Among Us: So you can make your Halloween costume

A costume of Among Us of Halloween? It doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Especially because it is one of the most popular games of the moment, both on mobile phones and PC.

All thanks to the work of InnerSloth, the studio responsible for its creation, and that continues to refine it. Millions of players around the world enjoy this title, either as members of the crew, or as one of the dreaded Impostores. She’s in her best moment!

This Among Us Halloween costume is very practical

As things are going with its development, you can imagine that its popularity will continue for a long time. Now, the Halloween The Halloween.

Despite the situation that exists due to coronavirus (COVID-19), there is no lack of people who want to dress up as their favorite character. Going out trick-or-treating or having parties may not be appropriate. But the desire to be ‘someone else’ during this time cannot be avoided.

Among Us: Download the beta and test the news before everyone else

So now we share with you how to make a practical and simple costume of Among Us of Halloween. This was done by So Brilz, that in his channel in YouTube explains in detail how something like this can be made. The materials to make it are fairly easy to come by.

To start with, you need at least 2.5 meters of fabric. The color depends on the character of the game that we want to interpret. We also need some cardboard.

If you are given the crafts you will not have much problem

Likewise, a transparent notebook cover or a piece of plastic. To this is added a needle and thread and some silicone, in addition to blue cellophane, a feather and stuffed toy or fabric. It should be noted that we need as a pattern a pair of pants that fits us well.

You have to draw an image of it, leaving two centimeters to spare on the fabric, and then cut it out. Subsequently, the side parts and the crotch are sewn.

That in regards to the bottom of the costume of Among Us of Halloween. For the upper one it is necessary to draw the shape of the character, as can be seen in the video. You have to shape the character’s visor, and use cardboard to shape the head.

This is where the plastic we had set aside comes to the fore. It is even possible to create the backpack that you carry on your back, which must be filled to give it the necessary volume.

Among Us: This Halloween costume you will love

In this case the material used may vary, and depends on the taste of each person. If we wish, even bast can be used, which is quite economical. Although the scraps of rags are also useful.

If you want to practice this outfit, the best thing you can do is watch the full video. It lasts for more than 10 minutes, but they go by quickly. Yes, for him Impostor they need a little more ingenuity.



Among Us: Download the beta and test the news before everyone else

There are some gamers who have ever heard of the beta of Among Us. There are those who are surprised to hear something like this, simply because as far as they understand the game it is already completely finished.

It may well be so, but that does not mean that its development has stopped. The team in charge continues to refine it, and in fact will continue to do so for a long time, due to how popular it is.

What is the Among Us beta?

Even plans to develop a sequel are on hold. InnerSloth prefers to maintain the current game. This is where the beta of Among Us.

In order to perfect this game, it is necessary to do many tests, and it does not hurt that some players, who are the ones who enjoy this title, give a hand to the developer team. That is a win-win relationship.

Among Us: Was he an impostor? Players manage to kill Toad from Mario Bros.

Participating as a beta tester it also has some advantages. For example, it is possible to test the news that will come to this title before anyone else. Likewise, it is possible to enjoy a hat or pets, if the new updates include them.

It can even be extended to new maps. It is exclusive content ‘temporary’ at the hand of the players. Sure, it may include some errors. That is one of the risks of participating in something like this.

The beta helps the team in charge a lot

But that’s the point of participating in the beta of Among Us– Find bugs, report them, wait for them to be corrected, and perfect the game. Now, how is it possible to participate? Well, it is something very simple.

To begin with, it is only possible to do it from PC through Steam, not from mobiles based on iOS The Android. That is a must. With this in mind, we have to go to the application of Steam that we have installed on our computer.

We enter our collection and locate the game. We right click with the mouse on it, and we will see that an option appears called Properties, which we open. There we will run into a tab that says Betas, which is on the right side.

Later, we select which one we want to access. In this case it would be Public Beta The Public Beta. It all depends on what language we have configured Steam. And voila, nothing simpler.

Among Us: What is the beta and how to participate in it

So when there is a new beta of Among Us, we can participate. Given the current state of the game, that will happen sooner rather than later. In the event that we run into an error, we must report it as soon as possible.

It is based on feedback from the players themselves that an experience that everyone can enjoy can be created. And by the way, we can enjoy the newest advances in the game.

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You will also be able to connect to Swedbank Internet Banking with a fingerprint or face image – Banking News – Financenet

Representatives of Swedbank informed that from Wednesday the bank will gradually start introducing biometrics as an option for connecting to the Internet bank, ie customers will be able to use fingerprint or face recognition to connect to the Internet bank. Until now, such technology was available to customers in the Swedbank app to connect to the mobile app and make a single payment of up to 100 euros.

It is expected that soon Swedbank customers will also be able to confirm payments up to 100 euros in the Internet bank, using biometric data sign-in.

Vadim Frolov, Head of Customer Service at Swedbank, noted that the new option will provide an alternative way of connecting users of smart devices, helping to access their funds in cases where, for example, other alternatives are not available for some reason.

The biometrics menu in the Internet bank will be introduced gradually during this day and will be available to all customers.

To use this new feature, the customer must open the “Swedbank” mobile app on the phone and activate the option to sign in using biometric data stored on the smart device in the settings.

In terms of assets, Swedbank is the largest bank in Latvia.


virtual reality will replace smartphones. “It’s a well-thought-out vision of Facebook”, VR, what equipment, how to use, prices, offer

Facebook has long been investing in the virtual reality segment. A few years ago, he took over the Oculus company, which produces VR goggles. In turn, in the fall of 2019, the concern led by Marek Zuckerberg acquired Beat Games, the Czech producer of games for virtual reality and the Beat Saber title known in this segment, there was also information about work on an operating system dedicated to VR equipment.

VR instead of smartphones?

Now it turns out Facebook has advanced visions of the presence of VR technology in our reality. Mark Zuckerberg in an interview with Marques Brownlee, tech youtouber predicted the end of traditional smartphone use to be replaced by virtual reality technology.

According to Zuckerberg, in the coming years, users They will gradually move away from the use of phones, which will be replaced by increasingly perfect VR goggles and glasses.

According to the head of Facebook, smartphones that were a technological outpost several years ago will soon be replaced by more advanced solutions such as virtual reality.

Zuckerberg says that smartphone screens currently impose too many restrictions, and the VR environment will allow contacts (including phone calls) at an unprecedented level.

It’s a deliberate strategy

Is the vision outlined by Zuckerberg in the interview real? Is in a dozen years most users will forget about their smartphones and replace them with more or less comfortable virtual reality-based equipment? In an interview with, a blogger and an expert in the new technologies industry does not exclude this possibility.

Also read: Facebook in front of Wirtualna Polska, Instagram in front of, RMF Group has been attracting for the longest time. 27.2 million internet users in Poland (Gemius / PBI from August)

– Facebook’s strategy has been known for several years – creating a platform through which people can communicate – recalls Artur Kurasiński. – An additional goal is to create tools with which this is possible. In 2017, the company published several reports in which it emphasized the importance of VR / AR as such tools.

Why? To this question, the expert replies that Facebook it is not a company that produces “hardware” (ie electronic equipment) on the scale that Apple or Nvidia do.

– It is a company whose main advantage is software and users (Facebook alone has 2.7 billion users, and in the Facebook group, i.e. Facebook, Instagran, WhatsApp and Messenger, it is 3.14 million users) – Kurasiński points out. – Browsing and using Facebook is done using computers, laptops and mobile phones that are not manufactured by Facebook. It is important for Mark Zuckerberg’s company to have its own “window on content”. That’s why he decided to buy and develop Oculus – a company that creates VR goggles. VR and AR is the new horizon to which Zuckerberg pushes Facebook and its surroundings.

According to our interlocutor, thanks to their own devices (so far crude and not very comfortable goggles) Facebook may cut off other companies producing telephones, monitors, laptops or televisions. To view Facebook in the VR version, you will only need goggles (and in the future, smaller and smaller lenses or implants).

– See what the producers currently offer – fold-out phones, i.e. hardware hybrids between smartphones and tablets – emphasizes Kurasiński. – Users need larger screens to watch TV series and videos on social media. None of them will win against VR, which will have 4K quality and will allow you to watch Netflix on a 10-meter wall.

According to Kurasiński VR is another frontier and a challenge for the entire digital world. – It will not only be a 3D representation of the real world, but the possibility of establishing a conversation, experiencing together (Facebook is after all a social networking site) and simply spending time “on Facebook” – the expert predicts. – VR is the only technology that gives a sense of the presence of other people and There is no magic in it – it is related to the operation of our brain. By deceiving the eyes and giving the brain stimuli, we simulate being on a narrow footbridge over an abyss. Anyone who wears VR goggles on his eyes and stands on such a “footbridge” will feel fear before falling, so are other feelings of closeness, participation, and acceptance.
For those who now shake their heads and say “VR is over” I have bad news – within 12 months Apple will show its AR glasses. Other companies will once again follow Cook’s company and create their own versions. The market will be flooded with applications and new services related to from Augmented Reality. And from here it is only a step to full immersion and experience of virtual reality – forecasts Kurasiński.

Facebook income reached $ 18.69 billion in the second quarter of 2020. It’s about 11 percent. more compared to the same period of 2019 (USD 16.89 billion). The company’s advertising revenue was $ 18.32 billion, up 10 percent. on an annual basis. Facebook posted net profit of $ 5.18 billion in the second quarter, up from $ 2.62 billion. profit in the second quarter of 2019 (+98%).

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LG, Wing smartphone arrives: another screen below the rotating display

LG Electronics takes a new blow, continuing along the path of innovation that does not yet lead it to present smartphones with a very fashionable folding screen, but devices with unique features such as the Dual Screen system (available for example with the recent Velvet) . Today is the turn of Lg Wing, new device presented in the afternoon by the Korean company, which is part of the Explorer Project range and which has a form factor that will remind older people of another 2006 phone always born from the imagination of the Korean brand, the U900. The mechanism is the same: the second 3.9 “display is hidden and appears by rotating the main 6.8” display 90 degrees, thus forming a T made up of two overlapping screens. The mechanism, Lg guarantees, has been tested over 200,000 times to confirm its reliability.

When closed, Lg Wing has the classic design of a conventional smartphone: oled screen, triple rear camera and a 32 megapixel popup that does not take up so much space on the display with a 20.5: 9 ratio. By turning the screen clockwise, which will be positioned horizontally, the second 3.9 “screen is revealed, which allows new ways of using content from the phone. To enhance the unique form factor, LG has collaborated with partners and innovators in the sector: when you watch YouTube or Tubi from the pre-installed Naver Whale browser, for example, the main screen shows the video while the second screen shows the comments or the search bar. Thanks to the collaboration with streaming platforms such as Rave and Ficto, with Lg Wing it is possible enjoy the videos in full screen mode and at the same time interact with other users through the second screen.

Among the uses, the open screen mode can be useful in the car, allowing you to use the two screens simultaneously with different applications, something that normally does not happen on a traditional smartphone. For example, you can consult the directions on the main screen and have the second screen at your complete disposal for calls. In hand, the second screen not only allows you to expand the front display of the device, but also acts as a handle when the main screen is open. In addition, the Grip Lock function allows you to keep the second screen locked when not needed, so as to prevent inadvertent touches while holding the smartphone.


Huawei AppGallery store already has 420 million users: it consolidates in the Top 3 worldwide | Technology

Little by little the app store Huawei, call AppGallery, has been making a name for itself among users, currently counting on 420 million unique users per month.

Similarly, week after week the platform continues to increase the availability of applications within its catalog, both global and local.

“This is largely accomplished by the backing of 1.6 million developers and the 420 million unique users per month that the store has. This, already places it as one of the top three mobile app stores in the world“They point out from the company.


AppGallery was designed by Huawei to offer a safe and secure user experience. For this, it has a four-layer professional security system designed to detect malicious behavior, facilitate privacy checking, and ensure application security.

According to the company, its global information security practices are based on more than 20 security certifications.

Featured Apps

Among the applications that are available in AppGallery, those of national banking stand out, to buy online, entertainment and payment of basic services, among others.

Next, we leave you a list of the most popular applications according to their category.

Bank transactions

In AppGallery, users can find the main banking apps, such as Banco BCI, Banco Falabella, Banco de Chile or Banco Ripley. These will allow you to make transfers, check your account statement or access credits online in a matter of minutes and safely.

If you are not a bank customer, you can also make transfers and online purchases using virtual credit cards. In AppGallery, you find two apps of this type, MACH y Tenpo, those that have a prepaid charging method.

Huawei AppGallery

Food delivery

Regarding food delivery, the application of Papa John’s, which includes new and exclusive offers and menus every day. But that’s not all, other applications available for download in AppGallery are TelePizza, Burger king y McDonalds.

Now, if you want to opt for a healthier diet and you are a beneficiary of the Food Grant for Higher Education (BAES), since July, with the application Ticket App JunaebYou can find a series of stores with home delivery, which accept to pay with this card at no additional cost.

Another option for these weekly orders is Jumbo App. With it you can make your purchases and collect them at the nearest store. In addition, you can organize your list, schedule the time and day of withdrawal, collect Cencosud Points and find exclusive promotions.

In AppGallery you can also find the Quick App, which are applications that do not require installation, so they help consume less memory, delivering the same experience as an installed app. In this mode, AppGallery offers the Pizza Pizza and Order Now to order what you most want and from the comfort of your home.

Telephone companies

Attending the physical branches of telephone companies can be a bit difficult, especially in this new context. For the same reason, telecommunications companies, such as Claro o Virgin Mobile, have included their applications within the Huawei AppGallery, where you can carry out a series of online procedures, further facilitating customer service.

For their part, companies like Entel, Movistar and WOM offer their services through Quick Apps.

“With these fast applications, you will be able to access your virtual branch, request a change of plan and pay your bills in a safe and fast way,” they detailed from Huawei.

E-commerce and shopping

For many, online shopping applications are essential. Huawei has several of them so you can find different options in fashion trends, household items or whatever you need.

These include some such as Zara, Yapo, Linio, Aliexpress, Shein, Dafiti and Ripley. You just have to open your application, select the product you like, pay and wait for it to arrive at your home.

For gamers

One of the latest news from Huawei is that it announced the launch of its official gaming service and its distribution platform, HUAWEI GameCenter, with which it seeks to bring communities together and offer high-quality content and rewards.

This platform is present in 33 countries around the world. Huawei users in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and other regions can now enjoy Huawei GameCenter. Yes, in Chile it is also available.

In order to know and enjoy it, all you have to do is download the tool from


Within the catalog of games available on the Huawei platform we find several of the most popular games, among which Garena Free Fire, Saint Seiya Awakening, Rise Of Kingdoms, AFK Arena, Lords Mobile, WWE Champions 2020, Looney Tunes, World of Mayhem-Action RPG, Digital World (Digimon), Z Warrior Legend, Pokemon Legends and Asphalt 9, among others.

In this way it is clear that Huawei has an application for each of the needs. In addition, the company continues to work to include new local applications that make life easier for its users.


Keep an Eye on the Sky: The Most Glorious Meteor Shower of the Year ‘Perseid’ Begins Last Night 💫

Experts state that in order to watch this visual feast better, it is necessary to be in an environment away from city lights and to wait for an average of 15-30 minutes to prepare the eyes for a dark environment.

Astrophysicist Doctor Paige Godfrey stated that while watching the meteor shower you need to be patient, “Sometimes you have to wait a long time in a dark environment to witness the successive star drift. Sometimes you may not see anything for minutes, but at other times, to avoid the successive meteor showers. You may not even want to blink your eyes. ” he spoke.


Corona madness behind bars – cell phones for prisoners – Hamburg

Hamburg – This senator of justice has a heart for crackers: Till Steffen (46, greens) is always good for weird suggestions. This time he wants to “cushion” the psychological consequences of the Corona crisis in Hamburg’s prisoners – by distributing 470 cell phones. After all, the inmates would have to “do without their loved ones”. This was announced by Steffen’s authority on request from BILD.

Photo: picture alliance / dpa

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Hamburg Senator for Justice Till Steffen (46, Greens)Photo: picture alliance / dpa

The CDU opposition is horrified. Justice expert Richard Seelmaecker (54): “Absolute nonsense. Cell phones in detention centers are banned for a reason. This is to prevent crimes from being planned while in detention. Even witnesses in court proceedings should not be influenced and victims should not be threatened. “

The judicial authority sees it differently: visits are severely restricted because of Corona. So that prisoners can stay in touch with relatives and clarify private matters, they now receive prepaid cell phones – without a camera or the Internet.

Photo: Sylent

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Prison Fuhlsbüttel (Santa Fu) at the HasenbergePhoto: Sylent

► Who pays them? The prisoners – 20 euros.

► Who pays the SIM cards? Prisoners or relatives.

► How should abuse be prevented? Calls can only be made outside. The devices are registered. They can be checked by the institutions at any time. Contact and conversation lists must not be deleted.

► Are all prisons involved in the campaign? No. U-custody and juvenile detention are excluded.

► What happens if misused? “Of course, this can never be ruled out 100 percent, the enforcement is aware of this risk,” said a justice spokesman. If this happens, there will be criminal charges.

► How long should the campaign last? As long as the corona restrictions apply.


What to do and what not to do to disinfect the phone

At this point, we are all well aware of the CDC’s recommendation to wash your hands to fight the coronavirus. Cleaning our phones, however, is receiving much less attention. In the video above, I review basic things to do and don’t disinfect a smartphone without damaging it.

The do

While it has been common practice to avoid cleaning phones with disinfectant wipes, Apple recently he said it’s okay to use them. To avoid damaging the protective coating on the touchscreen, it is best to use disinfectant wipes that contain 70% isopropyl alcohol. Apple recommends Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and the CDC states that any wipes registered by the EPA should be fine.

When cleaning the phone, take care to be polite and don’t put too much pressure. For added protection, wear disposable gloves so as not to spread germs in the hands. Once the phone is clean, don’t forget to clear the case mashed potato.

And finally, give your hands another good wash.

The not

If you can’t get your hands on the disinfectant wipes, don’t try to make your own homemade cleaning solution. If the concentration is not correct, there is a possibility of damaging the touchscreen casing. You will want it too avoid using cleaning wipes, bleach or spray for general cleaning.

And while most modern smartphones have some level of water resistance, it’s a good idea to do this avoid introducing liquids into ports and speaking grills. Be sure to avoid cleaning your phone with abrasive cloths or paper towels. Instead, clean the liquid using a soft material such as a microfiber cloth.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review: the superphone a little too massive | Technology

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 Ultra superphone is chock full of ranking features, including 100x zoom, 108 MP cameras, a huge screen and 5G.

The £ 1,199 S20 Ultra drives an important new range of Samsung’s 5G series smartphones, which seeks to make technology a normal part of mobile life rather than an expensive add-on for first-time users.

But in 2020 5G alone is not enough to stand out, so the S20 Ultra has a smorgasbord of statistics and features that, at least on paper, make it unbeatable.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra back

The rear is dominated by the massive lump of the camera and is otherwise plain glass. Director of photography: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

The first is the pure dimension of the thing. It has a 6.9-inch QHD + display, which is practically the size of a tablet. It has a weight of 222 g and a width of 76 mm, which is precisely the limit of what I can manage. The 166.9mm length makes it difficult to put in your pocket without injuring yourself or the phone when you sit down.

The glass is slippery when it’s cold or placed on the sofa, but the phone is so large that I can’t see many who use it without some sort of case or handle.

The screen’s 120Hz refresh rate is twice that of the standard 60Hz and even faster than last year’s OnePlus 7 Pro and Pixel 4. Animations and scrolling of lists, sites and other content are so smoother at 120Hz that it is difficult to return to 60Hz, even if this limits the resolution to FHD +.

Turn the phone over and you will find the large lump containing four cameras and a flash in the upper left corner. It’s big, it sticks out miles and you can feel it with your fingers when you use the phone.

Camera lump

The camera’s lump protrudes far enough away and you can feel it’s with your fingers in use. Director of photography: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian


  • Main screen: 6.9 inch QHD + Dynamic Amoled 2X (511ppi)

  • Processor: Samsung Exynos 990 (EU) or Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 (US)

  • RAM: 12 or 16 GB of RAM

  • Storage: 128, 256 or 512 GB (UFS 3.0) + microSD card

  • Operating system: An Android 10-based 2.1 user interface

  • Camera: Quad rear camera: 108 MP wide angle, 12 MP wide angle, 48 MP telephoto, depth sensor; 40 MP front camera

  • Connectivity: 5G, dual nano sim, USB-C, wifi6, NFC, Bluetooth 5 and location

  • Dimensions: 166.9 x 76.0 x 8.8mm

  • Weight: 220g

Great performance and good battery life

USB-C port

The USB-C port on the bottom is the only physical connection on the phone. Director of photography: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

The S20 Ultra is the first smartphone to be shipped to Europe with Samsung’s latest Exynos 990 processor. In the US, it has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865. Both variants come with 12 or 16 GB of RAM, which is more than most laptops.

The all-round performance has been exceptional. Quick, responsive and fluid, even with graphically intensive games. Like everything else, the battery is replaced by the S20 Ultra, with a capacity of 5,000 mAh, which is approximately 1,000 mAh larger than that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max or OnePlus 7T Pro and larger than the 4,500 mAh battery of the S10. 5G.

Battery life varies from excellent 42 hours on 4G with the screen set to FHD + at 60Hz, 40 hours with that increased to 120Hz and a full 38 hours on Vodafone 5G with 120Hz active. The S20 Ultra will get through even the heaviest days without charging.

Full charging of the S20 Ultra took 70 minutes with the included power adapter, but closer to two hours with other 30-45 W USB-C chargers. Fast 15W wireless charging and sharing are also available 7W wireless wireless, ideal for charging Galaxy Buds + or other Qi-compatible phones from the back of the S20 Ultra.


Samsung does not evaluate the battery of the S20 Ultra for a certain number of charging cycles (which is typically 500) but offers a one-year warranty. Despite being classified as difficult to repair, Samsung claims that the device is generally repairable and that the battery is replaceable, from authorized service centers at costs probably in excess of £ 200.

Samsung offers exchange and recycling schemes for older devices. He did not comment on the use of recycled materials in his smartphones.

A user interface 2.1

120Hz screen

The 120Hz screen is fantastic, making everything much smoother. Director of photography: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

The Galaxy S20 Ultra runs the same version of Samsung’s customized Android 10, called One UI 2, as the Galaxy Z Flip.

A user interface has become one of the best Android implementations, particularly for large-screen smartphones, because it treats the top of the screen as an information display section and the bottom – the bit that you can actually reach with your thumb – as a place for all interactions.

You have to use Samsung’s apps to really take advantage of it, but in general it works very well. You can also do split screen multitasking, float apps on other apps (not just videos), duplicate messaging apps like WhatsApp so you can have two accounts on one phone, quickly manage two sims from the notification area and a plethora of other characteristics.

A user interface 2 is automatically set on the traditional three-button Android navigation bar, but the new Android 10 gesture navigation system simplifies the use of the larger screen.

Samsung guarantees only two major versions of Android since the release. It provides monthly security updates for its devices, but does not commit to a particularly long support period, instead listing the current support status of laptops on its security site. Other models such as the 2016 Galaxy S7 Edge are currently only receiving quarterly security updates.

Apple has been supporting its iPhones for about five years, including security and full iOS version updates. Google offers approximately three years of security and version updates for its Pixel line, while OnePlus offers two years of software plus another year of security updates.

Samsung has recently made great strides, but you will probably still have to wait three months for the main version Android updates to appear after Google releases them. £ 1,199 is also a lot of money to pay for a phone that is guaranteed updates for only two years.


Camera app

Samsung’s camera app lets you customize the modes in the sequence, while the new Single Shot mode that takes videos, gifs and photos at once is great fun. Director of photography: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

The massive lump on the back of the phone contains Samsung’s new quad-camera system: a 108 MP wide angle, a 12 MP wide angle, a 48 MP telephoto lens with 4x periscopic optical zoom and a depth sensor. There is also a 40 MP front-facing camera that peeps through a small hole in the screen.

The Samsung camera system has made a big leap forward in the past year after falling behind its competitors from Apple, Google and Huawei. The quartet of cameras allows you to zoom evenly from the ultrawide angle (0.5x), through the wide angle (1x) and 4x optical zoom, then the 10x hybrid zoom. From there you are in what Samsung calls “Space Zoom”, which is essentially a digital zoom at the top, which takes you up to 100x magnification.

The 12MP ultrawide camera produces some really good shots in most lighting conditions, excellent for creating a close-up fisheye effect or for capturing more than one cityscape in one shot.

Rear cameras

Space Zoom may be a bit of a mumbo marketing jumbo, but the optical and hybrid zoom is really quite impressive. Director of photography: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

The 108 MP main camera takes 12 MP photos by default, combining nine pixels on the sensor into one pixel of the final image, in a process known as pixel binning. The resulting photos are exceptional, they strike an excellent balance of detail and low noise, even if sometimes a little too sharp across the board, even in the type of mediocre light of the British houses in which the previous Samsung cameras had difficulties. Samsung’s dedicated night mode is good, but it’s not on the same level as Night Sight on the Pixel 4, taking much longer to do the same shots.

Live focus portrait mode has also improved, but since the wide-angle camera takes pictures with lots of natural bokeh, I found that I didn’t need to use artificial mode. The camera app has the usual range of beautification and smoothing functions, if this is your jam.

The camera can also take full 108 MP photos, but I found that most of the time the 12 MP mode produced better images. It’s nice to have the creative option, however, since you can crop a 108 MP image for a close-up without using a zoom.

Zoom is the star of the show, but rivals the previous zoom king, the Huawei P30 Pro, which uses a similar periscope lens system for a 5x optical zoom. The 4x optical zoom shots are the best, but push it to 10x and, although they are not absolutely lossless, the images are really very good, making everything except the P30 Pro explode.

With a 30x zoom, the images are still very good, while Samsung’s 50x zoom beats Huawei’s equivalent of a year ago. The 100x title figure isn’t really worth it, except as a surrogate pair of binoculars, since the images are full of artifacts. It’s also worth noting that it’s very difficult to stand still at 100x, despite Samsung’s excellent Picture-in-Picture aiming box that opens up to help hit the target at 20x magnification.

The S20 Ultra also captures an excellent video, probably the best on Android. It will shoot up to 8K videos, consuming up to 10 MB per second in the process, but stabilization and effects are limited to 1080p.

The 40MP selfie camera takes 10MP images by default, using pixel binning again and produces some of the best and most detailed shots I’ve seen on any selfie camera.

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanner

I managed a 95% success rate with the in-display fingerprint scanner without really focusing. Director of photography: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

The S20 Ultra has the same ultrasonic fingerprint scanner built under the screen of the S10 and Note 10 smartphones, but it worked slightly better in my tests.

Place your clean, dry finger on the correct spot on the screen and the phone will unlock quickly enough. It also worked better once I removed the included screen protector and re-registered my fingerprints. But it’s neither as fast nor tolerant as the best in-display fingerprint sensors used by OnePlus in 7T Pro, nor Face ID on iPhone 11 or Face Unlock on Pixel 4.


Sides of the screen

The sides of the screen are significantly less curved than previous Samsung S-line smartphones Photography: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian
  • There is a set of excellent Samsung AKG earphones in the box, this time with a USB-C cable as there is no headphone jack.

  • Samsung has significantly improved tactile feedback vibrations, bringing them to a level with Google’s, but not nearly as good as Apple’s.

  • Notification vibrations seem particularly violent when the phone is flat on a desk due to the fact that it rests on the large lump of the camera.

  • For some reason the phone insisted on opening the sim manager in the settings menu every time the phone rebooted.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is available in black or gray, which costs £ 1,199 with 128 GB or £ 1,399 with 512 GB of storage space, delivered on March 13.

For comparison, the Galaxy S20 costs £ 799, the Galaxy S20 + costs £ 999, the Galaxy Note 10+ costs £ 999 and the Galaxy Z Flip costs £ 1,300; Google Pixel 4XL costs £ 829, OnePlus 7T Pro costs £ 669 and Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max costs £ 1,149.


The Galaxy S20 Ultra is Samsung’s superphone to conquer all superphones. Everything pushed to excess.

That excess is big when it means a huge battery, a future-proof 5G and a camera that’s ahead of Samsung a year ago. The combination of excellent main cameras, ultra wide and 4x, with a 10x hybrid zoom, is so flexible and fun to use. Even with 30x zoom you get pretty good pictures and 100x zoom can replace binoculars in a pinch.

But all this excess also makes the phone too big: I can barely put it in my pocket and I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it as my phone without a sort of ring or Popsocket on the back.

It’s also incredibly expensive: £ 1,200 is a lot of money on a phone, especially one guaranteed only to receive two years of updates since the release, but then you can easily spend it on an iPhone. And despite all the features and finesse, the huge black plate looks downright boring next to the Galaxy Z Flip.

There is no doubt that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is one of the best Samsung phones to date. I just wish that all that camera was compressed into something much smaller and cheaper.

Professionals: 120Hz, 5G screen, exceptional and flexible camera, long battery life, microSD card slot, dual sim, One UI, wireless charging and powershare, fast performance

Versus: absolutely massive, very expensive, no headphone jack, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor not as good as the competition

Selfie camera

The holey selfie camera is small and discreet, a big improvement over some similar implementations in recent years. Director of photography: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

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