American Football current – NFL: The Draft of the Rams causes question marks

The Rams draft creates question marks

The Los Angeles Rams picked a total of nine players in the previous draft. But instead of providing answers, there are now even more question marks as to which plan the General Manager Les Snead front office is pursuing.

As in previous years, the rams went into this year’s draft without a first round pick and only picked on the second day. The decision was made by Florida State’s Running Back Cam Ackers. Ackers will probably go snaps early because with his yards after contact and his running style he fits perfectly into the system of head coach Sean McVay. He could well take on the role of Gurley, even if he is a lot smaller than his predecessor.

So while the value is definitely there, Ackers’ position is causing discussion. Running backs are less and less valued in today’s NFL, which is why many analysts and experts are very critical of high picks for this position. In addition, at number 52 with linebacker Josh Uche (went to 60 to the New England Patriots) and o-liner Josh Jones (went to 82 to the Arizona Cardinals), there were even better talents that would have covered important needs with the Rams.

The next surprise came five picks later when the Rams for Jefferson Wide Receiver pulled out. After Trade from Brandin Cooks to the Houston Texans, the Rams have a need for a receiver. Therefore, it is not surprising at first glance that the Rams got a receiver early. But many experts see many similarities to Cooper Kupp in Jefferson. Both are good route runners and do a lot of things very well. Therefore, the Rams fans are already worried that Jefferson will be the successor, because Kupp’s contract expires in 2021 and it is still unclear whether it will be extended.

McVay also called Cooks’ trade “a vote of confidence” for Josh Reynolds to get more snaps. This can now be doubted, because a player who has been picked so high will surely see his snaps. In addition, the Rams have used their tight ends Tyler Highbee and Gerald Everett more often in the past season, playing less with three receiver sets than in the previous season. That’s why Reynolds could possibly be on the go because his contract will expire next year.

Tight end is a good cue because the Rams brought Brycen Hopkins a new man for the position in the fourth round. Hopkins is an interesting man who, for Pro Football Focus, is the tight end in this draft class that people like to watch. It has explosiveness and showed some great catches. But his big problem is drops, because 22 drops with 152 catchable balls are simply too much. Furthermore, the Rams already have two good tight ends, which is why he will probably not see much playing time this year.

That could change in 2021 or even earlier, because the Everett contract expires next year and an extension now seems increasingly unlikely. This pick shows foresight, but at number 126, which was given to the Texans (for which they received picks number 136, 248 and 250), better players like linebacker Troy Dye (went to 132 to the Minnesota Vikings) would have been available, that would have addressed the needs immediately.

They now have three players for one position on the position of the kicker. Before the draft, the Rams Austin MacGinnis and Lirim Harjalluh signed two kickers and then decided to pick Sam Sloman at number 248. The Miami, Ohio kicker turned 86.7 percent of his field goals last year, missing just three out of 115 extra points at college. It all boils down to a tough competition between the three, at the end of which the fans hope for a reliable successor to Greg Zuerlein. Since he was picked only seven spots before the end of the draft, the Rams could have gotten another player, for example, urgently needed help for the O-Line.

The first and only pick for the O-Line was at number 250, where they got Guard Tremayne Anchrum. He started 30 games at college and will be taking a backup role. But why there wasn’t any help for the O-Line, which had problems in the middle of last year, Snead explained as follows: “We have drafted young players in the last two or three years. I have played several times Said: Many of the players like David Edwards and Bobby Evans got game time last year, although we actually wanted to develop them as a backup for another year, and we have a good feeling that if we develop the players, we will have a solid offensive line . ”

Snead is absolutely right, as they drafted numerous o-liners alongside Edwards and Evens Joseph Noteboom, Brian Allen and Austin Corbett. But it is also true that Noteboom and Allen could not convince until they were injured. Both were pushed back too often, so quarterback Jared Goff didn’t get the time.

Despite all the corrected criticism for the picks or the unelected players, Snead has brought three good players for defense with Outside Linebacker Terrell Lewis, Safety Terrell Burgess and Inside Linebacker Clay Johnston. Lewis is at risk due to his injury history, but should he stay fit, the experts consider him a player who can put double-digit sack numbers.

Burgess, on the other hand, is a versatile safety that can also be set up as a slot cornerback. He will compete with David Long Jr. and enable the Rams to play a lot in dime and “big nickel” formations. This will probably only have an inside linebacker on the field and that could be Johnston, who was very happy to be picked by the Rams.

All in all, however, it remains a draft that gives more questions than answers. What will the Starting O-Line look like? Will Darrell Henderson Starting Running Back or Cam Ackers? Who will be the new number 3 in Receiver Corps? Will Kupp, Reynolds and Everett leave the Rams next year? And who will be the next best pass rusher behind Aaron Donald? There will probably be no answers for that in the near future.

Sebastian Mühlenhof – April 28th, 2020

Is it Cooper Rams in the Rams jersey last year?

Is it Cooper Rams in the Rams jersey last year? (© Getty Images)

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Evaluation of the NFL Draft 2020 First Round Selections

Without major jolts, the first round of the NFL Draft 2020 is history.

The first global team turned out to be the one that had been anticipated for several months, the one considered the most complete prospect was recruited quickly and as happens every year, several teams chose the best player available when it was their turn in the selection order, while others They made decisions that created bewilderment in more than one.

Let’s take an overview of what happened in the first round of the draft and the recruitment assessment.



Washington Redskins


He was the best player available. He is a generational talent who has a peculiar combination of power and agility, great balance and long arms. Perhaps his only criticism is that it was not a factor in the Playoffs loss to Clemson.

As is often the case in Washington, owner Dan Snyder wants to be done, although this time, we can’t blame him. It is true that Washington’s defensive line is already one of its strengths, but that unit will be elite with Young. QUALIFICATION: 10

Miami Dolphins


In my opinion, the best quarterback in the 2020 Class. I haven’t seen foot mobility like Tua’s in a long time and his precision is that of a surgeon on intermediate and short routes. There are doubts about its durability, but its hip is seems to be 100 percent.

The franchise did a great job of sending smoke signals to divert attention. They have struggled to find a franchise quarterback, but Tua has an aura that will renew hopes in Miami. QUALIFICATION: 10



Green Bay Packers (Via change with Dolphins)


Perhaps the player with the highest ceiling in the draft. Love has a privileged arm and can shoot from different angles. The most accurate comparison would be with Patrick Mahomes.

He’s not ready to start in the NFL yet, but he could be deadly in a couple of years. You should improve your balance and your footwork.

Perhaps it is the most surprising team in the draft. Ironically, Aaron Rodgers He is currently the same age as Brett Favre when the Packers chose him as Favre’s successor. If Rodgers understands it, he is very smart. QUALIFICATION: 9

Cincinnati Bengals


He is considered the quarter with the fewest cracks in the draft and comes from having the best season in NCAA history. It has character, mobility, anticipation and its readings are fast. Its only deficiency is that it does not have the strongest arm.

It was the only option for Bengals, who need a hopeful player. Burrow’s personality will make a Cincinnati team believe they will win back Jonah Williams and A.J. Green. QUALIFICATION: 9

Detroit Lions


He was the best cornerback available. It has the size, instincts, fluidity and character. There is a wide difference between him and the rest of the cornerbacks in this class and he is even one of the best prospects in the cornerback position in the last 5 years.

While the Lions heard offers to switch down the selection order, Okudah is a great Plan B when you consider that they needed a replacement for Darius Slay. QUALIFICATION: 9

Carolina Panthers


He is one of the draft’s top five talents and the best defensive tackle in the draw. It has the ideal combination of size, strength, and elusiveness, although you can still play with a lower center of gravity.

The Panthers could have quietly gone for the replacement for Luke Kuechly, but it’s hard to argue against this selection. They need help inside the defensive line that will provoke fear. QUALIFICATION: 9



Cleveland Browns


It is fabulous in pass protection and also efficient on the second level. It only allowed one catch throughout the year. It is flexible and strong. You must be a starter on the left side of the formation from the first day. QUALIFICATION: 9

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Via change with 49ers)


He is an unusual athlete. He is the most versatile offensive lineman in the draft, although he may still be more consistent with his technique. He can play as a tackle and guard and well trained, he has the potential to be the best lineman in the draft.. QUALIFICATION: 9

Denver Broncos


The Broncos wanted a catcher for the opposite side of Courtland Sutton and to give even more weapons to Drew lock. Possibly they were surprised that Jeudy was available and did not hesitate to take it. QUALIFICATION: 9

Dallas Cowboys


I imagine in Dallas they rubbed their hands to choose a deep defensive or defensive end, but with Lamb available, there was no doubt. The Dallas offense has just made a world better. QUALIFICATION: 10

Minnesota Vikings


It is a great addition for Minnesota. After losing Stefon Diggs, coincided the best player available at that time, with the need of the Vikings team. QUALIFICATION: 9

New Orleans Saints


Most thought New Orleans was going to pick a linebacker or quarterback, but Sean Payton spoke of this need firsthand, and Ruiz is a phenomenal player. QUALIFICATION: 9



Arizona Cardinals


He is one of the most versatile players in the draft, has extraordinary athletic ability, is phenomenal in coverage, and is a terror to rival quarterbacks when he approaches the line of scrimmage. It has no position, but I would call it a “defensive weapon.”

The Cardinals had a significant need on the offensive line, but I understand the temptation to choose a player with the talent of Simmons, who can revolutionize that defense. QUALIFICATION: 8

Kansas City Chiefs


This offensive is simply not going to be fair. The Chiefs lack a dynamic running back, and that’s exactly what Edwards-Helaire has to offer. Swift is my favorite runner, but Edwards-Helaire fits better. QUALIFICATION: 8

Baltimore Ravens


The Ravens needed help on the second tier of that defense, and while Queen isn’t the greatest, she offers the versatility coach John Harbaugh likes. QUALIFICATION: 8

New York Jets


He is a mountain of human being who is extraordinary when it comes to blocking in ground play and surprisingly skillful and coordinated in protection in aerial play. It weighs 364 pounds and has ballerina feet. He would have tested positive for marijuana in the Scouting Combine.

While some Jets fans wanted a catcher, GM Joe Douglas had made it clear that he wanted to bolster the offensive line and protect Sam Darnold. I liked Wirfs. QUALIFICATION: 7

New York Giants


It can occupy any of the two tackle positions. It has a very strong lower body and has good use of hands. He has very few flaws in his game. While the ceiling is not as high as others, it is a solid prospect.

The Jets are another team that thought about shifting down. Now, if they stayed in this position, an offensive tackle was a no-brainer, given that that offensive line was porous last year. QUALIFICATION: 6

Los Angeles Chargers


Herbert makes you fall in love with his physical attributes. He’s the prototypical size for a quarterback, however, he sometimes relies too heavily on his arm rather than anticipating routes and that could cost him dearly among the pros. His weakness: inconsistency.

While the franchise has praised Tyrod TaylorIt was clear that they needed a quarterback. Herbert has a great arm, but maybe he’ll have to be a substitute for a year to potentially shine in 2021. QUALIFICATION: 6

Las Vegas Raiders


He is the most vertical receiver in the draft. A pure sprinter who is a constant threat to find the promised land. He may be more precise on his routes, but his athletic ability makes him disguise some deficiencies.

It was clear that the Raiders had to strengthen the receiving corps and Ruggs was going to help them, but, they chose the third best prospect in the position of this class. Davis would have liked it. QUALIFICATION: 6

San Francisco 49ers


Another team that calmly could have chosen a receiver with their first selection of the initial round, but with the loss of DeForest Buckner, they chose to replace him with a great talent like Kinlaw. The 49ers’ defensive line is still elite. QUALIFICATION: 6


We continued with the 49ers, who chose with their second recruitment of the first round a receiver that fits perfectly with their offensive system, since they needed a threat in the deep game. QUALIFICATION: 7

Philadelphia Eagles


Philadelphia desperately needed a catcher. In fact, they looked like a team from another era in a fast era. Reagor will bring that change of pace they need. QUALIFICATION: 7

Baltimore Ravens


The Ravens needed help on the second tier of that defense, and while Queen isn’t the greatest, she offers the versatility coach John Harbaugh likes. QUALIFICATION: 8

Los Angeles Chargers (Via change with Patriots)


The Chargers needed help in the linebacker corps. Although they may have paid too much to get it, Murray is going to help them right away. QUALIFICATION: 8

Seattle Seahawks


Interestingly, Seattle did not change a team, although it did take a player who perhaps was not on the radar of many at this point in the draft. Brooks fits into the Seahawks’ defensive system and will surprise many. QUALIFICATION: 7

Minnesota Vikings


With the games of Xavier Rhodes, Bring Waynes and Mackenzie Alexander, a cornerback was a necessity and Gladney’s aggressive style fits well in Minnesota. QUALIFICATION: 7



Jacksonville Jaguars


After Henderson, the cornerback level drops one notch. Henderson moves with amazing fluidity and is excellent in coverage, although he must be more physical at the next level and improve his tackling technique.

It is clear that the Jaguars needed a cornerback after the departure of Jalen RamseyBut, maybe they paid too high a price for Henderson. QUALIFICATION: 5


This selection confirms Jacksonville’s impending departure from Yannick Ngakoue. I don’t think Chaisson reaches the level of Josh Allen on the opposite side and he is not a three play player. QUALIFICATION: 5

Tennessee Titans


It is understandable that after the departure of Jack conklinThe Titans needed more help on the offensive line. At least Tennessee’s land identity goes hand in hand with Wilson’s strengths. QUALIFICATION: 5

Miami Dolphins


Brian Flores likes to have a lot of players in the high school, but a deep defense was more needed and McKinney was available. He will play on the nickel in Miami. QUALIFICATION: 5

Atlanta Falcons


The Falcons decided to fill a need instead of choosing the best player available on their turn. They genuinely stretched out with Terrell, who has a high ceiling but still lacks consistency. QUALIFICATION: 4

Las Vegas Raiders


Another team that succumbed to the need to fill a gap instead of taking the best player available at the time. The Raiders probably overpaid for a cornerback who, in my book, was the seventh-best prospect in his position. QUALIFICATION: 2


NFL superstar Tom Brady commits trespassing in new home – American football

He still has to study this route!

NFL superstar Tom Brady (42) is obviously not yet very familiar with his new home in Tampa, Florida – and had two private incidents within a few days.

Officially this is called a breach of peace. In Florida, there is a risk of imprisonment, a suspended sentence or entry in the criminal record.

Fortunately, the neighbor took it easy.

David Kramer on his reaction when he saw Brady: “Holy damned pig! Tom Brady is in my damn house! ”He was sitting in the kitchen himself when suddenly“ this big guy comes into my house ”. Kramer: “He didn’t even look at me, just dropped his two travel bags on the floor. (…) I will never forget the look on his face. “

Brady just asked, “Am I in the wrong house?” After several excuses, he took his bags and was gone. Kramer: “I’ve never seen anyone leave a house so quickly.”

Not the only incident!

Brady was also driven out of a park closed due to the Corona crisis when he wanted to do sports there.

But the quarterback takes it with humor, tweeted on Thursday: “Penetrating parks, breaking in and coming in … I feel at home in Tompa Bay.”

The word creation Tompa Bay is a combination of its first name and the name of the city.

► Brady has won the Super Bowl six times with the New England Patriots, making him the most successful quarterback in NFL history. A few weeks ago, he switched teams for the first time in his professional career and will play for the Bucs in the future.


Don’t be that guy, Tom. Hang them

From. a r.: Brett Favre as Jet, O.J. Simpson as Niner, Johnny Unitas as Loader, Joe Montana as Chief, Peyton Manning as Bronco, Hank Aaron as Brewer, Jerry Rice as Seahawk, Wade Boggs as Devil Ray, Wayne Gretzky as Ranger and Michael Jordan as a magician.

From. a r.: Brett Favre as Jet, O.J. Simpson as Niner, Johnny Unitas as Loader, Joe Montana as Chief, Peyton Manning as Bronco, Hank Aaron as Brewer, Jerry Rice as Seahawk, Wade Boggs as Devil Ray, Wayne Gretzky as Ranger and Michael Jordan as a magician.
Illustration: Eric Barrow

Tom Brady has the best resume of any quarterback in NFL history and is one of the most successful athletes to play any sport, which is why he has nothing left to gain by playing another shot in the NFL.

However, after 20 seasons in Foxborough, nine Super Bowl appearances, six Super Bowl titles, four Super Bowl MVPs and three championship MVPs, he decided to continue his football journey “elsewhere”.

Brady is in a position where very few athletes find themselves at the end of their career: he is healthy, rich and an infallible Hall of Famer.

There is nothing left for Brady to do which does not involve a higher reward risk.

The idea that he needs to prove he can win a Super Bowl without Bill Belichick is beyond the ass. There is no dynasty in the history of sport that does not come with the perfect tandem for coaches and players.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant both had Phil Jackson. Joe Montana has never won a Super Bowl without Bill Walsh. And don’t Tim Duncan’s five rings shine because he never won one without Greg Popovich?

The idea that a person can achieve true greatness without being in the presence of other great individuals is a loser mentality.

It is not necessary to add a failure to a legacy that has been permeated with success.

Brady will turn 43 at the start of the NFL 2020 season. He has a beautiful family and is starting to accumulate money out of the game. He does not need to make his way through an afterthought, he can leave on his own terms.

Peyton Manning left the Indianapolis Colts after 14 seasons following a neck injury that put him aside for the entire 2011 season. He was a Super Bowl champion with the Colts in 2006, but left to set a new course with the Denver Broncos.

After four seasons with the Broncos, Manning has made three pro bowls, he had two all-pro selections from the first team and went to two Super Bowls. But his record-breaking MVP season in 2013 ended with a 43-8 sweep in Super Bowl XLVII. His 2015 campaign was the worst season of his career, playing only ten games, failing to complete 60 percent of his passes, throwing 17 interceptions at just nine touchdowns. He ended his career with a Super Bowl victory against a young Carolina Panthers team, but we will remember that team for its all-time defensesand who won despite his 39-year-old quarterback. That ring did not strengthen or add to Manning’s legacy.

If Brady has a post-Belichick point to prove and Manning’s tenure in Denver is the best scenario for Brady’s post-patriot career, then you have to ask the question: is it worth it?

These things rarely end well.

Remember Brett Favre establish the wrong type of records in New York? How many falls per game Did Shaq average in Phoenix and Cleveland? Even Jordan, arguably the best I’ve ever played in the NBA, didn’t make any money by finishing his career as a wizard in Washington.

Brady has no reason to continue his NFL career to allow his pride – one of the driving forces behind his unprecedented success – to turn into arrogance and risk of failure.

It’s a trap, Tom. Let go of New England, let go of the game too.


Who gets the most credit: Brady or Belichick? – NBC Boston

From 2001 to 2019, the New England Patriots have won the AFC East 17 times. The other two years ended in a tie in first place.

In that time frame, they went to 12 AFC championship games and nine Super bowls. Six have won.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been together for the entire race and – thanks to the past two decades – are now recognized as the best coach and quarterback in NFL history respectively.

Trying to share credit for a race never seen before the NFL domination and perhaps the most incredible trait in the history of professional sport – to some extent – is missing the point.

Did the ancient Egyptians stand in front of the pyramids and discuss whether the architect or builders deserved more credit? Did Mrs Wright analyze which of her children – Wilbur or Orville – was primarily responsible for the invention, construction and flight of the first plane?

There is something to be said just to close and appreciate the realization, isn’t there? Yup.

And we will get there.

But right now, with the engines going down Route 1 to pack Tom Brady’s remaining stuff and take him out of Foxboro forever, the question hangs on everything. Which man was most responsible for creating the story we’ve seen written in the past two decades: Belichick or Brady?

Results may vary. In fact, I know they will. But here’s how I see it.

If it hadn’t been for Belichick, there would never have been the mini-dynasty that they became in the decade 2000-2009.

If it weren’t for Brady, the Patriots would never have become the Super Dynasty that they became from 2010 to 2019 when they blew up the 60s Packers, 70s Steelers, 80s Niners and 90s Cowboys to become the only franchise that has dominated two decades.

Bill gets the first decade

The moment Mo Lewis cut an artery in Drew Bledsoe’s chest in September 2001, he is touched as the history of the NFL has changed. It wasn’t. It will only speed up a trial that began when Robert Kraft decided to hire Belichick to succeed Pete Carroll in January 2000.

Belichick took a look at the team’s register and management and started fumigating and renewing. In the end – despite the heavy contract that the Patriots gave Bledsoe in January 2001 to help strengthen public confidence and private investment in building CMGI Field (possibly Gillette Stadium) – Belichick was wary of being tied to a quarterback that the coach was able to routinely undress whenever he trained against him.

Especially a quarterback who had to be paid as the top of the market, as Bledsoe and his agent David Dunn made clear.

Brady was not enlisted in the sixth round of the 2000 draft as Bledsoe’s successor, but in September it became clear to Belichick that he had something. And it became obvious during the 2001 offseason and the training camp that – although not better than Bledsoe in all – the child who made $ 298,000 was more mobile, more precise, more ready in his pocket and destined to be more suited to handling a Bledsoe game.

Mo Lewis accelerated the process and – with a painful stroke – made the transition relatively painless. But the credit goes to Belichick for seeing what he had, promoting it and having the decision to pull the trigger.

The fact that the Patriots went 14-5 under Brady after starting 5-13 under Bledsoe is persuasive evidence that Brady was the missing piece. But Belichick created the register, built the culture and hired the right people – from managers to coaches – to put the team in a position to succeed. It deserves more credit.

Brady may have helped them get where they did, but the Patriots were undoubtedly headed in the right direction and the fruits of Belichick’s designs were collected in 2003 and 2004.

Those Super Bowl wins – the first at the end of a season that started with the shooting down of lawyer Milloy in favor of Rodney Harrison; the second thanks largely to a dice throw on Corey Dillon – they were the victories for “culture”.

Disinterest imposed. All done for the greatest good of the team. Everything ego in your pocket. The most impressive aspect of the patriots was therefore their stamina and mental endurance. Brady was an important part. But so were Tedy Bruschi and Harrison, Matt Light, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel and so on.

Fifty-three very intelligent and capable players row together in the hold of the big ship while Belichick was over the bridge to trace a route. It was from 2001 to 2004.

The dips in 2005 and 2006 began the process that would have led Brady to become, largely on Belichick’s design, the engine.

The 2005 Patriots were hit by injuries – not a hindsight surprise when you consider the nine extra games played in the previous four seasons and the difficulty of staying on top. They started to see some friction to grow old – Troy Brown was 34 then – and the ongoing game was marked as well as their defense on the run. They went 10-6 and lost in the division round.

The following season, a protracted squabble over the contract led to the Deion Branch being swapped with Seattle shortly before the season began. Reche Caldwell led the team in receptions followed by Ben Watson, Troy Brown and Kevin Faulk. However, they were unable to advance to the Super Bowl, but lost on the road to the Colts.

That season, Brady got a toy he had never had in Randy Moss and a Troy Brown replica model named Wes Welker. The entire set of record sets went 16-0 and lost in the Super Bowl.

Which brings us to 2008. This is the season that many are aiming for when they say that it is Belichick’s genius that is most responsible for twenty-year success. The Patriots went 11-5 with Matt Cassel starting in quarterback. Hadn’t he been a beginner from high school, yet the patriots still went 11-5?

Cassel was exceptional, better than anyone could hope for. But it’s still a sharp drop from 16-0 to 11-5.

In 2009, the central defense core was expelled or withdrawn: Vrabel, Bruschi, Seymour and Harrison. Belichick complained to Brady on the sidelines during a defeat for the Saints that season that “I just can’t get these kids to play the way I want them. So frustrating.”

The season ended with an ignominious home defeat against the crows in the AFC division playoff round.

Brady gets the second decade

The patriots renewed in the off-season and, in my opinion, Brady was at the forefront of finding their places where they had no business at that stage of their reconstruction. In 2010, the Patriots went 14-2, they were seed no. 1 and Brady was the unanimous MVP.

The offense, moving away from the narrow final position, enlisted two – Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez – and their production would become historic in 2011 when the Patriots arrived at the Super Bowl and lost again to the Giants. Brady launched for 5,235 career yards with 39 touchdowns and 12 picks.

In the 2012 season, he launched 637 times, a career high and one of three times in four seasons that attempted more than 600 passes. With a defense that too often seemed to resist better teams, it was Brady and the offense to score and score and score a little more. They were the first, third, first and third in points marked from 2010 to 2013. Defensively in that period they were eighth, 15th, ninth and tenth.

Even in 2013, when Hernandez was jailed for murder, Gronkowski was grounded due to back surgery and then with an ACL, Brady still ran by hitting the ball with Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola and – to a lesser extent – Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson and Shane Vereen.

They won the Super Bowl in 2014, winning a shootout against the Ravens in the Divisional Round, 35-31, and then overcoming a 24-14 deficit against the Seahawks in the fourth quarter when Brady moved to a completely different level in the fourth quarter.

The previous April, Belichick had enlisted Brady’s aspiring successor, Jimmy Garoppolo, in the second round. Brady, perhaps remembering the shrug that Drew Bledsoe had encountered Brady’s arrival 14 years earlier, would not have fallen asleep on the move with the team that ran Garoppolo.

Brady went on to launch 69 touchdowns and 16 predictions in 2014 and 15. He lost four suspension games in 2016 – Garoppolo overcame six quarters of Brady’s relief before hurting himself and giving way to Jacoby Brissett – but he still threw 28 touchdowns and two interceptions before ending that season with a 43- record. by-62, 466 yards in the Super Bowl when the Patriots canceled out a deficit of 28-3. Brady did it at 39.

At 40 in the AFCCG, without Edelman, without an injured Gronkowski, Brady and Amendola joined together to push the Patriots beyond the Jaguars and in the Super Bowl against Philly where he would have launched for 505 yards.

So let’s tell here. From 2010 to 2017, the Patriots have reached seven consecutive AFC Championship Games and the year they didn’t, Brady was the unanimous MVP. He wrote the filming of the playoffs against Ravens and Seahawks in 2014, the Falcons in 2016, the Jaguars in 2017 and led the team to two Super Bowl wins.

In 2018, Edelman was exiting an ACL and was therefore suspended for the first four games. Gronk was injured for a large chunk of the year. Phillip Dorsett and Chris Hogan were the main gimmicks for a while until the team faced Josh Gordon. It’s still? The team went 11-5, Brady put them on his back in the fourth quarter and overtime in Kansas City in the AFCCG and then the Patriots defense checked against the Rams and delivered a Super Bowl to Brady – apart from the shot at Gronk which led to the game’s winning touchdown – he just had to play OK to win the team.

The final verdict

So, see what my answer to this debate is now. Bill gets a bigger share of the first three Lombards. Tom gets a higher share than the second three.

So many people over the years have speculated that Belichick wants to prove that he can win a championship without Brady. I don’t know if it’s true.

I think if Brady was gone, Belichick would appreciate the opportunity, but I never thought he would have wanted to get rid of what he thinks is a quarterback capable of giving him a title that the others couldn’t.

Maybe that’s why we’re here. Belichick doesn’t see Brady as special as he once was. Great? Sure. Are there other guys who can do things they can’t do now? Belichick seems to think so. Brady has apparently survived its usefulness here.

Bill will do what he has done to so many other players. Go ahead. But this is the life cycle of the NFL.

From what I’ve been told and what I’ve collected, Brady agrees. He hoped to be special and to be able to write a different ending here, but to realize he couldn’t shock him. For a legend, it is rather well established.

Playing for Bill Belichick will help keep a player that way. And maybe even for that, Belichick deserves a lot of credit. He allowed Tom Brady to become Tom Brady because he was eternally and exasperatedly Bill Belichick.

Every. Single. Year.


Tom Brady says goodbye to the New England Patriots

In a small and simple statement published on their social networks, Tom brady disclosed that his time with New England Patriots is over.

The historic quarterback who in a 20-year career won six rings of Super bowl and three-time NFL Most Valuable Player announced Tuesday the end of an era with New England.

“To all my teammates, coaches, executives and staff, Coach (Bill) Belichick, RKK (owner Robert Kraft) and the Kraft family and the entire organization,” Brady wrote in a post on his social media channels.

“I want to thank you for the last twenty years of my life and the daily commitment to win and create a winning culture based on great values. … Although my journey in football will have another place, I appreciate all that we have accomplished and I am grateful for our amazing team achievements, ”wrote Brady.

The most winning passer in the history of the NFL He did not disclose the team he will be heading to after his Patriots goodbye or whether he will end his career in the league.


Brady’s decision ends one of the most prolific team and player stories in the sport. A sixth-round pick from the University of Michigan in 2000, he rose from relative anonymity to become the most prominent player of his day and one of the greatest players of all time.

His numerous records include most Super Bowl wins by a player (six), most Super Bowl MVPs (four), most Super Bowl touchdown passes (18), most yards Super Bowl passing rate (2,838) and most regular season wins by a starting quarterback (219).

He also ranks second in career yards (74,571) and touchdowns (541), only revealing Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints.

READ MORE: NFL Draft to Play Without Audience


The words of Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick after the farewell of Tom Brady

After the quarterback Tom brady Announced on social media that his NFL path would take him away from the New England Patriots, the reactions around the divorce of the six-time Super Bowl winner with the team with which he won everything took no time.

One of the first was that of the club’s owner, Robert Kraft, for Mike Reiss of ESPN.

“Tommy started contact last night and came. We had a positive and respectful discussion. It’s not the way I wanted it to end, but I want him to do what is in his best interest. After 20 years with us, he has earned that right. I love him like a son. “

Later, the Patriots, through their social networks, issued a joint statement, in the words of Kraft himself and head coach Bill Belichick.

“How can I summarize the depth of gratitude I feel towards Tom Brady for what he has given us over the past 20 years, or the sadness of feeling it end? I love Tom like he’s a son and always will. I was hoping that this day would not come, and that Tom would culminate his outstanding career in a Patriots uniform after another championship. Unfortunately, the parties were unable to reach an agreement that would make that a reality. Although I am sad, the overwhelming feeling that I have today is appreciated for his countless contributions to our team and our community.

“When Tom arrived in New England as an unknown sixth-round recruit, no one could have imagined the fairytale story that was about to be written, the records that were about to be broken, or the joy he was about to bring to the entire region. He leaves 20 years later as the most winning quarterback in NFL history with six Super Bowls, nine AFC titles and 17 division titles. He has been a teammate and exemplary leader. There will simply never be another Tom Brady. Now, I look forward to the day when we can bring him back to New England to celebrate his career with the Patriots, his endless exploits, and his legacy as the best of all time. I love him very much, “Kraft wrote in the statement.

For his part, Belichick’s words were not without praise for the quarterback either.

“Tom was not simply a player we brought to our show. He was one of its original creators. Tom lived and perpetuated our culture. He was the one who set the tone and raised the bar every day. He won three championships in his first four years with us on the field, and three in his last six seasons, while competing for titles in every season in between. It’s a recognition of Tom’s consistency, and what sets him apart. He didn’t just play. He didn’t just win. He won championships and again.

“Tom and I will always have a great relationship built on love, admiration, respect and appreciation. Tom’s success as a player and his character as a person are exceptional. Nothing around the end of Tom’s career with the Patriots changes. how incredibly spectacular he was. With his tireless competitiveness and longevity, his leadership, his mindset, the example he set, and of course, the person he is. I am extremely grateful for what he did for this team, and for me personally.

“Sometimes in life, you have to pass the time to really appreciate something or someone, but it has not been the case with Tom. He is a special person and the greatest quarterback of all time.”


Superstar Tom Brady leaves the Patriots

Was that it? Tom Brady leaves the Patriots.
Image: Reuters

A very special chapter in American football is coming to an end: Tom Brady has announced his farewell to the New England Patriots. Brady is the most successful quarterback in NFL history, having won all of his six Super Bowls with the “Pats”.

Star quarterback Tom Brady leaves the New England Patriots after 20 years and six Super Bowl wins. The most successful player of the US football professional league NFL announced on Twitter. “It is time for me to start a new chapter in my life and career,” said the 42-year-old, whose contract had expired at the end of the season. “Forever a patriot,” Brady wrote.

How it continues is still unclear. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are considered a possible destination, the Los Angeles Chargers should also be interested in the “Goat” (Greatest Of All Time). Last season, the Patriots failed in the wildcard game at the Tennessee Titans and lost a home play-off game for the first time since 2012.


Sando solves the QB market in one column: The Athletic

With NFL players restrictively approving a new collective bargaining agreement over the weekend, the teams blamed offseason deals, confident in the knowledge that the rules of engagement had been agreed upon. News quickly spread about numerous pending contact agreements, including agreements that affect the most important position.

The long-awaited 2020 quarterback market is already taking shape. With Tom Brady, Philip Rivers and many other potentially available appetizers, this market would always have had unique potential, but the fun could quickly evaporate as decisions are made. Instead of predicting all the results, I took on a matchmaking role here, positioning the best quarterbacks available with various teams based on the results that I would find most convincing, regardless of how the teams actually progress on the market. It is a final immersion in the possibilities before reality takes away all the intrigue.

1. San Francisco 49ers signs …


Good luck, keeping up with O.J. Simpson in the latest version of Tom Brady Take New England Patriots

For better or for worse, O.J. Simpson is almost always charming on Twitter.

This doesn’t mean it always makes sense.

Simpson, like many around the NFL, can’t keep quiet about Tom Brady’s looming free agency. And while that trend continued on Monday afternoon, Simpson’s latest performance on Brady was rather difficult to follow.


“Tom Brady will be 43 years old. I heard today that eight teams are interested in him. If that’s true, there are six GMs who don’t know what they are doing. Because the only teams that should be interested in Brady would be the teams they are, like, a player away from the Super Bowl – trying to win next year before so many players go to the free agency. And, for me, you have two teams, maybe. I have the 49ers, I heard. I don’t know, now c is how they will both pay (Jimmy) Garoppolo and Brady over $ 30 million. Well, maybe they will bring and bring Garoppolo back to New England. That would be interesting, but I really don’t see that happening. The only other team I think might be interested in Brady – or should be ready to have Brady, with the offensive line and the players who will be worthy of the Super Bowl – would be Tennessee. Brady will be, as I said, 43 years old. I mean, look what happened to Philip Rivers last year – was beaten Thu. cando with the Chargers. So those types of teams – they can’t take Brady. Brady has to go on an excellent team with excellent players. And it won’t play for a discount like it has done for the Patriots over the years. … Brady, as far as I’m concerned, will stay with the patriots and I think they will finally pay for what he deserves. I’m just saying. Watch out.”

It was a lot.

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