Tâmega e Sousa’s CIM delivered 11 ventilators to the Hospital Center

Monica Ferreira Yesterday at 11:24 pm The Tâmega e Sousa Hospital Center, in Penafiel, was reinforced this Friday with 11 fans, which were acquired by the municipalities that make up the Tâmega e Sousa Intermunicipal Community (CIM) – Amarante, Baião, Castelo de Paiva, Celorico de Basto , Cinfães, Felgueiras, Lousada, Marco de Canaveses, Paços de […]

20 minutes – Researchers believe they have found a vaccine

It is the new bearer of hope in the United States. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh believe they have found an effective vaccine against the coronavirus, reports the specialized journal Lancet. For this, the scientists rely on a revolutionary technique far removed from the traditional sting. Concretely, it involves placing a dressing on the […]

20 minutes – With his choreography, he sets off a new challenge

In less than 24 hours, the clip of the Canadian rapper is already buzzing. And not necessarily because in Toosie Slide he invites us to walk with him in his huge villa near Toronto, in Canada. If the luxury and grandeur of the house inevitably attract the eye, it is more Drake’s little dance steps […]

SPÖ wants more and longer unemployment benefits for everyone – news

The SPÖ submitted an application to the National Council on Friday for more and longer unemployment benefits for those affected. The large number of unemployed are worrying. SPÖ social spokesman Josef Muchitsch submitted the application on Friday, criticizing the government. The “national rapprochement” conjured up by this should not end when the opposition brings in […]

“Resident Evil 3”: Horror garnished with more action – game tests

After the masterful remake of “Resident Evil 2”, “Resident Evil 3” has also been released. It is not a drawback that things are more action-packed. Capcom has a run as far as the “Resident Evil” series is concerned: Both the first-person shocker “Resident Evil 7 Biohazard” and the heavily horror-heavy reissue of “Resident Evil 2” […]

20 minutes – This is how the police monitor us on weekends

The upcoming weekend with bright spring weather will be the dress rehearsal for Easter. The big question is: Do the Swiss still adhere to the Corona rules of conduct and stay at home? In order to control the public spaces, the cantonal police in Aargau use surveillance cameras: With a special regulation, the government council […]

WAS ENROLLED SINCE FRIDAY – PRM secretary general dies in New Jersey due to coronavirus

Relatives of Elvin Garabito, secretary general of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and general coordinator of the campaign in New Jersey, United States, announced that he died while receiving care at the Jersy City Medical Center hospital, where he was admitted for Coronavirus (Covid-19 ). “The Garabito García family communicates with great pain the departure […]

Robert Bresson, crossed clashes – Culture / Next

“The important thing in my models is not what they show me but what they hide from me, and especially what they do not suspect they are in them.” Extracts from his Notes on the cinematograph, these words by Robert Bresson form a manifesto of the ineffable, a truth which is revealed only in self-esteem, […]

Hungary mocks 16 EU countries with signature – News

Due to a controversial emergency law, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban can now rule by decree. Now he ridiculed his European critics. Last Monday it was Hungarian parliament almost completely disempoweredby conferring extensive powers on incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Hungary’s parliament thus granted Viktor Orban’s government blanket permission to govern by decree “until the […]

Armed man robbed bank with corona mask – Vienna

A bank robbery occurred in Vienna-Donaustadt on Friday. The culprit is still fleeting. A shot was fired shortly before 11 a.m. in a bank branch on Rennbahnweg. As the police now announced, a stranger stormed the bank with a medical mouthguard and a hand gun. When the shot was fired, a 58-year-old customer was hit […]