“It happened the night “, the new novel by Marc Levy will be released in the fall

A new novel from the bestselling author Marc Levy to 50 million books sold worldwide will be published on 29 September, a-t-we learned on Monday, June 15, from its editor.

Title : It happened at night and published by the editions Robert Laffont/Versilio, the new novel by Marc Levy, is presented as the first volume of a series called ” 9 “.

On social networks, the writer, 59-year-old has explained that in order to write his new novel he was party at the meeting of the real protagonists, the outlaw with a heart of gold, villains well under all reports, manipulators, counterfeiters, smugglers, murderers, white-collar, fucking gorgeous, journalists risk their skin for that the truth broke out….

I used to let myself be lead by two characters. This time, they are 9, he added.

The third and fourth volumes of his series youth

The publisher has not specified the draw of this new novel, but its previous Ghost in love published in large format in may 2019 had a circulation of 350 000 copies. This book, released in pocket in Pocket in February, is in the 10th place of the best sales in the category of pocket in the latest rankings GfK/Livres Hebdo.

In the meantime her new novel, Marc Levy has just published the third and fourth volumes of its youth series, The little thief of shadows (Robert Laffont). The last two volumes of this series (illustrated by Fred Bernard and inspired from his best-selling book The thief of shadows) are announced for November.

Finally, Phileas, the new publishing house BD Edi8 and Jungle, will be released in 2021, his first comic strip, The agency of the invisible in collaboration with Sylvain Runberg and Espé.


Twilight author Stephanie Meyer hints at the continuation of the cult saga

Frame from the movie “Twilight”

A countdown clock has appeared on the writer’s official website.

Fans of the Twilight Saga have long been hoping for the continuation of popular works. In anticipation of the news, the most loyal fans are on duty around the clock on the website of bestselling author Stephanie Meyer. On the eve of their efforts were rewarded.

On the A countdown clock appeared on the writer’s portal. The time until which event they show, while being kept secret, however, it is clear that it will occur on May 4.


Optimistic fans expressed the opinion that in the near future they will find a new work about their favorite characters.

It’s no secret that Mayer really planned the release of the book “Midnight Sun”. In it, the narration was to be conducted on behalf of the vampire Edward.

However, after the draft versions of the future masterpiece were merged into the Network, the author refused to continue the work. Now, fans have hoped that the writer still completed what she started. The image of the clock itself, shown in the form of a bright circle in the starry sky, also supports this fact.

At the same time, many Mayer lovers of creativity considered that the event was dedicated to her other novel. Fiction “Guest” could not repeat the stunning success of “Twilight”, however, was also quite popular in its circles. Therefore, the sequel to this project is also quite likely.

A series of novels by Stephanie Mayer “Twilight” describes the events that happened with a young girl Bella, who fell in love with a vampire Edward.

All four parts became bestsellers and were translated into 37 languages ​​of the world, including Russian. They brought millions to their creator. No less popular films made on the basis of works.


The web discusses the beautiful daughter of Abdulov burned out of cancer

Alexandra Abdulova He died when his daughter Eugenia was only a year old: the 54-year-old actor burned out from cancer. The girl from childhood grew up in an artistic environment, the second wife of the artist Julia gave her to study at a theater studio. Recently, 13-year-old Zhenya has grown a lot and is slowly turning into a charming girl. Looking at her pictures on social networks, fans discuss how she matured.

“She’s quite grown up, and so looks like a father”, “A real beauty grows like a dad”, “His eyes, nose, lips are spilled Abdulov”, “I became so beautiful and sweet”, “Genes are immediately visible in you great Abdulova, ”they write on the Web.

13-year-old Zhenya Abdulova became quite an adult. Photo: Instagram.

Many believe that Eugene has a great future in the cinema. The girl already has experience on the set. He played his debut role in the film by Alla Surikova “Love and Sax”. The director was satisfied with the work of the young actress: she is sure that Zhenya not only looks like her father, but also inherited his acting talent.

The role in the play was offered to the girl by the late artistic director “Lenkoma»Mark Zakharov. The head of the theater, where Alexander Abdulov served for many years, wanted the artist’s daughter to take the stage in the final of the Royal Games performance. The girl was preparing for the premiere, but then refused to participate in the play, saying that she did not like to rehearse.

“She never went on stage.” Sasha’s character! She was always the most important at children’s parties, she built all, commanded. Recently, however, she starred in a small role in the film with Maxim Averin, but so far, school is in priority, ”a close friend of the Abdulov family told reporters then.

The girl is very similar to her star father. Photo: Instagram.

The girl is very similar to her star father. Photo: Instagram.

Alexander Abdulov met his wife Zhenya’s lawyer two years before his death. The spectacular brunette immediately liked the famous actor, behind whom there were many novels with the most beautiful women of the country. Couple she got married in 2006, and in March 2007 they had baby Eugene.

Alexander Gavrilovich died of cancer in January 2008. He struggled with oncology for a long time – he was diagnosed with lung cancer of the fourth stage. Doctors did everything possible to cure the artist, but the disease was stronger. Probably, oncology could be provoked by long-term smoking: Abdulov was a heavy smoker and did not part with cigarettes for several decades in a row.


Pugacheva burns with shame! Galkin opened an affair with Kirkorov and begs to resume relations

In honor of the pop king’s birthday, the artist decided to give him such a strange surprise.

A new provocative video appeared on the page of comedian Maxim Galkin in honor of the birthday of Philip Kirkorov. It’s about a video recording of how, three years ago, the singer flew on tour with a parodist. Not only that, the former and current spouses of Alla Pugacheva move in a joint plane, they also flirt openly on camera. It must be that now Pugacheva is burning for shame for her husband, because Galkin himself asked the piquant topic of conversation with her ex – he started talking about “protection with Kirkorov” clearly hinting at an intimate relationship.

In the caption to the video, Maxim tried to explain his plan – allegedly Kirkorov was ready for the current pandemic three years ago. A good attempt, but Galkin clearly takes his fans for the blind people, because in the video made public by him it was clear that he was literally “glued” to the pop king. The video was clearly not intended for a public demonstration, but Galkin boldly opened an affair with Kirkorov precisely on his birthday with an understandable purpose – the comedian begs to resume relations. Having lived with Alla Pugacheva in self-isolation for a couple of months, Maxim got bored of his long-time “friend” and decided to remind Philip about their past entertainment with his video. I wonder how Kirkorov will react to Galkin’s hint and whether he’s ready to accept the “prodigal lover” back.


Retired wife “promoted” to Hollywood or how Hugh Jackman pays for fame to this day

For a Grammy Award, an actor is definitely obliged to his wife’s production company.

24 years ago, the actor married a highly paid and influential actress who was older than his 13 years. Deborah Lee Furness has provided Hugh Jackman with worldwide fame, fans are sure. The woman had her own production company, which easily “promoted” Jackman to Hollywood. That’s just how Hugh is to this day. paying for fame?

Recently, photos from a walk of a married couple appeared on the network. Against the background of his retired wife, Hugh Jackman looked lost and aloof. The bitterness of resentment for all these 24 years of marriage was literally read on his face. Naturally, Hugh Jackman feels obliged to his wife for fame or acting career, but Furness cannot leave. Rumor had it that Wolverine had an affair with an aspiring actress whom she met in Los Angeles. But the wife of Hugh Jackman cut off all communications and literally “put” the actor “under lock and key”.

It is worth saying that Deborah Lee was not able to give Wolverine heirs. The couple took custody of two children from the orphanage. Hugh Jackman’s career has now declined – the last time a man starred in 2018. It seems that now the actor is on the full financial support of his wife.

Olga Dobrotvorskaya

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“No one if discovered”, a first novel in the paradise of the shopping center

Void if discovered

by Valérian Guillaume

L’Olivier, 128 p., 16 €

“When the gate rises it makes me feel beautiful in the hollow of my stomach which lifts in fact I love the sound when it goes up it is the sound that tells you that’s it the day begins …” This grid is that of an anonymous shopping center where the character of this unusual novel goes every day. This hero without achievements or biography – we only learn that he has lost his ” mum “ and that since then he has “All the time sick to my heart” – spends all his time strolling in the “Center”, this labyrinth of SFR stores, Bébé 9 and other food brands, finding petty satisfactions and vast happiness in the abundance of goods displayed, Jef’s hands touching his body during the search at the entrance, the color of the sky over hangars, dancing cars coming and going…

Mall poetry

It is with words of surprising poetry that he tells of these sadly shrinking days but that he manages to transform into an exhilarating trip to the country of consumption.. “In the hunter’s day, the light was great. () I wanted to go back in time with my heart and things to breathe everywhere that’s life ”, he wrote in the early hours of a new journey.

→ READ. In Rome, the Stendhal bookshop risks shipwreck: “It is total artistic blur”

Without any punctuation ever breaking the story of these wanderings, the sentences are linked like waves to the heady rocking, spaced from time to time by ” my my my “ resigned, and we let ourselves be carried away by the ebb and flow of this tide of words that tell the daily life of a man much more complex and much more tragic than the simple-minded one that we assumed a priori.

Great shame and happy thoughts

If he tirelessly seeks to embellish the blandness of his universe, he must however deal with “A greedy demon” lurking deep in his stomach, which leads him into uncontrollable and violent binge eating, leaving him haggard and guilty. And to accept the wickedness of Martine’s little strikes in the bar which make him suffer the worst humiliation.

To his great shame then springs what he calls “His evil flows” – tears, sweating, urine – mixed with scents of sadness which he conjures by “Terrible prayers”. But it only takes a happy thought, the smile of Leslie for example, the fairy-cashier by the pool, for him to restart this bulky body and this desolate spirit that maybe one day will find love … “I just want to be left alone with my little world in front of my little ideas my little heart my little life on purpose for me. “

Actor, author and theater director (he directs the Désirades company in which he stages his writings), Valérian Guillaume reveals in Void if discovered the full extent of an original talent, inventing a just and tender language to describe a life of deep loneliness, lulled by the illusion of consumption but also of impossible loves and friendships. A first novel which hopefully foreshadows other sensitive writings.


At war with boredom: cartels, kazoo and a boarding school for young girls

With babies interchanged

Hasn’t the time come to rediscover the depths of French comedy? Of course, with the viewing of Little Michu, operetta by André Messager composed in 1897 which contains everything a confined person can dream of: twin sisters, an interchange of babies, a rigid soldier, stupid merchants… Presented in a garish pink candy-duck green case, this production of the ” Nantes and Angers Opera created in 2018 with the Théâtre de l’Athénée, brilliantly powered by the troop of Brigands (mercenaries of lyrical hexagonal lightness), will allow even the most depressed to find the bushy paths of the smile. The program, accessible via the Angers-Nantes Opéra website, is offered with other house co-productions, such as the formidable and tragic Flood by Francesco Filidei and Joël Pommerat.

The Michu Pites by the company The Brigands www.angers-nantes-opera.com/lopera-continue

With arms in the air

Photo Céline Croze SQEVNV. Map-photo

“As long as we are alive, we will see each other”, 27-year-old gang leader Yair told the photographer before he was shot in Caracas, Venezuela. In a dark slideshow, Céline Croze (Photo) takes us into the twilight atmospheres of Latin American cartels, failing to immerse you in its exhibition which was to be held this April. Because feeling the wind of the health crisis turning, the Toulouse MAP festival quickly adapted by becoming E-MAP. “We didn’t want to give up”, confided the artistic director Ulrich Lebeuf, who this year offers a 100% digital format. So we can watch dynamic small films well edited instead of visiting the exhibitions: Boby allin takes us behind the scenes of a tour of Bigflo and Oli, Lucile Boiron sensually searches the womb and Derek Hudson looks back on its Cannes Film Festival. A festival journal in PDF can even be downloaded from the site.


With Missy Elliott

WMG photo. Atlantic Record

In the restless art gallery which hosts Missy Elliott’s new music video, in neon lycra and epileptic faux-eighties atmospheres, the displays are made for twerking. Back with Cool off (extract from the surprise EP Iconology unveiled in 2019, after fourteen dismal years without a solo project), the empress of beats was keen to ward off the demons of our lethargy at home. And to kill two birds with one stone, it fills the cravings for works of art of those who keep crying at the closure of museums, while it awakens our bodies of old candied prunes: with a geyser of colors and enough BPM to cover the cardio of the week.

Missy elliott Cool off on Youtube

With 154 rock bands

Faced with the worrying resurgence of live-streamed ukulele covers by musicians who no longer know what to do with all this confinement, a village of hard-core rockers resists apathy. Located in California, this oasis is called Burger Records. The independent record store doubled with a label distilling since 2007 treasures of garage, power pop and other oddities DIY has just released a massive compilation in eight volumes entitled Quarantines (the melodies of the quarantine). Under sleeveless sleeves, 154 bands and as many nuances of gnawed brakes and furious hopes are transformed, transfigured by saturated guitars, cheap rhythm machines, voices bursting with delay and even kazoo – all that can falling into the forgotten recesses of the home studio is good to take. No headliner to report, if not the ultraprolific and polymorphic King Khan, but a slew of local glories that prove that one can very well get bored with talent.

Quarantines compiles Burger Records https://burgerrecords.bandcamp.com

With Edwige Feuillère

Photo Solaris Distribution

Film by Jacqueline Audry adapted from a novel by Dorothy Bussy and dedicated to the memory of Virginia Woolf, Olivia belongs to the sulphurous sub-genre of the boarding school film, the title heroine arriving in a boarding school for young girls run by two women of opposite characters. This story of real grip is told with a frightening cheek, straight to the point and without omitting the opacity specific to the kind of passion experienced by a student for his teacher. Impossible, however, to reduce the film to a speech, even a feminist one. Olivia is more devious and perverse, too cruel and sexual to serve any cause other than that of letting such a story happen in its perfect indecency. Let’s be careful not to make the forgotten Audry a suddenly cult filmmaker or a gendered curiosity, that would be doing too much or too little. But Olivia is a rare film in every sense, beautiful, precious, secret, with the imperial Edwige Feuillère in one of her most beautiful roles. Prohibited for children under 16 years old when they leave.

Olivia of Jacqueline Audry (1951) on Arte replay

Clementine Mercier


Guillaume Tion


Marie Klock


Camille Nevers


Sandra Onana


Wuhan novelist charged with treason for publishing confinement journal

Accused of treason for a confinement journal. A Chinese writer confined to Wuhan, at the epicenter of Covid-19, is accused of giving reason to criticism of China by publishing her story abroad.

Aged 64, from a wealthy family of intellectuals, Fang Fang is a famous novelist in her country. Integrated into the system, she won the most prestigious Chinese literary prize in 2010. Wuhanaise, she started a newspaper shortly after the confinement of the metropolis on January 23, which she published online. Completed in late March after 60 chronicles, it tells of the fear, anger and hope of the 11 million inhabitants of this city, the epicenter of the coronavirus.

Its content ? An account of saturated hospitals that refuse the sick, of their daily confinement, the death of loved ones, mutual aid between residents or even the simple pleasure of seeing the sun light up their room. “A doctor friend said to me: we doctors have all known for a while that there is a human-to-human transmission of the disease, we reported this to our superiors, but no one warned peopleShe wrote on the thirty-eighth day of confinement.

His subjective column, presented as non-journalistic, was followed by millions of Chinese interested in a different point of view on current affairs, faced with very controlled media. But Fang Fang quickly became controversial in his country. Because his journal will be published in the coming months in several foreign languages, including English, German and French. In our country, it will be released on September 9 at Stock under the title Wuhan, walled city.

Weapons to shoot China

Main criticism: offer with this translation a pretext to foreigners to criticize the Chinese government. Particularly in the United States, which accuses Beijing of a late reaction to the epidemic.

An American media has already said it wants to use the book to hold China to account. Bravo Fang Fang, you give western countries weapons to shoot the Chine ”, quips a surfer on the social network Weibo. “So you reveal your traitorous nature“, He concludes. “How much did you sell your newspaper for?Asks another commentator, who accuses him of getting rich on the approximately 3,900 dead in Wuhan.

Another element that ignited the web, the politicized presentation of the work made by its American publisher HarperCollins. Welcoming a story “mixing the strange and the dystopian“, He praises a writer who protests against”systemic political issues“Of”authoritarian country

Translation of the book in full confrontation with Washington “is not really tasteful“Said Hu Xijin, influential editor of the nationalist tabloid Global Times . “In the end, it will be the Chinese, including those who supported Fang Fang at the outset, who will have to pay the price of his fame in the West.“, He emphasizes on Weibo, attracting more than 190,000” likes “. The Global Times evokes a story “partial” who “exhibits only the dark side of Wuhan

A page in human history

Criticized or even insulted, Fang Fang claims to be a victim of “cyberviolenceNationalists – even if a number of ordinary internet users also criticize it. Consequence: several Chinese publishers originally interested in the publication of its text hesitate before the controversy.

Why don’t we release this book? Just because some people may use us? (…) If people really read my newspaper, they will find out all the effective measures that China has taken against the epidemic.“, She argues in a response published on the magazine’s website Caixin. She also promises to pay all her royalties “families of deceased caregivers

Questioned by AFP, its French publisher, Stock, justified Tuesday the publication of the newspaper by its “documentary interest“About an event”which promises to be a page in the history of mankind

Faced with this online stoning, many Internet users have fled to the aid of Fang Fang, judging the attacks “disproportionate” “She owes nothing to anyone, underlines a commentator. You are free to write a newspaper that goes against what it says, to translate it and publish it abroad!


Dany Laferrière’s exile to treasures

In the center of the cover of Exile is worth the trip sits a very colorful snail whose spiral is reminiscent of that of the belly of Ubu King of Jarry. The author does not take himself seriously and likes the ironic link between the gastropod and the trip. The following pages are colorful, full of intertwining of drawings and handwriting, and recall the original History of comic theater by André Degaine. The object is between comics and autobiographical narrative, a desire to show in images what words do not always say. Academician Dany Laferrière digs there a little more his find of the novel drawn after notably Self-portrait of Paris with cat, published in 2018. Perhaps out of a desire to renew itself, to return to the simple, the playful, the joyful, far from the uniform lines of the computer.

The crossing is worth reading. Whirling around the pure chronological narrative of his journey which he has already told elsewhere, Dany Laferrière mixes his readings, his friendships and his loves, his reflections on cinema and writing. It was the assassination in 1976 by the Macoute uncle of his friend Gasner Raymond, an intrepid 23-year-old journalist, who “Changed the color of the day and caused an unparalleled upheaval in [sa] life”. It is by “The fatal pivot on which fate turns its hinges of darkness and light” that the chapter is told telling of his hasty departure from Port-au-Prince (under the discreet protection of the god Legba). Like Gasner Raymond, he worked at the weekly the Little Saturday evening, under the deadly threat of the regime of Jean-Claude Duvalier. Only his mother then knows that he is flying out of the Caribbean and brings him a small suitcase of clothes and books at the airport.

Here he is in exile, settled in Montreal where a form of apprenticeship begins for the uprooted. In his little room on rue Saint-Denis, he built up a library made up entirely of exiles. Above the drawing of her figure lying on her bed at the bottom of the page, with her hands the sad Ovid, the names of Hugo, Nabokov, Mandelstam, Lezama Lima, Madame de Staël, Soljenitsyne, Borges, Mandela, Toussaint Louverture are piled up on slices of books. At each of these so different exiles, he gives a place at one time or another in this book, his Wikipedian notice to him. Because exile is the subject from start to finish. And rather than treating it in dramatic fashion, Dany Laferrière opted, in both form and content, for the generous cord. Leaving his country can be fruitful, he only wants to see its good sides. Nothing shows through in the odd jobs he had to do to earn his living, the discouragement that sometimes took him, breakups and dramatic events. Yes so little. Of his mother who stayed in the country and of her oleanders, she who has already experienced the departure of his father, the son presents a tender and modest image.


Reading appears to be one of his great occupations. One of the origins of this passion comes from the memory of his grandfather reading at dawn, and from his broad smile when he saw the child who observed him at first terrorized. After his death, little Dany threw himself on the books. It seems that he never let them go. “I like this state. Read, sleep, and read again. This feeling of floating. It is perhaps at this precise moment, if we are not careful, that the style of a writer that we love chooses to penetrate you far enough in the mind to become yours. So I try to spot the slightest sound, to capture the most allusive noise. The rumor of life. Like a wild animal on the lookout in a dozing or rather waking forest. ” The young Haitian in his Quebec room converses with the authors, revives the debates between Baldwin and Faulkner, forges his critical spirit. He infuses his gallery of writers with a human and palpable presence. There are in his attendance texts from different circles, the exiles, the Blacks, that he pushes his friend Julie to discover (Césaire, Jacques Roumain, Senghor), she who criticizes him for not having women in his pantheon , and at the bottom of the heart the battered and brilliant Haitian poets. Exile is worth the trip begins with the announcement of the death of Jean-Claude Charles (1949-2008), “The one I felt closest to, by style of course”, his friend, met in 1986 after the departure of “Baby Doc”. But he also evokes Carl Brouard, who lived like a tramp, Magloire-Saint-Aude noticed by André Breton, Davertige, Frankétienne… Homage to Haitian literature, he who succeeded well beyond, and even entered the Academy French.

What is also striking is how easy it is to meet people, to bond, to discover places, with unassuming enthusiasm. Shortly after arriving in Montreal, “A cockroach evening”, he entered a jazz club, the Rising Sun, where Nina Simone sang on the tiny stage. Boss Doudou Boicel advises him to build a relationship with a girl while it’s summer to have a warm nest in winter. “Why don’t you write instead, huh? You have read enough like that … “ he said to her, and he lent her an old typewriter. “I always thought that to be a writer, it is not a question of knowing how to write but of being at the foot of a wall. This wall is winter, old man, he laughs, which awakens Nina Simone who was drowsy singing. ” This is how Dany Laferrière became a writer. He said. The anecdote goes well with its colorful and naive designs. His first title How to make love with a negro without getting tired published in 1985, a great success. But he doesn’t cover any of his previous books in that one.


Exile has therefore become a kaleidoscope of encounters and enrichments in contact with others, as with the Japanese Kero, a mysterious personality, a stylist fascinated by Van Dongen. Exile has also become a journey, to the United States, Brazil, Guyana (where he reads Guy Debord), etc. The episodes are riddled with sentences, poems, notes. In a “chapter” titled “The Secret Book”, Dany Laferrière says that when he arrives in a new city, to get an idea of ​​the type of society, he first goes to the cemetery and then to a bookstore. “No need to listen to official speeches, the cemetery is the book that reveals the hidden part of a city. And the bookstore is often like the cemetery: if you haven’t noticed many foreigners in the cemetery, you won’t find many at the bookstore either (I’m talking about the writers). ” The spiral of the snail unfolds like this, these are the memories of an epicurean, who also knows that exile made him a writer.

Frédérique Roussel

Dany Laferrière

Exile is worth the trip Grasset, 408 pp., € 28 (ebook: € 18.99).


The rehabilitation of the “destroyer of the worlds” Robert Oppenheimer

“What is wrong with trying to judge Oppenheimer for his betrayals?” Nicknamed “The father of the atomic bomb”, the American physicist Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967) was the scientific director of the Manhattan project from which the first atomic bombs produced in the laboratory of Los Alamos, in New Mexico, were produced. On August 6 and 9, 1945, bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They caused the deaths of more than 200,000 people when the war was almost over and Germany had surrendered. Robert Oppenheimer therefore had reason to appear before judges; he himself felt that he had blood on his hands: “I have become death, the destroyer of the worlds.” He said these words after the test which took place, at his request, on July 16, 1945 in the desert of New Mexico. “Trinity” is the name from which he baptized this essay. It’s also the title that the American Louisa Hall gives to her novel, a composite and post-mortem portrait of Robert Oppenheimer. She establishes it from the fictitious testimonies of seven people who would have approached the scientist: a private detective, his secretary at the time when he directed the Institute for Advanced Study of Princeton, a journalist, etc.

“Safety hearings”

This discontinuous, kaleidoscopic, chaotic form, similar to the fire released by a bomb, draws an Oppenheimer in progress. The architecture of the novel also echoes the unofficial trial to which Robert Oppenheimer had to submit: in April 1954, his opposition to the development of the hydrogen bomb, his preference for the transparency of nuclear tests and his former proximity to members of the Communist Party earned him three weeks of“Safety hearings” from the United States Atomic Energy Commission. McCarthy America suspected him of being a spy in the pay of the Soviets. His secret defense privilege was revoked. This episode deeply affected Robert Oppenheimer. By adding testimonies of which it is never specified which authority requires them, if not that of the author, Trinity takes place a kind of appeal trial, which leads to the rehabilitation of Robert Oppenheimer.

Who was he ? The gifted son of a prosperous and cultivated German Jew and American woman. Robert Oppenheimer enjoyed listening to Bach and collecting minerals. At 17, cured of tuberculosis, he left New York to spend his convalescence in New Mexico, in the desert of Jornada del Muerto. This landscape appeals to him. When he returns to develop the bomb, he travels there in an old Jeep and in jeans. He wears the same hat as that of Robert De Niro in Mean Streets and moves forward as “Hanging on a string”. Trinity scattered this biographical information in small doses in each testimony. They mingle with the story of the witness’ own life. For everyone, everyday life is chaos. Some are more interesting than others, but the high quality of the set allows to overcome some weaknesses.

“Frail, and slaughtered”

In 1943, Oppenheimer was hired for the Manhattan project. His surveillance by the FBI begins at the same time. He is the star of the laboratory. One day, he leaves the base to visit his mistress, Jean Tatlock, who lives in San Francisco. Trinity opens with the story of this reckless runaway observed by a private detective. Six months later, Tatlock, psychiatrist and communist, committed suicide.

The last chapter, the best, is the one in which Louisa Hall takes the most distance and height. There she spoke to a journalist who met Oppenheimer in 1966, a few weeks before he died of cancer. It is “Frail and downed”. The woman first shows herself as a joker. Oppenheimer still made the A-bomb and accused his former German student, Bernard Peters, of being a communist sympathizer before the Atomic Commission. Then the reporter softens, she notes the “Melancholy patience” of Oppenheimer and realizes that “He too lived in this same uncertain world, he had always lived there, including when he developed these weapons, thinking he had control of their destinies, not yet knowing that it would not be up to him to decide where and when army would use it […] for what reason and for what purpose. ” She adds : “A story always has holes from which it draws its strength.” Louisa Hall does not aim for the beatification of Oppenheimer, but by departing from the mode of the Inquisition, she pleads for a presumption of complexity. She behaves like a writer.

Virginie Bloch-Lainé

Louisa Hall Trinity Translated from English (United States)

by Hélène Papot. Gallimard, 336 pp., € 21 (ebook: € 14.99).