In India per day from lightning strikes killed more than 100 people :: Society :: RBC

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Lightning caused the death of 107 people in the East and the North of India on June 25. About this newspaper The Times of India.

According to the publication, as a result of the discharges killed 83 residents of the Eastern state of Bihar, 24 people were killed in the Northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Most of the victims caught thunderstorms during the field work. Despite the warnings of emergency services declared a heightened level of danger, the people did not escape from the weather in houses.

Prime Minister Narendra modi on Twitter expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. According to him, state governments will have relatives financial assistance.

20 June in the Park of Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye” in the South of Moscow from a lightning strike injured a man and a woman. They were hospitalized.


What happened during the night. Breaking news RBC :: Society :: RBC

Germany is preparing a response to possible US sanctions, how many people participated in online voting on the amendments, banks began to buy gold, Unilever will be removed from the packaging the word “white”; main news — a review of RBC

The media learned about the plans of Germany in case of sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”

The administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing retaliatory measures in case of imposition of us sanctions against the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, found out by Bloomberg.

  • In particular, the German authorities are considering a coordinated response of the European Union in relation to possible sanctions. What exactly are these actions has not yet been disclosed.
  • Last week the Chairman of the Commission of the German Bundestag for economy and energy, Klaus Ernst, has suggested several possible measures in response to sanctions: a call to the American Ambassador in Germany, personal limitations against the initiators of the sanctions, the imposition of duties on American LNG.
  • On new sanctions against the pipeline, which was prepared by the U.S. Senate, became known in early June. According to the Ministry of economy of Germany, these restrictions may affect German and European companies, banks and government agencies.

Venediktov said the number of voters on the Constitution online

On the first day of voting on amendments to the Constitution remotely voted for almost half of all registered, have informed RBC head of the public headquarters for the monitoring and observation of elections Alexei Venediktov.


Trump has compared the communication with Russia and the us Democrats :: Policy :: RBC

Doing business with Russia and China and North Korea easier than with representatives of the US Democratic party. This was stated by the President of Donald trump during a speech at a shipyard Fincantieri Marinette Marin in Wisconsin.

Trump said that his friend once asked him, with some of the countries most difficult to deal with, assuming that is Russia. North Korea or China. “I said, “a Nation with which the hardest to deal with is the US Democrats”. With the Democrats in the US is much harder than any of the other”, — said the President.

Trump also called the Democrats “somewhat reckless” and “a little crazy”. He explained that the representatives of the Democratic party prevent the formation of the budget of the country, in particular, find any reasons not to allocate funds for the army and defense.

Trump called the Democrats the party of hate in the case of impeachment

“You have no idea what I went through, communicating with these people,” added trump.


The media learned about the plans of Germany in case of sanctions against the “Nord stream 2” :: Society :: RBC

The administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is considering a coordinated EU action, if the United States will impose new sanctions against the pipeline, according to Bloomberg. What retaliatory measures will be taken, has not yet been disclosed

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Germany is preparing retaliatory measures if the US imposes further sanctions against the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”, according to Bloomberg.

As reported, referring to the two German officials in the administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel are considering the probability to insist on coordinated action of the European Union in relation to possible sanctions. The Agency, citing the Ministry of economy of Germany, reports that the new sanctions will hit German and European companies, banks and public institutions. What a response considering the German authorities, is not specified.

Last week the Chairman of the Commission of the German Bundestag for economy and energy, Klaus Ernst said the German government should consider their actions if the US sanctions will take effect. In response, he offered to call the American Ambassador in Germany, to impose personal sanctions against senators who prepared the draft law on restrictions against the “Nord stream — 2” and to impose duties on incoming US liquefied natural gas (LNG).

In the Bundestag made the sanctions in response to US measures against Nord Stream 2

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Sanctions against companies involved in the construction of the United States approved in December 2019. Then the Swiss Allseas, which was engaged in pipe-laying of “Nord stream — 2” stopped working. The Russian authorities have repeatedly said that to complete the construction of the pipeline is possible on their own, and to do this, according to Minister of energy Alexander Novak, capable of ship-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky” (left to lay 160 km of pipes). In 2016, it was in the operational management of OOO “Gazprom FLOT” (“daughter” company of “Gazprom”, which is also the sole shareholder of the operator of project Nord Stream AG 2).


Yonhap: North Korea dismantles loudspeakers on the border and remove materials

North Korea dismantles speakers, recently installed on the border with South Korea, according to South Korean Agency “renkhap” with reference to sources. According to them, Pyongyang has set up nearly 20 speakers in the border areas once threatened to take further action against Seoul. Also on the websites of the North Korean media was removed materials criticizing the South Korean authorities.

Earlier, North Korean Agency KCNA reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN has decided to postpone the General staff presented a plan of military action against South Korea.

We will remind, relations between the two countries on the Korean Peninsula escalated after Pyongyang a few days warned Seoul about the possibility of closing the inter-Korean liaison offices and other projects, if South Korea will not prevent “defectors send leaflets and other materials to the North.” On 16 June, the DPRK blasted the inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong. North Korea announced its intention to enter the military units in the areas from which they were derived by inter-Korean agreements.

Read more in the material “Kommersant” “the DPRK does not fit to the phone.”


Kim Jong-UN has postponed the plan of military action against South Korea :: Policy :: RBC

Relations between the two countries deteriorated at the beginning of June, the DPRK blasted together with South Korea’s communications and threatened to send troops into the demilitarized zone

Kim Jong-UN

(Photo: AP)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN has decided to postpone the plan for the implementation of military action against South Korea. He stated at the preliminary meeting of the Central military Committee of Labour party of Korea the seventh convocation, held in videoconference format.

As informs South Korean Agency Yonhap, citing the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA), during the meeting they discussed the main projects of military policy, reports and resolutions that will be submitted to the fifth session of the Central military Committee. In addition, during the event, documents were reviewed, which reflect the “state action for further strengthening the military deterrent force of the country.”

The Kremlin urged the DPRK and South Korea to show restraint

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The relations between the DPRK and South Korea deteriorated in early June. Pyongyang stated that North Korean defectors throw into the territory of propaganda leaflets, which are subject to sharp criticism of Kim Jong-UN and the North Korean regime. Pyongyang has insisted that Seoul has prevented the spread of propaganda. The newspaper Rodong Sinmun wrote that the DPRK authorities will commit an act of vengeance and is going to take some serious action against South Korea.

The DPRK announced the severance of relations with South Korea

Kim Jong-UN


Who said the record also revealed for the day cases COVID-19 in the world :: Society :: RBC

Worldwide per day revealed 183 020 new cases of infection with coronavirus, according to the report of the world health organization on 21 June. The total number of cases, according to who, increased to 8.7 million, According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the world of coronavirus infected 8.9 million people.

The greatest number of new cases (more than 116 thousand) who have recorded in North and South America. In several States in the US by 20 June recorded the highest number of infected per day. In Brazil, according to the June 21, cases increased by 17.4 thousand people, and the number of deaths has exceeded 50 thousand.

The previous record increase in the number of new infected with 106 thousand cases — the who has recorded 20 may.

The head of the who announced a “new and dangerous” phase of the pandemic coronavirus

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Die Welt called the chances to finish construction of the “Nord stream 2” :: Policies :: RBC

“Academician of the Chersky” near the island of rügen

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“Gazprom” (the sole shareholder of the operator of project Nord Stream 2) have the ability to complete the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”, without fear of U.S. sanctions, writes Die Welt.

The newspaper notes that this became possible after the ship “Akademik Chersky”, previously owned by OOO “Gazprom fleet” became the property of the Samara thermal power asset Fund (STIF).

The only thing that can slow down construction, according to the newspaper, the ban on most works in the Baltic sea in July-August. At this time, said Die Welt, where spawning cod.

The owner is able to build Nord Stream 2 of the vessel became the Foundation from Samara

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In the Bundestag, demanded Merkel to curtail the Nord Stream 2 for killing :: Policy :: RBC

Khangoshvili was shot in the Berlin district of Moabit in August 2019. In December, German prosecutors said that the killing was organized by Russian authorities or the structure of the Chechen Republic. As argued by the Agency that Moscow suspected him of involvement in the banned terrorist organization “Caucasus Emirate”.

Russian Ambassador summoned to German foreign Ministry over the killing of Georgians in Berlin

A suspect in the murder khangoshvili was detained. As reported by the journalists of Bellingcat, The Insider and Spiegel, talking about the citizen of Russia Vadim Krasikov, who was in Germany with a fake passport in the name of Vadim Sokolov. On 18 June the Prosecutor General’s office of Germany advanced against Vadim K. (in documents, also referred to as Vadim S.) charges under two articles “Murder” and “Illegal possession of weapons”.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the allegations speculation. In December, President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the murder khangoshvili, called it “a tough and bloody man”, which was organized by one of the explosions in the Moscow metro.

Nord Stream 2 — “daughter” of “Gazprom”, which deals with the construction of “Nord stream-2”. The capacity of the pipeline is 55 billion cubic meters per year, the cost is estimated at €9.5 billion In the project, in addition to “Gazprom” invested companies from Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands: OMV, Wintershall Dea, Uniper, Shell and Engie.

In December last year, Washington imposed sanctions against companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream-2”. Shortly thereafter, Swiss Allseas, which was engaged in laying pipes, stopped working. At that time, had to lay 160 km of pipeline. “Gazprom” plans to launch the “Nord stream-2” at the end of this year.


The German Ambassador called unacceptable threats of US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 :: Politics :: RBC

The Ambassador of Germany in Russia géza Andreas von Geir believes that the Europeans themselves should decide how to ensure its energy security. Earlier intention to impose new sanctions against the pipeline said the senators

Geza Andreas von Geir

(Photo: Nikita Markov)

Threat to the United States on the application of extraterritorial sanctions to block 2 project Nord Stream (“Northern stream-2”) is unacceptable. About it RBC said the Ambassador of Germany in Russia géza Andreas von Geir. “We Germans and Europeans are well able to decide for themselves how best to ensure its energy security. We do not accept outside pressure, through extraterritorial sanctions,” he said.

In early June, a group of senators in the U.S. Congress said that it had prepared the text of the bill on new US sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”. According to the document, financial constraints may fall all vessels engaged in laying pipes for the project. The sanctions may relate to businesses, including companies insuring these vessels and their maintenance and the installation of special equipment. The sanctions prompted to enter retroactively, from December 2019. That the US imposed the first restrictions against companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream-2”, their managers denied entry to the US, and US accounts have been blocked.

USA has prepared a draft law on new sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”

Photo: Krisztian Bocsi / Bloomberg

On Tuesday, the Chairman of the Commission of Bundestag for economy and energy, Klaus Ernst, called upon the German government to think about their actions in case the US decides to extend sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”. In response, Ernst has proposed to introduce personal sanctions against senators — authors of the bill about the new restrictions and duties on coming from the States liquefied natural gas (LNG).