Date for Olympia in Tokyo 2021 found

Dhe Summer Olympics and Paralympics 2020 are very likely to be postponed by a year to the summer of 2021. The President of the International Table Tennis Association (ITTF), Thomas Weikert, assumes: “I see this date coming up, that is realistic”, said the lawyer from Limburg on Sunday of the FAZ Japanese media and the […]

Americans are said to get $ 1,000 in aid

DThe American government wants to provide financial aid to the American population due to the corona crisis. “The president ordered me to do that,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in Washington on Tuesday. The Bloomberg news agency reports that the Americans are expected to receive 1,000,000 checks in the next two weeks. Mnuchin said the […]

The care robots are coming: a navigation aid for empathy

VOr, almost exactly a year ago, a robot rolled into Ernest Quintana’s hospital room in the intensive care unit of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Fremont, California, in the early evening. Technically, the digital visit went flawlessly and was still a scandal about which numerous media from “New York Times” to “Fox News” reported. It […]

Who is really listening to you?

We talk past each other, are unfocused, or keep interrupting each other: Bad listening makes us lonely and endangers relationships, warns author Kate Murphy. She spoke to CIA agents and other listening experts – and explains how to train your ears. .

Listening: Why are we not listening properly?

WELT AM SONNTAG: Why do we tend to think of a conversation as a kind of ping-pong game in which it has to alternate quickly instead of letting it flow? Kate Murphy: We often have this competitive idea of ​​trying to outdo each other when talking. We are used to steering a conversation, countering it […]

Big data against the virus

DThe local authorities in the Chinese city of Wenzhou ordered forty people to quarantine in February. In times when entire cities in China are being sealed off and trade fairs are also canceled in Europe and schools are being closed for fear of the new Sars-CoV-19 coronavirus, this is actually nothing special. But the method […]

Senior members of the Saudi royal family arrested

Saudi King Mohammed bin Salman Among those arrested is the brother of the Saudi king. (Photo: Reuters) Riyadh, Washington According to media reports, several high-ranking members of the royal family have been arrested in Saudi Arabia. They have been accused of coup plans and a conspiracy, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times said […]

Trump’s campaign team sued CNN

US President Donald Trump US President Donald Trump is publicly keen on media that report critically about him. (Photo: AFP) Washington After complaints against the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post”, the campaign team of US President Donald Trump also takes legal action against the US television station CNN. A lawsuit has been filed […]

Trump’s campaign team sued “New York Times”

“New York Times” US President Donald Trump’s campaign team is demanding compensation from the New York Times. (Photo: Reuters) new York Donald Trump’s campaign team accuses the New York Times (NYT) of defamation and sued for damages. The lawsuit filed on Wednesday in a New York court said the newspaper published “knowingly false and defamatory […]