After the burr, the kidney transplant resumes in Réunion

Following the serious incident in which a surgeon removed the healthy kidney from a patient instead of the diseased kidney (read: The surgeon makes a mistake and removes the wrong kidney ), the kidney transplants had been suspended at Félix Guyon hospital. In a press release, the ARS announces that the Specialized Committee for the Organization of Care has unanimously issued a favorable opinion for the resumption of activity. Here is the press release:

“On June 9, 2011, the Specialized Committee for the Organization of Care gave a unanimous opinion in favor of the issuance of the authorization for an adult kidney transplant to the Félix Guyon Hospital Center, subject to conditions. This opinion is a step forward. necessary for the decision to resume kidney transplant activity in Reunion Island, which will be taken by the Indian Ocean Health Agency.

Following serious accidents in the care of patients, the Indian Ocean Health Agency (ARS-OI) requested the suspension of renal transplant activity at the Félix Guyon Hospital Center in September 2010. The inspection carried out with the support of the Biomedicine Agency, highlighted shortcomings in the organization of care and inadequacies in medical and surgical staff.

For several months now, the Félix Guyon Hospital Center has been involved in major work to reorganize the care sector, to write protocols and to recruit additional specialist hospital practitioners. These actions are
are translated into the presentation of a quality file, allowing to consider a resumption of the adult kidney transplant during the second half of 2011.

The Specialized Committee for the Organization of Care, made up of elected officials, health professionals and user representatives, issued a unanimous favorable opinion on June 9, 2011 for the issuance of the adult kidney transplant authorization. at the Félix Guyon Hospital Center, with conditions relating to the continued security of care:
– the successful recruitment of two complementary urological surgeons, fulfilling the regulatory experience conditions
– the finalization of protocols organizing the continuity and coordination of care
– additional training for professionals in the histocompatibility laboratory
The Biomedicine Agency will be associated with these verifications.

Kidney transplantation in Réunion is a major public health issue. This highly specialized activity cannot be implemented without meeting all the regulatory conditions and good practices guaranteeing quality and safety.
care. Also, the ARS-OI will ensure, within the framework of its missions in favor of the health of all, that all the safety requirements are met before any resumption of the kidney transplant activity. “


IMSS doctor fired who reported lack of equipment

Author: Omar Hernández / Correspondent


Two months after retiring, a neurosurgeon in Zacatecas was fired as a specialist doctor of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), on the instructions of the delegate in the entity, after the doctor repeatedly denounced the lack of equipment, infections and deaths to consequence of the coronavirus covid-19.

The neurosurgeon assured that the delegate fabricated an alleged case of medical malpractice to fire him.

I tell him that he must be operated on, he never says yes, he never tells me if he is not going to operate, on Monday the note remains in my own handwriting, something that the delegate disappeared deviously to look for the patient to operate on and the patient to At six o’clock in the afternoon on Friday he signs a voluntary discharge to go with that engineer who was going to cure his cancer, the patient returns to social security a week later and one of my colleagues operates him “

What had to be done was done, the patients simply looked for other non-surgical alternatives, magical medicine alternatives, they realized that it was not like that and they returned to the institute, like they think that if they came with me I would not treat them, because in In theory, a patient who signs a voluntary discharge from the Institute should no longer receive them, in theory, how good they received it, how good they operated on him, how good the man is fine and that is how it would have been from the beginning, “he added.

The first administrative battle where the case was reviewed was already resolved by his superiors, the doctor reported.

My boss, Dr. Esaú Lozano Prado, where he answers to the director, regarding this case, we cannot give the names; and he says at the end: We did not find omissions and there is no lack of regulation for medical benefits by the working personnel because the complaint filed is not considered appropriate, “he said.

The delegate has not issued a response regarding the dismissal of the doctor; weeks ago, she downplayed complaints to her administration for the lack of protective equipment.

What is not valid is that people take advantage to make a situation of protagonism “, said Saandra Durán, IMSS delegate in Zacatecas.

Due to this dismissal, several unions of teachers, miners and government workers are already preparing demonstrations to demand the reinstatement of the doctor.

We cannot allow these practices to continue and stop in their tracks and demand that the Social Security Delegate here in Zacatecas immediately reinstate Dr. Armando Rosales Torres, “said Alejandro Rivera, general secretary of the Zacatecas Independent Workers Union.

And we publicly denounce that if what is not done is done, we as a bloc will have to support the comrade… the comrades in the health sector, “said Sandra Zúñiga, spokeswoman for section 24 of the SNTE.

Dr. Rosales assures that once he resolves the lawsuit for unjustified dismissal, he will begin a tour throughout the country to give support to his colleagues who suffer from lack of equipment or working conditions in the face of the pandemic.

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Weather: the weather forecast for this Tuesday, August 11

In that sense, the winds for today will be from the southwest rotating to the northwest and the temperature will go from 4 to 14 degrees.

Clear skies and northwesterly winds are expected on Wednesday shifting to the north, with thermal marks ranging between 3 and 15 degrees.

For Thursday, clear to somewhat cloudy skies are announced, northwest winds rotating to the north, with a minimum temperature of 5 degrees and a maximum of 17.

Meanwhile, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) issued three alerts for strong and intense winds in various areas of the country during the early hours of Tuesday.

The first of the alerts is for “intense winds” and covers the provinces of Chubut, Santa Cruz and northern Tierra del Fuego.

“The coverage area will be affected by intense winds from the western sector with speeds between 50 and 70 km / h with gusts,” reported the SMN.

The second of the alerts is for “intense winds in the mountains” and is for the mountain areas of Catamarca, Jujuy, La Rioja and Salta.

“It is expected that as of the afternoon of Tuesday 11, the winds from the west sector will begin to increase over the mountain areas of the provinces of La Rioja, Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy, reaching speeds between 60 and 75 km / h with gusts. winds will intensify more during the afternoon of Wednesday 12 “, announces the National Meteorological Service.

The last of the alerts is for “intense winds with gusts” and is for the southeast of the province of Buenos Aires, Chaco, Corrientes, Formosa, South of Misiones, east of Salta, north of Santa Fe, north of Santiago del Estero and Rio de la Plata exterior.

“The entry of cold air over the coverage area will cause intense winds from the southern sector until the morning of Tuesday 11th, with speeds between 45 and 60 km / h, with gusts of up to 75 km / h,” said the SMN.


Venezuelan in Chile killed his wife, his mother-in-law and then took his own life :: La Prensa de Lara


Spectacular images of ‘inverted waterfall’ near Sydney –

Water flows from top to bottom, something with gravity. The stranger it is to see water moving upwards. That happened on the south coast of Australia, where strong winds and persistent rain pushed the water high into the air.

Meteorologists explain to the BBC that the phenomenon can arise when high winds from the ocean blow against the cliffs, forcing the water upwards against the waterfall. In the area, the wind was blowing at 74 kilometers per hour.

Storms and torrential rain have ravaged Sydney and the province of New South Wales in recent days. It produced spectacular pictures.

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At 76, Lili Caneças poses in a bathing suit and wins praise: “Perfect!”

Lili Caneças, 76 years old, posed in a bathing suit and showed her excellent physical form, thus winning the countless compliments of the fans.

A socialite he resorted to social networks to share, with his followers, the record of a sunny day well spent on board a boat. The elegance of Lili Caneças drew attention and left no one indifferent.

“After a fantastic bath, going up to Guga2004 … Like fish in water”, he wrote, in the caption of the image that shows the socialite in a blue bathing suit.

“Wonderful”; “Perfect”; “Beautiful”; “Always elegant” were just some of the numerous accolades for the publication.

It is recalled that recently Lili Caneças was news, for mourning the death of longtime friend Paulo Pimenta, personal trainer of several familiar faces.

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The remains of the governor’s council are transferred to the Sierra Nevada

A helicopter from the Aviation and Air Assault Division of the First Division of the National Army transferred the remains of the governor’s council José de los Santos Sauna Limaco to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, who died from the coronavirus.

“The humanitarian support of the National Army consisted of mobilizing from Santa Marta to the Kogui community, in Pueblo Nuevo, the mortal remains of the indigenous governor, to be buried according to the cultural traditions of his community,” the authorities explained in a statement.

The coffin of the Kogui governor council and Legal Representative of the Gonawindua Tayrona organization was transported through the external load mode, or by external basket, a technique used by pilots who are experts in this type of transfer.

“It is important to specify that this transfer was carried out in compliance with the final disposal of corpses of deceased persons associated with COVID-19 of the health authorities, as well as the guaranteed biosafety and safe packaging conditions of the funeral service,” said the First Division.

In the document, the Army the death of the governor council Santos Sauna, and clarified that they are willing to provide humanitarian support to those who need it.

The death of the indigenous leader occurred on Thursday, August 6 at the El Prado Clinic in Santa Marta, where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit since Saturday, August 1 because of the coronavirus.

The District Health Secretariat explained the relatives of the governor’s council indicated that they did not have a positive person for COVID-19, however, in the month of July, when he already presented symptoms such as chills and fever, José de los Santos Sauna Limaco participated in several meetings with Mamos de la Sierra in the community of Pueblo Viejo and La Loma, municipality of Dibulla, La Guajira.

Faced with this situation, officials of the District Health Secretariat delivered 20 kits of personal protection elements, which contain latex gloves, gowns, overalls, N95 face masks, mono glasses, masks and a guide with instructions for their use, in order to protect the relatives of the deceased.

“The indigenous authorities were given self-care recommendations that they should implement during the process of final disposition of the body of José de los Santos Sauna Limaco, such as social distancing,” the authorities said.

Through his Twitter account, the former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos, lamented the departure of the indigenous leader.

“I deeply regret the death of the Governing Council Kogui José de los Santos Sauna, who was a great friend for many years. My solidarity for the peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta on this sad day ”.

For its part, the Territorial Council of Indigenous Cabildos stressed that “his legacy for the protection of the heart of the world, unity and peace will remain forever.”


“The fact that the Netherlands does not want to use them makes my mouth open” –

Face masks do work. In fact, wearing face masks in public places can slow the spread of the corona virus by 40 percent. Which says professor Theo Vos in a shocking interview in Trouw.

The University of Washington professor of health information contributed to a publication by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) on the effect of face masks. The graphs show that infection rates and deaths are lowest when 95 percent of the population covers the mouth and nose in public. Vos: “Theoretically it is possible to raise it this high, and we have also seen it in reality in Chile, Hong Kong and Singapore”.

Only country
The figures for the Netherlands: with the continuation of the current measures, the number of corona deaths on December 1 is likely to be approximately 10,000. If face masks were to be immediately mandatory in public, that number would be around 6,600. Vos: “On December 1, that is the difference between 213 deaths per day versus 7 deaths. And we may not be quite right. But to say now, as almost the only country in the world: we do not believe the research results, and we do not want to use this reasonably simple measure, it drops my mouth. ”

The figures are based on 40 epidemiological studies, mostly during outbreaks of Sars, Mers and a number of influenza epidemics. Based on these results, the IHME estimates that wearing face masks slows the spread of the corona virus by 40 percent. “Of course, 40 percent is not 100 percent. But if that reproduction number is not too far above 1, and with that 40 percent reduction you can get it below that, that makes a huge difference, especially if you calculate a few months further. ”

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Tareck El Aissami begins physical rehabilitation after fighting COVID-19

The sector vice president for the Economy and Minister of People’s Power for Petroleum, Tareck El Aissami, began his physical rehabilitation this Friday, after releasing the battle against COVID-19, announced that he did through his user on the social network Twitter @TareckPsuv.

The also Minister of People’s Power for Petroleum explained that after an intense rest together with rigorous treatment, he achieved absolute recovery from his battle against the virus: those who have not escaped unscathed so that they can soon return home and share with their family ”.

Through the video that accompanies the message, Tareck El Aissami added that “the accompaniment of the doctors and the people has strengthened my soul to return and continue to fight alongside the Venezuelan people.”



National: Cristian Mafla near Sanl Lorenzo de Argetnina | Colombia today | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

Although a couple of weeks ago the information on the interest of San Lorenzo de Argentina for Christian Mafla has been handled, in recent days the interest would have increased and in part it was due to an offer that would reach the ‘azulgrana’ club for Bruno Pittón, which that would force the Argentine team to go out on the market for a left back.

The target would be the 27-year-old from Valle del Cauca, who recently renewed his contract with the purslane for three more years, with which, a striking offer would have to arrive, so that Nacional can get rid of a player who has added prominence after the arrival of Juan Carlos Osorio, not only for establishing himself as a starter, but for his versatility.

In addition to being a left back, he can be a central defender, which would have increased the player’s value.

But Mafla would not be the only one that San Lorenzo would have in his portfolio. An old man known as Emanuel Más would also be in the deck of candidates.

On the part of Nacional, so far no offer has come for the player, but from Argentina they assure that there were already talks between the Boedo club with Christian, although the last word will be for the Antioquia team, which, if that exit takes place, He would have to go to the market to find a left back to compete with Cristian Blanco for the position.

As FUTBOLRED learned in Argentina in the case of Bruno Pittón and his options to leave San Lorenzo, it is that Gremio de Brasil would be interested in hiring him and in the next few days they would bring a formal offer to San Lorenzo. Once the defender is sold, they will charge for Mafla.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
En twitter: @juanchoserran8