“House of Money” Season 4: Hups, they have already taken hostages again

LAuter beautiful cities, Tokyo and Rio, Helsinki, Oslo and Nairobi, Moscow and Denver – and of course Berlin. They are closely related, even if they are geographically far apart. And not only are they fun-loving, spirited and exuberant, they’re also pretty dangerous, sometimes trigger-happy. Because behind the names of these metropolises are criminals, computer hackers, […]

Bob Dylan puts on a new song, the elegiac “Murder Most Foul”

Shakespeare and the Bible. It is under this double influence that Bob Dylan seems to have written a new song, put online Friday March 27. Murder Most Foul, whose title refers to a verse of Hamlet (his father’s ghost explains to the prince of Denmark that he was a victim “ Of a horrible murder […]

This is what the killer of Selena Quintanilla looks like today

The next March 31 marks the 25th anniversary of the tragic murder of the singer Selena Quintanilla, who was triumphing in music and stages with themes like Forbidden Love and Como la flor. Yolanda Saldívar, who was her friend, took her life with a shot. After taking the life of Selena At a Corpus Christi […]

Finance Minister Thomas Schäfer found dead

Thomas Schafer The Hessian finance minister was only 54 years old. (Photo: DPA) Berlin, Wiesbaden Hessian finance minister Thomas Schäfer is dead. Rescue workers found his body on an ICE railway line near Hochheim am Main on Saturday morning, as the Wiesbaden public prosecutor and the police said in the evening. Due to the overall […]

Bob Dylan’s first song in eight years about Kennedy murder

FPeople were eagerly waiting for Bob Dylan’s latest album: What message would the Prophet hide in his latest change? But we sensed that it was always the same message, and he speaks it clearly in his new song: “The day that they killed him, someone said to me,, Son / The Age of the Antichrist […]

Bob Dylan’s Last Great Epic | Blog North American route and beyond

Bob Dylan has returned to give an unexpected flirtation. This time, in the form of an epic. It is not just that in the midst of the world crisis due to the coronavirus, he published by surprise Murder Most Foul, the longest song of his career, but inside those 16 minutes and 55 seconds of […]

India executes four men in 2012 Delhi Rape, murder

NEW DELHI – India hanged four men on Friday morning convicted of group rape in 2012 and murder of a 23-year-old student in the capital, with the aim of sending the message that the nation takes women’s safety seriously. The attack, in which the woman was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted with a metal bar […]

Eight series against the quarantine period

Eight series against the stock runner Series against the stock runner Love, murder and Nazis Of Quarantine time is television time: Our editorial team presents eight series that make crouching at home a little more bearable. .