Netflix can remove the prequel “The Witcher”

The project will tell about the events that took place hundreds of years before the main storyline of the popular series.

A shot from the series The Witcher. Photo: Netflix

Good news for The Witcher fans, according to WeGotThisCovered, Netflix is ​​working on a prequel to the project. There are no official details yet, but according to insiders, the events will unfold many centuries before the events shown in the series. And the plot itself will develop around an event called “conjugation of spheres”, which split the world and caused the appearance of mythical creatures, and also became one of the reasons for the emergence of witchers.

Currently, active work is underway to create the second season of the series, as far as possible in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Filming will be resumed only in August, and there is no exact release date yet, although everything suggests that waiting for the project to be loved by the audience on the screens should not wait until next year.


New on Netflix: these films and series appeared last week NOW

Netflix added a large number of new titles in the past week. This week includes the return of action hero Jack Bauer in 24, the political drama Bail and an ode to classic Hollywood musicals. makes in collaboration with Superguide an overview of the most important releases.


24: Season 1-9
Kiefer Sutherland (Designated Survivor) plays a government agent specializing in the prevention of terrorist attacks. As if his work isn’t exciting enough yet, he only has 24 hours to get the job done.

All seasons of this blistering action series are now on Netflix.

Bail: Season 1-3
In this addictive combination of personal drama and political thriller we follow the career of Birgitte Nyborg. This idealistic party leader is elected Denmark’s first female prime minister. But she soon discovers that her powerful position also has a downside.

Netflix is ​​already working on a fourth season of Borgen.

Dark: Season 3
In the final season of this grim science fiction series, the search for a missing child sets off a series of ominous events. All traces lead to a nuclear power plant, which seems to have a bizarre influence on the village and its inhabitants.

Home Game: Season 1
This series focuses on traditional and regional sports from all over the world, and it can get pretty tough.

Also check out our rundown of the best sports documentaries on Netflix.

Crazy Delicious: Season 1
In Crazy Delicious three amateur chefs prepare their most magical dishes in an edible fairytale forest. The food gods will ultimately determine which meal tastes best. There is therefore something at stake: the winner of this culinary competition takes home the coveted Golden Apple.


Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga
In this comedy, Will Ferrell (Anchorman) and Rachel McAdams (Game Night) play two pleasantly crazy musicians who get the chance to prove themselves in the international singing competition, which unfortunately did not take place this year.

La La Land
In La La Land a penniless jazz pianist (Ryan Gosling) and a starting actress (Emma Stone) fall head over heels. But their dreams and ambitions are driving the lovers further and further apart. This swinging tribute to the classic Hollywood musicals won six Oscars, including best director, best protagonist and best soundtrack.

In this dark fantasy film from India, the young Bulbbul is married off to a man who could have been her father. Soon after, her village is plagued with a series of mysterious murders. It does not take long before the accusing finger is pointed at the bride.

Athlete A
In 2016, it is revealed that Larry Nassar, who worked as a sports physician with the Olympic gymnastics team, sexually assaulted dozens of young athletes for years. Athlete A highlights the persistent journalists who uncovered this scandal.

These films and series will also appear on Netflix in June.


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The House of Card 5, good news on the start of the new season

The Professor spoke: The House of Paper 5 will be released soon. The actor Alvaro’s Death, who plays the role of the teacher in the tv series the Spanish announced to the public the imminent the beginning of the shoot. Once again, the revelations on the future of the episodes, and the plot come not from production, but from the actors themselves.

The The house of Paper it is one of the original content, the most important of Netflix. Was born in Spain in 2017 where it has been a great success, and this has convinced the streaming platform to purchase the rights and produce the next few seasons. April 2020 is output to the fourth season. Because of the pandemic, the filming of the new episodes were postponed, and no one, neither the cast nor the production had been given updates. The waiting, however, has not subsided, so much so that in the last few weeks have been circulated of the shooting, fake, immediately denied by official channels of the series. But now is the Professor to reveal an important news in an interview.

The Home Paper 5: begin shooting

The actor Alvaro’s Death, the Professor, The Paper announced thethe beginning of the shoot, thus approaching the release date of the tv series. In short, the fifth season will be there, although it has not yet been announced Netflix. The actor has spoken of “shooting imminent”, and has revealed she’s received guidelines on behaviour on the set to reduce to a minimum the risk of infection.

He started out by saying “We were made to know that it will be more difficult, and that it will take more time than in normal conditions”. Well, yes, because of the pandemic, in turn, the various scenes will not be easy: the actors, when possible, must wear the mask most of all to keep the distances.

The Home Paper 5: effects of the Covid-19 on the plot

The Coronavirus and the fear of contagion may have effects on the writing of the scenes. In fact, keep a distance is not easy especially when you have to shoot intimate scenes or fights, so Alvaro hopes that a solution has been found without sacrificing any of the screenplay or the interpretation of the actors.

He continued by saying: “The security measures hinder very much the days of work and I only hope that all this is temporary and that, with a vaccine or something, we will do the things as before.” These are the words spoken during an interview with

The House of Card 5: release date

Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed down the entire production, including The House of Paper: still the the official release date of the fifth season. If the filming will begin soon, surely we will see new episodes in the the spring of 2021but it all depends on the evolution of the emergency. In the meantime Netflix it is similar to but is now sure that we will be able to see the Professor and his companions, at least for another two seasons, in fact there is already talk de The House of Paper 6.

How to see the House of Card streaming

Who still has not done so can start to look at the other four seasons are available on Netflix: to do this, you need to subscribe to the service and use one of the many devices available. The platform is now one of the most complete in circulation, in fact, offers a plethora of content, from tv series to film documentaries and television programs.


Netflix accounts for 23 % of the internet traffic in France

Netflix is by far the largest providers of content on the net, and its share tends to increase. It is one of the lessons that emerges from the report published Wednesday, June 25, by the Arcep (regulatory Authority for electronic communications, post and press distribution).

Netflix, roller

The platform of films and videos shown, by 2019, 23% of the traffic of the four major French operators (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free). After Google’s 15 %, as well as Facebook and Akamai, a content distributor, both less than 10%.

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If the name of the social network is well-known to the general public, the second is less so. It is a computer network of several tens of thousands of servers spread across a hundred countries around the world. The company provides these servers to sites (signs of commerce, etc), which store web content caches distributed on each of their networks.

U.s. data in mass

In total, Netflix, Google, Akamai and Facebook represent more than 55 % of the traffic, two percentage points more than in 2018. “ This indicates that the concentration of more and more net traffic between a small number of players, whose position on the market of the content is enhanced “to be,” says one to the Arcep.

Because of the dominance in France of platforms primarily for the u.s., the volume of incoming data is much higher than that of the outgoing data of the territory : the level of asymmetry is past a given outgoing 4 incoming data in 2012 to 1 to 10 in 2019.

The network has held during the containment

The containment has been very much in favour of digital consumption, the gap for Netflix should still grow. The consumption of internet has increased 30% during the health crisis. ” Thanks to the quality of the networks, we did not observe any major congestion “welcomed-t – Arcep, which puts forward the involvement of all stakeholders.

The major providers of content and application of video streaming or online games have reduced the quality of the video or program updates in a period of low inflow “recalls a member of the Authority. The fear of this congestion had led to the shift of the launch of Disney +, other online video platform.

Environmental Impact

The report also highlights, in its final part, the environmental impact of the digital age, including several studies say that it is responsible for 3% to 4% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. If the power consumption of networks is the major source of gas emission of greenhouse operators, these issues concern the entire value chain, from data centers to the terminals. The production of the latter (in the form of smartphones, tablets, screens, speakers connected, etc) is responsible for 80 % of greenhouse gas emissions digital.

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The massification of consumption of online videos is expected to increase the usage and therefore the environmental footprint of the digital. ” It is necessary to create the conditions of a digital greenexplains Sébastien Soriano, president of Arcep, in order that the 5G (Editor’s NOTE : the new generation of mobile telephony, the frequencies of which, in France, will be awarded during the auction launched in September), that will start by involving only a few thousands of sites in the beginning, enroll in a real requirement of environmental “.


Netflix will present a mini-series about illegal migrants with cate Blanchett

The premiere will take place July 8, 2020.

“Without citizenship”. Photo: a stop-motion trailer of the series.

In the Network appeared the trailer for the mini-series “Without citizenship” (Stateless) from Netflix. The creators of the show, among them the Oscar-winning Hollywood actress cate Blanchett, I assure that this picture should cause public outcry, as dedicated to topical subjects of the interethnic relations and illegal migrants.

Plot 6-a serial film is set in the middle of the Australian desert. The main characters are a strange set of characters encountered in the detention center for foreign citizens. Is a stewardess, which pursues its sectarian past, a brave refugee, a desperate father and a clerk, which you need to resolve a national scandal. The Blanchett also played in the series.

The trailer shows what viewers are in for a lot of dramatic plot twists. The premiere will take place on the streaming service Netflix on 8 July.


The House of Paper 5, the latest news on the new season

There are still many months to the exit of the new season of House of Card (speaking of the second quarter of 2021), but the rumors continue to ignite the hearts of fans. Officially the fifth part of the TV series is not yet confirmed from Netflix, but it seems impossible that the TV platform want to decide to end it, especially after The Home Paper has become the most seen ever.

In addition, the end of the fourth season has left the plot open to any development. What is the “plan Paris”? What will The Professor now that Alice Sierra has discovered? But most of all, who is Alice and Sierra? All questions to which the fifth part of The House of Paper will try to give an answer. In the last few days have popped up online of the alleged video with some shooting of The Home of the Paper 5. Movies very short, but they have created big stir. Many have thought that they were true footage of the set, but in reality they are fake video.

The explosion of the Covid-19, in fact, has not yet allowed the production of start to record the new episodes. And, also, still not arrived renewal official by Netflix for the fifth part of The House of Paper. Renewal, however, it will be only a formality. According to insiders, in fact, the TV series should be renewed for another two seasons.

The House of Card 5, when they start shooting

Alex Pina, the mind that has created the most important phenomenon of television in recent years, has the insured person to be already at work on the the script of the fifth season. This bodes well, both for what concerns the renewal is the beginning of the filming. Shooting that without the explosion of the global pandemic would have already had the beginning, but have been postponed to a date to be established.

Now that Spain is going back to everyday life, it is likely that the production put on the calendar, also the beginning of the shoot. The most likely hypothesis is that there will be the green light for the next autumn, between October and November.

The House of Paper 5, attention to the fake video

The publication of the alleged video “stolen” from the set de The House of Paper 5 he has done much to talk about in the last few weeks. Everything was born from some of the movies posted on YouTube on the page “Ursula Tokyo” and many have thought that they were real. In reality, they are just the fake video: as we just explained, the filming of the new season not yet started.

When comes up The House of Card 5

Difficult to make predictions on the output of the fifth part of the TV series. The most likely hypothesis is between April and June of 2021, but much will depend on when they start shooting.

How to see The House of Paper

Fans can review The House of Card streaming on Netflix: all the episodes of all four seasons are available on the platform’s streaming video. To look at them, however, you must be a subscriber and use one of the devices supported by Netflix (smartphone, tablet, computer, console, smart TV).

By opening the app of Netflix, you should press the banner dedicated to the TV series and it will open a tab where you can choose which episode and which season to review. You can also decide to see The House of Card streaming in the original language to improve their Spanish.


Netflix engages in a new project, the actress from “the Magnificent century”

The Burj Biricik, a popular Turkish actress, starring in the series “Magnificent century” will take part in a new project with Netflix . This was reported by the local edition of Karadeniz.

According to the source, the movie will be called Fatma (“Fatma”), and it Biricik will get the main role. The show-run films announced producer Basak Abazigal (“Instead of us two”, 2016), and the script will total the score Onomer (“Aquarium”, 2018).

It is known that in “the Magnificent century” girl played the role of one of the maids Hürrem Sultan. Fans of the actress have not seen her on stage and look forward to the return of Birejik on the screens.

Before that Borg stated for the media that refuses to continue to act in serials, and gives preference to feature films. She believes that the work in the series of the show takes too much time and effort.

The website of the Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” reported earlier that Meriem Uzerli famous counterpart Burj, starring in “Magnificent century”, managed to accidentally get into the acclaimed series. The casting managers invited Meriem on shooting at the last moment and admired its compelling game.


Why the series “the Witcher” does not repeat the plot of the story: comment of the producer

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich told how picks up screenwriters for the project.

Henry Cavill retrained superhero in the Witcher. Photo:

The Creator of the series “the Witcher” for Netflix Lauren Schmidt Hissrich argued with fans of the universe created by Sapkowski Andrzej, on Twiiter. As so often happens, the producer began to criticize, why her paintings do not correspond to one of the story books. Answering questions, showrunner said that filmmakers should reproduce the spirit of the novel, and full tracing is impossible, as the characters on screen can’t have hour-long conversations, as it occurs in the text.

She noted that found for series writers who are familiar with the books “the Witcher”, but not put before them the task to copy their story.

“We need writers who are close, but not too close (to the original novels. — Approx. ed.). Who love this universe, but not afraid to question it. Who are fans, but are willing to step back and open your minds to lead your favorite world in our real world. I hope we did,” writes Lauren.

We will add that shooting the second season of “the Witcher” was suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus, but recently there was news that the process is resumed. Next year we will know how far Geralt of Rivia in the performance of Henry Cavill walked away from his book adventures.