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Ten minutes of applause just now at the end of the world premiere of Gianfranco Rosi’s Notturno in the large hall of the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido of Venice. Happy with the tribute, the director competing for the Golden Lion with the film shot on the borders of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon spent three years in the Middle East, even risking his life.

Rosi, my encounters on the border between life and hell – The “need to go and see the other side”: Gianfranco Rosi’s starting point starts from the port of Lampedusa, the image of Fuocammare so strong that it has to look away, those bodies piled up in the hold of the boat. From that film, loved all over the world, Golden Bear in Berlin, nominated for an Oscar, we change but with Notturno even more. “I still find it difficult to elaborate today, it was an experience of very strong physical and emotional impact, spending three years in unknown places, without knowing the languages, staying for months in remote, dangerous, wounded places, it makes you feel different again and thank you again my producers who consoled me from a distance, gave me courage “, says Rosi, who is moved to remember his private feelings, in solitude – the film was shot by him with only one operator – among a humanity that is sad to say the least. Ora Notturno, in competition at Venice 77, from Wednesday will be in 80 selected cinemas distributed by 01 (it was produced by Donatella Palermo and Rai Cinema) and then around the world, already requested by many festivals: Toronto, Telluride, New York and again, today’s news, London, Busan, Tokyo. Protagonists “They are eight people, from distant places, different in experience”, their stories intertwine in a tragic mosaic that, although it does not explain the Middle Eastern dramas politically – “I am even more confused than when I left” – give the viewer a jolt against the anesthetization that we are all used to on the theme of migrants and forgotten wars. A film of light on the darkness of wars as Rosi himself defines Notturno shot dangerously in the Middle East on the always uncertain borders of Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria and Lebanon. “What remains for me – says Rosi to ANSA – is a deep sense of love that I hope the public will grasp, this incredible sense of life in struggle in people who have suffered, who have had their lives upset by violence in their daily lives, I wanted tell about their existence in the balance between life and hell, try to identify myself, establish contact and from all this bring home a different view of the Middle East “. Notturno, underlines Rosi, “was born where the breaking news on the latest shipwreck stops, on the latest massacre to try to give an intimate, profound dimension”. He is not out yet, says the director, because his “characters are first of all people who have been around for months, establishing a relationship of trust”: And so he is happy to tell that some children in the orphanage, with post-traumatic syndromes such as stuttering, mental and growth retardation, insomnia, which they try to overcome by drawing their plays – “a Nuremberg for children” – “are now being treated in Germany”. While grieving at the thought that the girl whose desperate messages are heard on her mother’s mobile phone is still an “ISIS slave”, she is now freed after two years and safe in Stuttgart. Was it fair to show that death boat to Fuocammare? Is it okay to show the children’s room? “It would have been hypocritical not to show them – replies Rosi – in that room there is a fundamental historical testimony: the memory of the horrors. They are free, spontaneous tales of the survivors of massacres of the Yazidi community. For me to show these children, their fears, it was a necessary act, it is the heart of the film “. Quarantine, with our anxieties about the future and made the necessary differences, “will bring us even closer to that humanity. They have been living for years the suspended time, the waiting, the uncertain future and we too are measuring ourselves with the pandemic with this feeling. Nocturne in this seems to me more universal than I imagined “. The “purity of the artist” as the CEO of Rai Cinema Paolo Del Brocco called him, led Rosi into dangerous situations, “there were snipers around – reported Donatella Palermo – but he was thinking about his shots”. Too bad he shot at night during the curfew and that the escorts were sometimes real gangs, “I was one step away from being kidnapped,” admits Rosi. The boundaries along which he has traveled, very mobile and uncertain, “are also mental borders, the map of Notturno’s places is a psychogegraphy” of painful women, traumatized children, adolescents in search of the future, but told with great humanity and empathy.


A meteor exploded in the sky and lit up the night of Japan

The spectators described the meteorite as a “full moon”. Several people managed to capture the phenomenon with their cell phones and shared it on social networks.

The meteorite cayó over the Kanto region. Its glow was what most attracted the attention of the phenomenon, which lasted about 10 seconds.

Meteorite Japan


“Its light was continuous and descended in a space of about 10 seconds, so there is no doubt that it was a meteorite,” said the curator of the Hiratsuka City Museum Daiji Fujii.


look up, it’s tonight!

As we know, the summer period is favorable for shooting stars. This year, after comet Neowise, we were treated to the swarm of shooting stars from the South Delta Aquarids at the end of July. But a new journey is also underway in this month of August: it is about the Perseids.

Supposed to last until the 24 of the month, this meteor shower will reach its peak on the night of Wednesday 12 to Thursday 13 August. Get ready and look up: up to 110 light rays per hour are expected in the sky. According to astronomers, this show will take place as soon as night falls, with the peak expected around 3 a.m.

To enjoy it, choose a dark and open place. According to Futura Sciences, you will then just have to look in the northeast direction.

Note that this phenomenon occurs every year. It results from a crossing of the Earth with comet Swift-Tuttle, which leaves behind a cloud of dust.



Scorer: 2’pt Galabinov, 5’st Major, 7’st Nzola; 49’st rig. Leverbe

SPICE (4-3-3)
Scuffet; Ferrer, Erlic, Terzi, Vitale (34’st Ramos); Bartolomei, M. Ricci, Maggiore (22’st Mora); Nzola, Galabinov (32’st Ragusa), Gyasi (34’st Di Gaudio). A disp. Krapikas, Desjardins, Vignali, Ramos, Acampora, Di Gaudio, Ricci F., Mastinu, Gudjohnsen, Bastoni. All. Vincenzo Italiano

CHIEVO (4-3-3)
Semper; Dickmann, Region, Leverbe, Renzetti; Segre (14th Zuelli), Esposito (1st Garritano), Obi (32nd Ongenda); Vignato (14th Morsay), Djordjevic (32nd Grubac), Ceter. A disp. Nardi, Cotali, Vaisanen, Karamoko, Pavlev, Cavar, Di Noia. All. Alfredo Aglietti

Referee: Molfetta Faster
Assistants: Di Gioia from Modena and Schirru from Nichelino
Iv Man: Rapuano of Rimini
Var: Ghersini di Genova
Avar: Ros of Pordenone
Booked: Dichmann, Maggiore, Segre
Recovery: 2 ‘(pt), 6’ (st)

20.31 – Accompanied by two wings of the crowd, as it should have been and regardless of how it went to the “Bentegodi”. From the Nh Hotel, passing along the seafront and turning on the avenues that lead to the old peak, the meaning was to give an adrenaline rush to a group that necessarily had to and will have to deal with the psychological aspect. And if this evening should be the last of this interminable and unforgettable season, it is right to close with everything that cannot be missing: before putting down your weapons you have to stay in the trenches until the last breath. Until the end.

20.49 – With a heat that perfectly respects the time of year, Spezia must try: 90 ‘to beat the opponents with two goals and snatch the ticket for the finals. Very tough because the yellow and blue are strong, compact and have the ability to manage the undoubted advantage obtained in the first leg. La Spezia changes: Vitale, Maggiore and Galabinov are in the starting eleven. Italian chooses a trident of power and renounces, at least initially, Di Gaudio and Mora. The referee of the match is the Apulian Abbattista, from the Aia di Molfetta section.

On the ‘montetto’ as in the roaring 70s, to cheer without seeing the pitch, to be heard, and they really feel, with the live video in their hands and the desire to contribute to the cause, to build a night of dreamers, a legendary night. We with the voice, you with the heart, a classic curve phrase that is always valid, but never like tonight: the rest must be put in by the players, playing as if it were the last to ensure that it is not. The choirs rise high, the effect for those lucky enough to be inside is touching and football becomes magic after less than 2 ‘: Bartolomei’s surgical foot bowl in the area a perfect ball for Galabinov’s pumpkin that places it where Semper just can’t get there. The “Peak” is practically empty but whoever is in the stands abandons the tension and releases the exultation, angry and marvelous: 1-0 Spezia. What a start, guys!
The game is released in interverting parts at the same precise moment three days ago and as then those who pass forward press on the accelerator, galvanized by the goal: Chievo seems a bit like the Spezia of Bentegodi but has more luck shortly after in freeing themselves from a evil ball, the result of a defensive blunder.

Permissive knockdown towards a foul and obstructive Chievo. But the Spezia is there.
The choirs outside the stadium break the silence and accompany the action of Terzi and his companions, Aglietti asks for order and ardor, to move the inertia. In the short term, a purposeful Vitale drinks Dichmann in fine style, involves Maggiore who prepares the ground for Matteo Ricci’s right: the tile would be interesting but he opens too much. Certainly nothing can be said to a team that entered the field in the right way to attempt a very difficult undertaking against a Chievo in blockade mode but twenty meters further back than on Saturday. Referee shot down referee not up to such an important match: the foul not granted to Gyasi on the edge of the area is just one of the several disputed episodes. But Spezia must not fall into the trap of getting nervous by situations, it would be all to the advantage of the Venetians. At half an hour Bartolomei’s head shot ends in Semper’s hands, hitting too centrally on a cross with eyes closed by Matteo Ricci that went to close a great good eagle action, orchestrated by a Major in the great evening and by a very good Galabinov to move the ball from one side of the attack to the other.

Nzola devours the incredible, which Galabinov played.
La Spezia insists, he has brains and legs to not stop his enthusiasm. Also because Chievo is too worried not to reveal themselves, relying on the interval and the reshuffling of the cards that will take place with the substitutions. Bianchi close to doubling in the 32nd minute when Ferrer’s cross from the right enhances the insertion of Maggiore who hits his head without giving a corner. For Semper there are no problems but the Chievo goalkeeper is even superlative a little later: his little big miracle does it again tonight and looking closely at his parade is more important than the penalty neutralized by Ricci on Saturday evening. It is providential when he manages to hypnotize Nzola who had sprinted alone on Galabinov’s masterful spike: what the Frenchman devours himself, who tries to cross but finds the extreme of Chievo ready to anticipate the attacker’s play.

There is Garritano for Esposito in Chievo who starts the second fraction with Obi in the middle. Djordjevic tries, as in the first half, to provoke the players of La Spezia with interventions at the limit under the eyes of a Blaster who should warn him rather than catechize him: a yellow, we are sure, would make him stop suddenly. La Spezia orchestrates just like in the first half and in the 3 ‘Bartolomei’s razor blade touches the far post after an insistent action started by Nzola and continued by Gyasi. We have to pull our hair out of melancholy because a golletto would be the right thing in the last year. But the Garfagnino midfielder does not know that that touched wood is nothing more than the prelude to the goal that arrives at 5 ‘. Action insisted on the left-handed embellished by a Vitale in great poise and capable of a billiard shot to serve Maggiore in the heart of the area: the La Spezia does not think twice and kicks with all his strength in the body piercing Semper on his pole. Open heaven, it’s the goal that puts everything back in place, and outside the stadium it’s a delusion!

Nzola gets forgiven for the mistake and kills Semper: it’s 3-0 and it’s a real party outside.
Beat it ‘this iron that is hot! It seems to tell the wind that accompanies the ball kicked by Martin Erlic towards the very distant Nzola who is impregnable tonight on the wing. His war starts from midfield when he leaves the marking, wins the contrast with Rigione and finds himself again in front of Semper: this time, however, the goalkeeper can do nothing on the shot under the former Trapani who makes a goal more difficult than the one he had wrong in the first half and also sends his teammates into raptures. Outside the Peak is like another game with incredulous fans and the only collective thought of an entire city glued in front of the tablet, in the time that is missing. Via dei Pioppi invaded by the faithful and think of the coincidences of a year-long season: probably never in their life would have dreamed of “watching” the race on the asphalt, right there where in October they challenged the team, at the time penultimate in the standings . Seven minutes after the whistle that kicks off the second half, Spezia leads 3-0 and now it’s Chievo who will have to score twice to continue the adventure. We have to manage and make them run, anesthetize every ambition, fight as if we were at the beginning of this incredible evening: it is Mora’s moment who, halfway through the second half, takes the place of Maggiore, warned.

Chievo obtains and scores a penalty but it is already too late.
Vitale and Gyasi end up on their knees, they are authors of very important tests and have spent everything but everything they had on: discounted their replacements with Ramos and Di Gaudio. Italian dances on the line of the technical area and never stops giving advice, even if, knowing him a little, he would gladly put on his shoes and take the field again. He wants his people to make war or rather he wants them not to stop waging it: the war of Nzola authentic driver of the team, conqueror of dead balls with those velocipede shots. Chievo has never been seen near Scuffet but we know that one episode is enough: Aglietti plays his chances in the final, asking a tired team to throw their heart over the obstacle. But this evening Spezia runs on every ball with the enthusiasm of the winners and for the Venetians there is no real forcing: the minutes seem to pass inexorably but the unfavorable episode happens in the second of recovery with the touch of Mora’s hand which causes the penalty. Leverbe marks it by displacing Scuffet but in the final 3 ‘nothing will change a perfect and in some way historic evening. La Spezia cancels the first 9 ‘of the Bentegodi with a thrilling test: perfect, you were perfect! It’s all true, this city is playing Serie A. And it’s a party outside!


Children killed, two mobile phones found – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MILAN, JUNE 29 – Two mobile phones were found in the bell for the collection of glass in the cable car square, a short distance from the holiday home in Margno, in Valsassina, by Mario Bressi that the night between Friday and Saturday killed his two 12-year-old twin sons and then killed himself. They probably belonged to the two children killed as the father continued to send WhatsApp messages to his wife even between 2 and 3 am before throwing himself off a bridge about ten kilometers from the house. His device, therefore, could be near the place where it crashed but has not yet been found. The telephones will be analyzed by the carabinieri who conduct the investigations directed by the Lecco prosecutor, Antonio Chiappani and the prosecutor Andrea Frigoni. Other data could come from the man’s computer while on Tuesday the autopsies will be performed on the bodies of the twins.

It will be understood even if they had been sedated before being killed.