Bruce Springsteen at dusk with “Letter to you”

Bruce Springsteen, at 71, signs a twentieth album that sounds like a farewell. For several years now, the Boss has been in a hurry to do, to say, to sing. There was an autobiography in 2016, Born to Run, in 2018 a series of spoken concerts which gave rise to the disc Springsteen on Broadway, in 2019 a country album Western Stars and his film … There you go Letter to You, the recording of which resulted in a documentary.

Always rock, Springsteen finds the E Street Band. This is the first time since the sessions of Born in the U.S.A., released in 1984, which he recorded live, almost under live conditions, with his long-standing group.

Five days to box the album

It only took five days in his studio in New Jersey to box, with raw sincerity, nine new songs and three titles written in the 1970s, “Janey Needs a Shooter”, “If I Was the Priest” and ” Song for Orphans ”. Musicians with weathered faces and his wife Patti Scialfa surround the singer, who has filmed himself in snowy landscapes, immense plains bordered by forests. A rural America with wide horizons.

“What I discovered in good and bad days / I wrote it all in ink and blood / I plunged into my soul / And I signed with my name / This letter that I send you “, sings Springsteen. His album ends with “I’ll See You in my Dreams”, an almost disturbing message. His grated voice, sometimes seeming to be on the verge of breaking, remains vigorous, carried by this tempo which gives rock all its energy. The most beautiful title turns out to be a guitar / voice ballad, “One Minute You’re Here”, a song about the passage of time whose folk modulation reminds Johnny Cash.

Columbia Sony CD, € 16.99. Documentary on Apple TV +

Bruce Springsteen, the total, by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon, Éd. E / P / A, 672 p., € 49.95.


Maria Mena sings about affair with married man: ‘Be more forgiving’ | NOW

Maria Mena sings on her new album They Never Leave Their Wives about an affair she had with a married man. In conversation with, the Norwegian singer says that the unhealthy relationship ultimately made her a more understanding, more forgiving person.

“It took me five years to write about this, because I first had to come to terms with it myself. It was only when I got over the shame that I could make songs about it”, explains Mena, known for hits like Just Hold Me in All This Time, the long hiatus after her previous album Growing Pains from.

“An affair with someone married, assuming the role of the other woman, is something that surrounds a lot of shame. A lot of people have been there, but nobody talks about it. In my music I have always seen myself as a guinea pig because I sing about things that others do not comment on, “said the 34-year-old singer, who in previous work dealt with her parents’ divorce and her struggle with anorexia.

“I now understand a partner who cheated on me better and can forgive him.”

“Whatever people say about adultery, if you yourself are in that situation, you see it differently. I also believed that he would choose me. I never chose an affair and on the album I mainly wonder how I let it happen. “

‘I admit things that others are afraid to admit’

Mena says to have experienced the situation of adultery from multiple perspectives and to have been cheated. “Although in an affair you know it goes against your moral compass and you think it’s not who you are, you can still fall in love with someone who isn’t fully available to you, feeling like you can’t live without them. “

“In the end it made me a more understanding and forgiving person. I now better understand and forgive a partner who cheated on me. I look at it less judgmentally and admit things that others are afraid to admit.”

Although Mena realizes that the title of the record is controversial and people the other woman often harshly condemned, she has not received any negative reactions to the new songs. “I just got messages from people who have been in the same situation and through You Live And You Learn (a song on which Mena sings about the moment when she realized that she is worth more than someone who does not fully choose her, ed.) could also put an end to an unhealthy relationship. “

Maria Mena during a concert in Paradiso in 2016. (Photo: ANP)

A deep valley and a more cheerful second album

Her lyrics may now give others the courage to end an affair, but Mena herself ended up in a deep depression because of her relationship. “I reverted to myself and didn’t want to hear when friends were worried. For three years, I slipped and anorexia returned, which eventually resulted in hospitalization and treatment. I literally had to choose between him and myself. myself. “

“It took a long time and I have certainly had relapses in which I like him crazy ex-girlfriend called at night. After a year, I started to realize how lucky I was not to end up with him. When I see him now I don’t understand how I could have fallen for him. “

Mena, who has been in the music industry since she was fourteen, took a conscious break and focused on her own recovery. Although she is now happy in love again, she did not dare to date for a while. “I took a dog and just wanted to live in my castle and have a glass of wine”, the singer laughs.

The period in which she enjoyed the single life and eventually fell in love with her current boyfriend is sung in a second part of the album, which is due to be released in March. “It sounds a lot more cheerful,” she sighs. “On They Never Leave Their Wives I take you along my deepest valleys and on the second part we reach a point where we say: fuck men!


Miley Cyrus will release seventh studio album in late November | NOW

Miley Cyrus will release her seventh studio album on November 27, Plastic Hearts, from. The American singer announced this on Friday Instagram.

Cyrus writes that she started work on the album two years ago, but that all changed after her house was destroyed by a forest fire. “What nature did, I now see as a favor. She destroyed what I couldn’t part myself. I lost my house in a fire, but found myself in ashes.”

The singer says that most music recordings have been preserved, because they were also stored digitally. “But it never felt right to tell my ‘story’ when a big chapter was missing.”

Cyrus currently ranks in the international charts with her single Midnight Sky. Other recent hits are Nothing Breaks Like a Heart from 2018 and Don’t Call Me Angel, the title song of the action movie Charlie’s Angels from 2019.

It was recently announced that Cyrus is working on an album of Metallica covers. It is not yet known when that should appear.


Nigerian stars mobilize against police violence

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The situation remains very tense in Nigeria since the bloody crackdown on a peaceful protest on Tuesday. The international community condemns this recourse to violence and on social networks calls for the resignation of President Buhari are multiplying, notably by Nigerian music stars such as Wizkid, Davido and Tiwa Savage.

Nigerian stars take an important place in this protest. Wizkid addresses the crowd at a protest in London. Davido shows up alongside protesters in Abuja.

And if the photo of the green and white flag of Nigeria smeared with bloodstains has been around the Internet, it is also thanks to Afrobeat singers like Yemi Alade or Mr Eazi. Almost all of them have shared it on social networks with strong comments.

In Nigeria, there is a culture of protest music. We think of Majek Fashek, of the duo P Square and of course of Fela Kuti, with his song antimilitariste «Zombie». Until then, the young generation seemed mainly concerned with the staging of their social success.

The Black Lives Matter alarm clock

It may also be the movement Black Lives Matter against police violence in the United States which has raised awareness. Black lives matter and some Nigerian artists often have a foothold in the United States, such as Atlanta-born Davido.

Wizkid is 30 years old, Burna Boy 29 years old, Davido 27 years old… The Nigerian stars are in phase with their young audience which is on the front line of repression.

On the other side of the Atlantic, responding to the call of Tiwa Savage, Beyoncé and her 155 million subscribers, Rihanna, and rapper Nicki Minaj gave a global echo to the struggle by denouncing police brutality and placing alongside their “ sisters and brothers »Nigerians.


discover the tracklist of “Sell Sole II”

Dej Loaf unveiled the names of the artists present on the “Sell Sole II” project. The rapper’s debut studio album will be released on 23 october. Between Rick Ross, Lil Uzi Vert or Gunna, she knew how to surround herself well …

After many singles, EP et mixtapes, Dej Loaf is finally releasing his first studio album. For the occasion, she called on many artists who all said yes: Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher, Big Sean, 6LACK, Boldy James, 42 Dugg et Sada Baby.

On her Instagram account, a few days ago, the rapper from Detroit had given explanations on the release date of “Sell Sole II”. She who has signed on a label in 2014, it took him four years to unveil a first album. The one who will never eat space cake again specifies that she wishes offer more than music and does not wish to be compared to others.

Message received Dej Loaf!


“Success has allowed me to take time”

INTERVIEW – The singer released “À l’Avenir Revenant”, a fourteenth album inspired by the musicians who accompany him. A record more intimate than ever.

“I'm going to be 68 years old, it's my fourteenth album.  My goal is the song, whether it lasts six minutes or a minute and fifty, provided it is well dressed, ”says Francis Cabrel.
“I’m going to be 68, it’s my fourteenth album. My goal is the song, whether it lasts six minutes or a minute and fifty, provided it is well dressed, ”says Francis Cabrel. Claude GASSIAN

Francis Cabrel is a rare artist. As much by its production rate – an album every five years – as by its words. Which gives all the more weight to his new album, At dawn returning, the fourteenth, and, already, one of the most inspired of a career started over forty years ago. Record salesman with Saturday night on earth, in 1994, he once again became a less cumbersome successful craftsman. Inseparable from his village of Astaffort, which he only left for ten years, he polishes his songs with manic care. Never before had he involved his accompanists so much as in this disc which sounds almost like a group work, and allows him to approach new musical forms.

LE FIGARO. – Your new album contrasts quite clearly with your usual production …

Francis Cabrel. – I had been told a lot that my previous record was dark, which I hadn’t noticed while writing it. I said to myself, “You’re not that dark.” I

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Incitement to arson ?: Public prosecutor investigates Bushido

Rapper Bushido has been on trial for some time – as a plaintiff. So he raises serious allegations against his former friend Arafat Abou-Chaker. But even he himself does not have a pure white vest. He has already been convicted of insurance fraud. Just the tip of the iceberg?

In the trial against his former business partner Arafat Abou-Chaker, ex- “rowdy rapper” Bushido found a new role: that of the victim who was controlled, threatened and cheated out of millions by his “best buddy” for years. However, research by the magazine “Stern” suggests that Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi – Bushido’s real name – was not least “the docile student” of his friend at the time. He is said to have committed insurance fraud on a large scale and instigated an accomplice to start a fire in his villa.

Between 2013 and 2015 Bushido experienced a real streak of bad luck, writes the “Stern”. During a boat tour in Potsdam in spring 2013, he wanted to give his mother-in-law a diamond bracelet – worth around 235,000 euros. The good piece allegedly ended up in the water and the case with the insurance company.

Photos that the “star” has, however, cast doubts on this version. One picture shows a bracelet with 35 identically cut stones that looks exactly like the piece of jewelery that fell into the water in an issue of the magazine “Muscle & Fitness” from December 2017 – published four and a half years after the accident on the Havel.

What a pitty

In the same year Bushido was unlucky again – at least it seems that way at first glance. In December 2013 there was a fire in the roof of his villa in Kleinmachnow, the house next door to his friend Arafat Abou-Chaker. The listed buildings were extensively renovated that year. But because the flames had destroyed the structure, the client was no longer able to meet the requirements of the monument protection.

The damage was reported to the insurance company. The police suspected arson without being able to identify a suspect. However, Arafat Abou-Chaker intervened and secretly recorded a conversation with an alleged accomplice on his cell phone, which is said to be a quasi-confession. The cell phone was later seized by the Berlin police and sent the recording to the public prosecutor in Potsdam. According to “Stern” information, she has initiated investigations against the alleged arsonists and the alleged instigator Bushido.

Faked break-in

A fraud with a fish shop was discovered a year later: Bushido had opened a store for ornamental fish called “Into the Blue” in Berlin in 2014. In November 2014, he pretended to have broken into the store and reported to the insurance company that game fish and corals worth 175,000 euros and the safe with 185,000 euros in cash had been stolen. The judge sentenced him to 11 months probation in 2016 for insurance fraud.

When in 2015 the warehouse of a boutique for baby clothes on Berlin’s Ku’damm that belonged to Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi was broken into, the insurance had to pay again. Although the public prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation on suspicion of faking a crime against Bushido, among others, they could not prove anything to anyone. The proceedings were closed in March 2017.

The “star” confronted Bushido with all allegations. The rapper does not want to comment on this.


Spencer Davis, known for ‘Gimme some lovin’, passed away

Welsh-born singer and guitarist Spencer Davis has passed away at the age of 81. He died in hospital after being admitted for pneumonia.

With the Spencer Davis Group named after him, of which Steve Winwood was the lead singer at the time, Davis had several big hits in the 1960s such as Gimme some lovin’, I’m a man, Keep on running in Time seller. Met Keep on running the group climbed to No. 1, even above the Beatles.

The Beatles sent the Spencer Davis Group another telegram to thank them. Keep on running, their breakthrough, was also a cover by Jamaican singer Jackie Edwards. The group found with the same singer Somebody help me, another hit.

Davis started making music when he was six years old and moved from Wales to London when he was 16. There he worked as a civil servant, to later work as an English teacher. He died in hospital yesterday after being admitted for pneumonia.


Miley Cyrus covers “Zombie”, The Cranberries and her fans amazed by her performance

Miley Cyrus continues to wow her audience with her talent. After reinterpreting Heart of Glass from Blondie, the star took over Zombie by The Cranberries, during its appearance at the Whiskey a Go-Go Festival in Los Angeles on October 17th.

The singer participated in this festival which raises funds for #SOSFest, which makes it possible to raise funds for vulnerable people affected by the coronavirus crisis, as specified by the American media Fox News.

His performance has been seen overa million times on YouTube and continues to raise funds in excess of $ 1.2 million. With his powerful voice, Miley Cyrus was able to give shivers to her fans, who did not fail to congratulate her on social networks. I think we underestimated the Miley Cyrus there “, writes thus Internet user. “Miley Cyrus following her path to become the legend she is destined to be,” adds one of the unofficial French fan accounts.

Moreover, the irish rock band congratulated Miley Cyrus with a warm message: “We are glad to hear Miley Cyrus resume Zombie Whiskey at a Go-Go Festival in Los Angeles. This is one of the most beautiful covers of this song that we have heard. We think that Dolores [décédée en janvier 2018] would have been very impressed “.

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Miley Cyrus is working on album of Metallica covers | NOW

Miley Cyrus not only drew inspiration from the music of Metallica for her upcoming album, but she is also working on an album of Metallica covers, she said in an interview with Interview Magazine.

“We’ve been working on an album of Metallica covers,” Cyrus replies when American fashion designer Rick Owens asks her why she’s not home right now.

According to the 27-year-old singer, she is now very creative, while her creativity initially declined due to the pandemic. “We are so lucky to be able to keep working on our art during all this,” she says. In the beginning it didn’t feel very inspiring and now I’m on a roll. “

It is not the first time that the pop star has covered music for a metal band. In 2019 she sang Metallica’s biggest hit during a performance at the British Glastonbury Festival Nothing Else Matters.

When the album will be released has not yet been announced. It is expected that an album of the singer will be released this year. She previously announced that there will be an album titled She Is Miley Cyrus arrives. Her recent hit Midnight Sky is derived from the plate.