New social plan at Sanofi

Two weeks after announcing the creation of a new vaccine factory in France and 610 million euros of investment, during a visit by Emmanuel Macron to its site in Marcy-l’Etoile (Rhône), Sanofi has presented, Monday, June 29, his ” 2020 reorganization project ” It plans to cut 1,700 jobs in Europe, spread over three years, including ” 750 to 1,060 In France, where the group still has a quarter of its workforce, or 25,000 people. The last plan, still in progress, dates back to June 2019, and involved nearly 470 people in France and Germany.

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The new mainly concerns support and commercial functions, but also R & D positions. If no closure is planned among the 18 French factories, tertiary sites are affected, such as the Paris head office and the Val campus -de-Bièvre. The Strasbourg research center, which has around sixty employees, is also threatened.

Voluntary departures

Departures planned in France will be “ exclusively based on volunteering “, says management. A system of early retirement paid by the company should also be put in place. By proposing very advantageous financial conditions, Sanofi will undoubtedly have no difficulty in finding candidates to leave. ” In previous plans, there were even sometimes more requests than deleted positions, as many people want to leave the group. Explains a manager.

But in the current context, the pharmaceutical giant’s announcement goes badly and the unions denounce “ layoffs that have no place », In the words of Florence Faure, the CFDT delegate. Drug sales were boosted by the health crisis and Sanofi maintained this year the payment of a dividend to its shareholders for a total amount of around 4 billion euros. Sanofi receives “Each year 110 to 120 million euros in research tax credit”, also underlines Thierry Bodin, the CGT delegate.

Group refocusing

These announcements were, however, expected. The group’s new chief executive, the British Paul Hudson, had announced in December, three months after his arrival, that he wanted to save two billion euros by 2022, notably with a disengagement in diabetes and the cardiovascular system for the benefit of l ‘oncology.

The objective is to refocus the Sanofi portfolio on around 100 drugs, three times less than today. The unions are also worried about the sale of the consumer health center, which notably manufactures Doliprane.


Gosvseh – Kommersant newspaper No. 112 (6833) from 06/29/2020

The government decided to basicly depersonalize the new Gostech digital platform for interaction between citizens and business with the state. The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media has eliminated the mention of specific companies from the revised version of the draft resolution on the experimental launch of the platform. That is, Sberbank, which, in fact, was the initiator of the project, and its competitors represented by the VTB and Rostelecom consortium may enter it.

The Ministry of Communications sent for approval to the departments a revised draft resolution on the experiment to create the Gostech digital platform, its discussion will take place on June 29 at a meeting chaired by Deputy Communications Minister Andrei Chernenko, a source familiar with the document told Kommersant.

According to him, the participation in the new version of the project does not spell out the participation of Sberbank and does not specify who will become the platform supplier.

The Ministry of Communications and the Bank declined to comment.

As Kommersant reported on April 18, Sberbank, in fact, was one of the initiators of the creation of Gostekh. VTB, Rostelecom and Russian Post are also interested in participating in the creation of the platform, offering their services in a joint letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin (see Kommersant on June 9). In the previous version of the draft resolution, it was Sberbank that was indicated among the participants in the experiment (see Kommersant, June 15). It is assumed that the platform will provide services for the rental of state property and cadastral registration of real estate, as well as a system for obtaining a digital compulsory medical insurance policy.

Sberbank has a competitive advantage – for example, it has already created its own platform, which will quickly deploy Gostekh services, and Sber ID is already integrated into many services, but specifying the bank as the sole operator creates a non-competitive situation and can lead to even greater influence , says Maxim Nalyutin, head of the Deloitte Financial Services Group.

The most likely competitor to Sberbank, in his opinion, is a partnership between VTB and Rostelecom, which are already working on creating a big data platform. Rostelecom, in addition, has been working on the development of the Gosoblako platform (State Unified Cloud Platform) for several years, and VTB has a large IT integrator Technoserv in its portfolio, the resources and experience of which will allow quickly realizing the complex task, Mr. Nalyutin points out . VTB declined to comment; Rostelecom and Russian Post did not respond to requests.

The Ministry of Communications said earlier that using the Sberbank platform would not require expenditures from the state budget.

If the development will be implemented at the expense of the investor, then he will probably get the opportunity to earn money on operating the system, which as a result can become a profitable commercial project, Maxim Nalyutin believes. It can be direct commissions or indirect income due to more integrated work with the user both within the framework of Gostekh and within the perimeter of the services of the investor himself, he explains.

I would like to hope that the change in the project was the result of not only the competition of state corporations for revenues, but also an understanding of the complexity of developing the platform and the requirements of its openness and widespread adaptation on the market, said Andrei Sholokhov, deputy director of Softline for working with national projects. Choosing a platform from those available on the commercial market is a good solution, but now there are no Russian vendors who can offer a truly competitive application development platform, he is sure that using several existing internal developments of Russian state corporations carries significant risks.

According to Mr. Sholokhov, the initially open platform with a large number of third-party developers, which could actively develop due to a large ecosystem of applications and a wide labor market for developers, would become more commercially correct.

Julia Stepanova, Dmitry Shestoperov


The review “Prions en Église” gets a makeover

The monthly Pray in the Church gets a makeover to offer its readers an experience “Integral” of the word of God. “Mass is a privileged moment to pray, but it is not the only one: we want to invest all the opportunities which allow us to connect to the word of God and to accompany the prayer of our readers”, announces Karem Bustica, editor-in-chief of the emblematic review of Bayard (1).

New appointments

“The period we have just lived has confirmed us in this direction”, underlines the journalist. During confinement, when official dress was suspended, Pray in the Church was able to broadcast the Mass of the Assumptionist Brothers of Cachan live on its social networks, gathering 8,000 people on average, up to 25,000 on Maundy Thursday.

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“Something important has happened, she continues, our readers sent their prayer intentions to us online, thanking us for being there. We have created a real community. “

A community that can now find on the site and the mobile application of Pray in the Church the entire liturgy of the hours. Behind this first innovation, the magazine wants to continue to anchor itself in the daily life of its readers, with new meetings, “Especially on digital”, specifies Jean-Marie Montel, deputy general manager of the Bayard group. Thus, the title launches an original sound offer, with podcasts of prayerful meditations accessible free of charge on the application and the website of the journal, from July 6.

“An invisible parish”

The paper version, it innovates with a little more current and by offering a place to the word of its readers. Each month, one of them will share his experience of biblical prayer and testify of his faith. A question appears after the Sunday gospel, to help deepen the meaning of the word in his life.

On the digital side, each week will be published the universal prayer of the Benedictine sisters of Vanves, which will resonate with the state of the world. “Innovation serves our project to become, ever more, an invisible parish for those who read us”, explains Jean-Marie Montel.

In addition to the enrichment of its French offer, Pray in the Church strongly accelerates its international establishment. “We are growing all over the world. The versions of French and English speaking Africa are very well received. We are also present in the Philippines, in India, at the service of the different Catholic communities and their specificities ”, specifies Jean-Marie Montel.


Anne Vignot, a new figure in ecology

It was just ten years ago. For the regional elections of 2010, the environmental party wanted lists made up of half of personalities from civil society. Academic, president of the Conservatory of natural spaces of Franche-Comté, Anne Vignot was thus propelled head of list for the department of Doubs.

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Four years later, the ecologist was elected to Besançon on the list led by the socialist Jean-Louis Fousseret, who began a fourth term. In 2020, after the municipal elections, she is now at the head of this city of 120,000 inhabitants. Coming from a working-class background, this single woman, mother of a 33-year-old son, did all her studies and her career in Besançon, a city that has long cultivated a social and environmental fiber.

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“A very pugnacious woman”

In 2017, after the rallying of Jean-Louis Fousseret to Emmanuel Macron, the prospect of an environmental list and the name of Anne Vignot to lead it are essential. “Anne is a very pugnacious but also very collective woman”, ensures its main collaborator, Cécile Prudhomme, regional secretary EELV.

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It will unite around them the socialists, communists, the Generation-s movement of Benoît Hamon. The meeting is however missed with the members of La Franche Insoumise, too greedy and not loyal enough to Anne Vignot, who is also seeking the presidency of the metropolis.

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Then assistant in charge of energy transition and biodiversity, Anne Vignot created a forest council which combines a participatory approach with the challenges of forestry, particularly important in the department. She also obtained for Besançon the label “Biodiversity capital”. The priority of his mandate will notably be the thermal insulation of schools.


Preferential car loans expanded to electric cars – Business – Kommersant

The government has officially increased the budget of the preferential car loan program to 22.5 billion rubles. and approved new rules for access to such state support. For example, families with at least one child, health workers and those who give the car for a trade-in on the down payment now have the right to a discount of 10–25% of the price of the car. You can take a soft loan only for a car no more than 1.5 million rubles, localized in the Russian Federation. Although formally the program now extends to electric cars, it is actually impossible to purchase them because of the localization requirement, since such cars are not manufactured in Russia.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved the amendments to the “First Car” and “Family Car” preferential car loan programs, as follows from Decree No. 907 of June 23. The government’s website notes that the program budget this year will be 22.5 billion rubles.

As part of preferential car loans, the buyer is entitled to a 10% discount on the cost of the car, but for the Far East its size is 25%. Now the maximum discount can also be obtained when buying an electric car. At the same time, there remains a requirement for the localization of cars purchased on credit in Russia – they must gain 1.4 thousand points under the 719th decree.

Since electric cars in Russia are not produced at all, in practice it is impossible to buy them with a soft loan.

New rules reinforce the opportunity to buy a car with it worth up to 1.5 million rubles. Price limit of 1 million rubles. acted in 2015, after which the cost steadily increased until 2019, when it was again reduced from 1.45 million to 1 million rubles. In fact, this fact, coupled with additional requirements for the level of localization of cars, significantly limited the list of cars covered by the preferential car loan program – the main financing was focused on Lada. From foreign cars, only Renault, two Hyundai models (Creta, Solaris), as well as one model Volkswagen (Polo), Skoda (Rapid) and Kia (Rio), fall into the program.

At the same time, with an increase in value, the range of brands acquired through preferential car loans did not increase.

Under the new rules, access to preferential car loans was given to families raising at least one child (previously two children), employees of medical institutions, as well as those who handed over the old car for a trade-in in payment of the initial payment.

Only a car older than six years old, which was owned by the borrower for at least a year, can be handed over to the trade-in, the resolution says.

In May, in the first month of easing restrictions amid the coronavirus, according to the United Credit Bureau (OKB; it also has data from Sberbank), citizens took 28.2 thousand car loans worth 22.4 billion rubles. The number and volume of loans issued compared with April more than doubled.

In practice, both the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the concerns participating in the programs informed about the launch of new access rules even before their approval – from the beginning of June. In addition, the document itself says that the new maximum cost of a car in preferential car loans (1.5 million rubles) applies to cars purchased from March 1, 2020.

Olga Nikitina

In Russia, there is a short-term surge in demand for cars after an almost two-month downtime of the dealer network. Against this background, AvtoVAZ postponed the transition to a shorter work week until the end of summer. The manufacturers and dealers interviewed by Kommersant agree that sales have grown compared with the failed April-May indicators, but this is due to temporary factors in deferred demand and increased government support. The real picture will be clear only in September. So far, the industry believes that by the end of the year the market will fall by 30%, with some players assessing this scenario as optimistic.

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Fossil find the last predator dinosaur in Argentina

Fossil find the last predator dinosaur in Argentina

Wednesday – 27 Ramadan 1441 AH – May 20, 2020 AD No. No. [

Meat-eating dinosaur

London: «Middle East»

The remains of a predatory dinosaur (Megaraptor) have been found, becoming one of the last meat-eating dinosaurs that inhabited the planet, according to fossil scientists from the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences.
The southern province of Santa Cruz witnessed the discovery in mid-March. After the experts studied the fossil remains of ten meters, they realized that they were studying the remains of a predator dinosaur from the end of the “age of the dinosaurs.”
“This is the moment that took place 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs became extinct, and this megapator that we must now study will be one of the newest representatives of this group,” the paleontologist in charge of the project, Fernando Nobath, told Reuters. This type of dinosaur is thinner than the Tyrannosaurus rex and it was fast and had a long tail allowing it to maintain its balance. Nobath said that they had a muscular structure and legs stretched out to make strides. “The specific feature of this megapetor was in two long arms and his thumb ended with a claw about 40 cm long,” allowing him to pounce on his prey, Noboth added.




A long way to go between Argentina and creditors

A long way to go between Argentina and creditors

Buenos Aires shows {flexibility} in debt restructuring negotiations totaling $ 65 billion

Thursday – 12 Shawwal 1441 AH – 04 June 2020 AD No. No. [

The Argentine economy minister expects the road to negotiations with creditors to be long (Reuters)

Buenos Aires: «The Middle East»

Argentine Economy Minister Martin Guzman said Argentina is “flexible” in debt restructuring talks with its creditors, but there is still a “long way” before a “sustainable” agreement is reached.
“Argentina is flexible regarding the set of factors that should form the basis of any offer” for a debt restructuring of $ 65 billion, Guzman said in an interview with German news agency DPA. However, he said, “We cannot make promises that we cannot fulfill … The agreement makes sense only if it is an agreement that takes care of Argentina entirely.”
Buenos Aires stresses that the debt installments cannot be so large that the state threatens to go bankrupt and leaves no room for the shrinking economy to start growing again.
Creditors rejected Argentina’s offer of a three-year moratorium, reducing interest payments by 62 percent, and reducing major payments by 5.4 percent.
Guzmán said that the government had not yet submitted a new proposal, and that negotiations with creditors were currently dealing with “conditions … including the issue of the supply structure”. The minister noted that Argentina is also in talks with the International Monetary Fund to assess its ability to pay. “From the moment Argentina adjusts its offer, there must be an additional 10-day period until the date on which the offer ends,” the minister stressed.
The minister refused to specify the possible length of negotiations. “It depends on the willingness of the parties to understand the restrictions facing the country, as well as on the ability of creditors to settle their differences,” he said. He noted that “creditors are very different, and they have different preferences on how to solve this.” He stressed that the most important of the duration of the talks is that «this needs a good solution. Argentina will only make a commitment if it can respect it. ”
At the same time, Guzmán said, Buenos Aires is discussing a possible new economic program with the International Monetary Fund, through which it is developing a “fruitful” relationship. The fund had previously given Argentina a $ 57 billion bailout package, the largest IMF credit line ever … but the International Monetary Fund is not very popular in Argentina, as critics blame it for austerity policies.
“The previous program was created very quickly, and it was a governmental decision, and the community was not involved,” Guzman said. He promised that this time there would be a “very important social discussion” on relations with the IMF.
Guzmán said that when President Alberto Fernandez’s left-wing government took office last December, it found that the country was “in a total economic crisis and deep debt, and that public finances were in poor shape.”
Argentina has already entered the state of default 8 times, the last of which was in 2001. Guzmán stated that the country now needs to “rebuild confidence” through “monetary and fiscal policies and exchange rate policies that are compatible with each other.” He pointed out that the other main element in creating confidence is “rescheduling debt and bringing it to levels that the country can deal with”.
The Corona pandemic crisis exacerbated Argentina’s economic problems. Guzmán said the country had made health its priority and imposed a “very strict sanitary quarantine.”
On the other hand, the International Monetary Fund said, on Monday, that Argentina’s latest offer to restructure its debt will restore its debt sustainability, and that there is little opportunity for another increase in its payments to private creditors, according to “Bloomberg” agency.
The fund said in a statement: “There is only a limited scope for increasing payments to private creditors, and it still has to pay the debts and service those debts.” In its statement, the Fund added: “The Argentine authorities’ revised proposal for debt restructuring will be consistent with the recovery of debt sustainability with a high probability.”
This is the first comment from the International Monetary Fund since it issued an 18-page “technical note” on March 20, in which it analyzed the Argentine government’s ability to pay debts.




The discovery of a fossil frog dating back two million years in Argentina

The discovery of a fossil frog dating back two million years in Argentina

Wednesday – 18 Shawwal 1441 AH – 10 June 2020 AD No. No. [

Prehistoric frogs

London: «Middle East»

At a depth of 44 meters during the drilling of a water well in San Pedro, 180 kilometers north of Buenos Aires, Argentine scientists have discovered fossil remains of a type of frog that lived in the center of this South American country about two million years ago, according to Agence France-Presse.
“We don’t know much about prehistoric frogs,” said Federico Aniolan, a researcher with the Argentine Institute of Natural Sciences, at the Science Publishing Agency at the National University of Matanza.
He added: “Frogs and hells are affected greatly by climatic and environmental changes, so they are an important source of information to understand past climates.” And the find happened. The researcher stressed that the paleontologists found “the bone of the humerus is a very small amphibious organism different from the hulls and frogs of trees.”
He emphasized that the petite fossil was identified despite its size because the petroats; It is a group of amphibians, including frogs and toads, with a special structure at the tip of the humerus in the elbow joint. This special structure provides it with great ductility to make quick movements and stability. “The discovery is a great contribution to paleontology in Argentina,” said Federico Aniolan.




SpaceX, pressure test on the new prototype: the explosion is impressive

The Starship SN7 spaceship was designed to carry passengers on the Moon and Mars | CorriereTv

The explosion was probably expected. In fact, it was a cryogenic pressure test carried out by the SpaceX team of Elon Musk on the prototype of the Starship SN7, the spaceship designed to carry a hundred passengers on long-lasting trips to the Moon, Mars and beyond


In Russia, 6852 new cases of coronavirus infection and 188 deaths were detected per day

The incidence of coronavirus in Russia is gradually decreasing: for several days in a row, less than 7 thousand new cases have been detected per day. The total number of infected in the Russian Federation exceeded 627 thousand people. As for the victims of the epidemic, the country has nearly 9 thousand deaths among patients with COVID-19.

Despite the decrease in the number of cases of coronavirus infection, a new surge in incidence may soon occur in Russia. According to the Russian virologist Mikhail ShchelkanovThis will happen in two weeks. The specialist noted that now the increase in incidence is recorded in Europe, and this trend will affect Russia. In his opinion, a major outbreak will affect several large cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Vladivostok. In order to avoid a new jump in the incidence rate, according to Schelkanov, the borders should remain closed.

We give brief statistics on the distribution of coronavirus in Russia:

  • Over the last day in Russia revealed new cases – 6852 (6800);
  • The total number of cases of infection over the entire period is 627,646 (620,794);
  • The total number of deaths in Russia over the entire period is 8969 (8781);
  • Died in the last day – 188 (176);
  • The incidence in Moscow: 219 354 (218 604) – for the whole time, 750 (813) – for the last day;
  • The total number of patients with coronavirus recovered in Russia is 393 352 (384 152).
  • Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova took the initiative to establish long-term follow-up for patients who had been ill with coronavirus. She noted that the consequences of the disease have not yet been studied, and it is important to pay attention to the associated risks. Among them, she called the exacerbation of coronary heart disease, hypertension, lung disease, acute diseases of the cardiovascular system of an autoimmune nature, myocarditis and other diseases.

    The Federal Tourism Agency has published a list of restrictive measures that are currently in force for tourists entering foreign countries. Some of them have a two-week quarantine for travelers. There are also countries where a medical certificate is required to cross the border stating that the bearer passed a negative coronavirus test.

    In order for collective immunity to coronavirus to take shape in Russia, about 70 million doses of the vaccine are needed. At the moment, the drugs are in the testing phase.

    World situation

    According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in the world has reached 9,801,958 – this is data for all countries since the outbreak. The United States (2.468 million), Brazil (1.275 million), Russia (627.7 thousand), India (508.9 thousand) and the United Kingdom (310.8 thousand) are in the top five in the number of cases of infection.

    Johns Hopkins University has 494,180 deaths. The United States (125.0 thousand), Brazil (55.9 thousand), Great Britain (43.5 thousand), Italy (34.7 thousand) and France (29.8 thousand) are the leaders in the number of deaths from coronavirus.

    Currently, a record daily increase in the incidence of coronavirus is recorded in the United States. Over the past day, more than 40 thousand new cases have been revealed there, and this trend is observed in states where some of the restrictive measures were previously removed.

    According to the President of the United States Donald Trump, the country has low mortality when compared with other states. At the same time, according to Johns Hopkins University, the States are in third place in the number of deaths per 100 thousand people and are second only to Spain and the UK.

    The European Medicines Agency has recommended authorizing the sale of Veklury for the treatment of pneumonia with COVID-19. The drug was used to treat Ebola. In Russia, he is currently undergoing clinical trials.