Video games in childhood would improve memory in adulthood

He study, carried out with 27 people – between 18 and 40 years old – published in the scientific journal ‘Frontiers in Human Neuroscience’, determined that games in childhood help to retain more data later and manipulate it faster.

The Infosalus health information portal, citing Europa Press, noted that dduring the research, which took place over a month, cognitive abilities were analyzed in three moments: before playing a title —which in this case was Super Mario 64—, after finishing it and 15 days after having finished it.

Here is a video of the title of Nintendo chosen one.

When obtaining the results, they realized that the users who used games in childhood obtained a higher score because “showed better performance in working memory tasks “said Marc Palaus, one of the study’s experts.

Also, these people had better initial performance when processing 3D objects. However, at the end of the training period, both groups had the same level, the portal said in its publication.

On the contrary, those who did not access video games as children “did not benefit from an enhancement by processing and inhibiting irrelevant stimuli“And they were slower in the execution of tasks, reported said media.

Why do video games help memory?

According to ABC, the researcher stated that this type of games helps memory because there is a constant invitation to play and a higher demand at each level.

These two elements are enough to create an attractive and motivating activity but which, in turn, requires a constant and intense use of our brain resources ”, said Palaus.

For the expert, video games are “the perfect recipe to enhance certain cognitive abilities without realizing it“Although the improvements that the study reached in its conclusion only apply in a few areas other than video games, the media noted.

Regarding the study, one of the most popular games since its launch in 2009 is the multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends, which has more than 80 million active players, according to Infobae. Delivery recently welcomed the champion Samira, who got a ‘nerf’ shortly after arriving for his great skills.


After 8 years, Nintendo finally retires Peach’s XXX game

In addition to being a successful company for its extraordinary and memorable video games, Nintendo He is the lord and master when it comes to winning lawsuits. He has had a winning litigation record since the 1980s and it is all thanks to his outstanding team of attorneys who are rarely decimated by third-party legal apparatus.

With this in mind, whenever a Super Mario running in Unreal Engine or a fan makes a remaster, the traditional ‘cease and desist’ appears by Nintendo and his lawyers. Now, in an unprecedented case, many years after its existence, the Japanese company finally manages to remove from the Internet a parody game of Peach ‘nopor’ that was available for eight years.

According to a recent report, Nintendo finally managed to withdraw the game Peach’s Untold Tales, a poor platform game that put the princess of the games of Mario in a really mediocre and poorly made title, but, with the added bonus that between levels there are parody images with high adult content of the characters of the Mushroom kingdom.

Now this game infringed a fair amount of copyright, but, we are concerned that it took so long to fall into the clutches of the lawyers of the Great N. It would be extremely rare if it took so long to find this parody of Peach.

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Case Nintendo’s lawyers have won in the past

As we mentioned, Nintendo is the master of litigation, just remember how they won a copyright lawsuit for the creation of Donkey Kong that allegories the character of King Kong, but, for issues of public use, the character of the Great N managed to get ahead.

Another recent lawsuit that won Nintendo had to do with the design of the Switch. This had to do with a patent that a company called Gamevice that never prospered.

There was even a demand for Lego against them, long before they made video games which won Nintendo because the famous blocks were never patented and the Japanese could make theirs.



PS 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch: video games that will have

The deliveries, highly anticipated by fans of the games, belong to all kinds of genres. Some products are premieres, while others are sequels.

Tuesday September 22

’13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim’: the title of the development company Atlus has 13 stories related to the main characters, belonging to different eras. It is a Japanese RPG in two dimensions for PS4, indicated Geektopia. Then the official trailer.

‘Rebel Galaxy Outlaw’: is a third person open world game in which different missions must be executed in a space setting. The plot unfolds 34 years after the previous installment. On this occasion, Juno Markev decides to stay away from crime and live quietly, but some events make her return to her old work,. Vandal pointed out. The title video for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One is as follows:

Wednesday September 23

‘Unrailed!’: the game for Nintendo Switch and PS4 is based on the construction of sections of tracks for a train as fast as possible. Players will need to plan the train’s route and deal with risks that arise along the way, Geektopia noted. The launch ‘clip’ is below.

‘CastleStorm II’: the second installment of CastleStorm for Xbox One incorporates zombie sheep, choice of sides, having castle defenses ready and fighting enemies, said the portal named in its publication. The official trailer is below.

‘Art of rally’: is a racing game for computer that stands out for its ‘low poly’ graphics. Players will go through various stages against the clock in different styles of cars, Vandal said. The title video is as follows:

Thursday September 24

‘RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition’: It is the third installment in the saga for PC and Nintendo Switch. The user can build an amusement park with different designs, tools and attractions. In addition, you have to manage it and be aware of all the details that may arise, said Geektopia. The following video shows what the game is like.

‘Lost Ember’: the title for Nintendo Switch and PS4 It is about a wolf that can possess other animals to explore the mysteries of the world, reported the technological medium. The launch trailer follows.

‘Serious Sam 4’: According to the aforementioned portal, this new installment of the series comes loaded with more options of destructive weapons and new species to fight. The trailer for videogame for computer is below.

Friday September 25

‘Mafia: Definitive Edition’: This title, available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, is the ‘remake’ of the original Mafia; brings improvements in the graphics and in the story, as it has an updated script and new background patterns. The title unfolds in Illinois, United States, in the 1930s, where Tommy Angelo became a mobster, Vandal explained. Here is a ‘clip’ of the game.

‘Port Royale 4’: the game for PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One is set in the 17th century, when there is a dispute between Spain, France, England and the Netherlands for everything in the Caribbean. According to Geektopia, the user will be the ruler of one of these countries and must transform a small colony into a large city. The following video shows what the video game is like.


Nintendo renounces 3DS – ict news

Nintendo has stopped producing the 3DS portable game console. This is what the Japanese company has just confirmed to the news site Polygon, which follows the games closely.

This disruption in production does not surprise most players. In 2017, Nintendo had indeed more or less replaced the 3DS by the Switch, a console that can be used both in portable mode and via a connection to the television.

Nintendo 3DS was launched on the market almost ten years ago, in February 2011. Its number one asset was the 3D images displayed on the screen, for which the player was not even required to put on special 3D glasses. .

The 3DS had succeeded the very popular Nintendo DS, which was marketed for the first time in 2004 and which resisted until 2013. In all, 154 million copies were sold. According to Nintendo, the 3DS, it would have been sold to 75.7 million copies in the world.

This disruption in production does not surprise most players. In 2017, Nintendo had in fact more or less replaced the 3DS by the Switch, a console that can be used both in portable mode and via a connection to the television.The Nintendo 3DS had been launched on the market almost ten years ago, in February 2011. Its number one asset was the 3D images displayed on the screen, for which the player was not even required to put on special 3D glasses. The 3DS had succeeded the very popular Nintendo DS, which was released for the first time in 2004 and which lasted until 2013. In all, 154 million copies were sold. According to Nintendo, the 3DS, it would have been sold to 75.7 million copies in the world.


New trailer for the World Ends With You anime revealed

Square Enix has released a short 90 second clip of the upcoming anime adaptation of the 2007 Nintendo DS title, The World Ends with You.

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In the trailer, the protagonist, Neku Sakuraba, is seen just upon waking up inside The Underground (UG), an alternative plane of existence that exists alongside the real world.

Over the course of the anime, Neku will encounter others seemingly trapped in this puzzling universe as he forms bonds with these strangers in an effort to uncover the events that led them to this mysterious dimension.

The World Ends With You The Animation is currently in production on a work between Domerica and Shin-Ei Animation, expected to begin airing in 2021.

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The World Ends With You: Final Remix, the revamped version of the original title, is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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This is the reason Mario Bros. Game characters work as a plumber – Gamers must be familiar with Mario, a figure with a thick mustache and a red shirt who has appeared in various places game homemade Nintendo since 35 years ago. Mario is not a superhero, but a plumber.

In an interview with Gamerant, Nintendo video game designer and producer and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto said the “professional choice” was deliberate.

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Mario even worked as a carpenter named “Jumpman” in his first appearance in the game arcade Donkey Kong first, before swerving into the character as it is now known.

“We want him to be someone who seems like he lives near your neighborhood, and he’s not a superhero,” said Miyamoto, explaining the reasons behind choosing a profession for the iconic game character, as gathered. KompasTekno, Sunday (20/9/2020).

In other words, Mario was not created as a special character with all his strengths. He’s only human. This closeness to the everyday world seems to help Mario’s popularity in the eyes of gamers.

Maybe because of this, Mario has become a flexible character. She can play the role of Princess Peach’s savior in the game series platformer Matro Bros., as a racer in the game series Mario Kart, to tennis players in the game series Mario Tennis.

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However, no matter what role played in each game, Mario’s figure does not change, remaining loyal to his thick mustache. “It might be weird, but I think it’s comfortable,” added Miyamoto.

Mario is not alone in the Nintendo world because there are many other characters accompanying his journey. One of them is Luigi, his younger brother who is described as being slightly taller. Like his older brother, Luigi is also a plumber.


Goodbye Nintendo 3DS – Nintendo 3DS is one of the iconic consoles from the Japanese manufacturer. Game device hand-held yang consists of several models this has the characteristic of being two screens that are opened and closed with a folding mechanism like a laptop.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to 3DS. The reason is, the production of all consoles from the 3DS family has been stopped by Nintendo. Page Nintendo Japan also includes a statement that the consoles are “out of production”.

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“Manufacturing of the Nintendo 3DS system family has been discontinued. 3DS games from Nintendo or third parties will still be available at Nintendo eShop, and retail stores,” a Nintendo spokesperson told Polygon, as compiled KompasTekno, Friday (18/9/2020).

Nintendo 3DS ‘work for almost 10 years has ended. This console was first introduced at the game exhibition, E3, in 2010, then officially launched in February the following year.

Over time, the members of the Nintendo 3DS family also grew with the appearance of other models to accommodate various needs of gamers, such as the Nintendo 2DS series which was intended as a more affordable version.

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3DS itself is the successor of Nintendo DS who pioneered the dual screen concept in consoles hand-held and produced between 2004 and 2013.

The news about the discontinuation of the 3DS production is actually not surprising because its position has been replaced by the Switch console that launched in 2017. Nintendo recently did not specify sales. hardware and software 3DS in quarterly financial statements.

In its report for the fiscal year ending March 31, Nintendo announced sales figures for its all-time 3DS console family of 75.7 million units, along with 383.1 million copies of games. There are no projections for future sales.


Someone managed to play Super Mario 64 on a PS2

Illustration for the article titled

Screenshot: Fred Wood (Other)

Last year, some fans modified the source code of Super Mario 64. If you were wondering “what’s the use of that?” Well, it means you can do all kinds of things with the game. How to make it work on a PS2.

Yes, you read that right. Here is the code if you want to try it. This is the classic Super Mario 64 of all time from Nintendo, which runs and is playable to the end, albeit with some texture issues, on a PlayStation 2. A direct port. Not through an emulator.

Ok, when I said texture issues, I was referring to terrible texture issues, which makes some sections of the game incredibly difficult to complete, and others that seem like a nightmare comes to life.

But it works, and Fred Wood He was able to finish it (had to, as saves don’t work) and by completing it, he shared the beauty and horror of the experience with all of us. Please refrain from watching it before sleeping.

UPGRADE: The video above was terrible, but the code has already been updated and the new build works much better.


Nintendo will revive a 1980s console

The video game giant Nintendo has relied heavily on the nostalgia of its consumers in recent years and the Japanese company is going to do it again.

Forty years later, Nintendo intends to launch a new version of the “Game & Watch”, a portable console inaugurated in the 1980s and marketed until 1991.

The device had no less than 59 built-in games and was the predecessor of the “Game Boy”.

The new version, similar to the original version, will be equipped with a color LCD screen and a rechargeable battery, reports CNN.

The “Game & Watch” will allow its users to play three different games: “Super Mario Bros.”, “Super Mario Bros.” : The Lost Levels ”and“ Ball (the Mario version) ”.

The console will be on sale starting November 13 for a limited time. Nintendo has yet to reveal the selling price of the “Game & Watch”.


Super Mario 3D All-Stars: pre-orders fly on Amazon, players crack …

After the announcement of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the collection bringing together three of the flagship games of the saga of the mustached plumber, pre-orders jumped on Amazon. Indeed, the compilation of titles will be sold in a limited period, both in physical and in dematerialized form. The players therefore hurry to reserve the Grail Mario on Jeff Bezos’ platform. For example, the title came in second in the top sales in the United States, just behind Animal Crossing: New Horizons and overtook behemoths like The Last of Us Part 2 ou Mario Kart 8.

In the same vein, Super Mario 3D All-Stars placed seventh in the UK. The fans are therefore at the rendezvous although a named Super Mario Galaxy 2 missing… And around us? Unsurprisingly, the collection climbs to the first step of the podium of Amazon Best Sellers. Also note that Big N. and Puma have teamed up to deliver a pair of mascot-colored shoes to fans.

As a reminder, the release date of Super Mario 3 All-Stars is set for September 18, 2020. If you haven’t already done so, you can pre-order it sure Amazon in physics from € 59.99.

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