very cheap and long-known drugs help save the lungs with coronavirus

Cloving hospital on the basis of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center (ISSC) Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov took the first patients on April 21 and completed his work on June 13. It turned out that it was possible to achieve the best treatment results for COVID-19 in Moscow. Over the entire period, 4 patients died, and among severe patients who got mechanical ventilation, the mortality rate was less than 14% (for comparison, the average for the city and the world was up to 70 – 80%). Eighteen doctors out of 220 employees of the hospital were infected with coronavirus, there were no deaths among the medical staff.

What approaches were used at the University Hospital of Moscow State University to achieve such results? We continue the conversation with the head. Department of Therapy, Faculty of Fundamental Medicine, Moscow State University, Head of the Department of Age-Associated Diseases, Medical Scientific and Educational Center, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Cardiologist Yana Orlova.


– Most of those who are ill or are afraid to get sick are worried about fibrotic changes in their lungs. They say that you have developed special therapy that can reduce the risk of developing fibrosis. Is it possible?!

– Yes, we launched an appropriate clinical study. There are no final results yet, but we have developed clinical practice.

“What did you do to save the lungs?”

– We used a combination of bromhexine and spironolactone (both are long-known very cheap drugs. – Ed.). Bromhexine is an expectorant that has been prescribed to patients with pneumonia and cough for many years. At the same time, experimental data showed that this drug can block a specific enzyme and impede the penetration of coronavirus into cells. True, it was on this effect that we counted to a lesser extent in inpatients, since such an effect is important mainly in the early stages of the disease. But the expectorant effect of bromhexine really helps patients with COVID. I heard that our colleagues in Peter launched a study of bromhexine for prophylactic purposes. We will wait for the results.

Coronavirus infected 18 doctors from 220 employees of the hospital, there were no deaths among the medical staffPhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


– The second drug – spironolactone – is traditionally widely used in cardiology for the treatment of heart failure, severe hypertension. It has a small diuretic, magnesium and potassium-preserving effect, continues Yana. Orlova. – It has several mechanisms through which it can be useful in coronavirus infection.

Firstly, a mechanism that prevents the development of fibrosis in general in the body. There are works that, in particular, show that spironolactone reduces fibrosis in the heart. At the same time, it is known that the tendency to fibrosis is not local, but systemic – where there is more inflammation, there will certainly be fibrosis. And we see, of course, fibrotic changes in the “covide” in our patients. Therefore, we prescribed spironolactone as a drug for the prevention of this process.

Secondly, this drug blocks sex hormone receptors, in particular testosterone. Some published studies suggest that “high-testosterone” men suffer from “covid” more often and develop more severe fibrotic changes. Therefore, blocking these receptors for several weeks during COVID treatment may be useful in reducing the severity of complications. We are not talking about a longer intake, since male patients are unlikely to agree with a decrease in testosterone levels in the long term.

And perhaps the most important point. In almost all of our patients, we observed hypokalemia (a decrease in potassium levels. – Ed.). With coronavirus infection, potassium is intensely excreted from the body, and scientific articles even suggest that hypokalemia serves as the trigger for a cytokine storm. So spironolactone has a real chance to reduce the risk of this dangerous complication. But the main thing, in my opinion, is that lowering the level of potassium in the body is extremely harmful to the heart and triggers life-threatening rhythm disturbances, increasing the risk of sudden death. We, like all others, replenished potassium with droppers, but it was more effective to retain it in the body with the help of spironolactone.

Men certainly get worse than women;  the elderly are heavier than the young;  overweight people are heavier than patients without excess weight Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Men certainly get worse than women; the elderly are heavier than the young; overweight people are heavier than overweight patientsPhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


– Yana Arturovna, how many patients did you have on average?

– About 10 – 14 days. But someone and 50 days.

– Have you noticed signs by which it can be assumed that the disease in the person brought is likely to go the hard way?

– Such studies were carried out in the world, our clinical practice confirmed them. Men certainly get worse than women; the elderly are heavier than the young; overweight people are heavier than overweight patients. Men with a classic male type of baldness, a lot of facial hair, we can say brutal men get sick harder.

– Under what conditions did you discharge patients?

– We acted as close as possible to the recommendations Ministry of Health: so that the temperature for three days was not higher than 37.5 degrees; so that C-reactive protein (an indicator of inflammation) is lower than 10 mg / l, and saturation, that is, the level of oxygen in the blood, is higher than 96%.


– How often do you get sick doctors and nurses?

– In the first month no one got sick at all. We have a very powerful epidemiological service. The head of the sanitary-epidemiological department, a senior researcher, correctly organized the whole process, and for the first two weeks she personally worked in the sanitary inspection room at the exit from the “red zone” and helped doctors and nurses who were exhausted after the shift safely remove protective clothing.

Then both people’s fatigue and viral load accumulated. By the middle of the second month, sick people began to appear. There were no seriously ill patients. We treated part of the staff in our observation, part of it was treated at home. In total, 18 people were infected from the medical staff (less than 10%).

– Doctors take something for prevention? Vitamins C, D, Zinc?

– I saw the recommendations of American nutritionists, they speak out positively about taking zinc, melatonin and vitamin C. There were somewhat conflicting data on vitamin D. But we did not give any such recommendations to our employees. We have all the prevention was associated with minimizing contacts and other measures of epidemiological safety.

Physicians are the heroes of our time.“If you think that you are special and that a pandemic will not affect you, you are deeply mistaken,” listen to what the doctors who are fighting with coronavirus say


“They used a cure for gout against COVID”: How patients were treated in a hospital that showed the best results in Moscow

The results of treatment at the university clinic of Moscow State University were the best in the capital. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” learned the details of how doctors and scientists saved severe patients [Часть 1]

Virologist told whether it is possible to disinfect masks from coronavirus in sunlight

And also why the epidemic is gaining strength in southern countries and whether the sun affects the incidence – all this in an interview with George Vikulova (details)


Banks have limited the ability to go negative by debit cards :: Finance :: RBC

Banks announced a reduction in interest rates on deposits and loans after the Central Bank

“Equifax” in statistics takes into account only debit cards to which the overdraft option is connected. Banks of “not the first echelon” usually offer such a product, explained Oleg Lagutkin, General Director of Equity Bank.

The combined credit bureau (the only BKI that has data from Sberbank) includes in its statistics on overdrafts debts not only on debit cards, but also on installment cards, if banks define debt as an overdraft, explained his representative. According to the OKB, in May the average overdraft limit amounted to 42 thousand rubles, and compared with March, the indicator decreased by only 7.3%. He, like issuing overdraft cards, recovered after a sharp decline in April.

The National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH), which is also included in the top 3 Russian credit indexes, does not keep such statistics, a representative of the bureau said.

Why banks have changed overdrafts

A decrease in the number and volume of open overdrafts on cards is a direct consequence of bank policies in a pandemic, Lagutkin said. “By changing their lending policies after the start of the self-isolation regime, lenders extended most of the measures not only to popular consumer loans,” adds the General Director of Equifax Investment Company.

Banks reduced overdraft limits due to a general decrease in real incomes of the population, says Mikhail Doronkin, head of the bank ratings department of the NKR agency. According to him, this may be due to the peculiarities of the methodology for calculating such limits.

“If, when opening a credit card, banks can request information on income from customers to assess their reliability and set a limit, then in the case of a debit card, overdraft limits are often set automatically and do not take account transactions into account,” the analyst explains. In the pre-crisis period, providing customers with an overdraft allowed banks to earn money on those who “went into the red” or did not suspect an overdraft. “Under current conditions, the presence of such an option, on the contrary, could increase the risk of non-return,” he adds.

“Issuance of overdraft cards, including installment cards, declined significantly during quarantine, as did issuance in other lending segments. Moreover, the reduction was not so strong compared to that which we observe in the segment of credit cards, ”noted Artur Design Bureau General Director. This could be due to a lower available limit on these cards than on credit cards, which means less risk for banks, he added.

In a crisis, banks could cut low-demand products in order to reduce credit risk, agrees Sergey Grishunin, head of the rating service of the National Rating Agency (NRA). He draws attention to the fact that banks, as a rule, require customers to repay the overdraft in a short time, and the interest rate on such loans is higher than on classic credit cards. “Based on all this, it is simply unprofitable for banks to keep a product that most likely a“ good ”borrower will not use (they have a credit card, often with bonuses). A “bad” bank is not profitable, ”the expert concludes.

Bank customers began to complain about a reduction in credit card limits

Фото: Simon Dawson / Bloomberg

Which banks give customers an overdraft

According to Frank RG, there are now special cards with overdraft in the lines of five organizations: Absolut Bank, Asia Pacific Bank, Uralsib, Center-Invest Bank and Transcapitalbank. The representative of Uralsib told RBC that the bank does not offer such a product, the remaining banks did not respond to inquiries.

Which banks offer overdraft on their debit cards as an option, Frank RG does not track. Most of the large organizations surveyed said they did not provide such a service. Among them are Sberbank, Gazprombank, Otkrytie, Alfa Bank, Promsvyazbank, Sovcombank, UniCredit Bank, Home Credit, Zenit, Ak Bars, Renaissance Credit and MTS Bank. However, on the profile forum, there are many reviews of customers of large banks about connecting an overdraft without notice, technical overdraft and other problems associated with this product.

The only bank that has confirmed the availability of the overdraft option for debit cards is VTB. Such a service is offered to salary clients, a bank representative said. “In March-May, the bank did not change the terms of connection and the average size of limits for this product. “We do not notice any changes in client preferences for disabling or activating overdraft services,” he added.

Will banks become more loyal to using overdraft

“There is a version that it’s precisely by such actions that banks are preparing for the end of exemptions regarding the accrual of reserves. We believe that overdrafts in the event of a crisis may even disappear or remain only with premium customers of banks, ”says Grishunin. On Friday, June 26, the Bank of Russia announced a partial curtailment of support measures for banks introduced at the onset of the crisis. But softened reserve requirements will continue until September 30.

The Central Bank will prohibit paying with expired cards

Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS

Banks must form reserves not only for loans actually issued, but also for unused limits, taking into account demand ratios. Overdraft is included in this category, said the director of bank ratings of Expert RA, Ivan Uklein. According to him, banks are so far “reinsured”, and after lifting sanitary restrictions and stabilizing the situation on the labor market, the policy of creditors regarding opening overdrafts will become softer.

In June, the retail lending market experienced a recovery, says Lagutkin from Equifax. According to him, this may in the future have an impact, including on the overdraft segment.


“Let them try to do it in Russia” – Sport – Kommersant

Former Formula 1 promoter and actually the creator of the world’s most prestigious racing series in its current form, Bernie Ecclestone has responded to allegations of racism that fell upon him after saying that “many blacks are more racist than white.” According to Mr. Ecclestone, it is not his fault that he is white, or that he did not come out tall. “I realized that I had to put up with this. And Black should take care of himself, ”said Bernie Ecclestone, noting that he was not afraid of threats to deprive him of access to the race. “Let them try to do it in Russia. I’ll somehow get a pass, ”he said.

Bernie Ecclestone’s statement that “many blacks are more racist than they were before” provoked the expected sharp reaction in Formula 1. So, six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton called the position of Ecclestone “sad and disappointing.” “Bernie left our sport, and he is from another generation. But it is precisely such ignorant comments that show how far we are from making real equality possible. Now I understand completely why nothing has been done and said in our sport so that it becomes more diverse, and in order to respond to the racial harassment that I have encountered throughout my career, ”said Hamilton.

In turn, the current head of “Formula 1” Chase Kerry hastened to disown Bernie Ecclestone, calling his position unacceptable and saying that the status of honorary chairman of “Formula 1”, which Ecclestone received after the control over the series passed American Liberty Media , “Expired in June.” Also, the leadership of Formula 1 discusses the possibility of denying Ecclestone the right to attend races.

“Prohibit me from appearing on races? “I would not advise doing this,” Bernie Ecclestone told the Daily Mail. “They can try, for example, in Russia.” I think I’ll get a pass. ”

Bernie Ecclestone spoke more than once flattering about Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whose assistance it became possible to host the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi.

We also note that Ecclestone still has good relations with team leaders and national stage organizers. That is, in fact, excommunication from his presence at the race is really not easy.

Bernie Ecclestone also touched on his relationship with Chase Kerry and his words that he is no longer the honorary chairman of Formula 1. “When Chase asked me to resign, he talked a lot about how important my title was. He said that in the USA people are ready to kill for such a thing. But that doesn’t matter to me, ”said Bernie Ecclestone.“ I got my doctorate from Imperial College London 20 years ago. But I do not introduce myself as Dr. Ecclestone. And I’m glad that I have no relation to the management of Formula 1. After all, now I can’t be blamed for everything that they did. They raised this topic with racism because of what is happening in America. But maybe Chase will do something that could please the shareholders? COVID is luck for him. All failures can be blamed on a pandemic. ”

As for the allegations of racism, they are sure, Bernie Ecclestone, unfounded.

“I am not against blacks. On the contrary. I always helped them. In my life I have met many whites that I did not like, but not a single black. I was robbed a couple of times. Once they were three black guys. I got to the hospital then. But even after that, he never opposed black. Yes, and I do not perceive Hamilton as black or something else. He’s just Lewis, ”said Bernie Ecclestone. However, he believes that “if a person was refused work, then you must first find out why,” and not go straight to the marches, which, in his opinion, are now “quasi-Marxists”. “If you ask them what exactly they need, they won’t say it,” says Ecclestone.

“It’s not my fault that I’m white,” continued Bernie Ecclestone. “As well as the fact that he did not come out tall. At school they called me shorty. But then I realized that I had to deal with it. So Black should take care of himself. ”

Arnold Kabanov


Aeroflot responded to the article about performing a “luxury” flight abroad :: Society :: RBC

According to him, in case of contact on the plane passenger has no right to enter the destination country (including Russia), airlines exhibited a fine migration service, and therefore that entitlement is “the main criterion of acceptance for carriage.”.

“Since the introduction of the procedure, not a single person entered the country of our flights, bypassing the registration process through the website services, or the procedure for obtaining special permits to enter the Russian authorities”, — said the representative of “Aeroflot”.

Entry to Russia of the majority of foreigners and persons without citizenship (except diplomats and certain other groups) is prohibited from March 18. Scheduled and Charter passenger air service between Russia and other countries suspended since 27 March, however, the flights with special permission are performed.

Mishustin has simplified the entry and exit from Russia

April 29, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin was allowed to leave Russian citizens who have second citizenship, residence permit abroad or other document confirming the right of permanent residence abroad. On 8 June the same Mishustin expanded whitelist, including the Russians, who are sent abroad to take care of sick relatives living in other States, as well as for medical treatment, work or study. The same order of the Prime Minister to enter Russia allowed foreigners, who here have close relatives in need of care, and the citizens of other countries wishing to undergo treatment at the Russian doctors.

In late may, Reuters reported that wealthy Russians are increasingly using business jets to move to other countries, where we have introduced the pandemic COVID-19 limitations has already mitigated, and the number of new infections significantly less than in Russia.


A third of the population of Ukraine with regret spoke about the collapse of the Soviet Union : Society :: RBC

The most nostalgic was among those who in modern Ukraine not enough money even for food

Photo: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

The collapse of the USSR regrets just over a third (33.5 per cent) of residents of Ukraine, according to the report, Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS). Conducted by KIIS survey showed that the proportion of those who grieve the collapse of the Soviet Union, the highest in the East (of 49.3%) and South (48.1 percent) of Ukraine, while in the Western regions of the country, it is only 15.3 percent.

To KIIS note that in the first place about the collapse of the Soviet Union regret elderly — from 44.1% among those 50 to 59 years, to 50.1% among those older than 70 years. Young people aged 18 to 29 years of the Soviet Union regret is rare (14.3 per cent). Among the young, which in the USSR was never alive, most frequently (32.2 per cent) are those who answer the question about regrets nothing. The majority of young (53,5%) on the collapse of the Soviet Union does not regret.

The proportion of bored for the Soviet Union is highest among those who define their nationality as Russian (66,9 vs 30.5%, and among those who consider themselves Ukrainians) and communicates at home in Russian (44,2 compared to 25.8% of those who normally speaks Ukrainian at home).

From the KIIS report also suggests that:

  • women regret the Soviet collapse more often than men — 36.3 vs. 30,1%;
  • people in small towns are nostalgic for the Union most of the inhabitants of the large — 37,8 against 32.5%;
  • received only secondary education miss the USSR more than holders of high school diploma (vs 41,6 23,4%), and the workers — and more entrepreneurs (of 42.3, as compared to 19.4%).


Die Welt called the chances to finish construction of the “Nord stream 2” :: Policies :: RBC

“Academician of the Chersky” near the island of rügen

(Photo: Stefan Sauer / Global Look)

“Gazprom” (the sole shareholder of the operator of project Nord Stream 2) have the ability to complete the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”, without fear of U.S. sanctions, writes Die Welt.

The newspaper notes that this became possible after the ship “Akademik Chersky”, previously owned by OOO “Gazprom fleet” became the property of the Samara thermal power asset Fund (STIF).

The only thing that can slow down construction, according to the newspaper, the ban on most works in the Baltic sea in July-August. At this time, said Die Welt, where spawning cod.

The owner is able to build Nord Stream 2 of the vessel became the Foundation from Samara

Material supplemented.


Lavrov said about the collapse of the concept of sovereignty of Kosovo :: Policy :: RBC

The concept of the self-proclaimed sovereignty of Kosovo has failed and does not enjoy “unanimous support” neither in the Balkans nor in Europe. This opinion was expressed by Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and his Serbian counterpart Ivica Dacic in an article for the “Russian newspaper” and the newspaper “Kurir”.

“About half of the States members of the United Nations does not recognize the notorious Kosovo “statehood”, and the number of such countries is growing,” — says the publication.

According to Lavrov and Dacic, “inconsistency” of Kosovo’s independence “clearly highlights” the situation in the Republic, where “internal chaos reigns”, and state-building “turned into fiction”.

The Ministers noted that the situation with Kosovo for more than twenty years constitutes “full stabilization”, but recently “revived” discussions on the situation in the region.

“Again increasing the activity of the United States and the European Union, which seek to close the settlement”, — stated in the article. The settlement must be political and based on previously defined arrangements, said the Ministers. Key among them is the formation of a Community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo (SSMK), endowed with the necessary authority, said Lavrov and Dacic.


IKEA decided to return to the nine countries selected during the pandemic money :: Business :: RBC

In the Swedish company explained that the impact of the crisis was not as negative as initially considered

Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst / DPA / AP

Swedish retailer IKEA has entered into negotiations with the governments of nine countries for the return of their money allocated from the budget on support during the pandemic of coronavirus, reports the Financial Times.

As the publication said Tolga Oncu, Manager of retail operations Ingka Group, which controls the majority of shops of the Swedish company, talks about the return of the allocated funds are conducted with the authorities of Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain and the USA.

Once explained that initially the company had anticipated that sales will fall by 70-80%, but this did not happen. Almost all the stores opened and began to make a profit due to the desire of consumers to buy the goods for the house.

“Now the right will say thank you to those who supported us. You guys supported us in a very difficult period, and we are ready to thank you,” said he.

IKEA will temporarily close U.S. stores due to the spread of the coronavirus

Photo: Dorit Kerlekin / Global Look Press

Once noted that in February the company was forced to close most of the shops, and the money needed for payments to employees. However, according to him, the crisis was not as serious as it was expected in February. When it did he say how much money will be returned.

In Moscow IKEA closed its stores on 26 March, after the announcement of mayor Sergei Sobyanin quarantine measures. Again, they earned 3 June. Resumed work furniture stores, the Swedish company also Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-don, Samara and Ufa.

Still closed IKEA stores in Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kazan, and in Moscow region.


Twitter allowed employees to always work remotely :: Business :: RBC

Employees may not return to offices after the pandemic and continue to work from home if they have the opportunity and desire, said Twitter head Jack Dorsey

Twitter allowed its employees not to return from the remote work mode to offices after the end of the coronavirus pandemic and always work in this mode. It is reported by CBS News with reference to a statement by the head of the company Jack Dorsey.

“The past few months have shown that we are coping with working in this mode. Therefore, if the circumstances of our employees allow them to work from home and they want to continue, we will allow it, ”said Dorsey.

He said that Twitter offices are unlikely to open to employees before September. However, when this does happen, the return to the previous mode of operation will be gradual. So, most business trips will not be resumed for some time and until the end of 2020 there will be no corporate events that involve the physical presence of employees, the head of the company said.

Google and Facebook employees offered to stay home until the end of the year

Last week, Google and Facebook informed employees that they could work remotely until the end of 2020. According to the head of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) Sundar Pichai, those who wish can return to their offices in the first half of the summer. He promised to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of workers.

Facebook may begin to open its offices on July 6, but it is not yet known how many employees will resume work in them.

The companies switched to remote work in March. Earlier this month, Twitter recommended that employees work remotely to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. In mid-March, Google made the same recommendations.

Worldwide distribution of Covid-19 coronavirus

Number of confirmed infections

Source: JHU

World Data i

Maria Lisitsyna


What phrases from the script “Brother-2” became prophetic

20 years ago, the philosophical thriller “Brother-2” about the adventures of Danila Bagrova (Sergey Bodrov) at USA. The humor that permeates the picture captivates with spontaneity and simplicity. And then no one could have thought that many of the phrases of the heroes would not only become winged, but would be realized by history. “KP“Gives some examples.

“Well then, there were people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? Paradox”

Well then, were there people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? Paradox.

“Well then, there were people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? A paradox.”Photo: frame from the movie

The replica of the nervous taxi driver played by Konstantin Zheldin is universal. Whether it’s the economic and social crisis of the 90s or the epidemiological crisis of our time, the darkest forces within people begin to fuss with tripled energy. So at the height of the coronavirus, there were photos of citizens buying toilet paper and buckwheat, as well as versions about the 5G towers, Bill’s chip plan Gates and the pedophile lobby of Hollywood, which should bring employees FBI covid-19.

“You, bastards, will answer for Sevastopol!”

Unique phrase killer Viktor Bagrov (Victor Sukhorukov) came true 14 years after the release of “Brother-2.” Crimea He returned to his native harbor and the Russian people on the peninsula voted unanimously for this.

“The Russians do not abandon their own in the war”

Events on Donbass, lasting more than five years, also confirm the maxim voiced by Danila.

Russians do not abandon their own in the war.

“- Hey, fellow countryman, where do the Russians live here?”

– Moskal is not my countryman!

– Bandera?

– Why ?!

“Alright guys, bye!”

Perhaps Alexey Balabanov wrote the script as a joke. And the “warm” meeting of the Russian killer with Ukrainian colleagues at the airport is just an episode from the movie. But 14 years have passed, and the slogans “Moskalyak on a dime!”, “Hto not leap, that Muscovite ”and“ Bandera come – put things in order! ” became very popular on Ukraine.

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger ”

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger. ”Photo: frame from the film.

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger ”Photo: frame from the movie.

Before a showdown with local black people who did not allow Russian heroes to eat boiled crayfish, the prostitute Dasha suggests that power is not in the truth, according to Danila and not in money, as his brother is sure, but in “them”, in African-Americans. And if you look at the results of most sports competitions, the absolute triumph of tolerance in the United States, Hollywood cinema and Europeabsorbed by African migrants, it is difficult to disagree with the heroine.

“Conference on new computer technologies … and the protection of computer programs!”

“Conference on new computer technologies … and the protection of computer programs!”Photo:

Laughter with a laugh, namely this meme jokingly explains the official representative MFA RF Maria Zakharova some strange accusations of our country by the USA. But how else to react to the fact that Russian hackers are to blame for the results of the American election?

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ”

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ” Photo: frame from the film.

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ”Photo: frame from the movie.

The phrase prostitutes Marilyn (Daria Jurgens) from the final scene of the film on the plane also became a meme. During the epidemic, Russian citizens, stuck on vacation, began to return to their homeland en masse. It didn’t work for everyone. Those who succeeded reacted in much the same way as the heroine of Brother-2.

“You do not understand – this is quarantine!”

Well, there’s no need to explain anything. American customs officers informing Viktor Bagrov about quarantine teleported in 1990 as if from 2020.


“Brother-2”: How did the fate of the prostitute Marilyn, the hacker Network and Bones Big

The cult picture turns 20 years old (details)