Ten years of the Sun’s activity in a fascinating time-lapse video

425 million images condensed into one hour video – by EB /CorriereTv

The American space agency NASA has taken the 425 million high-resolution images taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) telescope in the last decade and condensed them into a one-hour video (which you can find here). In the movie, each second represents one day of the year. Filming starts on June 2, 2010 and ends with the latest snapshots of June 1, 2020.


Twins killed, the site of the tragedy in Margno, in the Lecco area

The father committed suicide after killing his two children – from Lecconline /CorriereTv

A few hours earlier, after a day in the mountains of Valsassina, the images posted on social networks ran carefree in the courtyard before the holiday turned into tragedy. Elena and Diego, 12-year-old twins, were killed in the night, suffocated by their father. “You will never see them again,” is the message sent by Mario Bressi, a 45-year-old employee, to his mother, Daniela Fumagalli, her age. It was she who raised the alarm, after rushing to Margno (Lecco) and having found the children now dead in the family’s holiday home. The man, with whom the relations had worn out, had meanwhile committed suicide by launching himself from the Vittoria bridge in May of Cremeno, the only testament to those photos on Instagram. “With my kids always together,” his comment. The mother’s screams woke the whole country, which in the summer is full of mountain enthusiasts. “They don’t wake up, they don’t wake up,” he repeated in a loud voice, writhing in pain. “I made the flight of stairs and ran down, but it was too late: even the volunteers of the Red Cross were crying”, is the story of Vincenzo Rizza, a neighbor, who reported having heard “a lot of noises in the night strange. ” It was about 3 in the morning: “I didn’t think about the thieves and I didn’t leave the house”, his regret. “If only they had been more frequent, perhaps I could have done something – he added in tears – The thought of this father who prepares food for his children and then kills them is something monstrous …”.


La vigncia dels clssics – Diari de Girona

Much of today’s television production would not exist without the example of big names who knew how to explore our domestic terrors like no other. So if it’s all about being really scared the best thing to do is recover Stories for not sleeping, where Chicho Ibáñez Serrador proved to be one of the great creators who has given the genre here and also internationally, or The unknown dimension, in which Rod Serling defined forever the model of the television anthology. By the way, the latter has been the subject of a recent one remake endorsed by Jordan Peele and what you’ve probably heard little or nothing about. The reason? Which is a noisy disappointment that only works when it mimics the original, and that says very little about the capabilities of its screenwriters.

Other classics worth claiming are Night Gallery, The Outer Limits (and also his remake), or even Freddy’s nightmares, the anthology of nightmares presented by the protagonist of Nightmare on Elm Street and that she is always despised in horror series collections.

On the other hand, to be afraid you don’t have to be attached to gender: look Twin Peaks it is surely the best way to lose sleep for a few nights. Especially in his third season, the most current, David Lynch knows how to create a very distressing atmosphere that mirrors us to the worst of our intimate terrors: the passage of time.


Tonino Benacquista, Shumona Sinha, Marie-Eve Lacasse … Five books to read confined

All but one love story has been told, of Tonino Benacquista. Gallimard, 224 pp., € 19 (ebook: € 13.99).

All but one love story has been told, leads on the track of a man who has chosen to flee reality to go to the other side of the mirror, in the world of TV series. “I am leaving you for a better world”, that’s the message Léo left before he disappeared, which is resonating at the time of the pandemic. Dialogue with Tonino Benacquista by Skype.

The Erebus, of Michael Palin. Translated from English by Thierry Beauchamp. Paulsen, 391 pp., € 24.90.

Passionate about maritime stories, ex-Monty Python and documentary maker Michael Palin tells the story ofErebus, of the British ship and its heroic captains, set out to conquer the northwest passage in the Arctic in 1848, and mysteriously disappeared. Before resuscitating in 2014.

The Russian Testament, of Shumona Sinha. Gallimard, 208 pp., € 18 (ebook: € 12.99).

Shumona Sinha’s new novel, the Russian Testament, is Indian and French. The author was born in 1973 in Calcutta, like Tania, her heroine. Like her, she left her country in 2001 with a scholarship. Tania is going to take the road to Moscow after her lover, a Russian diplomat, advised her to leave her home, where her father and mother have just beaten her. She frees herself by and for books, attracted by the world of Gorky and Chekhov.

Autobiography of the stranger, of Marie-Eve Lacasse, Flammarion, 192 pp., 18 € (ebook: 12.99 €).

This autofiction, the author of which was born in 1982 in Canada, talks about the gap between his native country and France, his adopted country. The pleasure she takes in behaving like a man with women, which is why she often feels “close by”.

French Sociology. Sociogenesis of a national tradition, of Johan Heilbron. Translated from English by Françoise Wirth. CNRS Editions, 338 pp., 25 € (ebook: 17.99 €).

Marked by the thought of Pierre Bourdieu, director of research at the CNRS, John Heilbron combines the history of ideas and social history, through the most outstanding researchers in sociology: from the pioneer Auguste Comte, from Marcel Mauss, from “fierce competition” between René Worms and Emile Durkheim, protagonists of the long debate between Marxism, structuralism and existentialism and the emergence of “figures” of sociology.

And find, as every week, the recommendations of independent booksellers with the Onlalu.com site.

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The Sports Day: 11:55 am New rules apply to referees when the league continues – n-tv NEWS

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Defender Europe 2020, a shameful exercise, by Willy Wimmer

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Since NATO’s war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – a war that contradicted international law – was carried out on European soil, NATO has consistently promoted the erosion of international law.

Do international relations have to be subject to the law of the jungle? What predominates is the point of view of the United States and we are seeing how our European countries are systematically converted into advanced positions in Washington, trampling for it with the greatest contempt our entire legal order. Yes, today we are again obliged to review the lessons that the two world wars left us. I mean

And we are obliged to point out that, since the war against Yugoslavia, the «West of values»Is a notion of the past. Since 1945, what had prevented war was the Charter of the United Nations, specifically through the UN Security Council. War should be possible only in the case of self-defense and only according to the rules of the United Nations. NATO itself was only conceivable as a purely defensive organization and linked to the United Nations Charter itself. I mean

Germany contributed to breaking with the only thing that protected humanity from further destruction since, since the 1999 war against Yugoslavia, it has been deliberately undermining, through military operations that contradict the UN Charter, the nation’s commitment German for applicable rules of international law. I mean

These are not purely historical issues. Anyone who pays attention to the events will notice the huge increase in military air traffic, as well as the movements of tanks crossing Germany towards the Russian territory. This policy towards Russia has been in place since 1992, since the supposedly end of the cold war, it contradicts all international agreements signed at the time of German reunification and violates the commitments made before the Soviet Union in November 1990, with the signing of the Paris Charter. I mean

JPEG - 76.1 KB

A spirit of good neighborliness should rule life in Europe. Where are the prohibitions of the German federal government that should prevent the United States Army from advancing towards Russia? A country that – at the precise moment in which the NATO exercise is taking place – will be commemorating the enormous tribute in lives he had to pay during the Second World War

Where was and where is the President of the Federal Republic of Germany who, during his mandate, reminded us of the importance of the United Nations Charter as a means of preventing war ?, but who today blindly obeys a government compliant federal government, once again allowing German troops to go to war without a United Nations mandate. I mean

German Chancellor Angela Merkel breaks a taboo by involving German soldiers in the largest NATO exercise organized against Russia since the end of the cold war. That breakdown may prevent the long process of progress towards lasting peace from taking place, a process that had been made possible by admirable gestures and lucid action towards the Russian Federation and the Russian people. I mean

We have to remember that these same Russian people converse with the German people, displaying a breadth of mind that may seem inconceivable after the destruction of the Second World War and the aggression of the German Reich against the Soviet Union. However, wherever you go as a German citizen, in the streets and squares of that formidable country, you will receive a warm welcome. In 1987, when I visited the famous Taman Division near Moscow as the first representative of a Western Defense Ministry, I was able to personally verify that there was absolutely nothing in the Division museum that could be considered demeaning towards soldiers. the Wehrmacht, despite having been the deadly enemy of the USSR during World War II. The colonel who headed the political leadership of the Division simply told me, quoting his own mother’s words, that every young German soldier killed in that war had also been a cause of mourning for a German mother. I mean

In 1985, German President Richard von Weizsacker denounced behavior in the Bundestag that could be described as “forgetfulness of history». That expression is applicable to the behavior of today’s German leaders, who voted for German soldiers to participate in the exercise of NATO «Defender Europe 2020». Those German leaders paved the way and allow Bundeswehr generals to speak of that exercise as they do. They do not question German soldiers entrenching themselves «at the gates of Leningrad-Saint Petersburg», A Russian city that today is a jewel of the common European culture. I mean

On January 28, 2020, during the commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz, Russian President Vladimir Putin inaugurated in Jerusalem a memorial dedicated to the memory of the blockade of Leningrad by the German Reich during World War II. The German chancellor was present and she is responsible for making Russia the target of the unjust todayspirit of Versailles», Which threatens to put Russia in the position that Germany itself lived during the First World War and in Versailles. I mean

It is therefore not surprising that, in May 2019, the German federal government did not commemorate the centenary of «Versailles», Nor that the German president has not mentioned it in a commemoration ceremony carried out under his responsibility. Versailles represents the «demon of revenge“But it also symbolized the deliberate inability to fight for peace given the fact that the main leaders linked to the Versailles Treaty knew that the document they were drafting in 1919 sowed the seed of the next war. Wolfgang Effenberger even emphasized that French Marshal Foch, whose grave US President Donald Trump went to in 2017 to pay tribute to him, was already talking about an upcoming war in 20 years. And he was not mistaken. I mean

That way of thinking is expressed again in the great exercise of NATO, deliberately planned for the anniversary of the end of the Second World War, which ended on May 9, 1945. Obedient to NATO, the West does not know how to build peace He only knows how to make war, be it the cold war or a bloody war. I mean

The conference held in April 2000 in Bratislava (Slovakia) clearly defined the objective of the United States in Europe: to deploy an iron curtain between the Baltic and the Black Sea, for Russia to stay where it is, to divide or to explode in small states. The NATO exercise, presented as “Defender Europe 2020“, is a “embarrassing exercise», Useful only for supporters of war. I mean


Mülheim: Men fight with wooden slats in front of a kebab shop


Mülheim: Men fight with wooden slats in front of a kebab shop

A dispute in front of the “Ruhrpott Döner” shop in Mülheim escalated on Saturday evening.

Photo: Justin Brosch

Mulheim. Mass beating in Mulheim on Saturday night!

At 8:26 p.m., the police turned into a kebab shop in Eppinghofer Straße in Mulheim called. Several people were involved in a fight there, as a police spokesman told DER WESTEN.

Mülheim: 20 people fight in front of a kebab shop

The incident happened in front of the “Ruhrpott Döner” shop in Mülheim. Initially, only a few individuals are said to have verbally hostile themselves. But the situation is said to have rocketed quickly – according to police information, around 20 people ended up fighting in front of the kebab shop.

A Facebook video shows how individual clubs hit each other with wooden slats. According to the police, three people suffered minor injuries. The exact reason for the dispute is not yet known. Allegedly, a disagreement over a kebab may have triggered the fight.


More topics from Mulheim:


The police operation is still ongoing. According to the police, there is currently no evidence of a clan connection, but the company does not want to rule out the possibility entirely. (at)


The stock exchange day: 9:50 am Lufthansa sends almost two thirds of all employees on short-time work – n-tv NEWS

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Who we are – News – Andrew Massey, new director of the FIFA Department of Medicine

The Norwegian Andrew Massey has started this week the exercise of his new position as director of the FIFA Department of Medicine.

After a sports career as a professional footballer in the Norwegian league, Massey successfully dedicated himself to sports medicine and worked as a doctor in the national team of the Football Federation of Northern Ireland and, more recently, in Liverpool FC.

In his new position as director of the Department of Medicine he will be responsible for improving the health of all people who practice football worldwide, from the grassroots to the elite sport, and will also supervise the medical services of the FIFA competitions . In this position he will focus mainly on the prevention of injuries on the pitch and the promotion of football as a healthy recreational activity.

Massey shared his first impressions at the beginning of his career in office.

What motivated you to join FIFA after having played your career in international and club football?

From a medical point of view, this position gives me the opportunity to implement changes. The work of a club doctor focuses on 25 players and offers few opportunities to generate changes among the general public. FIFA has a much greater reach and, thanks to the implementation of measures in this area, through football you can achieve important effects on the health of the players and the general public.

How do you see FIFA’s work in the field of sports medicine?

FIFA exerts its influence on all continents and contemplates football as an activity that carries important underlying health benefits. From its central position, FIFA can contribute to the improvement of global health through the promotion of good practices throughout the football pyramid. I understand it as the role of FIFA in maintaining the safety of the sport and its players, and this can be achieved by paying special attention to training and education.

In your opinion, what does your experience bring to your new position at FIFA?

I have been a footballer and also a team doctor, both in international football and in one of the most important clubs in the world, but I also have a professional record in the field of sports medicine from the academic point of view and in women’s football. Therefore, I have great experience in managing the clinical health of players at all levels of football. This knowledge of the reality of the game is essential. As a scientist, I am absolutely convinced of the value of scientific research as the basis for the creation of policies and practices. This is the approach I want to follow in FIFA, knowing that FIFA is a world brand with a worldwide reach.