Altice announces that it will not distribute a dividend.

Patrick Drahi’s group has decided to communicate its policy towards its shareholders. Altice Europe, the parent company of SFR, lowers the curtain for the distribution of dividends. Reuters It’s not a press releaseAltice Europe, the parent company of SFR has decided to announce that it will respond to one of the government’s requests: to limit […]

Mouth-nose protection duty against Covid-19 – Federal government extends protective measures Lauber Online since today, 11:24 Covid-19 | Corona virus updates 1527 fell ill and 7 deceased in Upper Austria Covid-19 statistics for Upper Austria and Austria Covid-19 casesin Upper Austria 1,527 today +32 Covid-19 casesin Austria 9.103 today +343 Deathsin Upper Austria 7 hospitalizedin Upper Austria / 156 today -4 hospitalizedin Austria / 1,118 […]

20 minutes – delivery truck crashes into tree – passenger dies

Shortly from 2 a.m. a 36-year-old man drove a delivery van on Monday night on the Rothenblattstrasse from Schönenberg ZH towards Saturday ZH. His vehicle came off the road in a slight left turn for reasons not yet known and crashed into a tree, as the Zurich cantonal police announced. While the handlebars were only […]

20 minutes – collision on A1 claims 2 injuries

A traffic accident occurred on the A1 shortly after 5.45 p.m. on Sunday evening. A 22-year-old was heading towards Zurich when he hit Hagenbuch ZH for unknown reasons against the trailer of a delivery van that was in a bulge in a bulge next to the breakdown strip. His 29-year-old passenger was caught in the […]

20 minutes – “Those who have these antibodies can work again”

Covid-19 infection can go completely unnoticed. That is why countries such as Austria, Germany or Great Britain are planning to use so-called antibody tests across the board. Switzerland has also decided to do so. What are immunoglobulins? Immunoglobulin (Ig) are antibodies. Various proteins are called such, which play an important role in the defense against […]

20 minutes – He was in a coma for 8 days and survived Corona

“It is a miracle for all of us that my dad survived the corona virus,” says 30-year-old Sara Liniger to 20 minutes. Her father, Raul Norinha from Ennetbürgen NW, fell ill with the Covid 19 pathogen in early March. At that time, not even the borders to Italy were closed in Switzerland, there were also […]

20 minutes – Lenker wanted to quickly overtake the Postbus

Shortly before 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, a patrol collision between a passenger car and a post bus occurred on Bahnhofstrasse in Grellingen BL, the Basel-Landschaft canton police said. According to the findings of the police from Basel, the chauffeur of the Postbus drove from Seewen SO to the Bahnhofsplatz in Grellingen. Shortly before the […]

20 minutes – Did the killed taxi driver fight for his life?

Had the 51-year-old Russian A.O. * who was on Thursday night was found dead next to his taxi on Sedelstrasse in Lucernefought for his life? Urs Wigger, spokesman for the Lucerne police, said: “We don’t know that at the moment.” Central Switzerland push If you subscribe to the Central Switzerland channel notifications in the 20-minute […]

20 minutes – «Stops the RS virus trap»

With the petition, recruits are addressed directly to President Simonetta Sommaruga (SP). The emotional appeal is entitled: “Immediately prevent corona infection from healthy recruits”. The signature collection has been online on the Campax online platform since Friday – 8,000 people have already signed it. survey Are you already ill in the army? The petitioners are […]