Why You Should Sometimes Leave a Partner You Love, and How It’s Done | Good Life

your relationship It is going smoothly, love is inexhaustible, you feel invincible and life is wonderful … until a phone call unleashes the storm. They offer you a job offer abroad; “the opportunity of my life”, you tell yourself, excited. But when you share the good news with your partner the first blow comes: his […]

These are the reasons why you should let your child be wrong | Moms and Dads

Making mistakes is a natural part of any learning process, and it is key in the development of personality in childhood and adolescence. Few adults have doubts about it, and yet many parents try at all costs to prevent their children from falling into error and consequent frustration. A perfectly natural and understandable intention that, […]

The leaders who cut down their own forest | International

There are leaders who surround themselves with the best and others who opt for the loyal; leaders who build bridges and others who build strengths; leaders who encourage the growth of relays and others who cut everything that stands out around them. These dichotomies in the interpretation of leadership thoroughly mark European politics these days. […]

Soccer in a boiler | sports

Crowds that play. Simeone stoked the fire so that the Wanda was a boiler. It would have been fair for the next day to schedule a bath and massage session for the 70,000 fans who were killed to resist the 1 to 0. At the end of the Klopp match, impacted by the “difficult environment,” […]

Geography of death | Science

In a first level of analysis, the new National Atlas of Mortality in Spain It is nothing more than a statistical confirmation of ideas well established by biomedical research. We know that smoking is a leading cause of lung diseases, as it is also breathing the emanations of a coal mine, we know that heterosexual […]