Samsung unveils new Galaxy F series smartphones (video)

Samsung India has published a teaser on its Twitter account, confirming the imminent release of the new Galaxy F family, the new generation of its phones concerned with capturing high-quality photos and videos.

“The new #GalaxyF will definitely leave its mark,” the company said, and the South Korean giant is expected to reveal more detailed information in the near future.

It is known that one of the phones that will be the beginning of the series, is the Galaxy F41, codenamed SM-F415F, as sources have published detailed information on the specifications of this device.

According to what has been previously reported, the smartphone will come with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with an Infinity-U design with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels or Full HD Plus quality.

It also features a 32-megapixel selfie camera in a small screen notch, and the triple rear camera is supposed to combine a 64-megapixel sensor with a wide-angle optics unit and a macro unit.

It will be an Exynos 9611 processor, with random memory size of 6 GB LPDDR4x, and storage memory size of 64 or 128 GB (plus a microSD card).

In addition, the Galaxy F41 will be available on the first of the latest Samsung series, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5, a GLONASS / GPS satellite receiver, and a USB Type-C port.

Reports indicated that the phone is equipped with a rear fingerprint scanner, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. And a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh, and the operating system Android 10 with the addition of the One UI interface.

The official launch of the Galaxy F41 is expected in the last days of September or in the early days of October.


Like Fortnite … signs of a new clash between “Apple” and game developers – Erm News

The American company, “Apple”, has recently launched a new set of guidelines for its store that allow game streaming services after it previously banned them in the “App Store”. This allows “Microsoft” and “Google” to offer the services (xCloud) and (Stadia) for users of the iOS and iPadOS operating systems through the “Apple” store.

And “Apple” restricted this update with several conditions, represented by downloading the games offered in the service directly from the application store; This means that every game available in these services must be submitted to the App Store as a separate application.

Last Friday, Apple announced the amendment of its application store guidelines prior to the launch of (iO14), which is the latest version of the operating system for smart phones, “iPhone”.

Apple employees use these guidelines to approve or reject apps and updates on the App Store, and these rules have been subjected to intense scrutiny in recent weeks by app makers who argue that Apple imposes control over programs released to iPhones, and that the commission it deducts from app purchases is high.

The company (Epic Game), owner of the famous “Fortnite” game, fought a bitter legal battle with “Apple” over many of its guidelines, most notably its requirement to use in-app purchases for digital products; What made “Apple” remove the “Fortnite” game from its app store last month.

Many game-streaming service developers criticized the decision to ban their applications in the “App Store”, such as “Facebook”, which was forced to launch its service (Facebook games) Facebook Gaming in the App Store without any built-in games, and expressed its dissatisfaction with its inability to include any Toys.

And “Apple” wants companies, such as “Microsoft” and “Google”, to send their games individually as separate applications using its broadcast technology, as Microsoft has the freedom to find an index application that collects all these individual applications and links them together.

Microsoft xCloud Game Streaming Launching as Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perk | PCMag

“Microsoft” has announced its dissatisfaction with the amended “Apple” store rules, and a company official said in a statement: “This remains a bad experience for customers, as players want to go directly to a game from their curated list within one application just as they do with movies or Songs ”.

“Players don’t want to have to download more than 100 apps to play single player games from the cloud, and we are committed to putting players at the center of everything we do, and providing a great experience is at the core of this mission,” he added.

And if Microsoft follows the amended Apple Store rules, this means that every game that is broadcast to an iPhone or iPad from (xCloud) is subject to Apple’s usual app store rules, including 30 percent of controversial in-app purchases.

Apple does not impose on “Netflix” or “Spotify” or (Disney Plus) to send each individual movie or TV show or album in a separate application, which made “Microsoft” intentionally highlight the point of broadcast movies or songs that do not encounter Same content restrictions as games.

Now available the new free game from the Epic Games Store |  We are xbox

“Apple” deals with games differently in its application store, and the company gets large sums of money from in-app purchases related to games that are the largest part of the (App Store).

The video game company (Epic Games) moved a lot of stagnant water after it challenged Google and Apple by integrating its own payment system into its application in the App Store and Google Play, as the two companies considered that these The move violates the guidelines of their stores, and in light of that, they removed the game (Fortnite) from their stores.

And many analysts say that if Epic wins the lawsuit it brought against Google and Apple, they could be asked to allow developers to introduce mechanisms that allow users to make purchases within their apps without giving the two companies any commission.

If Epic loses, this may be a victory for Google and Apple and their app store policies, but at the same time it will shed more light on the effectiveness of the existing antitrust law.


Facebook enables Watch Together feature for Messenger users – Erm News

Today, Monday, the company “Facebook” made it possible for users of its instant messaging application “Messenger” to view the videos on the social network collectively.

The company announced the launch of (Watch Together), which allows users to enjoy watching videos from Facebook Watch with friends and family, and see their interactions in real time through video messaging calls, and the service of “Messenger Rooms”.

With the free feature, videos can be viewed with up to 8 people on Messenger video calls, or up to 50 people in Messenger rooms.

“Some things are simply better when we’re together,” the company said in a statement. “Earlier this year, we launched several new tools that help you stay more in touch with your friends and family wherever you are.”

“We created Watch Together to make spending quality time with friends and loved ones as close to a personal experience as possible.”

The company explained that “Messenger” users make more than 150 million video calls every day, and send more than 200 million videos through the messaging application, and now with the Watch Together feature, users can watch videos and share them with others in real time.

On the mechanism of this feature, the company indicated that “once a visual Messenger call starts, or a Messenger room is created, you can swipe up to access the menu and choose the new feature. From there, the user can choose a suggested video clip or choose a video according to the available categories, which are: TV & Movies, Watched, or Uploaded ”.

It will be available all over the world for users of Messenger and Messenger rooms on mobile devices running the “Android” operating system from “Google” and the (iOS) system from “Apple”.

Facebook joins companies’ rush to dominate the “stay at home” market, with millions turning to electronic platforms for communication for the purpose of work, social life and studies, amid health concerns from the Corona pandemic.

“Netflix” has also provided a similar feature called “Netflix Party”, which allows multiple users to watch any movie together on one screen.


NVIDIA introduces RTX 3000 cards, and AMD starts selling … bikes

A few days ago, NVIDIA officially announced the launch of the groundbreaking RTX 3000 series of graphics cards, and a moment after that AMD announced the diversification of its product portfolio. Was AMD so scared of the new GPU that they decided to re-branch, give up the market and start producing … bikes? Fortunately, everything is normal and the new products are just an interesting addition. In addition to the main website for CPU details, AMD runs a dedicated fan shop that sells AMD related merchandise. Mainly caps, shirts, water bottles and the like. And from now on, for some unspecified reason, also bicycles.

AMD introduces bikes for fans to its store, which unfortunately look like the cheapest market designs. We hope that Big Navi will come out much better;)

The two bikes on offer are the AMD Custom Cruiser Bike and the AMD Custom Mountain Bike. Both are available at a surprisingly low price of $ 299. Both variants have black and white frames with orange accents and details with the AMD logo. The mountain bike also has some pretty eye-catching bright orange wheels as an option. The shipping cost is only $ 50 to anywhere in America. And, unfortunately, this is where the first problem begins. AMD does not ship bikes anywhere outside the United States, although it may be a small loss, because let’s face it, it is not a miracle of technology. Both models look like cheap supermarket bikes. The mountain bike is exceptionally poor here, although for $ 300 you should not expect a revelation. The bike has shock absorption on both wheels, 3 x 8 gears, v-brakes and 26 inch wheels. An ordinary market design, where the AMD license is probably the biggest cost.

The cruiser bike, which is your typical city bike, looks a little better now. It also has 26 inch wheels and that is basically all that can be said about it. The only brakes are the reverse pedal and there is only one gear. If thanks to such cuts, for example, a lighter frame was decided, then you can turn a blind eye to the lack of any additional functionality, but you shouldn’t expect it. The geometry does not look particularly comfortable either. May only the upcoming Big Navi be better thought out;)


Samsung reveals the price and launch date of the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus

Company announced Samsung South Korea, about the price and date of launching its two flagship tablets, which carry super specifications, namely: the Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

The company said in a special event, today, Tuesday, to announce its new devices, that the two tablets will be launched in the market from September 18, with the initial order open for them from Wednesday, September 2.

The Galaxy Tab S7 comes with an 11-inch screen with support for Wi-Fi networks, and it will be sold in the market at a price starting at $ 649.99, while the other older brother device (Galaxy Tab S7 Plus) with a size of 12.4 will be sold at a starting price of 849.99 Dollars with support for Wi-Fi networks.

Samsung decided to grant its customers who book the two devices or one of them in advance, a 50% discount on the price of the keyboard, and its original price of $ 200 for the smaller device, and the larger device, its original keyboard price of $ 230, with the discount of $ 115, bearing in mind that the two devices will come with an electronic pen, and a model It supports 5G networks, in addition to the 4G model.

The price of the 5G model of the Galaxy Tab S7 starts at $ 849.99, while the price of the model from the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is $ 1,049.99.

The Galaxy Tab S7 offers an 11-inch LTPS TFT screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

The tablet has a thickness of 6.3 mm, and weighs 500 grams, and it supports the S Pen, which does not exceed 8 grams.

The Android 10 device contains a 7-nanometer eight-core processor with a frequency of 3.0 GHz, as well as a random access memory (RAM) size of 6 GB, or 8 GB, and the internal storage memory comes with a capacity of 128 GB, or 256 GB, and it supports expansion up to 1 TB via microSD external memory card.

On the back, the device includes two 13-megapixel cameras for the president, and a 5-megapixel camera for ultra-wide photography. The front camera comes with 8 megapixels, and the computer comes with 4 speakers from AKG, with support for Dolby Atmos sound technology.

The (Galaxy Tab S7) contains a massive 8,000 mAh battery that supports fast charging technology of 45 watts via a USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 port.

The charger, which can load 45 watts or 25 watts, will be sold separately from the computer that comes with a fingerprint sensor in the side button.


After a 10-year break, the Russian biathlon team trains again at the Seminsky Pass | Gorny Altai News

On August 22, the Russian men’s biathlon team drove to a mountain camp at a training center located at the Seminsky Pass in the Altai Republic. This was reported by Valery Polkhovsky, who on August 28 was officially approved as the head coach of the Russian national biathlon team.

The goal of the camp is “to increase the level of aerobic performance, to get mountain experience, so that later it is easier to acclimatize at the stage of preparation for the World Championship, as well as to maintain all those physical qualities that we have developed on the plains”.

“The national teams haven’t trained at the Seminsky Pass for a long time – at least 10 years,” Valery Polkhovsky is quoted by the official website of the Russian Biathlon Union. – I arrived at the site before the arrival of the team, met with the management of the complex. Found a common understanding. Then we will together restore the traditions that once were there. By the way, now, in addition to the national team, regional teams are training at the Seminsky Pass – from Kamchatka to St. Petersburg.

The training base has created the best conditions for the training camp. The guys are satisfied with the living conditions, everything is fine with food too. The shooting range was put in order. Nikolai Nikolaevich and Nikolai Petrovich Melikhovs did their best. The training camp can be held with dignity. “

Valery Palkovsky noted that the authorities of the Altai Republic are interested in training national teams. “The base is under the close supervision of the head of the Altai Republic Oleg Khorokhordin… The national team was visited by the chairman of the local sports committee Oleg Gurin – asked how the team lives and trains. “

At the same time, as the head coach of the Russian men’s national team said, Yuri Kaminsky, the biathletes got “the maximum possible at the moment, but in the future they would like to do without heroic efforts to achieve acceptable conditions. If we count on this base in the future – and we count on – it is necessary to improve the material base here. The issue of shooting range, which does not correspond to modern parameters, is especially acute. It has not been reconstructed since the construction of the training center itself. “

The trainers noted that the Seminsky Pass is one of the best, if not the best, place in Russia for its mountain effect.

“Seminsky Pass is a great place to prepare for the Beijing Olympics and pre-Olympic week. There, the height is identical to that of the Games, and the time difference is only two hours. Snow and glide are similar too. We can say, starting with the Kaminsky team, we are already using the Seminsky Pass to prepare for the Games, and we plan to do this in the future, ”Valery Polkhovsky summed up.

We add that the XXIV Winter Olympic Games in Beijing are planned to be held in 2022 from 4 to 20 February.


Real Sociedad requests Real Madrid players after Odegaard is restored – Erm News

He became the Norwegian star Martin Odegaard Soon to realize his dream of returning to the ranks of Real Madrid, after the “Meringue” decided to cut his loan to Real Sociedad at the request of French coach Zinedine Zidane to support the midfield of the team next season.

Odegaard was loaned to Real Sociedad for two seasons, but Real Madrid put up a clause allowing him to return him after one season, which is what the team wants to apply.

According to the “Devensa Central” website, Real Sociedad asked the Real Madrid administration to grant him the young Brazilian star Rainier Jesus, who has played for the second team since his official arrival to the royal team last January, and the Spanish Oscar Rodriguez, who was on loan to Leganes.

The Spanish site confirmed that Real Sociedad feels that it has suffered a great loss by losing one of its stars last season, Odegaard, and has become required to enter the transfer market in search of an alternative, and therefore he has resorted to Real Madrid to replace his star with young stars.

Several media reports confirmed that Zidane was behind the decision to return the young Norwegian star to Real Madrid and cut his loan to Real Sociedad.

Zidane’s decision came due to the age of the midfield players, especially the Croatian star Luka Modric, and Isco’s level is not stable, and after losing the Manchester City match, which was the result of the midfield players’ inability to get rid of the high pressure of the English team.

The French coach also knows Odegaard well, as he played under his leadership in the second team of Real Madrid about 25 matches.

The young Norwegian star hoped to stay at Real Sociedad while waiting for Modric’s departure, but according to “Defense Central” Zidane called him and convinced him to return and that he would have an important role in the team next season.

Real Madrid chose to restore its loaned stars to cover its failure to enter the summer transfer market, due to the economic crisis resulting from the emerging Corona virus pandemic, the suspension of sports activity and the absence of fans from the stadiums.

It is also possible that the first team will return to right-back Alvaro Odriozola, who is on loan to Bayern Munich, and to midfielder Dani Ceballos on loan to Arsenal.


“Rain in the mountains, you go down to the sea”

Traveling holidays per Elisa Isoardi. The 37-year-old TV presenter can’t stop even during her vacation. This is clearly demonstrated by the last shot published on Instagram.

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The former conductor de The cook’s test, and next competitor of Dancing with the Stars, is in fact spending a few days of relaxation in the places where she grew up: the Cuneo Alps. The many high-altitude shots posted on testify this Instagram, some of them with her friend Monica Parente.

The weather, however, in the mountains is extremely variable and that is why Elisa Isoardi announced: «Current situation? Rain in the mountains, you go down to the sea ». Most likely, therefore, Elisa Isoardi e Monica Parente, who worked with her at RaiUno, are moving to the Ligurian Riviera.

Last updated: Monday 10 August 2020, 20:46



The fact that Abla retired from acting after 3 years of absence from art – Erm News

# Toss_news

Source: Salah Hassan – Toss News

Egyptian artist Ahmed Kamal, the former husband of the artist Abla Kamel, denied the validity of the news circulated regarding her retirement from acting, after the absence of 3 years from the artistic scene.

The artist Ahmed said in a special statement to “Iram News”, that “there is no truth to the news of retirement, despite the absence of Abla Kamel in any artistic project 3 years ago.”

He explained that he participated in the fifth part of the series “Blood Chain”, and it was not in her mind the subject of retirement, stressing that he communicated with Abla Kamel due to the presence of children between them, and there were no discussions about her retirement at all.

It is noteworthy that the last artistic appearance of the artist, Abla Kamel, was through the fifth part of the series “Salsal Al Dam” series, which was shown in the year 2018 and was so successful that its makers are considering producing a new part of it.


Bahraini actress Hanan Reda comments on “The story of the scandalous image” – Erm News

Source: Asma Helmy – Toss News

Bahraini actress Hanan Reda replied to those who accused her of making a fuss because of a “blatant picture”, with the aim of seeking fame by using illegal methods after they were out of the spotlight.

Hanan Reda said in a post through her account in the “Snapchat” application: “Those who revolve humiliation are electronic crimes that revolve after you, and your Lord will give them back to you in your daughters.

She added: “Today is over, and the douches are over. We start a new day. I don’t see, nor a word, nor did anyone who disturbs (disturb) my mood live, so that he continues to joke.

And the Bahraini actress continued: “Shaifa Khair, Ezz, built a family, an origin and a separation … If Abu Deej Al-Sikka Jan had been with her for 6 years, I love you Mama and Papa.”

Hanan Reda caused a stir after a post in which she spoke of a “scandalous” image that she was going to send to her close friends, but she was mistakenly posted to the public and some followers saw her forcing her to apologize.

The audience interacted with the post that sparked their curiosity and started searching for the image, so everyone was surprised that there was no picture and no one circulated it or monitored it, which doubts the truth of the matter and raised the accusations against it.