Blanquita Nieves showed how her abdomen was after becoming a mother

The dancer Francesca Cigna, better known as “Blaquita Nieves“, Showed on Instagram how does your abdomen look a little more than a year of having been a mother.

On July 8, 2019, the model’s daughter was born, and according to herself, she had neglected their physical appearance Since she became a mom, she is now very focused on maintaining her figure, which she has clearly achieved.

“Self-care. I have always invested a lot of time in my internal care … I love reading, studying, I meditate every day sacredly and I take care of my diet. I also do physical activity constantly, mainly to feel good, it reduces my anxiety and fills me with energy, “he said a while ago on Instagram.

“But I must confess that since I was a mother I have been very neglected externally. I think I’ve been to the hairdresser once and I wasn’t even taking the time to apply creams“, He confessed.

The former member of Morandé with Company de Mega is already 39 years old. “It will be my last year of being thirty-something. I set out to be young at 40“, He said.

“I think it is essential to have a balance in taking care of ourselves internally and externally. It’s nice to feel good about yourself, because that is projected and also influences being better for our children ”, he concluded.

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There is a Corona Virus in Imported Squid Packaging, China Asking Citizens to Buy Covid-19 Test – Authorities in China’s Jilin Province found the coronavirus on imported squid packaging, urging anyone who has purchased the product to get tested for COVID-19, health authorities in Fuyu City said Sunday.

One of the packages arrived in the city via the provincial capital Changchun, the Fuyu city health office said on its WeChat account on Sunday, as quoted by Antara, Monday (21/9).

His party requested that residents who have bought and consumed imported squid at the frozen seafood kiosk of Sanjia Deda for the period of August 24-31 to report to the nearest authorities and carry out a COVID-19 test.

The Changchun COVID-19 prevention office said the squid was imported from Russia through a company in Hunchun City and distributed to the provincial capital.


baby dies after falling from a tree branch, mother is in a coma

Drama last September 8 in Germany. An infant tragically lost his life in the Harz Mountains as he traveled with his mother to a restaurant to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday.

The restaurant was easily accessible by car, but the family had decided to take a walk in the forest before the meal. The 32-year-old mother had taken her son with her in a sling.

But after only 200 meters of walking, a beech branch broke off and fell on the mother and her son. The child died of his injuries in hospital three days later. The mother is in a coma.

The tragedy would have been caused by the extreme drought and the bark beetles raging in the Harz mountains.


Mother is said to have killed eight-year-old daughter – police are investigating

A mother is said to have killed her daughter in the Austrian city of Salzburg. She herself attempted suicide after the crime, but was saved. The investigation is ongoing.

In an apartment in Salzburg, a 42-year-old mother is said to have killed her eight-year-old daughter on Wednesday. After the fact, the woman tried to take her own life. The emergency services managed to save them through initial measures, reports the state police headquarters Salzburg. The mother is in the hospital.

The woman has not yet been able to comment on the crime, she is being watched by the police. The investigations into the course of the crime and the motive as well as the trace evaluation are ongoing. The Salzburg public prosecutor’s office has also already ordered the autopsy of the body.

Note: If you think a lot about your own death or worry about someone else, you will find here immediately and anonymously help.


Liz’s mom walks through the ceiling as she films herself singing (video)

While a young American student was singing “Kindergarten Boyfriend” on the social network TikTok, her mother came through the ceiling of her bedroom. “There are wooden beams in the attic that you are supposed to walk on, but she tripped and threw herself into my ceiling,” said Liz, interviewed by Buzzfeed.

A scene that caused the buzz on social networks and aroused enormous fear among Internet users!


Boy hero saves his mother from death thanks to a toy ambulance | England, United Kingdom – People – Culture

Even in times of pandemic there is room for curious stories.

These days, children have dressed up as heroes on critical occasions. Recently, it was learned of the case of a minor who prevented a dog from attacking her sister. He (how could it be otherwise) received applause and praise from several Internet users and celebrities in networks (‘Captain America’ sent him his shield).

This time, the turn is for little Josh Chapman, who, with only 5 years, saved his mother from death.

As it did? Resuscitation techniques? First aid? Medical knowledge? Not: just a toy.

On July 28, Josh and Caroline, his mother, were at their home in Telford, a village in the county of Shropshire (England). While he played, the woman would accompany him into the break room and sometimes join the boy in the fun.

As reported by ‘The Daily Record’, Caroline, 41, suffered a diabetic coma that left her passed out on the floor. Josh saw her and, bewildered, went to find one of his favorite toys: an ambulance.

Curiously, his cart had the inscription ‘112’, which corresponds to an emergency number that works in real life in the British country.

The little boy didn’t think much about it: he went to the phone, dialed the number and ‘notified’ the authorities.

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‘Mom was playing and now her eyes are closed’

The operator who attended Josh listened carefully to the boy’s words: “Mom was playing with cars and now her eyes are closed”.

At that same moment they sent a team of paramedics to the home while, still on the line, they spoke with the boy to reassure him until the arrival of emergency services.

Caroline, according to ‘The Daily Record’, said, after being treated: “Suddenly I fainted (…) I woke up surrounded by paramedics, and many toys, and they explained to me that Josh had called them and had given them our address.”

The surprise was even greater, because, as he said, Josh “had never used a phone before. He looked at the number on the side of his toy ambulance and dialed 112”.

“I didn’t even know that that number was there, but it worked and I’m very proud of it,” said the mother in a conversation with the aforementioned media.

Josh had never used a phone before. He looked at the number on the side of his toy ambulance and dialed 112

‘Emergency vehicles are his favorites’

Caroline suffers from diabetes and, according to the local media that covered the news, usually has a jar with sweets or other food sources in case her sugar levels drop.

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He said, In moments before the coma, she had felt a ‘downer’, but it was too late to go to the kitchen.

Josh, fortunately, was on time.

The boy, according to his mother, has countless toys, especially cars.

“He loves his cars and emergency vehicles are his favorites. So he went directly to his favorite toy for help, ”the woman closed.

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5 year old boy saves mom by calling the number written on the toy ambulance

He didn’t even think about it for a moment when he found Mom unconscious on the floor. Josh, 5, picked up his home phone and dialed 112, the one-time emergency number he’d seen on his toy ambulance. He was thus put in contact with a police officer and was able to raise the alarm. The police in Telford, Shropshire (Great Britain) thanked the child for his gesture. As we read on the BBCLocal Police Commander Jim Baker said Josh was very brave. stayed on the line as we managed to get to the family home and make sure her mom got medical help. Josh has already proved that he would be a brilliant police officer and we hope to see him again when he is old enough as a new recruitBaker added(Josh has already proved he would make a brilliant police officer in the future, hopefully we’ll see him again when he’s old enough as a new recruit!).

27 August 2020 (change August 27, 2020 | 11:56)



44-year-old mother killed by bear while phoning her dad (pictured)

She was on vacation with her partner and their two children at a remote camp in northern Saskatchewan when she was attacked by black bears, police said.

Seriously injured, she was rescued with a helicopter, but succumbed to her injuries.

Her father told a local radio station that he was chatting with her on the phone when he heard “strange noises”.

The victim’s spouse and the two children are unharmed.

The last fatal bear attack was in 1983 in this province.


“My mother is now covered with bruises”

A McDonald’s customer lashed out at an employee because she said her order was taking too long to arrive in the UK.

The assault took place in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant when the employee was delivering an order to the vehicle of another customer. A woman unhappy about not being served first then allegedly lashed out at a member of staff, according to the Mirror reports.

The victim’s daughter testified: “My mother was at work and there were a lot of people that day. Customers were asked to wait in the parking lot, ”she told LincolnshireLive. “My mother took her order to a man who was waiting, but the person sitting in the car next door mistreated her because they had not received their food.”

“The girl then spat on my mother and opened her car door. My mother immediately closed it because she knew she was angry, ”she continues. “The girl got out of her car and started kicking and punching her.”

“If the gentleman who had just received his order had not intervened, God knows what could have happened. My mom is now covered with bruises on her leg (photo) and has a swollen face ”.

The McDonald’s restaurant concerned by the case has contacted the police and an investigation is underway.


Nadya Mustika Rahayu’s ulcers slowly uncovered, Iis Dahlia seems to have warned Rizki D’Academi before marriage

Instagra Rizki DA and Iis Dahlia

Nadya Mustika Rahayu’s ulcers slowly uncovered, Iis Dahlia seems to have warned Rizki D’Academi before marriage

Wines Nadya Mustika Blessed are the Plans Revealed, Iis Dahlia Apparently Rizki D’Academi has given a warning before Marriage

WIKEN.ID – The marriage of the couple Rizki D’Academy and Nadya Mustika Rahayu was in the spotlight a few days ago.

The two of them were legally married after getting married on Friday (17/7/2020).

Dropping out of Lesty Kejora, Rizki D’Academy immediately chose the taaruf path to get the best match for him.

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It is known that Ridho DA’s twin was determined to marry a woman named Nadya Mustika Rahayu.

Yes, both are known to have decided to marry through ta’aruf.

But less than a month after they became husband and wife, Nadya was actually said to be involved in a dispute with her own biological mother named Ipah Saripah.

Ipah Saripah admitted that she was upset with Rizki’s wife because she did not seem to be recognized as her biological mother.

“I am because of my heartache, I am Nadya’s mother, although I don’t take care of it, I give birth,” said Ipah, quoted from InsertLive on Saturday (15/8/2020)

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