Photo 1: Do they confirm the relationship? Neymar and Natalia Barulich publish their first photo together with a hint at Maluma

The American model posted a picture in which she looks very affectionate with Neymar.

Everything seems to indicate that, as the saying goes, “this rice has already been cooked.” Neymar and Natalia Barulich have confirmed their courtship by publishing the first images together in which they look very affectionate, with a hint to the singer Maluma, former partner of the beautiful model.


Neymar: Lip reading specialists confirm that Álvaro González called PSG’s crack “monkey”

The Spanish defender Álvaro González from Marseille called “cute” to the star of París Saint Germain (PSG), Neymar. This was announced by the Brazilian media Spectacular Sport according to a report where lip-reading specialists appear.

“He says the word ‘mono’ in Spanish the moment he speaks and turns his mouth. There it is clear. We could not, for example, understand what he says before this word, but the word ‘monkey’ was a passage in which we had consensus ”, explains specialist Luis Felipe Ramos, member of the Rio de Janeiro Deaf Association.

This video will be used by the PSG this week in the investigation against Álvaro, who is accused of racist insults in the heated duel between PSG and Marseille for France’s Ligue 1.

Neymar was suspended for two dates due to an attack on Álvaro, who is exposed to a harsh sanction by the Disciplinary Commission of Ligue 1.

It should be noted that PSG defeated Nice 3-0. The French champion won without problems at the hand of Kylian Mbappé, despite the absences of Neymar, Leandro Paredes, Larwin Kurzawa and Abdou Diallo suspended and Juan Bernat injured.


This video will prove Neymar was racially abused


Paris Saint-Germain striker Neymar argues with Olympique Marseille midfielder Dimitri Payet in the French League match at the Parc des Princes Stadium, Sunday (13/9/2020).

BOLASPORT.COM – Paris Saint Germain (PSG) have a weapon to defend Neymar regarding racist abuse by Olympique Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez.

Duel PSG versus Olympique Marseille at the Parc des Princes, Sunday (13/9/2020), ended in chaos by producing five red cards.

Neymar so one of the players the referee sent off for hitting Alvaro Gonzalez.

According to the bomber’s confession, the beating was carried out after he received racist insults from opposing players.

However, Gonzalez has denied attacking Neymar verbally.

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PSG itself showed its support for Neymar in a statement.

“Paris Saint-Germain is very supportive of Neymar Jr, who was reportedly the target of racist abuse by opposing players,” wrote PSG on its official website.

Not just a statement, PSG proved it with real action.

Reported by from Marca, PSG has sent a video to the French League disciplinary commission proving that Gonzalez acted racially against Neymar.


Neymar does his mea culpa and calls for calm after the stormy PSG-OM

“I am sad to see the feeling of hatred that can be provoked when we revolt in the heat”, writes in Portuguese and in English the Brazilian striker, while maintaining his accusations of racism against the Spaniard of OM .

“Should I have ignored it?” I still don’t know … Today, with a clear head, I think so, but at the time my teammates and I asked the referees for help, and we were ignored. That’s the subject! ”, Justified the star of PSG.

During this sulphurous match, marked at the end of the match by the exclusion of five players, including Neymar for slapping Alvaro Gonzalez in the back of the head, the Brazilian striker of PSG complained to the referees, repeating to many times “racismo, no!” (“racism, no!”, in Spanish), pointing to the Spanish defender.

PSG gave their support to their star who, after the match, had violently attacked Alvaro Gonzalez on social networks: “My only regret is not having hit that asshole in the face,” he had hot written on Twitter.

A reaction on and off the pitch that Neymar says he now regrets. “Yesterday, I got lost in the match and I lacked wisdom,” said Neymar, who sees an “obligation” in “pacifying this anti-racist movement so that the less privileged can be defended naturally”.

The disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP) will look from Wednesday on the five red cards distributed at the end of the match to determine the number of suspension matches incurred by Parisians Neymar, Layvin Kurzawa and Leandro Paredes, and by Marseillais Dario Benedetto and Jordan Amavi.


Salah regales for Liverpool, La Liga timidly resumes

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The Premier League has resumed its rights. The defending champion, Liverpool, snatched the victory against the promoted Leeds (4-3) thanks to a hat-trick from Mohamed Salah, while Arsenal and Leicester temporarily took the lead. In the absence of the big stars, La Liga started without fanfare in Spain.

  • Premier League: Salah saves Liverpool, Arsenal and Leicester take control

The English championship started this weekend. Liverpool have started their league title defense by struggling to overcome the promoted Leeds (4-3) thanks to a hat-trick from Mohamed Salah. Leading three times in score, but joined three times by Marcelo Bielsa’s team who played without complex, the Reds have, as so often last year, changed the match in the very last minutes. A penalty from Salah two minutes from the end of regulation time came to save Jürgen Klopp’s men.

Everton for its part ended nearly eight years without a win against Tottenham by beating Spurs of José Mourinho at home (0-1). This is the first time that the Portuguese technician has started a season with a defeat in nineteen years on the bench (11 wins, 7 draws). After having finished the previous season on the kneecaps and let slip a place on the podium which stretched out its arms, Leicester for its part perfectly launched its season by winning 3-0 on the lawn of the promoted West Bromwich Albion. The Foxes share the lead with Arsenal sweeping the promoted Fulham 3-0 away. Frenchman Alexandre Lacazette opened the scoring (8e) before the former Lille resident Gabriel doubled the bet with a point blank header on a corner (49e). The former Stéphanois Aubameyang closed the score with a curled shot from the right (57e).

  • Liga: the Spanish league resumes, but without its stars

In the absence of the big stars, the draw between Eibar and Celta Vigo (0-0) on Saturday for the first day gave the timid start to the La Liga season. Valencia temporarily took the lead in the standings after their success against Levante (4-2). Real Betis won in added time at Alavés (0-1), while Real Sociedad took just one point at Valladolid (1-1). Real Madrid will return next weekend to Real Sociedad and Barça, who won their first friendly against Tarragona on Saturday (3-1) with Lionel Messi in the field, will enter the competition the weekend of September 26-27. Teams that qualify for European competitions get a few extra days of preparation for finishing the previous season later.

  • Ligue 1: PSG continues a second defeat, Rennes is in the lead

Thanks to a goal from Florian Thauvin following a service from Dimitri Payet on a free kick, Olympique de Marseille finally beat Paris Saint-Germain (0-1). OM had not defeated PSG since 2011 and 20 matches. Dominating with 66% possession of the ball and 14 shots to 5, Thomas Tuchel’s men never managed to equalize, in part thanks to a good performance from Steve Mandanda. The Parisians got annoyed and the tension rose a notch at the end of the match, with no less than five red cards distributed by the referee of the match. After two defeats, the defending champions are for the moment confined to the 18e place, while Marseille is 5e.

Before this shock, Rennes, Monaco and Lille, respective winners of Nîmes (2-4), Nantes (2-1) and Metz (1-0), had confirmed their good start to the season and had climbed to the top of the League 1.

At the Stade Louis-II, Monaco mastered the Canaries thanks to the first goals in L1 of the young Sofiane Diop (5e) and Willem Geubbels (65e), who donated the 1,000e victory of club history in the elite. With 7 points, the Monegasques share the top of the standings with Rennes and Lille, but it is the Bretons who are leaders with the best goal difference.

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(Video) «For being racist, that’s why I hit him»: Neymar after being expelled

So it was: Neymar hit a player for racism.

The star of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar He denounced the “racism” of the Spanish rival player Álvaro González on multiple occasions in the match lost by his team to Marseille (1-0), in a Classic that ended with five sent off, including the Brazilian star himself.

According to isolated images broadcast by French television Téléfoot, Neymar complained shortly after half an hour to the referee team, repeating on numerous occasions “Racism, no!”, Pointing to González, defender of Marseille and in charge of its marking.

“What racism?” Álvaro González replied, according to Téléfoot.

At the end of this match of the 3rd round of Ligue 1, in a collective confrontation, Neymar was one of the five players sent off by the referee, in his case for having lightly slapped Álvaro González on the back of the head.


Look at the racism. That’s why I hit him, “said the Brazilian as he left the pitch.

“The only thing I regret is not hitting that idiot in the face,” wrote on Twitter PSG’s number 10, one hour after the game.

Neymar “told me it was a racist insult, but I didn’t hear it on the pitch”, said the coach of Paris SG, Thomas Tuchel, at a press conference.

“There are television images, everything will be judged”, reacted for his part PSG sports director, also Brazilian Leonardo, in statements to Téléfoot.

I hope this does not overshadow our victory. There is no place for racism in football. I don’t think that is the case. There was also a spit of Di Maria. It’s a Classic ”, said Marseille coach André Villas-Boas.

And Di María spits on Álvaro González

In addition to this fact, the Spanish central defender of Olympique de Marseille, the player Álvaro González, also voiced a complaint in the middle of the match.

According to what he argues, he received a spit from the Argentine from PSG who, apparently, did not hit him.


Maluma spoke about Neymar: “We are not friends”

A few weeks ago, as we told you in The Viola, some images of the celebrations of the Paris St Germain after qualifying for the first time for the Champions League final.

In the video, Neymar himself could be seen singing the song “Hawai” de Maluma mockingly with his teammates, among which were the Argentines Angel Di Maria (who was recording) and Mauro Icardi.

The clip appeared on the personal Instagram account of “Fideo” and remained for long hours in the main trends in the world on Twitter. According to users, Maluma found out and didn’t like it at all, since just a few hours later he deleted his Instagram account, where he exceeded 50 million followers. Of course, the memes were not long in coming.

Many believe that the Colombian’s single refers to the courtship he had with Natalia Barulich. The letter represents a couple that has hundreds of similarities with their own. In the video, which has him as one of the protagonists, he accuses the woman of lying to her followers when she is happy, refers to a vacation in Hawaii – where Natalia was spending the summer at the beginning of the year -, and maintains that her new relationship – supposedly, in reference to the one she currently has with Neymar – is a sham.

In a recent interview, Maluma said that he is not angry with the interpretation that was made on social networks on your topic. The artist stressed that he did not compose it and that the lyrics are not directed at the Cuban-Croatian model, as was suggested

“People interpret how they want to interpret. I love all of that, “said the singer in relation to the subject and recalled that Two years ago he sang on Neymar’s birthday. He and I are not friends but we still have a good relationship, there is nothing that bothers me about it, “said the reggaeton player in an interview with On the radio that Efe shared.

“The footballers made Hawaii an anthem, I love that, it fascinates me and I am grateful to them for that affection,” concluded the artist.

“Hawaii”, a success fueled by controversy

At the end of July, the artist released the song that revolutionized social networks and surpassed one million views in just a few hours.

The single, which was presented in audiovisual format with a mega-production starring the singer. At the beginning of the clip a couple is heard in full discussion: “Our relationship is getting toxic “, warns the actress of the video, something that Barulich herself revealed a few months ago, when she told the reasons for her break with Maluma.

Furthermore, the topic announces: “You may not need anything, apparently nothing, Hawaii on vacation, my congratulations ... very nice on Instagram, what you post so that I can see how you are doing well, but you are doing badly “And she adds:” Lie to all your followers, tell them that the times now are better. “

The chorus and even the name of the single itself become – according to users of social networks – obvious hints towards your ex, that precisely this year he was on vacation in that same destination.

In October of last year, the couple between Maluma and Natalia came to an end. During several days, the media discussed the unstable situation they lived as a couple. It all started after the artist deleted the multiple photos he had with his girlfriend on his official Instagram page. A few days later, rumors about a possible infidelity surfaced after they spread images of her with Neymar in Paris, where they had dates in restaurants and even a visit from the model to a match for Paris Saint Germain, the team where the Brazilian plays.

Finally, Barulich decided to speak to end speculation about his love situation. In an interview with the North American media Page Six, the model confirmed what many suspected: “I love Juan Luis (Maluma) very much but at this moment we need some time for ourselves and our careers, so that we can continue to grow as artists and individuals. “


Why was the Neymar-Nike relationship broken? | More Content

Neymar is no longer part of the famous Nike team. The American brand confirmed the end of the relationship after 15 years of association. What boots will the Brazilian star wear this year? Why is this divorce occurring?

(Lea: The economic blow that Barça receives with the departure of Messi)

Chasing the mastodons Nike and Adidas, the German Puma could have achieved a great blow by attracting the Paris Saint-Germain striker, if what the Brazilian press publishes is confirmed.

(Lea: How much is the signing of Messi worth?)


“We will never know precisely the underlying reasons for the rupture,” says Christophe Lepetit, an economist at the Center for Law and Economics of Limoges (CDES), in France. “Without a doubt during the negotiations it seemed that Nike was not prepared to make the efforts demanded by Neymar,” he adds.

(Lea: Does the departure of Messi benefit or harm Barça economically?)

The context of the covid-19 pandemic, in which companies, even the most successful, are monitoring their investments, has been able to play an important role. “Nike’s share of the market dedicated to football equipment has been slowly declining in the last three to four years, before the coronavirus crisis. Nike must curb spending and exercise caution,” says Peter Rohlmann, German sports marketing expert. .

Without a doubt, the situation must be analyzed through the history of Neymar, who left Barcelona because he was in the shadow of Lionel Messi. If the contract is confirmed, Puma “should make him the cornerstone of their strategy, the star,” says Lepetit.


Puma counts among its main assets the Italian national team, Manchester City, Milan or Antoine Griezmann, after having counted on the legend Diego Maradona.

But at € 5.5 billion ($ 6.5 billion), the brand lags behind rivals Nike ($ 46.3 billion) and Adidas ($ 23.7 billion). Until now, with the exception of Usain Bolt, Puma did not have the same strategy as Nike, based on the “incarnation and identification of the athlete,” says Jerome Neveu, co-founder president of the Advent agency, which measures and analyzes the image of personalities.

Since the retirement of the athletic legend, the German firm had been orphaned of a planetary ambassador. The perfect place that Neymar would occupy. “Puma would be gifted a headlining hit that would blow up the counters in the
world, “says Neveu.

“It is the same type of transfer as Federer or Jordan. We are in a market of superstars, the supply is very scarce and few players have such marketing potential,” says Lepetit.

“It would be a huge blow for Puma”, underlines Virgile Caillet, general secretary of the Union Sport et Cycles, “it would make him change his dimension”. “It marks her willingness to be very present. And this movement would install her in the trio for a long time,” explains Caillet. “Her contract can be estimated at 9.5 million dollars (per year)”, Peter Rohlmann ventures to calculate.

It would be twice less than what Cristiano Ronaldo charges with Nike, according to the Football Leaks investigation.


For PSG, finalist of the last Champions League, the divorce of its star with Nike, official sponsor of the club, the situation is complicated. “It’s clearly not good news for them,” says Caillet. Obviously, Neymar is not the only player to have a contract with a brand other than his club. As an example, Lionel Messi, the image of Adidas, unlike Barcelona, ​​with Nike.



“Neymar has no reason to join chaos at Barça”

Neymar has no reason to join the “chaos” that reigns at FC Barcelona, according to Rivaldo. The former Brazilian player has said his compatriot is making the right career choice staying with Paris Saint-Germain, while a possible Camp Nou return for the South American superstar has been raised again at the start of the summer

At one point, Neymar was even very open to the idea of ​​returning to familiar surroundings. Barca were ready to forgive and forget and went so far as to start transfer talks with their European rivals PSG, reluctant to part with a player bought for the record € 222million.

I think Neymar is to be congratulated for reaching the C1 final

The 28-year-old has been through those struggles, however, and guided his current employers to the Champions League final in 2019-20. Bayern Munich have nonetheless put an end to PSG’s dreams in Lisbon, but the Ligue 1 giants should be serious contenders for European glory next season.

With that in mind, and as Barcelona fight fires on and off the pitch as they seek to stop Lionel Messi from leaving, Rivaldo sees no reason why Neymar would want to consider leaving Paris to join Catalonia. Quite the contrary … As he told Betfair.

“After everything he’s been through since joining PSG, I think Neymar is to be congratulated for reaching the Champions League final after three seasons with the club. He has had a tough time in France after trying to go back to Barcelona, ​​booed in his own stadium, but he managed to turn the tide and I admire him for that. Today he is totally focused on the club and playing well, so the fans are supporting him. He has no reason to leave the club now, especially given the chaos at Barca, “said Rivaldo, who believes that Paris does not need to make many adjustments in the transfer market this summer.

“PSG shouldn’t make too many changes to their squad for next season so their understanding will improve a bit more and they should be good Champions League contenders again,” he added. As a reminder, Neymar is under contract with PSG until the summer of 2022.


Neymar et al. are in trouble, PSG reports three infected players

Three Paris Saint Germain footballers had a positive coronavirus test in preparation for the new season and a two-week quarantine awaits them. Without giving a name, the representatives of the French club announced it today. All three infected people will miss the first two matches of the reigning champions in the already played domestic league, but the holding of matches is not endangered yet.

Manu Fernandez, ČTK / AP

According to media reports, Argentine players Ángel Di María and Leandro Paredes are infected and had to end their vacation in Ibiza prematurely due to illness. They were originally flagged as suspicious on Monday. According to L’Equipe, the third football player, Brazilian star Neymar, was listed as a close contact.

Paris Saint Germain, including the three infected, played the last competition match on August 23, when he lost to Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. The opening match in the French league, which began on August 21, awaits PSG on September 10 in Lens. The first home duel with Marseille should follow three days later.

According to the currently valid health protocol of the French league, positively tested players must be quarantined for 14 days. The others are not subject to any restrictions. However, if there are four cases of infection in the club within eight days, the team may not continue joint training. In that case, his matches would most likely be postponed.