Dax and Eurostoxx: The appointments of the day

How does it go to midweek? The signs are not clear. The requirements from the USA are a burden, where the Dow Jones turned negative in the course of trading, which sealed the worst trading quarter since the financial crisis. In Asia, the markets were also negative on Wednesday morning. Pre-exchange, the leading German index […]

Asian exchanges start April with new losses

Bangkok The first quarter of the year was the worst for Asian stock exchanges since 2008. Now the second quarter is also starting on major continent stock markets amid the coronavirus pandemic with negative signs. In Japan, the leading Nikkei 225 index was down around one percent in the morning. The Singapore stock exchange experienced […]

Asia’s equity markets are not continuing the rally as one

Tokyo After the price hunt of the past few days, the stock exchanges in Asia started the day cautiously. Only in Australia did the prices rise significantly, at times by three percent. In Asia, on the other hand, the Kospi Index in Korea and the Shanghai Composite Index in China fluctuated around the previous day’s […]

Asia celebrates Wall Street, Japan the Olympic Games

The course jump was particularly large in Japan, thanks to the postponement of the Olympic Games to the coming year. The Nikkei 225 index rose by 5.7 percent to 19,129.21 points until lunch break. Toshihiro Nagahama, chief economist at the Dai-Ichi Life Research Institute, had an explanation for this: “The fact that the Tokyo Games […]

Asia’s share prices are skyrocketing after the Fed’s new emergency program

The Hong Kong Hangseng Index and Singapore’s Straits Times Index each gained over four percent at the start of trading. The Korean Kospi index and Japan’s Nikkei 225 index were temporarily trading almost seven percent above the closing price. Japan’s leading index ultimately went to lunch with 18,026.73 points, 6.7 percent above the closing price […]

Share prices in Tokyo rise – Seoul loses a lot

Tokyo Asia’s stock markets reacted very differently to the coronavirus crisis on Monday morning. While the Tokyo Stock Exchange was stable in trading and China’s Shanghai Composite Index only lost three percent, prices in South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia plummeted again. One reason observers believe is that the US Senate was unable to […]

Central banks give Asian investors hope

Bangkok The intervention of the central banks and the hope for new economic stimulus programs are having an effect: on the stock exchanges in the Asia-Pacific region there is a cautious recovery at the end of the week. Almost all equity markets from Australia to Korea to China and Southeast Asia were trading at the […]

Asian markets are responding inconsistently to the ECB’s program

Tokyo The 750 billion euro emergency program of the European Central Bank (ECB) only worked as a pain reliever in the coronavirus crisis in East Asia for a short time. Although the American Dow Jones index slumped again by 6.3 percent on Wednesday, investors in Japan and South Korea welcomed the monetary policy news at […]

Asian investors are still undecided

Japan In front of a stock exchange video window in Tokyo (Photo: AP) Tokyo Even the US government’s new aid program, Wall Street’s price hike and a stronger dollar are not bringing calm to Asian markets. The Nikkei index for 225 leading stocks in morning trading rose 1.1 percent to 17,206 points on Wednesday. In […]

Asia’s equity markets fluctuate between gains and losses

Tokyo Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has used a radical remedy against the stock crash on installments. On the night of Tuesday, he ordered “until further notice” to close the stock exchange in the capital, Manila. The measure followed the expansion of the pandemic from Manila to the rest of the main island of Luzon. The […]