Will James Bond face his worst opponent yet this time?

In a scene shown from the film, Safin told his adversary Bond that Bond was “unnecessary”. “No. Not as long as there are people like you in the world,” replied the legendary secret agent. In addition, fans learn from Safin that he is out for “revenge”, that he is a man who “will kill millions”. How the duel between Bond and Safin will end will be seen by viewers from November 12, 2020, when “No Time to Die” will start in German cinemas.


Heroes of the movie “Fast and Furious 9” will go into space, and now it’s a meme

The heroes of the movie “Fast and the Furious 9” will go into space, confirmed actress Michelle Rodriguez, and Twitter users responded with a barrage of jokes and criticism. The audience did not understand the intention of the creators of the picture, but in the memes they presented how it would look. However, whatever the filmmakers come up with, commentators are sure: it’s time to stop.

The first movie, Fast & Furious, starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, premiered in 2001 and received ten sequels. Two of them, Fast and Furious 9 and Fast and Furious 10, should be released in 2021 and 2022, respectively, with the latter, as reported media, promises to end the long-lived franchise. On September 10, actress Michelle Rodriguez, who plays in Letty Ortiz’s films, in the Jess Keigle show commented on rumors that the heroes will go into space in the ninth part.

How did you guys know about this? Michelle said. – See what’s going on? Damn, people start talking backstage. When a movie doesn’t come out and people forget about it, information leaks out. Nobody should have known about this!

At the same time, the star added that her heroine would not appear in space, and immediately changed the subject. But it was too late: journalists picked up the news, and she ended up receiving no less discussion on Twitter than the first trailer for “Dune” with a meme worm… After all, the commentators did not understand at all what the filmmakers were up to.

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But movie fans used to joke that in the new parts of the franchise the action will take place in space. Learning that trolling could become a reality, they uncovered old memes and stuck on new ones.

Artist BossLogic showed what a poster for a new painting might look like.

Meanwhile, there were more and more troll ideas about what would happen in the new Fast and the Furious.

There were suggestions for subsequent paintings.

But while some commentators joked enthusiastically, others quite seriously criticized the filmmakers – in their opinion, the franchise has not lived up to expectations for a long time, it looks ridiculous, and it’s time to stop.

Before jokes about the new Fast and the Furious flooded Twitter, the main topic of discussion for moviegoers was the trailer for “Batman” by Matt Reeves. Promo pictures with Robert Pattinson were sold to memes in which Bruce Wayne severely punishes people for the slightest wrongdoing and falls into “Twilight”. And the fans, intrigued by the mystery from the villain, deciphered it and learned that Batman’s adversary is no stranger to a sense of humor.


Leper slash and narco boss: a movie crime and a victim with too many enemies

When Marcelo “Coto” Medrano He got off on Thursday after 11pm in his white Renault Clío to buy some candy at the YPF service station in Eva Perón and Avenida San Martín, in Grenadier Baigorria, he did not know that his life was in injury time. As soon as he left the multishop, he saw that another vehicle and a van had parked behind his car. When he stepped on the sidewalk, they shouted “stop, policeman” and then he knew they were going to kill him. He ran for his life as he was shot with a 40 caliber pistol. He crossed the back of the YPF with the hitman at his back, a man who never wavered. In Pueyrredón and Eva Perón, 50 meters from where the persecution began, “Coto” fell on his face. And when he was on the ground, the murderer finished it off shooting him in the head.

The murder of “Coto” Medrano removed from the field an important player syndicated as a drug dealer in the northern part of the city, a heavyweight who did not shake his pear to defend his territory and a brave bar from Newell’s Old Boys who stood in the current dissidence of the paravalanchas. Medrano was murdered in front of his wife and their sixth child, a little boy less than a year old.

When it comes to analyzing who paid for his death, a range of possibilities opens up. As many as the fights that “Coto” had in his life. Some look at the unresolved territorial conflict in the neighborhoods west of Rondeau Boulevard, a dispute that grew after the murder of Emanuel “Ema Pimpi” Sandoval in October last year, and the arrests of Tania Rostro and the “Lichy” gang Rosemary. Others observe the conflict that was unleashed with a certain “Dany”, a drug dealer in the Industrial Cordon and with whom they overlapped their points of sale in the market. They also look at the bar brava lerposa, where “Coto” came to have a place of prevalence during 2016. And they do not rule out the dynamics of a new expanding player is seeking to conquer territories and drug markets. Thus, depending on who the death of “Coto” is analyzed with, candidates may be added to want to eliminate him.

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“Coto” Medrano was 44 years old and had six children. The oldest of them is imprisoned in Piñero, then he had another son with a second partner, three girls with his third wife and recently he had been a father once again with his last concubine. That relationship and the birth of the baby gave her a break and took advantage of social distancing to leave the city and settle in Paraná. He had returned to the city a month ago after that self-exile to settle in a house in Liniers in 1800, in Granadero Baigorria, 15 blocks from where he was murdered.

Yesterday the investigators wondered if he had returned after having closed a truce with a direct rival and was betrayed. This is a possibility considering that his relatives indicated that he felt threatened by “Dany”, the transman from the Industrial Cordon, and preferred to preserve his family and his three-month-old son by seeking refuge in another province. Have you had any conflict recently with people close to Ariel “El viejo” Cantero or with the former leader of the Los Monos band? One of the many questions that were raised on the street and that the investigation led by the prosecutor Ademar Bianchini must now answer.

Medrano’s crime occurred in the vicinity of a busy service station and the entire sequence was captured by several video surveillance cameras. “Coto” arrived in his Renault Clío with his last partner and their young son. Around 11pm he parked on Eva Perón, next to the YPF. He went into the multishop, bought two packages of candy, and went out to meet his death. The hit man who killed him used a 40-caliber pistol and left 15 holes in his body between entry and exit wounds. The evidence that he was finished off on the floor, on the sidewalk of a hardware store, was marked by a bullet in the neck and another in the jaw. One of the projectiles even hit the windows of the YPF multishop. The wife of “Coto” never got out of the car and in the 24th section, after the rigorous procedures, the car was unusually released and the woman left the place.

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“Coto” was a bore with a record that supported him. In August 2006, an 18-year-old neighbor in Paunero y Suárez, in the Nuevo Alberdi neighborhood, was arrested for shooting. In November 2008 agents of the former Directorate of Dangerous Drugs took him behind bars after kidnapping 13 kilos of compacted marijuana, which earned him a sentence of six years in prison in 2010.

After regaining his freedom, between 2016 and 2017 his nickname was heard and investigated in the context of the bloody succession saga in the leper paravalanchas that included the murders of Matías Hernán “Cuatrero” Franchetti (on June 7, 2016 when he was leaving through door 6 del Coloso) and Maximiliano “Cabezón” La Rocca (on June 27, 2016). Also at that time they killed the bar Jonathan Rosales, shot to death on June 22, 2016 after being hit by a car when he was riding a motorcycle with his partner and an 8-month-old baby. This saga should also include the attacks against the leaders Claudio “Tiki” Martínez and Cristian D’Amico.

On March 13, 2017 “Coto” was arrested by the Federal Police and in October 2018 he was sentenced to two years in effective prison in an abbreviated process for abuse, illegal possession and possession of a firearm, cover-up and threats for three attacks that occurred in July 2015; possession of a stolen pistol in March 2017 and for having beaten and threatened a man in October 2018. A few days after closing the abbreviated report, he was released with assisted freedom.

“Coto” knew how to be linked to names like Milton José Abelardo Ferreyra, the son of “La Tata” Medina, or Vladimir Natalio Medina (assassinated in March 2019 in Maipú at 1100).


Liz’s mom walks through the ceiling as she films herself singing (video)

While a young American student was singing “Kindergarten Boyfriend” on the social network TikTok, her mother came through the ceiling of her bedroom. “There are wooden beams in the attic that you are supposed to walk on, but she tripped and threw herself into my ceiling,” said Liz, interviewed by Buzzfeed.

A scene that caused the buzz on social networks and aroused enormous fear among Internet users!


Fast and Furious: They sell the Mustang that Vin Diesel used in the last movie

It is estimated that the auto It will sell for about $ 75,000.

Mustang Match 1.jpg

It’s about a Ford Mustang Mach 1, belonging to Vin Diesel, which was used for the filming of Fast and Furious 9 and also the spin off Hobbs & Shaw.

Manufactured in 1971, it is one of the most recognized models in the history of the American brand. The car after being used was taken to an official workshop in Los Angeles for restoration.

“Anyone who drives this car will notice that it starts, feels, drives and smells like it just left the dealership. Everything in terms of vinyls, parts, stickers and details was carried out at the Ford dealer to achieve a very complete and correct restoration ”, describes the vehicle’s sale notice.

The work carried out by those responsible for the workshop shows how the Ford Mustang of Fast and Furious It was impeccable and as if it had just left the factory. It was sought to preserve every detail to keep all the original details.

Mustang Match 1.jpg

It is a Ford Mustang Mach 1, belonging to Vin Diesel, which was used for the filming of Fast and Furious 9 and also the spin off Hobbs & Shaw.

It’s about a Ford Mustang Mach 1, belonging to Vin Diesel, which was used for the filming of Fast and Furious 9 and also the spin off Hobbs & Shaw.

As seen in the photos, the green color, with black details, has inside the seats that have a red color, which combine the door panels and the dashboard.

The mechanics are made up of a V8 Cobra Jet 429 naturally aspirated engine with 7.0 liters of 375 horsepower and 610 Nm of maximum torque.

“The wiring, the air conditioning and all the little details are changed and are working properly. A beautiful car by any standard and an excellent representation of the 71 ″ Mustang Mach 1, the ad highlights.

FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Trailer (2020).mp4


Officer shoots an African American. The father: ‘He is paralyzed from the waist down’. Second night of protests – World

Jacob Blake, the African American shot by an agent in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is paralyzed from the waist down. The boy’s father reports to the Chicago Sun-Times, noting that his son has “eight holes” on his body and doctors do not know at the moment if the paralysis will be permanent.

There was the second night of protests, despite the curfew, in Kenosha, after the release of the video showing a 29-year-old African American shot and wounded in the back several times by the police. The man had intervened to quell a domestic accident.

Thousands of people gathered around the courthouse shortly after the curfew began, 8pm local time, and some began throwing water bottles and fireworks at the county sheriff’s men. In response, the officers fired tear gas.

In the video, shot last Sunday by a passerby, Jacob Blake, 29, is repeatedly shot and shot in the back by police in front of his three children.

The clashes last night broke out a few hours after other demonstrations repressed by the agents. Blake, 29, was flown to the Milwaukee hospital in serious condition. Local media reported yesterday afternoon, citing his family, that he had undergone surgery and that his condition is improving. Kenosha County, on the shores of Lake Michigan, declared a curfew from 8pm Monday to 7am Tuesday after protesters set fire to several vehicles on Sunday evening and attacked the county courthouse. The National Guard was also called to quell the protests.


Robert Pattinson’s Batman hit Twilight in fan memes

The teaser trailer for “Batman” by Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson still made many social media users think of “Twilight.” Movie fans sculpt memes about how the British vampire actor became a superhero – and it’s a bit damn but popular crossover.

“Batman” directed by Matt Reeves, promising to show viewers a young Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson), is due out in 2021, and on August 22, moviegoers finally received a teaser trailer for the film. An atmospheric video showing the murder, a cryptic message to the superhero (which, however, the audience quickly deciphered) and his meeting with Catwoman, instantly broke into memes.

Besides beating a gang member hard, users of social networks, for example, made a joke on a frame in which a Gotham man has black circles under his eyes.

Another reason for the memes was the fact that the promo came out very, very dark – literally.

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Found in the memes and the pathetic scene in which Pattinson’s hero answers the bully’s question.

But among all the abundance of various jokes on the trailer, a separate layer of memes stands out with the “Twilight” films, in which Pattinson played one of the main characters of Edward Cullen (a total of four films were published based on the books of Stephenie Meyer).

Twitter users love to joke about how Robert Pattinson hates his vampire past. and cannot get rid of it. I wonder what he would have said after seeing how Batman got a crossover with Twilight?

It even went as far as a fancam with trailer footage and a soundtrack from Twilight.

At the same time, the scene in which Bruce Wayne rescues a man from a racing car seemed very familiar to the fans of the saga – and was also reflected in memes.

Expect Robert Pattinson to save people from crashes anytime, anywhere: Twilight (2008) and Batman (2021).

Despite the fact that the last film in the saga was released eight years ago, fans continue to find interesting details in the pictures. For example, in the summer, social media users realized that one of the Cullen family carried with him to school rather strange (for both a vampire and a human) dinner.

Discoveries are found in the books of Stephenie Meyer. The TikTok user re-read the works and realized which word could be the favorite of the writer. He makes Edward giggle and the fans laugh.


Ageless Sean Connery: The Sexiest Grandfather Life | Movie

I think that more than anything else I want to become an older man with a pleasant face … Well, you know, like Hitchcock or Picasso.

Sean Connery (Saturday Evening Post interview, July 6, 1964)

The actor’s share is unenviable. You miraculously make your way to auditions, start with supporting roles of the third plan, for many years eating canned dog food, until your appearances on the screen attract the attention of producers. When you are finally invited to the main role, the fees are overgrown with zeros, and thousands of people stumble about your name on the Walk of Fame every day – you understand that you have only a couple of years left for your crown genre – whether it be action or comedy. After that, even the best make-up artists will be powerless to convince the audience that the wrinkled old man is a secret agent, and the 22-year-old millionaire who is fond of punk rock is young Harry Potter.

Few have passed this cup. The aging Schwarzenegger tried to switch to comedy, but did not succeed and went into politics. Jim Carrey woke up one day and realized that the monkey antics of a 40-year-old man is like a mini-bikini show in a nursing home. And only Sean, Sir Sean kept afloat for decades and practically did not change his role. How did he do it?

Young Thomas Connery.

On August 25, 1930, a boy named Thomas was born into the Connery family, who occupied a small damp apartment in Edinburgh. Father’s name was Joseph, he worked as a truck driver. The child’s mother, Effie, married when she was 20. They lived poorly, and at first, Thomas slept in the bottom drawer of the closet.

The middle name “Sean” stuck to Thomas at the age of 12. He had a friend – an Irish boyfriend Seamus. The rest of the kids called them “Seamus and Sean.” Starting an acting career, Connery began to use this very nickname.

Sean’s childhood was spent playing football, which he was obsessed with, and reading comics. In 1938, Connery had a second child, Neil. An extra mouth pulled the family budget to the bottom, so Sean went to work. For one pound a week, he delivered milk, sold newspapers, helped the butcher.

Work had to be combined with study. Connery studied poorly, but he was known as a bully and fought well. He started smoking at the age of 9. When his father, who worked at the Rolls-Royce factory, was badly injured and fired, Sean finally dropped out of school, focusing on making money.

Mister Universe.

Soon the impoverished life (in the evenings he had to sit without electricity to save electricity) he got tired of and he signed up for the navy. A sailor from Sean did not work – after three years of service in Portsmouth, he developed an ulcer with complications. Connery was found unfit and written off to land with a small pension.

Over the next few years, Sean’s work record was completely written out. The future superstar happened to be a street worker, construction worker, coffin polisher, bouncer, sitter, pool lifeguard, model at the Edinburgh College of Art. In his spare time, he was engaged in bodybuilding, which earned him a bronze medal in the competition “Mr. Universe” (1953).

A familiar bodybuilder once offered to audition for a theatrical musical. Connery could neither sing nor dance, but decided to act impudently and ascribed to himself a lot of artistic merit. Muscles, plastic, as well as the ability to throw a partner to the very ceiling did their job – Sean was accepted into the troupe and began to earn good money.

The pretense, at first considered only as another temporary income, soon became overwhelmed. A poorly educated guy who does not understand the conversations of theatrical bohemians bought a dictionary. He worked on a speech, enrolled in the library and read Tolstoy, Stanislavsky, Ibsen.

The turning point in Connery’s fate was 1953. He was still playing football, and after one of the matches, the manager of Manchester United invited him to join the team. The choice was painful, but Sean chose show business.

Connery with his son: “If you eat little, you will become a bad actor.”

When the musical was closed, the young actor was left without a livelihood. According to the recollections of friends, he agreed to work as a nanny for 10 shillings a day. He was not taken to the cinema because of his tall stature (190 cm), and to the theater because of poor diction. The salvation was the rare roles of extras in small films and television series.

Sean’s success was slow and painful. But in the end, the producers began to call his agent. The actor became interested in the “20th Century Fox” company, but even then he showed stubbornness, which became his hallmark: if he did not like the role, he refused it, even when there was not enough money for gasoline for a motorcycle. And then there was Bond. ..

The fame of many actors is associated with one successful film, after which they simply go by inertia. For Schwarzenegger, this was “Terminator”, Christopher Reeve went down in history forever as Superman, and Connery conquered the world in the form of 007.

Fleming’s Bondiana began in 1958 and was not particularly popular with readers. In 1961 it was decided to film the first novel. There was little money – only $ 1 million. By all indications, this was a passing project, so it was not possible to invite famous actors. With great doubts, director Terence Young took on the “low-budget” Connery. Ian Fleming was critical of him at first: “I conceived of Bond as an officer, not as an overgrown stuntman.” After the premiere, Fleming changed his mind and even wrote his character “Scottish” pedigree.

Connery began to go bald at age 21. On the set of Bond, he already wore a wig.

By the time of filming, Connery was an ordinary little mannered macho: he behaved straightforward and even unceremoniously, dressed somehow and was poorly guided in social life. In a word, the complete opposite of agent 007. James Bond was sculpted by the director. He suggested that he bet on natural grace, depicting something like an elegant compressed spring. Over the course of several episodes of Bond, Young taught Sean how to move, speak and even eat correctly.

The success was absolute. Connery not only “woke up famous”, but was also able to forget about financial difficulties forever. From film to film, his fees grew, but Sean began to feel like a hostage to the image. In addition, he did not like that the series was gradually slipping into fiction (space lasers, etc.).

He refuses to shoot in the sixth episode. The producers hardly persuaded him to star in the seventh part (“Diamonds Forever”, 1971), having paid a fee unheard of at that time – a million dollars. The next time the actor could not be bought. Sean turned down $ 5 million for Bond in Live and Let Die (1973).

What can a Scotsman advertise? Whiskey, of course!

It is interesting

On Connery’s right arm there are 2 tattoos made in the Navy: “Scotland Forever” and “Mom and Dad”.

In 1956, Connery’s royalties were £ 100 per role. For “The Trap” (1999), he received $ 20 million.

In 1969, Connery came to the USSR to shoot the movie The Red Tent. At the airport, he met with Vysotsky. Soviet citizens actively asked the bard for autographs and did not pay attention to Sean, which offended him greatly.

Amundsen. Roald Amundsen (The Red Tent, 1969).

During the filming of Never Say Never, a young hand-to-hand wrestling instructor, Steven Seagal, broke Sean’s wrist.

On July 5, 2000, Queen Elizabeth conferred a knighthood on Connery. Three years later, another Bond became a knight – Roger Moore.

In 2003, he announced that he would not return to Scotland until she was free. Since then he has lived in Spain and the Bahamas, but is considering abandoning his vow and returning home.

Crazy film adaptations of Oz 12

Nietzsche’s Superman (Zardoz, 1974).

After leaving Bond, Connery tried to realize himself as a producer (unsuccessfully) and again harnessed to the actor’s yoke. He made the only sensible choice – he began to develop recognizable elements of the Bond image. The success of the 007 series worked for him for many years – Connery almost always played a stylish man of an extraordinary mind.

As a superstar, Connery chose roles on the economically unpromising “like it or not like it.” He did not strive for expensive projects and worked for modest (compared to Bond) fees. His participation in Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits is worthy of anecdote – Michael Palin from Monty Python made a postscript opposite the role of Agamemnon in the script: “Someone like Sean Connery, but cheaper.” Connery accidentally read the script and volunteered for the role himself.

Filming “for fun” did not bring money. In 1983, another Bond film was released with the meaningful title “Never Say Never” (although he himself said “never again” after “Live and Let Die”). Connery agreed to take 5 million and played Bond for the last time.

On the set of the third Indiana Jones.

In the same year, EON (producer of the original Bond) released Octopussy with Roger Moore. This was the only time that two Bond films were released in the same year, and both became box-office hits. A litigation erupted, after which Connery did not even come close to the set for several years.

Having burned himself on films “for the soul”, he began to approach his choice of roles more responsibly. This immediately bore fruit: the roles of the detective monk Wilhelm of Baskerville in The Name of the Rose and Ramirez’s mentor in The Highlander became new pillars of his high status. And “The Untouchables” brought Sean an Oscar. At the presentation, he said, “My name is Connery. Sean Connery”.

This awkward moment when Connery is not playing Scotsman and Scotsman is not played by Connery

Connery got rid of the Bond image and firmly established himself in the role of “tough gentleman with a Scottish accent.” Indiana Jones and The Hunt for Red October only strengthened his position. Sean grew old and again began to relate to the question of choosing roles carelessly. In his future career, there were both successes (“Russian House”, “Trap”, “Rock”), and disappointments (“Avengers“,” League of Extraordinary Gentlemen “).

He thus missed many roles. Sean turned down the role of John Hamond in Jurassic Park, the role of the villain in Die Hard 3, and the lead role in The Thomas Crown Affair, which he later regretted. Connery also turned down the role of Gandalf in the Peter Jackson trilogy, as he did not want to live 18 months in New Zealand and did not understand Tolkien’s books at all. He was offered the role of Architect in The Matrix Reloaded, but he was not interested in that for the same reasons.

Both trilogies turned out to be hits, and Connery agreed to star in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (although he did not understand these comics either). The film was the last in his film career and, unfortunately, a failure.

In 2004, Connery announced that he was retiring from cinema and began writing his memoirs. He kept his promise – 4 years later his book “Being a Scottish” was published. Sean remains firm in his decision to quit the movie. At least Spielberg and Lucas did not manage to persuade him to star in the fourth Indiana Jones, so Henry Jones Sr. had to be killed.

Personal life

On November 29, 1962, Connery married Australian actress Diana Cilento, and on January 11, 1963, she bore him a son, named Jason. The latter followed in his father’s footsteps, but did not achieve his fame (his most famous roles are in Doctor Who, Smallville and Shanghai Noon). They divorced in 1973, and two years later Connery married the artist Micheline Roquebrune. Their marriage is still strong, although Connery has repeatedly said that he considers it okay to beat a woman if she deserves it.

Sean loves to play golf, was previously engaged in karate kyokushinkai, supports the independence of Scotland, although he has not been in his homeland for several decades and is considered a tax evader, and therefore was forced to obtain Moroccan citizenship. In 2003, he had cataracts removed from both eyes, in 2006 he underwent surgery for a kidney tumor, and in 2008 the actor broke his shoulder while playing golf.

Sean and his wife Michelin (photo: Alan Light, CC BY 2.0)

* * *

In 1987, People’s magazine declared Connery “the sexiest person alive today.” Sir Sean, who was almost 60 years old, reacted skeptically to the title, saying that he had never heard of the sexual deceased. Now the health of the 90-year-old actor seems to be in order. Let us wish him that it was so in the future.


Brad Pitt and Harry Styles will be together in a movie – Film and TV – Culture

Brad Pitt and Harry Styles will work together on ‘Faster, cheaper, better’, which will be directed by Gilroy, as confirmed by the film’s distributor in Spain, Vértice 360.

According to the official synopsis, the story is about the impact that artificial intelligence will have on the transportation sector.

The film spans 20 years in multiple locations with intertwined stories and multiple characters including a union boss, a young businessman, an interior farm manager, and a tech millionaire whose lives are cut short by automation. .

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The project is still in the pre-production phase, it is expected that the filming will take place between the end of this year and the beginning of the year ahead of its premiere in 2022. Vértice 360 ​​has also acquired the rights for its distribution in Latin America, Italy and Portugal .

Harry Styles made his debut as an actor in Christopher Nolan’s war tape “Dunkerque” (“Dunkirk”, 2017) and this will be his second feature film.

Apart from his work as a producer, Brad Pitt He currently has two other projects in the pipeline in front of the camera: Damien Chazelle’s new film, “Babylon,” and “Bullet Train,” directed by David Leicht.

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Dan Gilroy, the director, became known in 2014 with “Nightcrawler”, a thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal, whom he chose again for “Velvet Buzzsaw” (2019), a film that premiered on the digital content platform Netflix.. He has also directed Denzel Washington and Colin Farrell in “Roman J. Israel Esq.” (2017). “Faster, cheaper, better” will be his fourth feature film.

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Michael Jordan against a green background: this is how ‘Space Jam’ was recorded

The next 2021 movie Space Jam It will be 25 years old and, coinciding with the anniversary, its second part will be released: Space Jam 2: A New Legacy. LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers forward and protagonist of the new installment, has published this August 18 a video where, for the first time, you can see what it will be like the new kit of the Looney Tunes team. In the original feature film, Michael Jordan was the star who had to help these cartoons win a crucial match. If they lost, they would become just another attraction in an alien theme park. Although Jordan appears accompanied by Bugs Bunny, Tweety and company throughout the film, behind the cameras the situation was very different: during much of the filming, the only company of the Chicago Bulls player were people dressed in green.

In the original film, Michael Jordan (and other actors like Bill Murray) shared their real world with the anime of the Looney Tunes. Although the screen could see how both worlds coexisted, the basketball player used to be alone behind the cameras. The images of the making of (How it was done) in which the former Chicago Bulls player is seen facing specialists dressed in green, to be eliminated from the plane later in post-production, they are very popular on social networks, where they tend to become popular from time to time.

At making of from Space Jam, which can be seen in full on YouTube, the keys that helped the feature film take shape are revealed. The first part of the process, and according to one of the animators in the video, begins with “a piece of paper, a pencil and some drawings”.

In this part of development, animators begin by hand drawing the storyboard or visual script, which consists of a set of animations arranged according to the sequences to serve as a guide before the film is made. Thus, cartoons were drawn by hand that would shape the Looney Tunes, including their movements, reactions and positions. After this first approach, the next step was to record the Michael Jordan scenes that would later be incorporated into the film.

In addition to the information that appears on the making ofThis process is explained in detail on the film’s official page. The Space Jam website, created in 1996 and which maintains a very characteristic aesthetic of the time, it says that in this part the player only saw a “green sea”. The scenes were recorded in a large studio lined in green (with red dots that served as a reference to mark the distance) so that later this background, called chroma, could be replaced by cartoons in post-production.

The creators wanted to achieve the maximum possible realism and, to try to achieve this, they developed techniques that allowed to capture the movements in the most natural way possible. For this reason, and while Jordan was filming in that large green studio, there were other actors with him dressed in green as a reference. Ed Jones, CEO of Cinesite (one of the companies in charge of the animation of the feature film), explained it like this in the video of the making of: “We wanted to record in a very free way and capture in a very spontaneous way the way he plays basketball.”

While these scenes were being recorded, the animators took the opportunity to take photos of Jordan’s movements. These served as a reference to include the player’s drawing in the storyboard, and thus gain a perspective of how the final result would be. Subsequently, these traces were scanned and transferred to a computer. The video also explains that to make the stadium references were taken from a real one, and on the web it is detailed that the public was a mix between duplicate drawings and people recorded in real life with “strange costumes”, which were later manipulated By computer.

The final part of this great project consisted in combining what was recorded in real life with the cartoon characters drawings. This was possible thanks to the use of animation programs through the computer. In addition, the use of a camera that allowed taking 3D portraits of the actors was also key, in order to better capture their movements. As Michael Jordan explained in the making of, “A lot of the technology used in the film is just amazing. If they can make me turn out well, they can make anyone turn out well too.”

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