Recent Study: Coronavirus Mutates to Be Easier to Contagious – A new study examining the mutation of the coronavirus did not impact the clinical outcome of the disease or make it deadly, but one of the mutations could make it more infectious.

A new study conducted by scientists in Houston and published in MedRxiv has revealed a new mutation of the coronavirus that is potentially stronger and more volatile.

“We have given a lot of room for this virus. Out there their population is now very large, “said James Musser, one of the study authors told The Washington Post, quoted from the Sputnik page, Thursday (24/9).

David Morens, a virologist at the National Institute of Allergic Diseases and Infectious Diseases, also said that when the virus circulates throughout the population it has the potential to become more contagious and could negatively impact the ability to control it.

So the virus adapts to the use of masks?

He described the virus may be adapting to measures such as wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands that could potentially affect vaccine formulations.

“Even though we don’t know yet, there is still a chance that this coronavirus, when our population level immunity is high enough it will find a way to evade our immunity, and if that happens we will be in the same situation as the flu, we have to catch up with the virus. , when the virus mutates we have to tamper with our vaccine, “he added.

There are currently more than 31 million cases of Covid-19 registered worldwide with at least 1 million related deaths, according to John Hopkins University data.

The United States remains the worst-affected country with more than 6.9 million cases and more than 200,000 deaths.

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EU will accept migrants under new rules – Mir – Kommersant

The European Commission on Wednesday is expected to present a package of proposals for the reform of EU migration policy. The goal is to achieve a more equitable distribution of the burden caused by the influx of migrants among all members of the European Union. According to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the new system will include “a powerful new mechanism of solidarity.” However, among the EU members there will certainly be dissatisfied with the planned innovations, so it will hardly be possible to completely overcome the split between the EU countries.

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen spoke about the forthcoming reform of migration policy a week ago in her message to the members of the European Parliament. The European Union still does not have a formally uniform systemic policy in this area. European institutions can propose certain general measures and even insist on them, but it is far from always possible to agree on these requirements between all countries, and something remains unacceptable, and something stalls in practice. One of the legal mechanisms that have so far governed the EU’s response to forced migration to member states has been the so-called Dublin System, first approved in 1990. Proposals to revise this system have been heard for several years, but now the European Commission is assuring that it will be canceled.

Meanwhile, the Dublin Agreements contain an extensive list of criteria by which it is determined which state is responsible for examining applications for asylum.

The most important point is about the first border crossing: in other words, the problem of refugees in most cases should be solved by those EU countries that were the first on their way.

“The Dublin system of European legal norms does not answer the question of who to give and who not to give asylum, but allows you to determine which state should consider the application on the merits. In recent years, in fact, this burden has been borne mainly by Greece and Italy. They were suffocating from their burden and expecting the distribution of responsibility in accordance with the promises of solidarity that they have been hearing from Europe for decades, but they saw real solidarity, probably only from Germany, “Yekaterina Kiseleva, associate professor of the Department of International Law at RUDN University, told Kommersant.

She noted that “in an ideal situation, countries would have to accept a certain number of forced migrants who entered the EU, in proportion to specific indicators – for example, the size of GDP and GDP per capita”. Meanwhile, as Ms Kiseleva emphasized, for the crisis of the last five years, the Dublin system turned out to be not the instrument that can provide satisfactory answers and solutions for all countries. But a complete rejection of it, added the interlocutor of Kommersant, “looks risky”: “Other large-scale initiatives on migration do not impose legal obligations on the member states in terms of burden sharing and, despite half a century of EU statements of solidarity, they leave virtually without support. countries that need it so badly. And there is no guarantee that a new beautiful document will actually solve the problem. “

The 2015–2016 crisis forced the search for a new approach to solving the general migration problem.

At that time, dozens and then hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East poured into the bordering EU member states – primarily Italy, Greece, Spain, and also Hungary. Targeted measures, agreed with difficulty and sometimes in a raised voice by European leaders, have reduced the number of asylum applications from 2.4 million in 2015-2016 to 1.8 million in 2017-2019. Nevertheless, until now, individual EU countries could afford to stay away from the discussion and even refuse to accept refugees and redistribute them within the EU, as required by the European Commission.

At the same time, the problem of further arrangement of those whose applications were successful became acute. In recent weeks, discussions on the topic have been sharply exacerbated by a massive fire that virtually destroyed the Moriah migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. While the police are investigating whether it was a fire or arson, committed after news of coronavirus cases in the camp, the Greek authorities and European officials had to urgently decide where to relocate almost 13 thousand people left without a roof over their heads. Some of them are still awaiting a decision on their applications for asylum, but some were already formally protected by the EU and continued to live in inhuman, as many high-ranking camp visitors believed, conditions. “Moriah is not normal. Migration is okay. And we have to cope, ”European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Ilva Johansson said emphatically at the end of last week.

What will be in the new document, which the European Commission is preparing to publish, is not yet known exactly.

Ms von der Leyen mentioned the “humanistic” approach, tough measures against the organizers of illegal migration, strengthening of the external borders of the EU and cooperation with third countries.

However, all these areas of work the EU countries have already tried to activate in recent years. According to Reuters, solidarity in accepting refugees will become mandatory – in exchange for EU funding of € 10,000 per adult. In any case, the question of refusing to accept migrants is not worth it – rather, Brussels intends to propose how to deal with the consequences of a problem that cannot be solved.

“These proposals of the European Commission should have been made much earlier. But initiatives in the field of migration have invariably caused disagreements between the EU countries, so the preparation took a long time, ”said Rosa Balfour, director of the Carnegie Europe think tank, in an interview with Kommersant. In her opinion, one should not expect a revolutionary reform: the task of the European Commission now is to smooth out the split between the EU countries, and not completely solve the problem. “Rather, everyone will remain dissatisfied with the new proposals, everyone will lose something and gain something,” Ms. Balfour believes. “And this will allow the countries to continue negotiations on the essence of the issue.”

Galina Dudina


Pediatrician says he will go to the end with lawsuit against his attackers

The pediatrician Dalila Peñaranda, brutally attacked last Friday by a group of people who held a party in one of the apartments of the La Ría building in the midst of a pandemic due to Covid-19He assured that he will go to the end with the criminal complaint filed against his attackers.

The health professional stated in Blue Radio than after what happened he fears for his safety and that there was also a situation that worried her even more. Apparently, she said. one of the videos shows the alleged sale and consumption of drugs inside the building.

“My criminal complaint goes ahead against everyone (…) In the building we are all worried. In one of the videos it is seen that they were apparently selling what are illegal substances and that worried me even more, ”she said.

The pediatrician made a recount of the facts and He reiterated that it is false that the confrontation began because of her aggression against the daughter of the tenants of the apartment.

“The Police quadrant goes up and is attended, apparently, by Mr. Martín. He assures the authority that he is going to collaborate but once the dial goes down, the presence of mariachis is heard and the volume of the music louder. It is there where I reiterate to the Police to come up again with me ”, story.

After that moment, the doctor maintained that In the first instance, she is attended by the tenant Martín Caro Parra and he tells her that “he does not arrange with women” and he calls his wife Fanny Franco Pérez to take charge of the situation.

“In the middle of the discussion she started with profanity and I replied. She physically attacks me, hits me in the face and after that it is observed that she gets the quadrant. All the people at the party start to come out to hit me, ”she said.

Due to these facts, they have been – until now – sanctioned by the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla, the administrator of the La Ría building, the tenants of the apartment on the 10th floor where the attack began and five of her guests.

As reported by the Commander of the Mebar Police, General Ricardo Alarcón Campos, the first sanctioned were Martín Samir Caro Parra and Fanny Franco Pérez, tenants of the apartment in which he developed the party with liquor, live music and around 20 guests -without masks-, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To these was added the fine imposed on Gleny Barranco Vargas, who works as administrator of the La Ría building, in which the party contrary to the biosecurity protocols established by the District was registered.

Heber Blanco Bendek, Gustavo Pavajeau Maestre, Alfredo Bendek Suárez, Ivan Cepeda Morales and Nerge Manzur Paliz, who, according to the Police, attended the party have also been sanctioned.


Costa Cruises has returned to sea under the sign of the coronavirus

The Italian cruise line Costa Cruises returned to sea on Sunday with its ship Costa Deliziosa after more than five months of hiatus due to the coronavirus epidemic and under the sign of rigorous anti-contagion measures.

The world of cruises, which had experienced years of uninterrupted growth until 2018, has experienced an unprecedented crisis this year because of the pandemic, and is trying to revive itself. Several large ships have already taken to sea from Mediterranean ports, including some of its big competitor MSC Cruises.

Passengers began boarding mid-morning Sunday and the Costa Deliziosa departed around 4:00 p.m. GMT from the port of Trieste in northeastern Italy for a seven-day cruise that will bring its passengers to ports only. Italians from the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

Costa’s first cruises, in September, are reserved “only for residents of Italy”. They will take place according to a protocol of security measures established by the company, a subsidiary of the American group Carnival Corp, and a group of scientific experts, Costa said in a statement.

Passengers were to board the plane following a pre-established order with half-hour slots.

In the building that hosted them in the port of Trieste, they had to have the temperature measured, undergo a test and fill out a health form: they were only allowed to board the ship after having completed all the required criteria.

Regarding the crew, Costa clarified that all members underwent tests and observed a quarantine of 14 days before departure.

On board the ship, whose capacity has been reduced to respect distancing, strict measures have been taken in the restaurants, without buffet but only table service, bars or swimming pools with pre-established time slots. .

The cities visited range from Bari and Brindisi in the Adriatic to Syracuse and Catania in Sicily and guided tours can only be done through the organization of Costa Crociere.

– $ 50 billion in losses –

A procedure similar to that adopted by MSC Cruises. A family of Italian tourists was thus expelled in August from a cruise in the Mediterranean for having left an excursion en route, thus violating the rules of MSC Grandiosa.

The MSC Grandiosa, the first of this company to set sail, left the Italian port of Genoa (north-west) on August 17 for a seven-day cruise.

Between mid-March and the end of September, the worldwide loss, in terms of economic activity linked to the cessation and then the slow resumption of cruises, will be of the order of $ 50 billion and 334,000 jobs, according to estimates by International Association of Cruise Lines (CLIA). Each day of cruise suspension results in the loss of 2,500 jobs.

“Even if the shipowners have taken very rigorous measures, the situation will certainly remain complicated for the sector, because there is mistrust vis-à-vis cruising, after the traumatic images” of waves of contamination on certain ships in beginning of the crisis, explained to AFP Didier Arino, director general of the specialized firm Protourism.

“In addition, cruise passengers are generally older than the average tourist, and therefore more fragile from a health point of view. It will take time to return to previous levels of attendance,” he added.

The situation for Costa Cruises is even more complicated because a collective of French passengers from Costa Magica, a cruise ship which had been turned away in early March from several Caribbean ports due to the coronavirus, filed in early August 180 complaints in Paris against the company, especially for manslaughter.

In these complaints, including those of the families of three passengers who would have died of Covid-19, the company is accused of various faults or negligence in the management of the health crisis on board the ship.


9 Breakfast Rules that Diabetics Must Follow

9 Breakfast Rules that Diabetics Must Follow
Illustration of eating healthy food. © 2018 Pixabay – Breakfast is one of the most important meal times for us. This mealtime can also determine how much energy we can have over the next day.

You can also get a number of healthy benefits when you eat breakfast properly. This includes helping to maintain your weight.

Various health benefits that can arise make breakfast very important to do. This is especially so for those with diabetes.

Although important, diabetics still have to pay attention to various things at breakfast. This is useful to prevent further health problems for them.

With a proper breakfast diet, diabetics will not experience a sudden worsening of the condition. Reporting from The Healthy, here are a number of breakfast rules that must be applied by diabetics.

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Don’t miss it

“A person with diabetes experiences blood sugar fluctuations which can become more stable when they eat evenly throughout the day,” explains Melissa Joy Dobbins, RD, a diabetes-related dietitian.

“Skipping meals such as breakfast can lead to further overeating due to hunger and low blood sugar levels,” he continued.

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Eat Protein

Research reveals that eating high-protein foods at breakfast can help diabetics prevent blood sugar spikes.

“Many people do not realize that the partner of protein is fat. This can keep blood sugar normal and keep you full until the next meal,” said Melinda Maryniuk, RDN, diabetes care and education specialist.

It is recommended to consume at least 5 grams of protein at breakfast. This is the equivalent of an egg, two-thirds of a glass of milk, or 1.5 tablespoons of peanut butter.

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Avoid Refined Carbohydrates


To maintain health and weight, carbohydrates are things that must be considered. But not all carbohydrates have the same effect.

It is recommended to avoid refined carbohydrates found in bread in general. It is recommended to replace these processed foods with more natural fruits and whole grains.

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Choose Foods That Are Friendly For Diabetes Patients

which is friendly for diabetics

For diabetics, choosing the right food is key in maintaining their condition. It is recommended for diabetics to have breakfast with foods that contain carbohydrates and paired with protein and healthy fats.

“There are a variety of food choices when having breakfast at a restaurant, certain menus can be healthier than others,” said Dobbins.

“For diabetics, consuming a balanced diet in the form of a combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat can be easily applied,” he continued.

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Consume Lots of Fiber


Research in 2019 revealed that a diet rich in fiber can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, stroke and colorectal cancer by about 16 to 24 percent. Consumption of this fiber can be obtained from vegetables and fruit that are eaten every day.

This choice of fruits and vegetables cannot be separated from our daily consumption. Not only for diabetics, this diet can also be beneficial for anyone.

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Take oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the most diabetes-friendly breakfast choices. Each cup of oatmeal has a fiber content of 4 percent which is very good at maintaining blood sugar levels for people with type 2 diabetes.

Avoid types of oatmeal with a variety of flavors because they usually have a high sugar and salt content. You can make large quantities of direct oatmeal then store it in the refrigerator and warm it in the microwave.

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Consumption of Non-Fat Milk and Yogurt

without fat and yogurt

Research shows that adults aged 40-69 years who consume a lot of milk are less likely to experience metabolic syndrome. These health problems include a variety of symptoms that increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Vitamin D found in milk also helps the body use insulin. Yogurt can also be an option to get this benefit, just make sure not to eat those that have flavor and choose plain yogurt.

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Make Your Own Breakfast


If you have trouble estimating the sugar content of food and the types of food that are there aren’t attracting attention, you can cook your own food. This method can help you balance the nutritional content you need.

Just make sure the food you make contains the carbohydrates, protein and fiber needed by diabetics. This method can make you avoid boredom with the same food.

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Avoid fruit juices


Fruit juice is indeed a source of drinks that we often consider healthy. In fact, this drink only consists of concentrated carbohydrates and is less fiber than fruit.

It is recommended to avoid fruit juices and consume them in fruit form only.

“Fruit eaten in the morning is digested more slowly than juice, thus contributing to less increase in blood sugar,” explained Maryniuk.

For diabetics, a proper diet is important to maintain their health condition. Therefore, paying attention to food and eating patterns at breakfast is an important thing to do. [RWP]

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Banksy ship: 49 people evacuated

The Italian coast guard responded on Saturday to the distress messages in the Mediterranean from the ship “Louise Michel”, chartered by the street artist Banksy, by evacuating the 49 most fragile people as a priority.

“In view of the dangerousness of the situation, the coast guards sent a patrol boat from Lampedusa to the site which took on board the 49 people considered to be the most fragile, including 32 women, 13 children and 4 men,” they said. in a press release. The body of a deceased migrant was also evacuated to Lampedusa (a small island in the south of Sicily).


The “Louise Michel”, which rescued a total of 219 migrants at sea in two operations, was then in “a search and rescue zone” in the State of Malta.

But “due to the expected deterioration of maritime weather conditions in the region”, Malta contacted the Italian Coast Guard to carry out the operation.

“The Italian Coast Guard took 49 of the most fragile survivors! It’s great and it leaves us with a majority still waiting, ”the crew reacted to Louis Michel on his Twitter account.

In the evening, all his other passengers were finally transferred to a humanitarian boat chartered by the German NGO Sea-Watch and the organization Médecins sans frontières (MSF), which came to meet him.


Sea-Watch 4, which itself had already rescued 201 migrants in the Mediterranean, indicated on its Twitter account that it had taken care of some 150 additional people. This boat has in particular a clinic on board, subject to “Covid procedures to be respected”, had specified earlier in the day Hassiba Hadj-Sahraoui, in charge of the humanitarian questions of MSF in the Netherlands.

“We ask for a safe place for all survivors,” said the crew of the Louise-Michel, announcing the transfer of all its passengers.

The Marinetraffic website indicated on Saturday evening that the Louise Michel and the Sea-Watch 4 are located east of the Italian island of Lampedusa (south of Sicily).

“At the same time, the left-wing Italian collective Mediterranea announced on Saturday the departure of its ship Mare Ionio from the port of Augusta, in Sicily, to also provide assistance to the Louise-Michel migrants.


According to the latest data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), attempts to leave are increasing in the Mediterranean, the deadliest migratory route in the world.

Between early January and late July, attempts to leave Libya increased by 91%, compared to the same period last year, representing 14,481 people who set sail.

The humanitarian ship Louise Michel, which has only ten crew members, had appealed for help overnight from Friday to Saturday, in particular lamenting a death on board.

The migrants collected for their part mentioned the death of three people at sea before their recovery, reports the boat chartered by Banksy.

After a first rescue Thursday, the crew of the Louise Michel said they had picked up on Friday 130 new drifting migrants aboard a rubber dinghy taking water. The boat, which had become overcrowded and could not move any further, had to leave 33 people on a rescue boat moored at Louise Michel until the arrival of the Italian Coast Guard.


The ship, named after a 19th-century French anarchist, is decorated with graffiti by British artist Banksy depicting a little girl in a life jacket wielding a heart-shaped buoy. The most famous street artist in the world, regularly addresses the issue of the migration crisis in his works.

Chartered in the greatest secrecy, she left Spain on August 18.

Its captain is Pia Klemp, a German human rights activist, known to have driven several other rescue ships, including the Sea-Watch 3. She is still under investigation by the Italian courts, in particular for “helping illegal immigration”.

The ten sailors of the “Louise Michel” all say they are “anti-racist and anti-fascist activists in favor of radical political changes”, according to the daily The Guardian who came into contact with them.

The 31-meter-long boat is a former French customs vessel, small in size but considerably faster than the usual NGO ships operating in the area.

Banksy, who maintains the greatest mystery about his identity, explained on Saturday, in a video posted on the internet, having bought the boat thanks to his financial success, because “the authorities of the EU are deliberately ignoring the distress calls coming from no -européens ”, illustrating this accusation by the photo of a police officer asleep in front of a computer. “All black lives are important,” he concludes.


Herbalife agrees to give bribes in China

New York /

Herbalife accepted to have bribed Chinese government officials for a decade in his attempt to expand his business abroad. In addition, he acknowledged having falsified accounting records to cover up the payments, US prosecutors reported when announcing corruption charges against the company.

Herbalife agreed to pay penalties of more than 123 million dollars in total to settle the charges, federal prosecutors added.

The company accepted the charges as part of a deferred trial agreement it reached with the United States Department of Justice and the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan.

The charges were brought under the law of Corrupt Practices Abroad, which prohibits bribing government officials or executives of foreign companies to secure or maintain business.

Herbalife did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

Company employees began bribing Chinese officials in 2007 in their attempt to obtain the necessary licenses from national and local authorities to sell health and nutrition products.

They also bribed an official news outlet “with the aim of eliminating negative reports about Herbalife China,” prosecutors said.

Herbalife falsely recorded the bribe payments as “travel and entertainment expenses,” prosecutors reported.

Herbalife has long been the subject of law enforcement attention for its business practices, which have been compared to pyramid fraud schemes.



Massive losses for Rolls-Royce, victim of the coronavirus

(Agence Ecofin) – The Covid-19 continues to claim victims among large global companies. Rolls-Royce, the English engineering giant and designer of jet engines, reported record losses, due to the collapse in demand for air transport (BBC).

Due to the pandemic (which notably brought the entire aviation industry to its knees), the manufacturer, which employs 50,000 people worldwide, announces a massive pre-tax loss of 5.4 billion pounds at the first semester 2020.

According to top management, the company originally planned to deliver up to 500 jet engines this year, but only half of them should ultimately be supported.

In addition, Rolls Royce has been particularly struck by the collapse in air traffic, because it benefits not only from the sale of its engines, but also from their use. This is why, when planes are grounded, his income is reduced very significantly.

In the process, the company, in the midst of massive restructuring, confirmed its intention to close factories in England, to shed 3,000 jobs in the country. Ultimately, the company will reduce its workforce by a fifth, and the number of its sites around the world will drop from 11 to 6.

And the sky does not seem to be clearing up anytime soon: according to management, it will be necessary to wait at least 5 years (by 2025), to find a level of demand equivalent to that of 2019.

Ayi Renaud Dossavi


Russian regions with the most polluted air named

The Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2019 emitted 2.6 million tons of pollutants into the atmosphere – more than any other region of Russia, follows from the report of the analytical service of the international audit and consulting network FinExpertiza, transfers RBK.

The top 10 regions that pollute the air also include the Kemerovo Region (1.8 million tons), Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (1.3 million tons), Sverdlovsk Region (1 million tons), Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (787,000 tons ), Irkutsk region (715,000 tons), Bashkiria (600,000 tons), Chelyabinsk (595,000 tons) and Orenburg regions (551,000 tons), as well as Krasnodar Territory (495,000 tons).

At the same time, Moscow did not become one of the most polluting regions of the country, as a year earlier, but took 16th place with emissions of 410,300 tons. St. Petersburg is in 35th position, where their volume amounted to 202,000 tons.

The best situation with waste emission is in small regions – Sevastopol, Tuva and Altai, said FinExpertiza. It is noted that approximately three quarters of all air emissions are generated by enterprises, and one quarter – by vehicles. Of industrial production, metallurgy pollutes the atmosphere the most: 3.7 million tons of emissions per year, or 21% of all emissions from enterprises.

Experts also calculated that in general, in 2019, Russian enterprises and transport emitted 22.7 million tons of pollutants into the atmosphere. On average, one resident of the country accounted for about 155 kg of harmful emissions per year – the value of the indicator varies from 23 kg to 1.6 tons, depending on the region, the report says.


Kadyrov’s income in 2019 increased almost 20 times

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, earned 147.99 million rubles in 2019, which is almost 20 times more than in 2018, when his income was about 7.58 million rubles. should from the income tax return.

According to the document, Kadyrov still owns a residential building with an area of ​​2,344.3 square meters. m and a plot of 3668 sq. m. In 2019, the head of Chechnya owns a new land plot with an area of ​​28,361 sq. m. In addition, the Kadyrov family owns a residential building with an area of ​​300 square meters. m.

Kadyrov’s wife earned 2.45 million rubles last year. She owns an apartment of 209.8 sq. m. In 2018, her income was 60,000 rubles.