Here is the rating attributed to Idrissa Gana Gueye

Deprived of several of its executives, PSG traveled to Lens last night for their first match of the season. Regular midfielder Idrissa Gana Gueye witnessed the defeat of his team by a score of 1-0.

According to the French press, the Senegalese spent a fairly mediocre evening against the Lensois. On Footmercato’s editor’s notes, the former Everton received a 3 out of 10. ” The Senegalese international has alternated the good and the less good in the first act with waste in the transmissions. The former Everton player bites the hook on the occasion of Ganago (22nd). The person concerned never seemed to enter his match, as his influence in the midfield was almost non-existent. An evening to forget for Idrissa Gueye ”, declared Footmercato on the Senegalese International of PSG.


AMD announced “Red October”: Soon processors that Intel has no analogues


, Text: Elyas Kasmi

AMD is going to show the first processors based on the latest Zen 3 architecture, and some of them won’t even have competitors in the Intel catalog. All announcements, including the premiere of Big Navi graphics cards with RDNA 2 architecture, she will hold in October 2020 – she called this month “Red October”.

Intel has nothing to answer

AMD is preparing for a large-scale show of its new products, including the Zen 3 architecture and Ryzen processors based on it. AMD intends to demonstrate all its products of the latest generation in October 2020 – it called this month “Red October”, hinting at a large number of new products and its corporate red color. AMD Announcement Month begins October 8, 2020.

The Ryzen 4000 Vermeer series will debut on October 8, 2020, not to be confused with the Ryzen 4000 Renoir. The new chips are based on the Zen 3 architecture, AMD’s most advanced architecture. They were the first on its basis – all the company’s processors available for sale at the time of publication of the material run on Zen 2 and Zen of the first generation.

One of the highlights of the new line of Ryzen 4000 Vermeer processors may be a 7-nanometer chip with ten processing cores. A well-known Ukrainian enthusiast said this without disclosing his sources. Yuri «1usmus» Bubble.

New 10-core AMD Ryzen has no worthy rivals yet

If AMD is really preparing such a chip, then it will not have competitors in the Intel camp for the first time. At the time of publication of the material, Intel already had its own CPUs with so many cores, but in a number of technical features they were inferior to the upcoming new product from AMD. For example, the Core i9-10900K processor with a frequency of 3.7 to 5.3 GHz, which can process 20 data streams (two per core) and released in the second quarter of 2020, is manufactured at 14-nanometer standards.

At the same time, Intel has a 10-nanometer technology at its disposal – the production of processors using it is the company start back in August 2019

New graphics cards

The second presentation is scheduled for October 28, 2020, and it will focus on AMD’s advancements in the video accelerator segment. In particular, the company will show video cards codenamed Big Navi.

Big Navi is a new line of Radeon RX 6000 cards, which is based on the RDNA 2 architecture. It is also used in video cards from the latest Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles. reported CNews, in Russia, their sales will begin on November 10, 2020.

Month of Announcements, according to AMD – these are two presentations during October 2020

On his Twitter, the head of the company Lisa Su (Lisa Su) wrote, “This is going to be an exciting fall for gamers. It’s time to start a new journey with Ryzen Zen 3 and Radeon RDNA 2. “

Technical details

Until both premieres, AMD does not disclose technical details about its future innovations. For example, all that is known for certain about Radeon RX 6000 video cards is that they will have built-in ray tracing technology in their arsenal, but in itself it is far from new – similar algorithms are available both in its existing cards and in Nvidia’s solutions of the GeForce RTX line. …

There are more details about the new chips from the company, but at the time of publication of the material AMD did not comment on this information. It is only known for certain that Zen 3 will not be revolutionary in terms of the technical process – processors based on it will remain 7-nanometer, and the Taiwanese company TSMC will continue to produce them, since AMD, unlike Intel, does not have its own factories.

According to preliminary data, all Zen 3 chips will be manufactured using the N7P process technology, which, even without switching to 5 nm, will make the processors 7% more efficient and 10% more energy efficient in comparison with the existing Ryzen 4000. It is possible that AMD will eventually choose even more advanced production technology – N7 + (plus 10% to energy efficiency, plus 15% to productivity). The company will announce its choice during the announcement.

AMD releases new processors in full accordance with its roadmap

Details about the upcoming AMD processors, without disclosing their sources, shared the portal Tom’s Hardware. According to him, AMD is preparing to show only desktop processors – mobile ones have not been mentioned.

The Vermeer processors will retain the multi-chip layout, which follows from a teaser video posted by AMD itself. It shows a processor that contains two CCD chiplets and a separate I / O chiplet.

According to the available information, in the future AMD is going to use Zen 3 in processors for desktops and laptops, as well as for servers (Epyc Milan line). The first devices based on Vermeer may go on sale before the end of 2020, and it can be laptops and ready-made desktop assemblies.

The cache size in new processors can exceed 32 MB, and the number of cores can reach 64 (only Epyc, Ryzen will have fewer). The first Epyc of the new line may also be out by the end of 2020, while the full line of Zen 3-based processors, which will include the Ryzen 5000 generation for laptops, will be released by AMD during 2021.

Intel, with no Ryzen desktop competitors at its disposal, was able to prepare ahead of time for the new Ryzen with Zen 3 architecture for mobile. At the beginning of September 2020, as reported CNews, she showed nine Tiger Lake processors for laptops, which she compared with existing Ryzen, of course, not in favor of the latter. The first laptops based on them at the time of publication of the material were presented by many large vendors, including Asus, HP, MSI, etc.


Doctors call warning signs of vitamin D deficiency


Aug 29, 2020

Doctors say that it is not uncommon for signs of vitamin D deficiency to be confused with something less serious.

Thus, this substance helps to maintain the health of teeth, muscles and bones. With its lack, a person develops increased fatigue and constant fatigue. Additionally, vitamin D deficiency can manifest itself in mood changes, muscle aches, and bone pain.

Note that a lack of vitamin D can cause depression. In most cases, this condition requires urgent care.

We remind that earlier there was named a way to cut coronavirus deaths in half. Scientists have re-discovered the link between infection and vitamin D deficiency.


TEST of No Straight Roads: the musical action game that connects the wrong notes

On paper, despite being the studio’s first baby yet unknown Metronomik, No Straight Roads has something to interest. It is indeed designed by Wan Hazmer, lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV, and Daim Dziauddin, concept artist sure Street Fighter V, as well as a whole team of talents of all kinds. But do good developers necessarily make a good game? The answer in our test !

The rock however defended by Mayday and Zuke is only very little put forward.

The basic concept of No Straight Roads is promising, with a gameplay directly linked to the musical universe of the game. We follow here Mayday and Zuke, guitarist and drummer of an independent rock band, who will face the tyranny of No Straight Roads, electronic music mogul who extended his empire over everything Vinyle City, until taking the monopoly of the management of its energy. Failed to The Voice local whose jurors are the bosses of society, they will take revenge and give back its (musical) freedom to the city. Because yes, even if the universe is inspired by dystopias, no one seems too unhappy to listen toEDM in this lively and colorful city, or even to live under the aegis of No Straight Roads.

Beyond its polished cartoon art direction, the world of Vinyle City hardly really catchy. Basically, the main villains have a very limited charisma, including for the villain Tatiana, and the storyline flush with daisies worthy of a Sunday cartoon struggles to be catchy. And it is neither the quick hang-ups to the pasts of the heroes and the final mollasson that will make No Straight Roads an unmissable. Without being horrible to follow, the storytelling doesn’t fly much high, and the stakes aren’t engaging at any point. In terms of form, the animations may be fluid and the universe pop and flashy, the small budget is felt in austere graphics and a world that sounds hollow.

No Straight Roads 27 03 2020 screenshot 1Otherwise, music and sound environment, there is something to be surprised, because rock yet defended by Mayday and Zuke is not highlighted very much. There are certainly rare instrumental pieces of the genre with pretty cool tones, but overall, the majority of the tracks are made up of electronic compositions of all kinds, eyeing up to the drum&bass and the synthwave. Globament, the soundtrack is cool and easily carries us away during fights, including during a successful and fun hip-hop aside. But for a production where music is the main theme, we were entitled to expect more.

The story is not the same on the side of French dubbing, yet so highlighted by Metronomik. Okay, Kelly Marot and Donald Reignoux’s work for the heroes reinforces this cartoonish side of the game, but the fact that these voices have been heard almost everywhere in the past prevents giving a real personality to the title. And, sorry, but when the big villain Tatiana Threatens us with the voice of the voice actor Julia Roberts, it’s not worrying for a penny. For the rest, it’s a bit of a mess: if some bosses are entitled to rather sympathetic speeches, the presence of amateurs like Julien Chièze is heard, especially since the character of the latter is far from being anecdotal. Finally, don’t even pay attention to some of the cast names like Sora the videographer or Seem, brought back just to give three sentences through totally unnecessary NPCs and clearly just placed there to appeal to “celebrities”.

Despite its relatively cool cartoonish and light side, No Straight Roads especially struggles to find its balance in terms of sound gameplay. Even if it can at first glance be taken as an action game with a platform side, to put it simply, it is above all abouta title dedicated to boss fights with scoring. Between each level, we have access to a hub with a few collectibles and inputs for those boss fights, with no trigger or even an action button to activate. The “platform” phases are in all cases poorly managed, with a heaviness in the movements and the jumps which is found in the fights, and especially the decorations empty of interest and interactivity, in spite of the presence of useless objects to observe and the famous doubled NPCs which are useless.

It is above all a title dedicated to boss fights with scoring.

No Straight Roads 27 03 2020 screenshot 2The fight only takes place within the framework of these boss clashes, which begin with a short series of minions to be eliminated through several zones. This first phase goes pretty fast, but lacks interest, even with the timing-based combat system. All enemy attacks are launched in rhythm to the music, and if it is sometimes quite difficult to make the link between the notes and the opposing moves, it is especially necessary to see patterns to be detected to raise your level of play. This mechanism is however more interesting during boss battles, with several phases and often several ways of causing damage.

Melee attacks are not always allowed, but it is possible to send rare projectiles, use parry to return powerful purple attacks, or temporarily animate objects with the power of music . On a unique music specific to the current level, we are therefore entitled to quite rich and dynamic sequences (even a little chaotic sometimes) requiring mastery and skill. The subtlety is that the experience is playable solo as well as co-op, and if you are alone you can switcher heroes at any time. Unfortunately, this does not change much, the classic and special moves of Mayday and Zuke all having more or less the same effect.

The passages are uneven, as much on the pleasure taken as on the difficulty, but there is something to have a good time for players of all levels, nothing more. It is possible to continue after his death without game over by sacrificing his score, and there are obviously several difficulty modes that are gradually unlocked to satisfy everyone. No Straight Roads is still very short, completing in just four hours on your first pass. It is thought to be played and replayed, but with only 6 or 7 levels, some of which lack interest, only scoring purists will find a reason to repeat them over and over, and not necessarily with the enthusiasm that a game with such challenges is supposed to offer. Besides that, upgrades can be bought to diversify our skills, or stickers stuck on our instruments to get bonuses, but the actual difference is minimal.

No Straight Roads head

It is therefore a No Straight Roads in half-tone that we have here in front of us. Universe that sounds hollow and not catchy enough, effective soundtrack, but not unforgettable, narration too light for a gameplay clearly dedicated to adults, rarely fun combat system, and true nature of boss rush encompassed by not the most interesting phases, the title struggles to really put the player in his pocket. If you like cartoon worlds and are passionate about scoring, why not, but for others, the few most enjoyable passages will not necessarily be worth it.

No Straight Roads is available for € 39.99 at the Fnac.


  • The light atmosphere worthy of a pre-teen cartoon
  • Some pretty cool rhythm fights

The lessers

  • The anti-EDM scenario that even the game doesn’t believe
  • The universe struggling to come to life
  • Austere gameplay that brings little fun in combat
  • Very short if you are not scoring shot

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Best Android of 2020 – CNN

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra two weeks ago, a cell phone that wastes power and with a 6.9-inch screen for a fairly high price, $ 1,299.99 but that is justified as being the best of the Korean manufacturer’s catalog. The Galaxy S line of devices (like the epic S20 Ultra) has proven to be just as powerful. But the Note is still a very differentiated device thanks to its digital pen.

In our tests of the Note 20 Ultra, we have found that the three main cameras, a 120 Hz screen, an extremely fast processor, and a sleek build make up a great cell phone.

But $1.299,99Should it be your next cell phone? We’ve been using it for two weeks now and we think the Note 20 Ultra has a ton to offer.

Triple camera

He Note 20 Ultra It has three cameras and a crucial laser autofocus sensor. Most notably, Samsung fixed one of the S20 Ultra’s camera weaknesses: shaky shots that came out somewhat blurry. While we especially noticed this when using 100x digital zoom, it also happened with general shots. For a $ 1,399.99 cell phone, it is inadmissible.

After several days of testing, it is clear why Samsung added the additional autofocus sensor in the Note 20. Not only does it help with general shots by ensuring sharp results, but it provides less blurry zooms, especially when combining digital zoom with the lens increases.

It also uses pixel-binninng technology, which takes advantage of a high-resolution lens to capture a shot by combining each of the points. Essentially, the 108-megapixel sensor offers 27-megapixel shots by combining four pixels into one. This is the same technology used in the S20 Ultra, which has been adopted by other companies as well, such as Motorola on the Edge +.

The cameras included in the Note 20 Ultra are:

  • A 12 megapixel ultra wide angle camera: This gives you the ability to capture a wider field of view without physically moving.
  • A 108 megapixel wide angle camera – This is a normal lens with a higher number of megapixels to capture more details. You have the ability to shoot at a full 108 megapixels if you want, but the norm is to combine several pixels to get a 27 megapixel image with more detail.
  • A 12 megapixel telephoto camera: This telephoto lens allows you to capture more details when you want to get closer to the subject, it offers up to 5x optical zoom that is combined with digital.
  • A laser autofocus sensor: This helps reduce the chance of blurry shots and speed up focus on cameras.

The camera settings of the Note 20 Ultra offers a versatile range of lenses to help you capture great photos. Overall, we are impressed with the speed of capture and the transition between different lenses. The photos had the classic (and a bit excessive) saturation that Samsung phones give, but we didn’t experience as many focus issues or end up with as many blurry photos as with the S20 Ultra.

The first time you open the camera app, you see a 1.0x view, which uses the standard 108 megapixel camera. You can easily switch between cameras and zoom level by pressing the tree icon above the shutter button. You can also set the camera to 0.5x, 2.0x, 4.0x, 5.0x, 10x, 20x, and 50x, the highest level of digital zoom on the Ultra, but which is 50% less than on the S20 Ultra.

Why less? While it’s great to get 100x closer with the Galaxy S20 Ultra the result was almost always an unusable photo, too blurry even with a tripod.

And that’s really what Samsung fixed here. At 50x, you still need a steady hand, but the image has more detail. Better yet, it’s a usable image that you might want to post on Instagram.

You can also tell a story when you go from 0.5x to 50x. Take a look at the embedded New York gallery from the Jersey side.

There are many details in the wide angle shot. He Note 20 Ultra he was able to contrast the deep darkness of the coastal rocks with a variety of blues in the river towards an equilibrium, not overexposed, of lower Manhattan. In fact, you can even see buildings like 30 Hudson Yards near the Hell’s Kitchen area.

If you scroll through the gallery to 50x zoom, you can still find details on the top ring and spire of the Freedom Tower. You can see details in the windows without a crazy amount of blur; Thanks to that laser autofocus sensor, it does a good job.

Another more practical example. In this sequence we zoom in to see a sign for parking fees.

The lighting here is correct, and although it was a somewhat cloudy day, the Note 20 Ultra did not feel the need to increase the vibrancy. The 50x zoom is blurry, but you can read the text.

And in everyday use, when you’re not zooming 50x, the Note 20 Ultra performs very well. Makes a great auto bokeh effect without being in Live Focus (equivalent to Samsung’s portrait mode).

The front camera on the Note 20 Ultra is a 10 megapixel camera with an 80 degree field of view. You get wide and ultra-wide settings, with solid shots. Facial smoothing is not on by default either, so selfies are sharp and detailed.

One such example, the Note 20 Ultra was able to clearly pick the gray on top of the head, fun, yes, but it shows that it can focus and capture details. It also added a nice bokeh effect on the New York skyline and the Hudson River. There is a hazy effect on the horizon, but it was a difficult shot with the sun shining on it. We like how it captured the river and waves, even with some light reflection.

In typical Samsung style, the Note 20 Ultra it has a solid video mode. You can record video up to 8K at 24 frames per second in a 21: 9 or 16: 9 ratio. The only problem is that you will need an 8K TV to see the videos in all their glory.

The good news? Unlike the S20 Ultra, which had focus and rolling-shutter, Note 20 Ultra doesn’t have them. Videos look sharp when played on the Ultra, and we experience no shutter issues.

In the various test videos, which can be seen below, the Note 20 Ultra did a great job. In captures with bright areas, we did notice some cloudiness, but it was only at specific times. It may be automatic video processing, but messing with the settings helps alleviate it.

This cell phone flies

To put it mildly, nothing we pitted against the Note 20 Ultra lowered its performance, which is, let’s say, what you’d expect from a $ 1,299.99 smartphone.

Inside the Note 20 Ultra is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor with 12GB of RAM. Let’s reiterate that last part: 12 GB of RAM. That’s more than a base MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and even a 27-inch iMac. On a cell phone.

That’s a bit of jargon, but essentially that means you can leave the apps open, and we mean a lot of them. You can multitask with ease. It’s fluid, and even photo edits in Photoshop Express happen quickly. And for Note fans, that means the S Pen feels closer to paper than ever.

We switched to the Note 20 Ultra as our diary, which means it has to run all of our work, personal and productivity apps, and even games. To give you an idea: Slack, Outlook, Twitter, Trello, Apple Music, Spotify, Gmail, Chrome, Instagram, Office, OneDrive, LinkedIn, Duo, Skype, Samsung Pay, «Real Racing 3», «Fortnite» (pre -ban), «Forza Street», Disney +, Netflix, Hulu, AT&T TV and many others.

We did not experience any slowdowns or mishaps with the applications. The Note 20 Ultra flies, whether with one app open or with dozens. Use Android 10 with Samsun’s One UI. You get all the traditional preloaded apps, but in 2020 you also get a promise: Samsung guarantees support for three generations of Android updates. That means you’ll get a longer lifespan on the Note 20 Ultra (this also applies to the Note 20).

Unlocking via facial recognition, although not as secure as FaceID on the iPhone, happened quite quickly. It doesn’t use biometrics with a depth sensor like the iPhone, but rather the standard front camera to recognize your face. Using the in-display fingerprint sensor resulted in a success rate of approximately 99%. Setup was noticeably faster than on the S20 Ultra, and we had a better success rate in use.

As we do with each review, we ran a battery of tests on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. These are the same tests we run on any device we review to qualitatively compare cell phones.

He Galaxy Note 20 Ultra it scored a 972 on single-core processes and a 3229 on multicore. That beats the base Note 20, and notably the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which scored a 901 on a single core and a 3203 on a multi-core. That puts this above the iPhone 11 family, Pixel 4 and most other Android smart phones. Seriously impressive and frankly, you’ll have a hard time finding a way to harness all this power.

Samsung hasn’t changed much in the S Pen for 2020 but the latency drops to 9 milliseconds. Essentially, the Note 20 Ultra can double as a mini notebook for jotting down notes during a meeting. We especially like that you can take out the S Pen with the screen off and start typing. Better yet, you can put the S Pen back in the Note 20 and it will automatically save the note you just took.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a 4,500 mAh battery inside and is more than enough for the day, even with a high level of use. Interestingly, it is 500 mAh smaller than the S20 Ultra. In our tests, the battery life has been really solid, lasting for 10-12 hours with moderate use, which is essentially on par with the S20 Ultra.

120 Hz

As we said in our Galaxy Buds Live review, we love the Mystic Bronze color, and while it’s not quite as bright on the Note 20 Ultra, it is quite elegant.

Mystic Bronze is like brushed rose gold. It has a nice glossy finish on the sides, while the back is a frosted matte finish. It feels good to the touch and shows no fingerprints. That’s an advantage over the Note 10+ and the S20 Ultra.

With its 6.9-inch screen, it’s a big cell phone, but it doesn’t feel too big in your hand. And surprisingly, it’s not that heavy. The Note 20 Ultra is just 8.1 millimeters thick and weighs just 208 grams. The upper part of the device is home to the combined SIM and microSD card slot, while the lower part houses the S Pen and USB-C port. The left side is empty while the right gets the power button and volume rocker.

The display is a Quad HD + Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O display. It measures 6.9 inches when measured diagonally, giving you plenty of room to play. It comes in at a resolution of 3,088 by 1,440 and measures at 461 pixels per inch. The result is an incredibly vibrant image, thanks to the AMOLED panel.

Games look fantastic and that’s thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate (essentially how many times in a second the screen can refresh). It surpasses the 60 Hz that is in the iPhone and, yes, it shows. There is a certain smoothness to navigating through the app pages, even when browsing the timelines on Twitter or Facebook. You can only use 120Hz when the display is set to 1080pHD, but it’s worth it.


He Note 20 Ultra It is the best Android phone of 2020 and we do not say it that lightly. At $ 1,299.99, it’s in line with most other flagships, but at the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with it. Although it’s not for sale yet, you can pre-order. It will hit the market on August 21.

Note: The above prices reflect the price at the time of publication of the article.


Cosmetic business Kim Kardashian was estimated at $ 1 billion :: Business :: RBC

Coty pledged to redeem 20% in the model-owned business for $ 200 million. As a result, Kim’s fortune may exceed the capital of her younger sister Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian

(Фото: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images)

The company Coty, which owns the brands Max Factor, Wella, Bourjois, Chloé, etc., has entered into an agreement with actress and model Kim Kardashian to acquire a stake in the cosmetics business KKW (Kim Kardashian West) Holdings that belongs to it. Under the terms of the deal, Coty will redeem 20% in KKW for $ 200 million, the deal said.

Thus, the total value of Kardashian’s business is $ 1 billion, the Financial Times notes, according to which Coty received the right to acquire a controlling stake in KKW in the future.

“Kim is truly a cult figure for the whole modern world. She is a visionary, entrepreneur, mother, philanthropist, and in addition, thanks to social networks, she has an unsurpassed ability to connect with people around the world. Its influence, combined with the experience of Coty, will enable us to fully realize the potential of its brands, ”commented Peter Harf, the head of Coty.

Lipstick and pencils, mascara, eye shadow, creams, powder, etc. are sold under the KKW Beauty brand, perfumes are sold under the KKW Fragrance brand. The volume of sales of goods under the KKW brands was not disclosed in the transaction message.

In 2019, Coty acquired 51% in Kylie Cosmetics, owned by Kim Kardashian’s younger sister Kylie Jenner. After that, Forbes magazine named 21-year-old Jenner the youngest billionaire in history, who managed not to inherit his fortune, but to earn capital on his own. Based on an estimate of 51% of Kylie Cosmetics at $ 590 million, the total cost of Kylie Cosmetics was more than $ 1.1 billion. In real time, the magazine estimates Jenner’s fortune at $ 900 million.


Voter turnout under the Constitution for four days amounted to 37.5% :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Maxim Shipenkov / EPA / TASS

The total turnout for voting on amendments to the Constitution was 37.2%, more than 40 million Russians voted in total. This was stated by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

By 11:00 Moscow time, more than 970 thousand residents of Moscow and the Nizhny Novgorod region took part in electronic voting. The turnout for electronic voting exceeded 83%.

Putin spoke out against turnout when voting on the Constitution

The day before, the total turnout, taking into account the voters remotely, was 28.26%.

As of June 28, the CEC received 4870 complaints of possible violations. The head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, clarified that a significant part of the appeals related to electronic voting, in addition, the applicants noted the absence of cameras when voting at home and checking passports by PEC members.


One of the pioneers of the US oil shale industry declared bankruptcy :: Business :: RBC

Chesapeake Energy shale oil producer owes $ 7 billion. Bloomberg said earlier that control of the company could go to one of the lenders.

Chesapeake Energy, considered one of the pioneers in the US oil shale industry, has filed for bankruptcy, according to the corporation’s website.

“The company has voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 defense with the United States Southern Texas Bankruptcy Court to facilitate a comprehensive restructuring of the balance sheet,” the statement said.

The company’s debt amounted to about $ 7 billion. Under an agreement with creditors, Chesapeake Energy will receive a loan of $ 925 million. In addition, lenders and holders of secured bills will allocate $ 600 million to it.

The flagship of the US oil shale industry pledged almost all assets on a loan

According to the corporation’s report, in the first quarter of 2020, Chesapeake Energy’s net loss was $ 8.3 billion, and its liquidity was $ 82 million.


CEC announced a hacker attack from abroad on the website about the Constitution :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Sergey Vedyashkin / AGN “Moscow”

A portal with information on voting on amendments to the Basic Law was attacked from abroad. This was stated by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

“In the morning, DDoS attacks on the Constitution2020.rf website, allegedly from the UK and Singapore, were recorded,” the report said.

Venediktov announced the “equator” of the appearance of online voting on the Constitution

Alexey Venediktov


According to data on the morning of June 28, 903.3 thousand Russians took part in the remote voting, turnout in this form exceeded 77%. In total, 30 million 917 thousand 512 people voted on the amendments.

On June 26, the CEC already recorded a DDoS attack on its website. The commission noted that this did not cause problems and the portal remained operational.


The launch of Vega from Kourou postponed because of bad weather :: Society :: RBC

French company Arianespace has postponed the launch of the Vega rocket from Kourou in French Guiana due to bad weather. About this, the Corporation said on Twitter.

As specified in the message, the rocket carries 53 microsatellite on Board. The company noted that weather permitting Vega will launch on June 28.

Material supplemented.