PORTRAIT – This Spanish housekeeper was unanimous in Parliament, who praised her for her meticulous work cleaning up during the coronavirus crisis. By Mathieu de Taillac Valentina Cepeda, housekeeper for twenty-nine years in the Spanish lower house, cleans and disinfects lectern and microphone after each speaker, on March 18 in Madrid, during the plenary session. […]

Benjamin Netanyahu at the head of a union government

Faced with the coronavirus crisis, the outgoing Prime Minister made his opponent fold, Benny Gantz, who joined his team. By Marc Henry Elected president of the Knesset on Thursday, thanks to Likud’s unexpected support, Benny Gantz (left on the electoral poster) agreed to join the “national emergency government” led by his political rival Benjamin Netanyahu […]