New SsangYong Rexton 2020 seen on tests

The SUV will receive a “surprise” in the cabin.

New SUV coming soon to South Korean market SsangYong Rexton 2020 model year. The model was last restyled in 2017. Recently, a prototype of an updated car was spotted in Korea, which fell into the cameras of photo spies. during road tests.

Judging by the photo, the new SsangYong Rexton 2020 received significant design changes – with most in the front of the body. So, the SUV will acquire a large hexagonal radiator grill, a revised front bumper, LED headlights and horizontal LED strips.

Concerning of interior. SsangYong Rexton 2020 received an electronic gear lever. New interior trim materials and a multimedia system are also expected.

ABOUT technical specifications SsangYong Rexton 2020 is still unknown. Expect an increase in power to increase the performance and efficiency of the SUV.

Recall that SsangYong Rexton is not officially represented at the domestic car market – XLV, Tivoli and Actyon are present in the model line of the Korean manufacturer. Take to Russia – so many motorists think.


I did not have time to get out, but it is already buggy! TOP 3 “bugs” in KIA Seltos

Motorists who own a Korean crossover talked about its glitches.

KIA Seltos – A novelty of the Russian car market, which is available at a price of 1,074,900 rubles. Of course, for such an amount the car has found many fans and diverges like hot cakes. However, experience shows that in a Korean car, not everything is so rosy.

Motorists called TOP 3 “bugs” in KIA Seltosdue to which the crossover is buggy. So in first of all it is worth noting a glitch on-board computer when refueling. One of the motorists said that when his KIA Seltos had almost no gas left in the tank, he refueled 300-400 rubles, but the range on the scoreboard did not increase – the arrow rose, but not much.

After restarting the car, nothing has changed. After he refueled Seltos by another 200 rubles, voila – the mileage increased. The owner of the “Korean” came to the conclusion that if the tank is on zero, you need to refuel it by at least 500 rubles, so that the range on the scoreboard increases.

The second “bug” KIA Seltos is connected to the multimedia system. So, if you call one subscriber, the number of the user whom the driver called before is displayed on the monitor.

The third glitch of the Korean crossover is that the music does not turn on after resetting the conversation, and the monitor shows that the conversation is still ongoing. This problem is solved by restarting the machine, but everyone will agree that this is quite inconvenient.


20 minutes – Two women fall 190 meters to their deaths

According to initial findings, the two 75-year-old women embarked on a hike in the direction of Braunwald from Rüti GL station. For reasons still unexplained, they fell

about 190 meters deep. They suffered fatal injuries, as reported by the cantonal police in Glarus on Friday.

The two retirees were reported missing on Monday, April 20. As part of the search, the missing persons were found on a helicopter search flight in a rune at around 740 m above sea level. found.

The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the public prosecutor’s office in the canton of Glarus in cooperation with the cantonal police in Glarus.



Personal data of 267 million Facebook accounts sold on the dark web

A cybersecurity company was able to get their hands on this valuable information before a malicious actor took it.


While researchers discovered a few days ago that 530,000 accounts of the Zoom video conferencing application were on sale on the dark web, information from Bleeping Computer reveals that 267 million Facebook accounts were also found there. Once again, the price displayed defied all competition: 500 pounds, or just 568 euros.

This time, the passwords of the affected users, most of them American, were not available. However, this data included for some of them their full name, identifiers, email address, date of birth and telephone number. Extremely valuable information for hackers specializing in phishing, a malicious practice that allows the recovery of personal information from a user by posing as a legitimate actor.

Optimize your privacy settings

Bob Diachenko, the researcher who discovered the leak, believed that the criminal organization behind the sale stole information from Facebook’s API before it was deleted. This assumption has not yet been confirmed by the social network.

Fortunately, cybersecurity company Cyble, which had previously discovered the leak of the 530,000 Zoom accounts, decided to buy this personal data before other malicious hackers took it. Cyble also recommends that Facebook users be especially careful about their account privacy settings, and beware of questionable emails and text messages.

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Facebook invests 5.7 billion in Indian tech giant Jio Platforms

Facebook is making giant strides in the Indian market. Mark Zuckerberg’s group spent $ 5.7 billion to take a 9.99% stake in JioPlatforms, the digital arm of the Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries. With this investment, one of the largest ever made by a foreign player in India, Facebook becomes the largest minority shareholder in Jio Platforms, valued at $ 65.95 billion.

Jio Plaforms, the country’s leading mobile telecoms operator, offers a wide range of digital services: 4G mobile plans, internet services, audio streaming, television, a payment service and, since the start of the year, a place online market. The latter two segments are of particular interest to Facebook, which relies on e-commerce and financial services to generate new sources of income.

With WhatsApp, the most downloaded application in India so far, Facebook already has 400 million users in the country, its first market, and has been trying to impose a payment system on it for several months. Facebook has experienced several setbacks in the Indian market in recent years, from the provision of the Internet to payment. It became difficult for him to move forward alone.

A partner of choice

With its 380 million mobile subscriber base and its JioMart e-commerce platform, JioPlatforms is therefore a partner of choice for Facebook. The American giant will be able to combine “the power of WhatsApp”, its messaging, with Jio Platforms, to generate growth. “India is experiencing one of the most dynamic economic and social transformations the world has ever experienced, made possible by the rapid adoption of digital technologies“Facebook said in a statement. He also secured prime political and economic support in the person of Mukesh Ambani, the CEO of Reliance Technologies, close to Indian Prime Minister Modi. “Jio and WhatsApp’s new e-commerce platform will allow nearly 30 million small Indian grocery stores to carry out digital transactions with each consumer in their neighborhood“Mukesh Ambani said in a video statement released on Wednesday. The “synergy between Jio and Facebook will help create new jobs and provide opportunities for small businesses in India “, he added.

For the Indian group, the signing of a partnership with a powerful group like Facebook initially guarantees it a substantial sum of money to alleviate its debt of 22 billion dollars. In the longer term, this could be the prelude to a win-win alliance strategy with powerful players to impose themselves on sectors as different as education or video streaming.

This new partnership will in any case be closely scrutinized by Amazon and Walmart, the two main competitors of Jio on the Indian market. These are restrained by the severe restrictions imposed by New Delhi on companies with foreign capital operating in India.


Focus on Liverpool FC against Atletico Madrid in CL

DThe Champions League game between Premier League leader FC Liverpool and the Spanish football club Atlético Madrid is the focus of new investigations in connection with the spread of the corona virus in Liverpool. The English BBC reports. The game took place on March 11th in front of 52,000 spectators, 3000 of whom were from Madrid. The first curfews had already taken effect in Spain at that time.

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So far there are no specific cases of infection that can be associated with the game. However, the government’s chief scientific adviser, Angela McLean, told the BBC that further investigation is needed: “When everything is examined, it will be very interesting to see how the virus in Liverpool relates to that in Spain.” take into account the exact circumstances of the time, she said. Was it wrong in front of the audience? “If we can lead our lives as usual, attending a football game is not an extreme risk.” Today it should be assessed differently.

The Mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, said on the weekend at radio station Onda Cero that letting Atlético fans drive to the game was a “mistake”. “It made no sense that 3000 Atletico fans could travel to Anfield at this time.” In Liverpool, 246 people have already died from the consequences of the corona virus. Madrid is one of the worst affected cities in all of Europe.

Matthew Ashton, director of health for the city of Liverpool, who coordinates the fight against the spread in the city, also told the “Guardian”: “It was the wrong decision to host the game.” But he did not want to criticize those responsible understand. “Nobody deliberately makes bad decisions. Perhaps the seriousness of the situation was not understood at the time. ”However, the game was definitely on the list of events from which one had to learn in order not to make such mistakes in the future.

A football game has already become the focus of the theories surrounding the spread of the corona virus. On February 19, Atalanta Bergamos and Valencia CF also met in the Champions League. According to Italian health experts, the game could be one reason why the city of Bergamo and its surroundings are particularly affected by the corona virus. The match was played in front of 44,236 spectators at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, and Italy is talking about “game zero”.

“Because of the Champions League game, 44,000 Atalanta Tifosi traveled to the San Siro stadium in Milan. They were in close contact on buses, trains or on motorway service areas and restaurants. The epidemic exploded in Bergamo exactly two weeks after this game, ”said Francesco Le Foche, head of the Infectious Diseases Department at the Umberto I Roman Polyclinic.

The second leg on March 10 in Valencia had already taken place without spectators and journalists, a Spanish journalist had previously contracted the corona virus in Italy. Six days after the second leg, Valencia had announced that 35 percent of the people in the immediate vicinity of the professional team had tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 virus.


20 minutes – what’s going on at FC Basel?

FC Basel is currently in bad air. It even seems to some that the situation in the club could explode soon. There are several indications for this. Finally, the threat from the president of FC Basel, Bernhard Burgener, to sue the “SonntagsZeitung” if it published unproven speculations.

How come? How did the club’s biggest crisis come in a long time? Why is FC Basel no longer the quiet club that you know from previous years? There are no exact answers to these questions. The Tamedia editorial team (fee-based) nevertheless tried and answered a few urgent questions.

Cash reserves have shrunk

One question that Tamedia’s editorial team answers is that of finances. So FC Basel, when Burgener took over the club, stood there sporty and economically brilliant. The squad had a value of CHF 52.4 million. And in addition to the equity capital of CHF 15.8 million, FC Basel 1893 AG had reserves of CHF 22 million in the form of provisions for replacement purchases. There was also still CHF 22 million equity in FC Basel Holding AG as additional protection.

Most of this money now seems to be gone. “In two and a half years under the leadership of Burgener, almost two thirds of the former total reserve of CHF 60 million was used up,” wrote the Tamedia editorial team.

Players are suspicious

This raises the question: Will FCB still be able to pay its bills in the future? Of course, no editorial team in the world knows what the exact situation is and how the Corona crisis will continue to impact, not even the Tamedia editorial team. But when FCB CEO Roland Heri says in an interview with the website “”the fact that the liquidity of the club is currently requiring special attention makes one sit up and take notice. Short-time working and waiving wages could improve the financial situation, but the problem: negotiations with the players stalled.

But why is that? On the one hand, the Tamedia editorial writes, the players are suspicious of the sporting aspects. Several players were disturbed by the fact that titles and successes are still being spoken of briskly, but the squad is not being strengthened. And: The players have less and less trust in those responsible. The president is far away. And they would not be informed about the club’s financial situation.

What’s next?

The mistrust of the players is best seen in a statement that they published on Instagram, especially in one sentence: “All players in the first team are prepared to waive part of their wages in the next few months when there are no games, provided they know where the money goes and what it is used for.”

So it will be interesting to see how it goes on. Will those responsible still find a way out of the crisis?

All existential questions that the Tamedia editors have asked and answered about the situation at FC Basel can be found here (subject to a charge).




Silverstone open for two races

Dhe organizers of the Formula 1 race at Silverstone in England can imagine the running of two consecutive Grand Prix this year on their route. Managing director Stuart Pringle told the Guardian on Sunday that talks had already been held with the race series leadership.

“We discussed all types of implementation, including hosting two races on one weekend and two races on consecutive weekends,” said Pringle: “I have full confidence in our ability to host these events. We have a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge, we can definitely call that up. ”

The British Grand Prix is ​​scheduled to take place on July 19. Due to the corona crisis, nine of the planned 22 seasonal races have already been canceled or postponed. The race in France planned for the end of June is also shaking, as is the race planned for August 30 in the Belgian spa due to government restrictions.


So you can recover WhatsApp audios that you once deleted

I authorize KUARZO ARGENTINA S.A. and / or NET TV S.A., hereinafter “THE PRODUCERS” and their
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                            NET TV S.A. or others.


1. I expressly, irrevocably and unconditionally authorize the transmission, retransmission, reproduction or
                            publication of the Materials in all and any means of communication including, without limitation

2. Recordings are made and photographs of me are taken, my voice is recorded, conversations, sayings,
                            facts and sounds, during and in connection with my participation in the Program (hereinafter, the
                            “Materials”), without any compensation being paid to me. I authorize THE PRODUCERS and / or the
                            Channel to display, reproduce or publish in any way such photographs, films and / or recordings
                            in any and all means of communication, including in the promotions of the Program and provided
                            I agree to have my name published. To this end, I give my express consent to be
                            filmed, recorded and / or photographed and so that the resulting films, recordings and images are
                            exhibited, reproduced or published by THE PRODUCERS and / or the Channel.

3. I accept that THE PRODUCERS and / or the Channel will be the exclusive owners of the results and
                            Materials gains with the right to intellectual property registration, use and grant
                            of permissions for others to use, in any form and by any means. In consecuense,
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Keep strict confidentiality about all the information that you put in my knowledge that you have
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                            I hereby waive my right to inspect or approve my submission or the uses of which such
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                            against anyone in relation to the exercise of the permission granted herein.


After Corona escape, FC Wuhan experiences emotional return after three months

Warm welcome: FC Wuhan was allowed back home.
Picture: AFP

When the corona pandemic broke out at home, FC Wuhan had moved to a training camp in Spain. There the soccer players were caught by the virus. Only now could the Chinese return home.

Dhe FC Wuhan Zall soccer team from the epicenter of the corona pandemic has had an emotional return home after more than three months of odyssey. Chinese Super League players were separated from their families for 104 days after the pandemic broke out after Wuhan was completely sealed off from the outside world in January.

“The club is very grateful for the support and understanding of the families and the players,” it said in a message from the club. Several hundred fans gave the team a warm welcome late Saturday evening at Wuhan Central Station.