In Gaza, “in such a populated territory, the wave can come very quickly”

Even under normal circumstances – if such a thing exists in the Gaza Strip – a choir of cassanders constantly predicts the worst for its inhabitants, and the future is usually responsible for proving them right. However, this is an unprecedented scenario that terrifies humanitarian workers and experts today. That of an epidemic that put […]

Christchurch: Assassin pleads guilty

Ea good year after the devastating terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, the alleged assassin surprisingly declared himself guilty. The 29-year-old defendant admitted the 51 murders and 40 attempted murders to the Christchurch court on Thursday, the New Zealand police said. In June the Australian racist declared that he was innocent on […]

Search for COVID-19 multilingual resources to help older people who don’t speak English

Posted March 21, 2020 6:19:44 AM Photo: Over 21% of Australians speak languages ​​other than English at home. (Provided: Multicultural elderly care services) Older people are among the most vulnerable to coronavirus in Australia, but some community leaders are concerned that vital health messages may not reach older people who don’t speak English. Key points: […]

Cubes found in the demolition of the mosque, a treasure rumor came out

It was decided to demolish and reconstruct 2 years ago for the Central Market Mosque, built in 1953 in Derik district. The demolition of the 750-person mosque started yesterday. However, empty cubes placed between the walls of the mosque were found during the demolition. The cubes were delivered to the Mardin Provincial Directorate of Culture […]

A man stabbed in a mosque in London

A man was arrested after a stabbing attack on the Central Mosque in London on Thursday (February 20). “Man arrested on the scene suspected of attempted murder”said Scotland Yard, adding that a septuagenarian was injured in the large mosque near Regent’s Park in the center of the British capital. The vital prognosis of the victim […]