On social networks, actors recite Molière, Racine and Corneille

Deprived of the stage, yes, but not the pleasure of playing! Over a hundred actors have taken up Youtube and Instagram, using the keyword “À vous de jeu” (1), to recite short extracts from plays by three great French playwrights: Molière, Corneille and Racine.

“The actors will be the last to resume, in the fall if all goes well, and probably with reduced gauges to ensure the distance … I was looking for a way to keep in touch with the public, as do the singers and musicians”, Nicolas Briançon told AFP. The director launched this initiative, inspired by a challenge organized by actors from across the Channel with texts by Shakespeare.

The latter chose to declaim himself an extract, almost of circumstance, of the monologue of Arnolphe in Women’s school from Molière: “I can hardly, I admit, stay put. And a thousand worries my mind is embarrassed, to be able to put an order in and out and out … “.

The desire to return to the scene

Joined him actors and actresses of cinema, series and television as well as several theater actors. Thus, the actor Guillaume de Tonquedec seizes, seated and back to his library, a replica of Sosie, character ofAmphitryon of Molière. Scene that had opened the doors of the Conservatory to him. Questioned by AFP, he “Hope that these readings can be a gateway to classical theater”. And to add: ” I only have one desire: to return to the stage, but it will unfortunately not be right away (…) This is an interesting period. It highlights the importance of culture when you have nothing left “.

A desire certainly shared by some comedians of the Comédie-Française. If they already participate in the web-TV “The comedy continues! “Posted online on March 30 on Youtube, the resident Nazim Boudjenah and the member Didier Sandre also bent to the exercise … With a few liberties! Departing from the instructions of the three imposed authors, Didier Sandre chose to share Lake, famous and magnificent poem by Lamartine. As for the former member of the Cécile Brune troupe, she gives voice, and with energy, to the lover Eraste in The annoying, from Molière.

Alexis Michalik also joined the game. The young successful playwright chose to recite, book in hand, the famous tirade of the battle narrated by Don Rodrigue in The Cid of Corneille. ” We left five hundred, but by prompt reinforcement, we saw each other three thousand … ” And we can only wish such a fate to this pretty virtual project.


Mutseniets came across a mockery of sobbing bloggers

In an interview with Laura Juglia, the actress expressed her position on social networks.

One of the most high-profile divorces in the last month was the divorce of Pasha Priluchny and Muceniece. The week before, the actress laughed and happily told the journalist how happy she was that they could finally put an end to their relationship with her husband.

However, she obviously did something in vain! Mutseniets came across a mockery of sobbing bloggers.

Agatha was so impressed as some show business stars that shed tears on the camera that she spoke in their direction even with profanity. She said that she never understood and will not understand such people who play pain on camera. In her opinion, such a hysterical “performance” is possible only for public relations and to attract the public.

But, as time showed, what Agatha laughed at, she got it! Just a few days later, all of her fans saw her complaining about life with a bruised and sometimes broken face. The actress, with tears in her eyes and trembling lips, tried to explain the situation and complain about her husband, with the hope of protection from the people around her, friends and relatives.

Can the words of Muceniece itself be attributed to this situation? Probably not. Her appeal was completely sincere. Only one moment left a negative sediment about the unfortunate wife and mother. Her statement about those people who cry live, because the situations are different. Probably, she herself understood that you should not laugh at the actions of people in a situation that you did not find yourself in.


Eight headliners of the Printemps de Bourges to listen to on networks

The first festival of the musical season, the Printemps de Bourges showcases the headliners of the song.

→ READ. Coronavirus: Printemps de Bourges reinvents itself in virtual mode

Since its cancellation due to the Covid-19 epidemic and confinement on March 13, 2020, the festival has thought about a virtual event, “Imaginary Spring”, which allows the artists scheduled these days to offer their music to a large audience. The cross selected eight of them to listen to without moderation.

Aloïse Sauvage, the young shoot

Singer, rapper, dancer, circus artist and actress, Aloïse Sauvage has all the audacity of a multifaceted talent. It explodes in Devouring (Initial Artists / Universal), his first record, a brilliant mosaic of styles in constant movement, in his image. Raw words that speak to his generation, music that mixes pop and hip-hop, an undeniable punch, an irradiating presence… See Aloïse Sauvage interpreting “Horizontally”, it is to get an idea of ​​his future artist and imagine it radiant.

M, the star

By dint of not taking himself seriously, of singing and playing generously from scene to scene, Matthieu Chédid – M – almost makes us forget that in twenty years he has become a huge star. Thirteen victories for music, soundtracks for films (including Do not tell anyone, by Guillaume Canet), albums with always renewed inspiration, like Lamomali (2018) or Infinite letter (2019, Wagram). On March 16, Matthieu Chedid presented with Pierre Richard a poetic recreation in tribute to his grandmother, the poet Andrée Chedid, who would have been 100 years old on March 20, 2020.

Celeste, the new soulful voice

As a child, his grandfather made him listen to Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Like these great ladies, the young Briton knows how to make her voice an instrument of rare emotional depth. Whether she whispers or fully releases her song, Celeste is listening. Designated a BBC 2020 musical revelation by British critics, it is compared to Amy Winehouse. In France, we can listen Stop This Flame, Strange and Lately, while waiting for the album Celestial in September (Polydor).

Calypso Rose, the diva

A radiant smile, an unalterable energy, the queen of Calypso was to celebrate her 80 spring at Bourges and present her new album there. Author of 1,000 songs without having learned music or going to school, Calypso Rose, daughter of a fisherman and Baptist minister of Trinidad and Tobago, never ceases to amaze with her good humor and its commitments. The Caribbean rhythms of his carnival music were crowned with a Victory in 2017 for Far From Home (Because Music).

Dionysos, the rock group

With Surprise (Columbia / Sony), Dionysos returns to his fundamental love of rock by mingling it with Latin atmospheres and musical melodies. Normal, the album is also the soundtrack of the film A mermaid at Bets, released in March and directed by Mathias Malzieu, singer and group leader. The musician unleashes his abundant imagination and his fantasy. Crossing rock guitars with symphonic brass orchestras, his exuberance makes crowds dance to these vitaminized refrains.

Philippe Katerine, the safe bet

For a long time, Philippe Katerine was judged by his outrageous words and his provocative poses: at best a joker, at worst a jester. But the Vendéen, Dominique A’s brother in arms, simply turns out to be an artist. At the movie theater, The Grand Bain has grown in popularity. His 13 albums have made him a safe bet for French pop, crowned with a Victory for the best male performer 2020. Hurluberlu et joyeux, his latest album, Confessions (Wagram), leaves no one indifferent.

Rufus Wainwright, the legend

The Canada-American baroque pop dandy was to honor only two festivals in France, the Printemps de Bourges on April 25 and the Francos de La Rochelle on July 14. His raspy voice, the fluidity of his piano-pop compositions, his elegant lyricism and melancholy have made him a legend. Author of two operas, interprets sonnets of Shakespeare as a splendid cover of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright is releasing a new album this year, Unfollow the Rules (BMG). “Don’t follow the rules anymore”, an entire program !

Francœur, the incredible revelation

On harp and song, Vanessa Burel, alias Francœur, has some surprises in store. Selected in the “pop song” category of the emerging talent contest Les Inouïs, the young artist from the Yonne composes pieces with mysterious resonances, illuminated by her clear voice and the scrolls of her harp, to listen to on her second EP Where does the North come from (Budde Music). At the Moustaki Prize for French Song on February 20, Francœur displayed beautiful imagination and explosive vocal resources, celebrating his audience prize by reproducing a dolphin, high-pitched and shrill ultrasound.


Mazzei passes out! Araceli González crossed the limit and revolutionized the networks. Awesome!

Araceli González He opened the trunk of memories and brought out an incredible postcard to remember the vacation days he spent with Fabián Mazzei, his partner, in Mexico.

Adrián Suar’s ex She is very active on the networks and shares various images of her daily life and how she lives in quarantine on a daily basis.


Suffer Icardi! Revealing material from Wanda Nara comes to light, like you never imagined!

Wanda Nara she is always involved in some media scandal due to her actions. Despite the fact that he is now in Italy quarantining, some very revealing photos came to light.

Zaira Nara’s sister He spends his days in his incredible mansion with Mauro Icardi and his children. Both are very active in the networks and share things from their day to day.


“I think I have it”: Grego Rossello is devastated by the coronavirus and fears the worst!

Grego rossello He is one of the most famous influencers on the networks and his funny humorous videos cause a furore among the youngest.

On these days of total and mandatory quarantine, instagrammer He came sharing various posts in relation to living with his girlfriend.


There is still a live bond between Eva De Dominici and Joaquín Furriel that confirms what they feel

Eva De Dominici She is going through a moment in her life away from the media scandals and focused on her motherhood and her family.

The actress who started her career with Cris Morena is in pair with Eduardo Cruz, the brother of the famous Penelope Cruz. They both live in Los Angeles next to little Cairo, the son they had in October last year.


Church of Fort Worth, offices closed for the week as positive presumptive chief pastor test for Coronavirus – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth closed its building and offices for the week after a member of their church leadership tested the supposed positive for COVID-19.

Robert Pace, 53, remains in hospital in solitary confinement, church leaders confirmed Wednesday. According to Rev. Janet Wagoner with the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth, Pace has been part of the Fort Worth congregation since December.

“His spirit is strong. He is cheerful,
fun loving and deeply spiritual man who takes care of people like you don’t
to believe. People give it back, of course, “Rev. Wagoner told NBC 5.” I think our faith communities are uniquely equipped for
come around people and support people when this kind of thing happens and us
we are honored to have this type of role in our community where we have
networks and support systems. “

Pace is the first alleged positive case in Tarrant County. After initial discussions with public health officials this week, church officials said the rest of the congregation is not at risk.

According to the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth, Pace
participated in the consortium of gifted episcopal parishes (CEEP) in its annual
conference in Louisville, Kentucky, February 19 to February 22.

In a letter posted on the church’s website, Pace said he started feeling bad around Ash on Wednesday night.

“The beginning of Lent for me was one for the record books. I
I “involuntarily” fasted for days and days, and I certainly did
I said intercessory prayers. All this because I had a virus
that some time has come around the evening of Ash Wednesday. With high fever, a
horrible, painful cough and a little nausea, this was humiliating. But I am
finally getting better, ”said the letter.

Katie Sherrod, communications director for the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth, said she was informed by the public
Health officials that Pace’s presence at Ash Wednesday church services
the premises were not a concern, because it was then asymptomatic.

Pace tested negative for the flu twice a day after Ash Wednesday. The next time he was in church premises, on Wednesday, March 4, for a Lenten program.

“That particular night program, that is when he was here –
this is what Tarrant County public health focuses on, ”Church said
communications director Sarah Martinez. “Basically they just want to achieve
to the people who were at that event and what I was told is that they simply are
reach out and ask people to monitor their health. “

At NBC 5 all the hard surfaces in the Pace offices are told and the commonly touched surfaces were swept away after the March 4 event – along with the music stand, microphone, chair and piano bench. His exposure to anyone within a meter of him was also very limited, say church leaders.

Martinez told NBC 5 that no public health official was entrusted with the decision to cancel Sunday services this week. It was a decision by church leaders over an abundance of caution, he said.

Crews are already cleaning the church and offices day and night on alternate days. There is also a hand sanitizer available, along with many areas for hand washing.

“The public health people of Tarrant County were fantastic – they phoned me for a very long and detailed conversation, which put many worries at ease,” he said, referring to a Tuesday night conversation. “[They] they told me, there is no reason for any kind of deep cleaning, sanitizing of the church premises “.

The church
it was a polling place on Super Tuesday, particularly in its Parish Hall. On the
on election day, Pace had not been in the church building or office for
five days. Election officials provided tables, chairs and election materials
– not the church.

Next door
the church building is a nursery school, which is on vacation this week. Diocese
officials say that none of the children had any exposure to Pace.

Rev. Wagoner
says Pace’s wife, Rev. Dr. Jill Walters, tested negative for COVID-19, but
will remain in self-quarantine at home for 14 days. He encouraged people
who may know individuals currently isolated or self-quarantined to reach
via SMS or phone call, if possible, so they didn’t feel alone.

“This is a time when we really need the community and the information
and speaking of information, we really have to make sure we share it well
information including material from the public health department and the CDC “,
Wagoner said.

The Lenten program scheduled for Wednesday evening has been canceled.

To read the full version of the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth and the Trinity episcopal church of Fort Worth, click here.